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<GM> * It's a Friday afternoon when you all receive a call, through your various sources, informing you of a meeting for a job that night. The call comes to each of you at approximately 3:35pm. *
<GM> * You're instructed to go to "Club Menjivar" on the outskirts of downtown. Once inside, you are to find a bartender named Frank and request to speak with "Mr. Johnson". You are told the bartender will give you further instructions from there. *
<GM> * Anything specific you all want to do and/or take care of? *
<Johnathan> [what time are we supposed to go?]
<GM> * The meeting is scheduled to go at 9pm. *
  • Johnathan stands, stretches, and gathers his things -- heading to the bar.
  • Azreal tends to mingle a bit in front of the club, prepping for the entrance.
<Nova> ?what kind of neighbourhood is it?
<GM> * Downtown Seattle is heavy in businesses, clubs, office buildings, and shopping. The nightclub is on the outskirts in an area with a lot of small strips of similar clubs. *
  • Johnathan heads there at about 7:30, but watches the club from across the road a bit first.
<GM> * It's a large plasticrete structure, very unidentifiable from the outside except for the heavy double doors and neon sign. The sign is currently off. *
  • Nova drives to the club to arrive there at 8:30pm, and waits in his car outside, getting familiar with things.
  • Azreal arrives promptly at 8:55.
<GM> * You all arrive at your respective times. Nova, you're forced to move your car to a nearby parking lot by a surly street cop. Two bouncers, an ork and a heavy-set human, work the doors of Club Menjivar. *
<GM> * There is a line, of being Friday night and all; and it takes each of you about 15 minutes to get inside. *
  • Johnathan heads over and smiles slightly at them both, waiting in line to enter.
  • Azreal fixes her hair one last time, straightens her skirt, smiles, and gets in line.
  • Nova tries to make himself look as normal as he can, and goes into the club.
<GM> * Azreal, you realize your prompt tardiness will cause you to most likely miss the meeting. *
<GM> * Everyone else gets inside just fine and in time. *
  • Azreal slaps herself on the forehead and makes note to set her watch back fifteen minutes.
  • Nova walks to the bar and asks for Frank.
  • Johnathan heads to the bar to talk to "Frank", and asks for Mr.Johnson.
<GM> * The following is for everyone EXCEPT Azreal...Az, stand by. *
<GM> * The interior of the club thumps with the beat of Sixth World techno-trance. It's filled with patrons ranging in age from 18 to 35 -- the majority high on BTL, XTC, coke, or whatever pills they could get their hands on that night. Lots of glow sticks and bright clothing shines under black lighting and strobe effects. *
<GM> * You approach a busy bar where you see a middle-aged man with short blond hair and little bit of a belly cleaning glasses and taking orders. His nametag read "Frank". *
<GM> * Upon asking for "Mr. Johnson", you are directed to a back room through a door behind the bar. *
  • Johnathan smiles nods then heads through the door, sub-conciously tapping his side, making sure his *security* is there.
<Nova> ?what kind of color is my WHITE hair while in the club?
<GM> * Nova, your hair shines bright pink and purple. *
  • Nova frowns and curses discos and goes through the mentioned door.
<GM> * You walk down a short corridor and enter the last door on your right, which is a small conference room with a desk and some chairs. *
  • Nova sits in the rightmost chair, moving it a little away from the others.
  • Johnathan yawns and takes a seat near the door.
<GM> * You both sit there and do whatever it is you're going to do. *
<GM> * The time is 8:55... *
<GM> * Azreal, you're waiting outside in line. *
<GM> * It's 8:55 and you realize you'd better find a way into the meeting before you're jobless for the week. *
  • Azreal hates lines and is tempted to push her way to the front.
<GM> * Maybe, being a gorgeous elven woman and all, you could find another way of getting inside the club than violence? *
<Milo-> ((good advice mom))
  • Azreal tosses her hair to the side and the flirt is on... finding the most attractive man in the front of the line and begins to flirt.
<GM> * You approach the man at the front of the line, who happens to be a smelly, drunken bum with a half-smoked cigarette in one hand and a flask in the other. He has white hair with a beard, and is wearing a brown long coat. He smells like urine and is arguing with the human bouncer about needing to talk to "His buddy, Frank."
<GM> * "Lemme in you fuggin'...fuck! Frank stole my wife!! I'm gonna give hims a piece off my mind.." *
<Azreal> "Gentlemen, gentlemen... is there any reason to fight?"
  • Azreal bats her eyes at the bouncer.
<Azreal> "Why not let the gentleman and me in to have a talk with 'Frank'?"
<GM> * They both stop and look at you. *
<GM> * The bouncer looks you up and down. *
  • Azreal smiles brightly and bats her eyes again.
<GM> * Bouncer: "And who the hell are you, lady?" *
<Azreal> "Your dream come true sweety, now please can we?"
<Nova> ((now that was CHEAP))
<GM> * "YEAH!! Let uzzz in to talk wifff Frank!" slurs your new friend. *
<GM> * The bouncer chuckles. *
  • Azreal looks at "my new friend" and leans in to whisper in his ear...
<Azreal> "Let me handle this."
<GM> * You're met with the strong odor of stale synthehol and pee as you lean in to whisper sweet nothings to your nameless man-friend. *
  • Azreal gags quietly.
  • Azreal smiles at the bouncer.
<GM> * "Right, I'm not gonna risk my job over anybody. And Harold here just wants to cause trouble." *
  • Azreal puts her hands on her hips.
<GM> * "I dunno how you two know each other, but I suggest you both get lost before I call the cops." *
<GM> * 8:56pm *
  • Azreal mutters under her breath.
<Azreal> "You know, if you let us in I just might have a little time where the two of us could... umm, be alone."
  • Azreal bats her eyes and puckers her lips a little bit.
<GM> * Roll charisma. *
<GM> * Syntax is !dice <number of dice> <TN> *
<GM> * TN is 0. *
<Azreal> Success
<GM> ((roll))
<Azreal> ((i did))
<Johnathan> ((you have to roll on here not at home silly))
<GM> ((...))
<GM> ((lololol))
<Azreal> ((be nice first time online))
<GM> ((ahahahaaha))
<Milo-> ((LOLLLOOOLOL!!!!!!))

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 2 2 5 4 3 7 3 +- Succes -> 8

<Azreal> ((i'm a dork and i'm female lol))
<Nova> ((no, you're just a female..))
<GM> * The bouncer laughs and shakes his head. "Look lady, tell it to someone who digs the pink, alright? I said get lost." With that, he steps back to the rest of the line and begins checking ID's. *
<GM> * Harold burps and staggers a bit. *
<GM> * You can try the back door, the front door, a window, the OTHER bouncer...Anything you want. *
<GM> * But you've got 3 minutes to do it in. *
  • Azreal squeals with glee and heads towards the other bouncer.
<GM> * Azreal, as you make to approach the ork, Harold grabs your arm. "Heyyyy guuurrrl, where you goin' to? I thought we were gonna handle our bizzznaaaassss." *
<GM> * He begins to thrust his hips in a humping motion. *
<Nova> ((...))
  • Azreal smirks
<Azreal> "Back off old man, just for a moment, I'll get us in,"
  • Nova sits stale in his chair, seemingly not noticing the slowly passing time..
  • Azreal sashays up to the other bouncer.
<GM> * "No woman's gonna handle MY bizznass fer me!" ejaculates Harold. *
<GM> * The human bouncer looks up at the drunkard and raises an eyebrow. *
<GM> * You approach the other (orkish) bouncer as Charlie rushes Harold and punches his teeth out. *
  • Azreal slaps the guy's hip.
<GM> * The ork looks down at you and people in line start talking shit. *
<Azreal> "Hey there studly, you know you want to let me in right. I have a little business to attend to tonight but afterwards I'm all yours."
<GM> * 8:53. *
<Nova> ((53?))
<GM> * Roll charimsa...AGAIN. *
<Azreal> ((wow time goes backwards in this game))
<Johnathan> (( seems that way))

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 1 3 5 7 11 4 3 3 +- Succes -> 8

<GM> * That would be 8:57. *
<Nova> ((thought so))
<GM> * The ork looks you up and down. *
<GM> * He smiles a grimy, stained-toothed smile. "I'll remember your face, girly...You'd better make good with the fuckin' fer this." *
  • Azreal smirks.
<Azreal> "I'm good for everything sugar."
<GM> * "Fifteen nuyen." *
<GM> * He holds out his hand. *
<GM> * "Two drink minimum." *
  • Azreal puts the money in his hand and smiles.
<Azreal> "Oh, trust me, i'll be drinking a lot tonight."
<Milo-> ((And I thought all girls instinctively knew how to be hoe's))
<Azreal> ((dude, i could never be a hoe, i'm to damn nice))
<Milo-> ((You are the worst hoe I have ever seen))
<GM> Ork Bouncer: "Good, you'll need it."
  • Azreal mumbles, "I figured," under her breath.
<GM> * He lets you in while Harold gets beat the fuck up. *
<GM> * People from the crowd join in and start stomping him. *
<Johnathan> ((poor harold))
<Azreal> ((should i save harold?))
<Milo-> ((What do you think?))
<Azreal> ((yeah))
<GM> * Ummm...8:59. *
  • Azreal runs over and grabs Harold by the arm, throws more money at the bouncer's feet, and smiles.
<Azreal> "He's my pimp, sorry."
  • Azreal drags him inside.
<GM> * Not so fast. *
<GM> * Roll intelligence. *
<GM> * Pretty please. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 3 4 11 3 4 2 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You realize you don't give two shits about some drunk bum on the street, and trying to get to him through a crowd of ghetto-stompers would not only be suicidal, but also time-consuming....Besides, you have under 60 seconds to get to a meeting for a JOB that PAYS you, and helps you EAT and LIVE. *
<GM> * Unless you really want to save Harold.... *
<GM> * Then be my guest. *
  • Azreal makes a mad dash to the bar to see "frank"
<GM> * Good choice. *
<Azreal> ((thanks))
<GM> * You find the bartender, and get brought to the room. *
<GM> * You barge in a minute late. *
<Azreal> "Sorry I'm late boys, a bit of female problems."
<GM> * Everyone give descriptions... and apologies from me for taking up your valuable time. *
  • Nova is a muscular male elf with a striking appearance. 6'4" tall and approx. 200 pounds, his skin is almost perfectly black, opposed to milk-white long straight hair. Deep-blue, snakelike eyes burn with hate and anger. He's dressed in a light-grey long coat and Levis. An armor vest of the same color covers his chest.
  • Johnathan is a broad shouldered human male 6'3" tall weighting aprox 220 lbs. He has dark blond military cut hair and deep blue eyes covered with dark shades, with a light tan to his skin. He is dressed in all black clothes down to his well-polished combat boots and a long duster style jacket covering everything.
  • Azreal is 5.6 125 black hair and piercing blue eyes.... black dress slit in the middle to expose legs... combat boots on feet and cleavage showing... elven woman; attractive, slim, and sweet natured... holding a 9mm in a pouch hidden up around her thigh.
<GM> (( <blinks> ))
<GM> * Your pistol is visible? *
<Azreal> ((no it's hidden but you can see the little garder thingy))
<GM> * Then leave it hidden. *
<GM> * John & Nova: Some elven female walks in talking about her period as a man in a green collared shirt and khaki slacks walks in from a rear door. *
<GM> * The man enters the room and looks you all over. *
<GM> * "Marvelous." *
<GM> * He takes a seat. *
  • Azreal finally sits in a chair.
  • Nova gives the man a stale stare.
<GM> * "Please lock that door, would you?" *
<GM> * He motions to Nova, who's away from the others and closest to the door. *
  • Johnathan stands and locks the door.
<GM> * Johnatahan take the initiative and does it for the elf. *
<GM> * "Good. Now...You were all called here for a job." *
  • Nova gives him a 'no shit' look.
<GM> * "I have a client whose drawn some attention to himself, and needs protection. That's where all of you come in." *
  • Azreal crosses her legs and puts her hands on her knee.
<Johnathan> "Protecting, huh?"
<GM> * He picks up a remote and clicks a button, a slide-out display comes to life on a free wall -- showing a picture of a young man in his early 20's. He looks fresh and healthy, well-groomed with a slim build. *
<GM> * Basically a yuppie. Looks a little like Doogie Howzer. *
  • Azreal whistles slightly then gets a blank stare.
  • Nova looks at the photo carefully.
<GM> * "This is Allan Smythe...Your job is to keep him safe from harm until he can catch an arranged charter flight out of the Salish lands in 3 days." *
  • Johnathan studys it and nods.
<GM> * "Payment is 8,000 a piece." *
<Johnathan> "Any bonuses? Or equipment we get for this job?"
<GM> * "Yes, of course." *
<Azreal> "What kind?"
<GM> * "You can have anything you have at your residences and personal places of storage to get the job done." *
<Johnathan> "So you're not supplying anything special?"
<GM> * The Johnson stares at you blankly, Johnathan. *
<GM> * He blinks. *
<GM> * "No." *

<Nova> ?Salish land means we're going on vacation? where is it?
<GM> * The Salish lands are the Amerindian territories surrounding Seattle. *

<Nova> "Do you provide transport or are we to get to the kid on our own?"
<GM> * "No further details will be given until the job is accepted." *
<GM> * He looks at Nova. "Do you accept the job?" *
<Nova> "I could use the 8000.. yes, I take it.."
<GM> * He nods and looks at everyone else. *
<Johnathan> "I will accept the job and I have everything I need with me right now."
  • Nova makes a note to tell his contacts NOT to put him on babysitting jobs.
<GM> * Azreal, answer? *
<Azreal> "Yeah, I accept."
<GM> * "Good." *
<GM> * "Payment will be given once you've safely put him on a plane." *
<Azreal> "Can we get just a little up front? I'm kinda running low on food?"
  • Azreal wants to slap herself for sharing that with everyone
<GM> * He blinks. *
<GM> * "No upfront pay." *
  • Azreal mutters under her breath
<GM> * "Of course, there is actually no charter leaving from the Salish, that was just something meant to throw anyone who may be in a double-crossing mood off the tracks." *
<GM> * "Now, you all have to contact Mr. Smythe; he will give you the specifics from there. I'm simply a middle man to put you on the job". *
<Johnathan> "Ok, then tell us the real job."
<GM> * "You have the real job, just no specifics." *
<Azreal> "When are we going to get the specifics?"
<GM> * "When you get in contact with my client." *
<Nova> "You mean we're going to get _valuable_ information _along_ the way?"
<GM> * "More like specifics when you meet him. There are a lot of people after him, so he's naturally very cautious." *
<Azreal> "When do you want us go to get in contact with your client?"
  • Azreal smirks.
<GM> * "I've arranged for your meeting with him later tonight." *
<Azreal> "So what's to say he shares that information with us, being cautious and all?"
<Azreal> "For all he knows we could be after him too."
<Nova> ((you DONT tell a johnson things like that...))
<Johnathan> "Can we just kill him for 8000 each instead?"
  • Johnathan laughs.
  • Azreal laughs too.
  • Nova looks at the two angrily.
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * The Johnson looks at Johnathan. "What are you suggesting, sir?" *
<GM> * "Did I, perhaps, pick the wrong people for this job?" *
<Johnathan> "I like money and getting him safely where he wants to go means I get it."
<Johnathan> "So I want to complete the job."
<Azreal> "Personally, I think you just picked the best of the best..."
<Azreal> " what Johnathan said... money is always a good asset."
<GM> * "I _WAS_ under the impression that I was receiving the services of PROFESSIONALS...Not backstabbing, double crossing mercenaries." *
<Nova> "..."
  • Johnathan shakes his head and laughs, keeping his cool.
  • Azreal shuts up and gets a straight face.
<Johnathan> "Now look, I am a professional and if you give me the info I will complete the job, no questions asked."
<GM> * The Johnson looks flustered. "Listen...I don't give two shits about this prick, but him getting killed means _I_ failed to find professional people. And that reflects poorly on _ME_ and _MY_ business...And you don't fuck with my business!" *
<Azreal> "No reason to break a sweat, sir. We are the best for the job.. your little friend will make it just fine."
  • Nova says nothing, staring disrespectfully at the two.
<GM> * The Johnson points his finger at you, Johnathan. "You'd better not stab me in the back, omae. Or shit can get real nasty for you REAL fast." *
<Nova> <whisper> "Like me killing you on sight." *looks angrily at Johnathan*
<Johnathan> "Yeah, I know... I don't want that. I would like a good rep and to live."
<GM> * He produces three pink carnations from a desk drawer. *
<GM> * He drops them on the table. *
<Azreal> "Aww flowers, you shouldn't have."
  • Azreal goes silent again.
<GM> * He glares at Azreal. *
  • Azreal get a stern look on her face.
<GM> * "You each wear one of these and be in the parking lot of 'Dante's Inferno' this morning at 4." *
  • Johnathan takes a carnation from the table.
<GM> * "Make the flowers visible so my client knows who you are." *
  • Azreal grabs a carnation.
  • Nova also takes a.. pink flower.
<GM> * "He'll be wearing one as well." *
<Nova> ((jesus, you expect me to wear a PINK flower of this kind on me?))
<GM> ((yes))
<Azreal> (( i think they are perdy))

      • Milo- is now known as FenixHawk

<GM> * POOF *
<GM> * Magically, another elf has joined your crew. He's been there all along, having arrived on time. *
<GM> * This new elf is rather dissapointed at all the unprofessionalism going on tonight, but has remained quiet until now. *
<GM> * Describe yourself, Fenix. *
  • FenixHawk is a tall (6'4") elf dressed in a sharp black imported suit with a long black coat and matching black boots. He is broad shouldered, and rigid looking, but oh so dark. He has sharp facial features accented by a tatoo of two tear drops on his temple, and a diamond tatoo over his left eye. His eyes are a dark green, and seem to shine with a dull luster. His hair is short, black, ruffled and unkempt.
<GM> * The Johnson continues... *
<GM> * "When you meet Smythe, he'll ask you for the time. One of you will respond with, "Don't you have a watch?"" *
<GM> * "He'll have all your details." *
  • Johnathan nods.
<GM> * He tosses four business cards onto the table. "My number's on the back of those cards." *
  • Azreal nods too.
  • Johnathan takes a card.
  • Johnathan looks it over.
  • Azreal grabs for the card.
  • Nova takes one card and pockets it.
<GM> * "Call me when he's out of the country alive." *
  • FenixHawk takes a card.
  • Azreal places it safely under her bra strap.
<Johnathan> "Ok."
<Azreal> "Sounds like a plan."
<GM> * "Anything else?" *
  • Azreal shakes her head 'no'.
<Nova> "No, except do we all need to have these?" *points to flower*
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Yes. Like I said, wear them and keep them visible. He won't approach a group unless everyone has the flower on them." *
  • Azreal giggles.
<GM> * "As I said, he's very cautious." *
<FenixHawk> "Who are the 'a lot of people' after him?"
<GM> * "Hell if I know, I'm just hiring you to protect him. You should've considered that before you agreed to the job." *
  • Johnathan sighs and puts on the flower, standing out quite well against his black clothes.
<Azreal> "Can I wear the flower in my hair, I umm.. don't seem to have a place on my dress to put such a nice gift?"
<GM> * The nondescript Johnson in the collared shirt and slacks looks at Azreal. "I don't care if you stick it in your ass and walk around on your hands, just have it where he can see it." *
<GM> * He shakes his head, "I need out of this business." *
<Azreal> "You don't have to get snippy with my sir, it was just simple question."
  • Azreal teases a bit.
<GM> * He leaves the room and shuts the door. *
<Nova> "Flowers.."
<Nova> "PINK flowers..."
  • Nova examines the flower.
<GM> * It's pink with a lot of petals. *
  • FenixHawk looks at the people in the group and stands.
<Azreal> "It's not as bad as you think it is."
<Johnathan> "Well, we are working together now, so my name is Johnathan."
  • Azreal smiles and puts the flower in her hair.
<FenixHawk> "My name is FenixHawk, I am a warrior. Please, if you could all tell me your names and what you do."
<Nova> "Nova."
<Nova> "I kill people."
<FenixHawk> "How?"
  • Nova draws his predator. "With this."
<Azreal> "Azreal."
  • Azreal lets out a small giggle.
<Johnathan> "I'm Johnathan. I know guns and how to use them quite well."
  • Nova holsters his gun.
<FenixHawk> "Next, I am going to step up to be leader. I've been doing this for a while, never died, never lost a teammate when I was leading. I am here to get the job done, and make sure my team survives."
<Azreal> "Hell, I don't care who leads as long as it is not me."
  • Azreal stands and plays with her dress.
<Azreal> "I don't know about you boys, but i'm about to go out there and have some fun before I go to work."
<FenixHawk> "You're at work already."
<Azreal> "Yes, boss."
  • Azreal sits back down.
<Nova> "I don't take orders... easily."
<FenixHawk> "I don't give orders. I lead."
<Nova> "Then.. lead.. leader.."
<Johnathan> "You keep me alive and watch my back and I'll do the same for you."
<FenixHawk> "Now. Who has the best contacts with the most information? Who has a car that can transport us all and the mark?"
  • Nova looks at Fenix angrily.
<FenixHawk> "Or better yet, who can steal a car?"
  • Azreal keeps silent.
<Nova> "I have something like a car."
  • Azreal smiles.
<FenixHawk> "Nova, can it fit us all and the mark?"
<Azreal> "I could boost one."
<Azreal> "That is, if Nova can't fit us all."
  • Azreal cowers.
<Nova> "Well it's a two-seat only sports car"
<FenixHawk> "Azreal, that may be helpful, thank you. We will be staying in one car, so is your car in a safe spot or can you get it somewhere safe?"
  • Azreal smiles
<Azreal> "Oh, I'm sure I can get it in a safe spot."
<Johnathan> "Well, looks like we'll need your help later, but I suggest we go see the mark first; because he may have a vehicle already."
<Johnathan> "I have contacts, but no one who can get a car or get us anywhere."
<FenixHawk> "Thank you, Jonathan, we may need your contact's help."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, is your car in a safe spot to leave it for three days?"
<Nova> "It's out there on the lot, I could get it safe quite quickly if I had to."
  • FenixHawk hands Nova 100 nuyen. "Get it safe, get back here. Jonathan, go with him. I'm not going to use any vehicles provided by the mark. It could be traceable."
  • Johnathan nods and stands.
  • Nova takes the money..
<Nova> "This is for what, insurance?" *smirks and goes to his car*
<FenixHawk> "Cab fare."
<FenixHawk> "Make some calls while you are with him, Johnathan, see if you can find anything out. Have fun, guys."
<FenixHawk> "My cell number is *insert random number here* "
  • Johnathan follows Nova.
<FenixHawk> "Az, let's see if we can find a car that will work for us."
<Azreal> "Works for me, boss man."
  • FenixHawk heads to the parking lot.
  • Azreal follows FenixHawk.
<GM> * You all re-enter the thumping club. *
<GM> * Your carnations glow...white. *
<Azreal> "Oh, I forgot the bouncer."
  • Azreal gags.
  • Nova keeps his flower out of sight of everybody around him.
  • Johnathan keeps following Nova.
  • Nova stops.
<Johnathan> "what are you stopping for?"
  • Nova turns to Johnathan..
<Nova> "I DON'T like being followed.."
<Johnathan> "If you would prefer, I'll find a public comm while you hide your car alone."
<Nova> "Yes, that would be better."
<Johnathan> "Fine by me. Just be quick about your end, ok."
  • Johnathan heads outside and looks for a comm terminal.
  • Nova turns to the door and goes to his car.
  • Azreal touches Nova on his shoulder.
<GM> * Nova, someone touches you on the shoulder. *
<Azreal> "Nova!"
  • Azreal giggles
<GM> * Nova... someone touches you on the shoulder AND screams your name. *
  • Nova turns and prepares for a fight.
<GM> * Nova, you spin around on Azreal. *
<GM> * Azreal, Nova jerks around like a robot and stances to punch you in the face. *
<Azreal> "Oooo slow down there, honey."
  • Azreal smiles.
  • Azreal just stands there wanting it if need be.
<Azreal> "Dude, don't be so conscious about the flower. Nobody will notice."
  • Nova stops himself from ripping her head off.
<Nova> "I am NOT a flower carrying guy, okay!"
  • Azreal kisses Nova on the cheek...
  • Nova keeps Azreal back.
<Azreal> "It's ok sweety, it takes a real man to wear a flower."
<Nova> "What do you think you're doing!"
<Azreal> "It's good luck and that stupid orc Bouncer was looking at me... I had to react."
  • FenixHawk waits outside for Azreal.
  • Azreal turns and runs to FenixHawk.
<Nova> "This is going to be a looooong run..."
  • Nova frowns.
  • Nova goes to his car.
<Azreal> "Come on, big boy, we got business to do"
  • FenixHawk looks sternly at Azreal. "You see anything you can handle?"
<Azreal> "Ha, I can handle it all, baby."
  • Azreal smiles.
<FenixHawk> "Good, we want a van, something that is somewhat fast."
<FenixHawk> "And that you can fit a lot of weapons or armor into."
<GM> * Azreal and Fenix meet outside, Nova goes to his car, and Johnathan grabs a public telecomm. *
<Azreal> "What year? What style? What motor?"
  • Nova drives to his nearest hiding place and leaves the car where he usually does when staying there.
<GM> * Nova, you hide your shit and hop a cab back I presume? *
<Nova> ((yes, a low-end cab preferably, with immigrant driver))
<GM> * You get a hindu cabdriver named Otis. He smells strongly of celery, as does the interior of his cab. *
  • Nova takes the celery-smelling cab back to the club.
<GM> * Nova, you ride along and smell celery for a long time. Observe the action until I say you arrive. *
  • FenixHawk looks at Azreal. "I'm a leader, not a manager; and I trust you to get what we need."
<GM> * Azreal, the ork bouncer sees you, gets some human to relieve him, and approaches you and Fenix. *
  • Azreal mumbles.
<Azreal> "Hey, baby."
  • Azreal grabs FenixHawk by the arm.
  • FenixHawk looks at Azreal. "Problem?"
<Azreal> "Uummm, yeah kinda."
  • FenixHawk looks for the problem.
  • Azreal whispers in his ear, "I had to promise him 'me' to get in."
<GM> * Fenix, an ork you recognize as the bouncer approaches you and Azreal. *
<FenixHawk> "Don't worry about him, worry about the car."
  • FenixHawk approaches the ork, looking as mean as possible... not hard lately.
  • Johnathan heads over to Azreal and FenixHawk.
<Johnathan> "Hey FenixHawk, I got some info for ya"
<FenixHawk> "Johnathan, watch Az."
<Johnathan> "Sure thing.."
<GM> * Ork: "Hey cutie, t'ink you're runnin' out on our deal, eh?" *
<Azreal> "No, baby, why would I do that? I'm just going to get my van for the two of us."
  • Azreal grumbles.
<GM> * Johnathan runs up and ejaculates speech to Fenix at the same moment. *
  • Johnathan looks over at Azreal.
  • FenixHawk gets in the Orc's face. "Who the fuck are you?"

<GM> * Okay... *

<GM> * Fenix, you jump the ork's shit without missing a heart beat. Johnathan, Fenix blows past you and starts yelling at an ork. Azreal, Fenix steps up to the plate and starts playing hero. *
<FenixHawk> ((I hate that word, it gets me in trouble))
  • Azreal turns and walks towards a parking lot in search of a big van.
<GM> * How close are we talking, Fenix? *
<FenixHawk> ((five inches from face to face, depending on his reaction))
<GM> * Fenix, you stare the equally-tall and much-bigger-built ork in the eyes, yelling in his face and sending spittle all over his lips and chin. *
<GM> * He headbutts you on the bridge of your nose. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 2 1 3 3 3 2 1 +- Succes -> 3

<Nova> ((what a roll...))
<GM> * Fenix, roll counterattack, unarmed combat with a TN of 6. *
<GM> * Hard as fuck to block a headbutt. *
<FenixHawk> CP?
<GM> yes

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 2 4 4 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Wow. *
<GM> * Johnathan and Azreal both witness Fenix take a sharp slam to the face from the forehead of one pissed-off ork. *
  • Johnathan waits for Fenix's reaction to this, and gets ready to draw his knife.
<GM> * Resist 8S Stun, Fenix. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 14 4 5 2 5 3 4 9 11 2 +- Succes -> 7

<GM> * Fenix seems to jump back at the last moment, getting nothing but a forehead raked over the tip of his nose and Jerry Curl in his right eye. *
<GM> * The ork looks shocked. *
<GM> * Actions? *
<GM> * You hear the crowded line begin to murmur. *
  • FenixHawk quickdraws his knife and pulls it up to the orc's throat. "Stupid, motherfucker?"
  • Johnathan draws his survival knife.
<GM> ((ork, with a K...this is not AD&D))
<FenixHawk> ((My bad))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
<GM> * Fenix assaults the ork. *
<FenixHawk> ?should I roll?
<GM> ((you should roll...))

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 1 4 3 +- Succes -> 0
<FenixHawk> (17)
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 1 +- Succes -> 0
<Johnathan> (10)

<GM> * Fenix, you now have a knife to the ork's throat in front of a large crowd and two other concerned bouncers. Johnathan, you just walked up into some conflict; and Azreal, you're trying to find a car. *
  • FenixHawk whispers something to the ork.
  • Azreal takes off like a bat out of hell, knowing the boys can handle that big mean thing.
<GM> * Fenix, roll charisma. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 3 2 2 4 1 +- Succes -> 5
<FenixHawk> ((yuck))

<GM> * Fenix the troll looks you square in the eyes and backs up a little. *
<FenixHawk> ((ork))
<GM> * Him too. *
  • FenixHawk nods and also backs away, putting his knife down, but not away.
<GM> * Over his shoulder, you see the two human bouncers looking at each other and wondering what to do. *
<GM> * The troll smiles. *
<GM> * Ork. *
<GM> * The ORK smiles. *
  • Johnathan moves up closer to Fenix ready to back him up.
<GM> * Johnathan has Fenix's back to catch him when he falls. *
<GM> * Ork Bouncer: "The bitch is just pussy man, y'know?" *
<GM> * He snorts. *
  • FenixHawk says nothing and watches him retreat.
<GM> * He winks at you, Fenix, and makes a gun-finger gesture, dropping his thumb down and making an audible click with his mouth. *
  • FenixHawk puts his knife away.
<FenixHawk> "Any luck on those calls Jonathan?"
<Johnathan> "Yeah, I was gonna tell you that till you got into this... let's go catch up with Azreal and I'll tell ya on the way."
  • FenixHawk walks to where Az is.
<Johnathan> "I got ahold of a guy who knows a few guys, and he says that there are a lot of bounty hunters out looking for a valuable mark."
  • FenixHawk nods.
<Johnathan> "Probably our mark... and he also said they are turning over every stone and looking in every hole to find him."
<FenixHawk> "Sounds like we should ask for more money..."
<FenixHawk> "Jonathan, good job, thank you. Can you think of any equipment we might need to do this job?"
<Johnathan> "Guns and lots of Ammo, maybe a radio and scanner to listen for any cops or other radio signals... but other then that, not really sure. Depends on how much resistance we get along the way."


<GM> * Nova, Otis listens to Hindu chant music like you hear in many movies set in India. *
  • Nova remains calm while riding back to the club.


<GM> * Azreal, you're looking for a van. *
<GM> * You see one. It's an older model, with curtains in the windows. *
<GM> * Volkswagon Sourkraut. *
<GM> * Azreal, you see a van, you're outside this van. *
  • Azreal squeals with glee.
<GM> * You squeal. *
<GM> * The van remains locked and unrunning. *
  • Azreal removes her trusty hair pin.
<GM> * Azreal, you now have a hair pin in your hand. *
<GM> * The van remains locked and unrunning. *
<Azreal> ((pick the lock on the drivers door... lmao ... i know you can't do that but i'm an elf and i can try))
<GM> ((...))
<Nova> ((elf does not mean STUPID, if you cant do shit, dont attempt it))
<GM> ((declare your actions honey....i cannot tell you what to do nor can i make moves for you unless you say "/me attempts to pick the lock of the car" or whatever))
  • Azreal attempts to bust the driver's window with her elbow.
<GM> * Roll Strength. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 9 4 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * Now roll Body against a TN of 4. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 1 1 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Azreal, you unceremoniously smash out the driver's side window with your elbow, sending shards of glass into your arm. *
  • Azreal winces for a moment and thanks god for velvet sleeves.
<GM> * You had sleeves? *
<GM> * No alarm goes off, but your arm stings a little. *
  • Azreal sucks in the pain.
  • Azreal gets in the van and tries to hotwire it.
<GM> * Your elbow is only bleeding a little bit, but your sleeve is ripped and torn. *
<FenixHawk> "Jonathan, what do you think when I say plan for the worst?"
<Johnathan> "Body armor, guns, ammo, grenades, smoke grenades, backup plan, covering fire..."
  • FenixHawk nods.
<Nova> ((artillery, airsupport, nukes))
<GM> * Azreal: You open up the circa-2018 van and begin messing with the wiring under the dashborad. *
<GM> * The interior smells heavily of marijuana, and the back of the van has been cleared out and shag carpet added, along with some small shelves. Someone lives in this bitch. *
<FenixHawk> "I have a grenade launcher at home. Can I put you in charge of finding out if the rest of the team has items that may be useful?"
<Johnathan> "Sure, I have everything I need on me already, so I am go."
<FenixHawk> "And after you find out what we have, you can then make a list of what we need."

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 16 4 5 2 5 +- Succes -> 6

<Johnathan> "I doubt we'll need too much more, we don't wanna spend all our money before we get it."
<Johnathan> "Plus, it's not like we have much time now is it?"
<GM> * The van starts up with a sputter. *
<GM> * You twist the wires together to keep it running, Azreal. *
  • Azreal squeals with glee.
  • Azreal does her happy dance in the seat.
<Azreal> "We'll see who calls me little elven girl now!"
<GM> * You squeal. *
<GM> * The van is now unlocked and running. *
<FenixHawk> "We have a few hours. Anyway, I don't have the grenade launcher -- I just remembered it got run over by a tank."
<FenixHawk> "But we have a van." *points*
<Johnathan> "Hmmm, ok, well... I don't think we really need that much fire power."
<Johnathan> "Where is that Nova guy, anyways?"
<FenixHawk> "Should be on his way back."
  • Azreal moves the seat forward so she can reach the pedals.
  • Johnathan gets in the back of the van and goes about checking his weapons and ammo.
<FenixHawk> "Do you have a PS or a cell phone, Jonathan?"
<Johnathan> "I have a micro tranceiver."
  • FenixHawk reaches into his coat pocket and pulls his own commlink out. "Channel 1115."


<GM> * Nova, you're about 8 blocks from the club, smelling celery and listening to Otis chant with his music. *
<GM> * "Alllaaaaaaa Mallalalala Hallla Hoollllllaaaaaaa!" *
  • Nova waits with growing impatience till the cab stops at the club.
<GM> * "Ahhhhhhhhhhh-Aoha-Aoha-Aoooooooohhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" *
  • Nova still tries to remain calm..


  • Johnathan switches his tranceiver to the same channel and puts it on his throat
  • FenixHawk tests it.
  • Azreal waits...
<FenixHawk> "Ok, I'm going to load some stuff into the van, help me out."


<GM> * Nova, you're about 8 blocks from the club, smelling celery and listening to Otis chant with his music. *
<GM> * "Alllaaaaaaa Mallalalala Hallla Hoollllllaaaaaaa!" *
  • Nova waits with growing impatience till the cab stops at the club
<GM> * "Ahhhhhhhhhhh-Aoha-Aoha-Aoooooooohhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" *
  • Nova still tries to remain calm..
<GM> * Aoooooooohaaaaaaaaa-Aoha-Aoha-Aoha-Ahhhhhhhhhh Mallalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaa!" *
<Nova> (( you REALLY want me to shoot the guy, dont you?))


  • Azreal sighs. "I'm wasting gas here."
  • FenixHawk walks over to his Mustang... blue, circa 1996, lowered with etched side windows.
  • Johnathan gets out to help Fenix.
  • Azreal taps her foot.
  • FenixHawk hands a duffel bag to Jon and grabs another.
  • FenixHawk tosses it into the van
  • Johnathan takes the duffle bag and heads to the van.


  • Nova feels time seemingly slowing down every meter closer to his destination..
<GM> * Otis' music stops. *
<GM> * "Allah is almighty and masterful." *
<Nova> "Never met him.."
<GM> * He remains silent for the remainder of the drive, Nova. *


<Johnathan> "You don't like traveling light, do you?"
<FenixHawk> "Be prepared."
<Johnathan> "I am, but I like to be able to carry my things, military background and all."
<FenixHawk> "I get help."


<GM> * Nova, you pull up to the club. *
<GM> * You see a line of people. *
<GM> * The parking lot is out of sight from the front of the club. *
  • Azreal fidgets.
  • Nova pays the cabby EXACTLY the amount requested and gets out.
<GM> * Otis: "Big tipper, huh?" *
<GM> * He squeels his tires and drives off. *
<Nova> "Yeah.. kill me.. heh."
<GM> * You're in front of the club, Nova. *
  • Nova looks for the others on the street.
<GM> * You recall them saying something about getting a car. *
  • Azreal honks the horn.
<GM> * You hear a horn honking from the parking lot, Nova. *
  • Nova goes to the lot and looks for them there.
<GM> * You rejoin your companions at the van. *


<Nova> "I got my car in a safe place, let's go party."
<FenixHawk> "Oh yeah, I guess I do have a granade launcher, careful with that bag."
<Azreal> "A what in my what?"
<Johnathan> "Ahh ok, just remember not to leave it in the van.... or let the mark sit there, ok?"
<FenixHawk> "Az, you driving?"
<Johnathan> "Well, don't count on me driving. I can't do it very well, I prefer manning vehicle mounted machine guns and such."
<Azreal> "Hell yeah. What, you don't trust a female driver?"
<FenixHawk> "No, I do. Pick a spot for us to get some take out, I'll meet you there."
<FenixHawk> "Take Jonathan and Nova. I am going to run some errands."
<Azreal> "Chinese, Japanese, Korean, what do you want!!??"
  • Azreal smiles devilishly.
<GM> * Bat-Time is 10:30pm. *
<FenixHawk> "You pick Az. You're in charge of food."
  • Azreal laughs.
<Azreal> "McDonalds it is, then."
<FenixHawk> "Which one?"
<Azreal> "The closest one, of course."
  • Azreal laughs.
<FenixHawk> "I'll meet you there as soon as possible. You all have my cell in case you need me?"
<Azreal> "Yeah yea, I have it."
<FenixHawk> "Good."
<Nova> "I don't, but I wont need you.."
  • FenixHawk leaves and gets into his Mustang and drives off.
<GM> * Fenix drives off. *
<GM> * Everyone else is in the van. *
<GM> * Okay, what do you all do until you get to Dante's Inferno for the actual MEETING of your employer. *
  • Nova thinks about something to eat..
  • Nova searches the bags.
  • Azreal sighs.
<GM> * The van's interior smells like weed and has shag carpeting and a disco ball. The windows are curtained out, and they have small shelves with various items. Someone lived in this van before you stole the fucker. *
<GM> * Nova begins rummaging through Fenix's duffle bags. *
<Johnathan> "Watch out for the grenade launcher."
<Azreal> "Yeah."
<Azreal> "Damn it, i was trying to forget that was back there, thanks John."
  • Azreal slaps John playfully.
<Nova> ?what do I find in the bags?
<GM> * Nova: You find...Lots of really cool shit. A small armory. *
<GM> * An assault rifle, grenade launcher -- ammo for them both. A riot shield, some plasticuffs, a pair of cammies, binoculars, and thermographic goggles. *
<Johnathan> "We'll probably need those, a contact told me that a lot of bounty hunters are after our mark."
<Azreal> "Just don't let me touch that grenade launcher."
<Nova> "You mean this is going to be a small war?"
<Azreal> "Small war, small skirmish, lots of death... same thing."
<Nova> "This job is worth more than 8k."
<Johnathan> "Yeah, tell me about it."
<Azreal> "Oh, i agree there Nova. Get us more money, sweety."
<GM> ((Suckers.))
<Nova> "Should have known, they wouldn't call me if it were just simple protection.."
<Azreal> "We all are babysitting, sweety, don't just think of yourself."
<Nova> "One: dont call me sweety. Two: I ALWAYS think only about myself."
<Azreal> "Ok then, sugar, you do that."
  • Azreal giggles.
  • Nova shakes his head and frowns..
  • Azreal is glad she got under Nova's skin.
<Johnathan> "Elfs....."
<Azreal> "Hey! I resent that."
  • Azreal smiles at Johnathan
  • Nova ignores both of them and waits till they arrive at some diner or whatever.
  • Azreal pulls into McDonald's and smiles again.
<GM> * Nova is surrounded by cheeky banter. *
<Azreal> "I'm not hungry, but you boys chow down."
  • Nova gets out of the van and goes into the McD's
  • Johnathan gets out and orders a dozen cheeseburgers and a large Coke.
  • Azreal turns on the radio.
  • Nova orders lots of anything cheap and edible and sits at a lone corner of the place.
<GM> * Time on deck is 11pm. *
<Johnathan> ((meeting's at 4))
<GM> * I will FFWD to the important stuff anytime you happy-go-lucky people want. *
  • Nova goes back to the van after finishing his meal.
<Johnathan> ((FFWD now))
<Nova> ((I'm ready))
  • Johnathan heads back to the van after food and waits for Fenix.
  • Azreal is waiting...


<GM> * You all meet back up with Fenix and arrive at the empty parking lot of 'Dante's Inferno' at about 3:45. *
  • Johnathan makes sure his carnation's visible and gets out of the van.
  • Azreal messes with her carnation for a sec to make sure it's firm in her hair, and gets out of the van.
  • Nova holds his already worn and damaged carnation in his left hand.
<FenixHawk> "So I want to tell you all something about me. I used to be special forces, in the Tir. I was trained to be an individual army. Throughout my career I found out one truth: working on the individual level meant when I fucked up, I died."
<FenixHawk> "Now, here we are, on a team. And here's what I know about being on a team. When you fuck up, you got a lot more room between you and death because your team is there to pull you back up."
<FenixHawk> "You get it?"
<Johnathan> "Yes, I know. I was in the regular army."
<Azreal> "Not on a regular basis.. oh, you mean about .. Yeah i got it."
<Nova> "I'm generally not a team player, but since the job requires that, I'll comply.. for now."
<Azreal> "Oh, Nova, sugar... you are all talk."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, just remember that we're here to pull your ass up when it's on fire, and you are here to do the same."
<Nova> "Yes, I know Fenix."
  • FenixHawk has his carnation on his coat
<FenixHawk> "Thanks."
<Johnathan> "Ok well... he said we meet him in the parking lot."
<GM> * The parking lot is beside 'Dante's Inferno', a VERY popular multi-level club with three stories up top and the other 6 going below ground. It is themed after the 9 levels of Hell in the 'Divine Comedy'. *
<GM> * The club is closed. *
<GM> * The street is dark and empty. *
  • Nova scans the surroundings.
<Nova> ?anything suspicious?
<GM> * The area is dark, and the buildings have a slightly ominous feeling about them. The cold Seattle wind kicks up small bits of in the lot. An empty parking tower sits across from the club. *
<GM> * You all stand outside the van, wearing or holding pink carnations. *
<Nova> ?no heat signatures/anything?
<Johnathan> ?Low light vision?
  • Johnathan moves slowly away from the van, a hand ready to dive into his coat to grab his SMG.
<GM> * Everyone roll Perception. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 5 5 3 1 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Everyone. *

<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 4 2 5 7 1 5 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 11 2 9 4 3 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Johnathan and Nova notice a bent over man in an alley walking towards the club. *
<GM> * Fenix, you're distracted by a styrofoam cup from Ghetto Mart rolling around at your feet. *
  • FenixHawk is thinking about coffee..
  • Johnathan slowly moves towards the man, looking closer at him.
<Nova> ?any details about the man?
<GM> * He's short, or maybe that's just because he's slightly hunchback. *
  • Johnathan quickly scans the area again, then moves his eyes back to the man and moves closer.
<Nova> "That's our guy." *motions his head towards the man*
<FenixHawk> "How do you know?" *looks up*
<GM> * He starts crossing the street towards you all. *
<Nova> "He's got a pink carnation on him."
<FenixHawk> "Let's go introduce ourselves, then."
<GM> * Everyone else notices the carnation as he draws nearer. *
  • Nova scans the area for possible threats.
  • FenixHawk walks towards him.
  • Johnathan waits on our side of the street and looks around to make sure there's no one else here.
  • Nova walks slowly to the man.
<GM> * Johnathan, roll Perception. *

<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 3 5 4 4 4 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You all walk toward the man. *
<GM> * He looks up at everyone. *
<GM> * "Uhhhh, you guys got the time?" *
  • Nova looks around carefully.
<Johnathan> "Don't you have a watch?"
<GM> * "Yeah, but my shit's broken." *
<GM> * "C'mon, follow me." *
<GM> * He turns around and starts shuffling back toward the alley. *
  • Nova follows the man, looking around.
  • Johnathan looks at the others and follows, not feeling quite right.
<GM> * This is definately not the man from the picture, unless it's a clever disguise. *
  • FenixHawk follows.
  • Johnathan looks past the man into the ally.
  • FenixHawk motions Az to come.
<GM> * She squeals and follows, falling into the role of NPC. *
  • Johnathan whispers to Fenix. "This doesn't feel right, and this guy doesn't seem like the right guy.."
<Johnathan> "Let's keep our eyes open."
<GM> * All four of you professional runners follow a complete stranger into a dark alley. *
<FenixHawk> "You don't look like our guy."
<GM> * He limps along. *
<GM> * "Huh?" *
  • FenixHawk stops.
<FenixHawk> "Where are we going?"
<GM> * He turns around and looks at you with a half cocked eye, his bushy eyebrows giving him the "evil-eye" stare. *
  • Johnathan stops and turns around, looking behind us.
  • Nova stops too.. scanning the area
<GM> * "You're following me, I thought?" *
<FenixHawk> "Where to?"
<GM> * "Uhhh, down this alley...To my, uhhh...Gran'mudder's house." *
<GM> * He looks at all of you. *
  • Nova looks back hatefully.
  • FenixHawk walks up to the bum.
<FenixHawk> "Why?"
<GM> * "Because we've all got flowers. Everybody has flowers here...We need flowers..." *
<GM> * "Flowers smell pretty, and we all smell pretty down here." *
  • FenixHawk gets close to the guy and says, "Who are you and where are we going, no bullshit."
<GM> * The old bum looks up at Fenix as he approaches. *
<FenixHawk> "Because we're not getting paid enough."
<FenixHawk> "For bullshit."
  • Johnathan looks back at the van and the parking lot carefully...
<GM> * He pokes his finger into your chest, Fenix. "I'm taking you down into this alley, where you all needs to go." *
<GM> * You smell halitosis. *
<FenixHawk> "Do you know what it means for me to be underpaid and agitated for my client?"
<Nova> "Yeah, and forced to wear flowers.."
<GM> * He hacks up a coughing screech of a laugh and keeps walking away from you all and muttering. *
<GM> * "Follow me I says! Clients and troubles he says! Flowers...We all need flowers down here." *
<Johnathan> "Guys, maybe our mark's down there and he paid this bum to come out. You remember how paranoid he is supposed to be?"
  • Nova gazes at his badly treated carnation.
<FenixHawk> "Stay behind me. I hate this bullshit, but it's not 8g worth of bullshit yet. I'll let you know when it is."
  • FenixHawk follows about 15 feet behind the bum.
<Nova> "You remember how paranoid WE'RE supposed to be..?"
  • Johnathan pats his side, making sure his SMG is still there, and follows behind Fenix
<GM> * Johnathan, the chafing under your coat is a constant reminder that it's there. *
  • Nova walks behind everyone else, ready to pull out his gun anytime.
<GM> * The foul-smelling bum shambles over to a doorway where a man is standing, smoking a cigarette. *
  • FenixHawk gets to the doorway.
  • Nova prepares for the worst.
<GM> * The man whispers with the bum as you approach and hands him something, the bum shambles deeper into the alley. *
<Nova> ?what does the new man look like?
<GM> * Fenix approaching first? *
  • FenixHawk is first.
  • Nova is last.

. . .

<GM> * The new man is Allan Smythe, the man you're supposed to protect. He's wearing a carnation on his long coat lapel. *
<GM> * He looks at everyone with their flowers. *
<FenixHawk> "Hello, we're here to take care of you."
<GM> * "Sorry for the deception," he shifts nervously. "B-but you can't be too careful, y'know?" *
  • FenixHawk nods.
<Nova> "Yeah.."
<Johnathan> "We have a van waiting across the street."
  • Nova looks down the alley
<GM> * He takes a drag from his cigarette -- which you realize is made from real tobacco -- with a slightly shaking hand. "I don't even smoke...Until now, anyway, heh...I figured, 'Why the hell not?'" *
<FenixHawk> "I think it would be best if two of us brought the van here and the other two stay here."
<Johnathan> "I can't drive so I'll stay."
<GM> * The alley is too small for the van to come through. *
<FenixHawk> ((Fuck))
<GM> * But this is the alley next to a parking garage, and the doorway leads into the ground level of said parking garage. *
<Johnathan> "Fenix and Azreal get the van, park it at the entrance to the alley, open the side door, and we'll run in."
<Nova> "I am definitely not going with the girl.."
<GM> * Azreal laments, "Why nooot Noveeeyyyyyy?" *
  • Nova gives her the 'I hate you' stare.
<GM> * She pouts. *
<Johnathan> ((how did she survive this long as a runner?))
<FenixHawk> ((sex))
<FenixHawk> "Nova, can you go with Jonathan and pull the van as close as possible?"
<Nova> "Yeah, I can't drive this kind of vechicle too well, but why not."
<FenixHawk> "Make it work."
  • Nova slowly goes back to the lot, scanning the area cautiously.
<GM> * The wind blows in the alley, it is cold. *
<GM> * The group splits up, who's going where? *
  • FenixHawk is staying with the client and Azreal.
  • Johnathan goes with Nova.
<Nova> ((me and john to the van))


<GM> * "I'm Allan," says your client. *
<FenixHawk> "Nice to meet you, Allan, I am FenixHawk."
<GM> * "Like the bird?" *
  • FenixHawk nods.
<FenixHawk> "Tell me about who is after you and why. It will help us protect you."
<GM> * He laughs. "Hell, EVERYONE is after me." *
<FenixHawk> "Why?"
<GM> * "I know better than to tell you that, man. I may be young, but I'm top of my class." *
<FenixHawk> "If you can't trust me with your secret, how can you trust me to make sure you survive?"
<GM> * "Because that's what you're paid to do." *
<GM> * "I know your type." *
<GM> * "We'll leave it at that." *
<FenixHawk> "No, I guarantee you don't."
  • Nova drives the van to the end of the alley, so everyone can get in through the side door.
<Johnathan> "Come on, let's go"
<FenixHawk> "Follow me. Az, take the rear."
  • FenixHawk leads to the Van.

      • GM changes topic to 'Day One'

<GM> * You all pile into the van without incident. *
  • Johnathan closes the door and sits back, taking a deep breath.
<GM> * Doogie Howzer's twin looks like he's in his early 20's...maybe even drinking age by now. *
<GM> * You sit there in the van. *
<Nova> "If anybody can drive this thing better than me, feel free to say that now."
<Johnathan> "Drive outta the city."
<GM> * Allan Smythe looks at the shag carpeting. "Oh yeah...How tacky is THIS."
<GM> * "Alright guys, where to?" *
<GM> * "I've got my ticket out of here Monday night...You all just gotta keep me safe till then." *
<FenixHawk> "Az, drive please, you are rather good at it. Go South."
<FenixHawk> "Don't get on any highways, avoid gang turf."
  • Nova gives the wheel to Az and goes into the back of the van.
<FenixHawk> <subvocal to Jon> "You got any contacts who can get us out of the UCAS?"
<Johnathan> <subvocal back> "Not out, but I can maybe make sure there are no military activities going on along what ever path we choose, but that's iffy as well."
<GM> * Azreal squeals and begins driving. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 +- Succes -> 0

  • Nova sighs..
<GM> * She goes south. *
<GM> * "Awwwww, Novey-poo! Whassa matter?" *
<Nova> ((I am going to shoot her one day...))
<FenixHawk> "Tell us more, Allan."
<Nova> <to Allan> "How are you supposed to leave on Monday?"
  • Johnathan kneels at the back of the van, peeking out the window curtains.
<GM> * "I got a plane chartered off an airstrip in the Ute Nation." *
<FenixHawk> "Take those clothes off, and put this on" *grabs his camo suit out of the duffel*
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Why!? Aren't we going to a hotel or something? I need to take a shower." *
<Johnathan> "How far away is this airstrip?"
<FenixHawk> "Nova, watch the front with Az"
<FenixHawk> "She can use more then one set of eyes, I'm sure."
<Nova> "She's annoying.. at best. I'm not going to sit beside her."
<GM> * "Hey! I am not annoying!" Azreal chimes in. *
<FenixHawk> ?what is Allan wearing?
<FenixHawk> ?and how well does he blend in with us?
<GM> * Long coat, grey business suit. Fits a little baggy on his slim build. *
<GM> * Well, seeing as you're all punked-out runners? He doesn't fit in very well. *
  • FenixHawk sighs.
<Johnathan> "Do something with his hair, shave his head -- it may help."
<FenixHawk> "I agree."
<FenixHawk> "So would a tatoo. Maybe new clothes."
<GM> * Allan: "What?!" *
<GM> * "No way, man! I got a career to worry about." *
<Nova> "A washable one, real one cost time and money, a few color strips would help, anybody got a marker?"
<FenixHawk> "Take off your jacket and put on the camo jacket."
<GM> * "You just keep me alive, leave my hair out of this." *
<Johnathan> "Ok.. just unslick your hair, make it all messy.."
<GM> * He looks at the cammo blouse. *
<GM> * "Dry hair is for squids." *
<GM> * "How about you all slick YOUR hair back." *
<FenixHawk> "Put it on and trust us to make sure you survive. Remember, if you die, we don't get paid."
<GM> * He shakes his head and puts on the cammo jacket. *
<GM> * "God...this looks so gay." *
<FenixHawk> "Shutup."
<FenixHawk> "First of all, that is an armor jacket, it may save you if you get shot."
<FenixHawk> "Button it up, and mess up your hair."
<GM> * Allan considers your words Fenix and buttons the jacket. *
<GM> * "My hair stays." *
<Johnathan> "Anyone got a hat?"
<GM> * "I don't pay my stylist 350 nuyen a week for nothing." *
<Johnathan> "Look.. Pay us more and we'll be less inclinded to shave your head and tattoo your ass."
<Nova> "I HATE this job, I hated it before it even started, and it's getting WORSE!"
<GM> * Allan quips, "You think if I were paying you, I'd hire a bunch of elves who drive around in a van with shag carpeting? Jeez..." *
<GM> * He shakes his head. *
<Nova> "John, maybe you go sit with Az out front, and I take care of the rear?"
<Johnathan> "What? You two love birds aren't getting along?"
<Nova> "DON'T call me love bird.. or you're gonna regret ever thinking it."
<GM> * Azreal pouts, "Nova doesn't wike me." *
<FenixHawk> "Hey, if you want to keep the hair all neat, that's fine, more chance of you getting shot. Mess it up, and they might think twice before pulling the trigger."
<GM> * "Ha! Dream on, squid." *
<GM> * "If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die looking good at least." *
<FenixHawk> "Too late."
<FenixHawk> "Besides, will you look good with no face?"
<Nova> "Yeah, leave an attractive corpse...That's all you kids think of."
<GM> * "Not much good my hair does me then, huh?" *
<FenixHawk> "Your hair burned off. White Phosphourous is very popular with bounty hunters."
<GM> * "Pshaw." *
  • Johnathan looks out the back of the van again
<Nova> "..Or high caliber sniper rifles, leaves you with no head."
<GM> * He brings out a pair of headphones and slips them on his ears. *
<GM> * He makes a talking hand and looks away. *
  • FenixHawk grabs the headphone!
<FenixHawk> "You know what would help more then the hair? A couple missing teeth."
<Nova> "And a broken nose."
<GM> * "Hey motherfucker! You wanna get paid or not??" *
<Nova> "You wanna live or not!"
<FenixHawk> "8g is nothing to me."
<GM> * "I can always buy new teeth, can you buy a new heart?" *
<FenixHawk> "Yes."
<GM> * "I'd like to see you try." *
  • Nova considers breaking off the run.
<FenixHawk> "Stop the car, Az"
<GM> ((Azreal, you stopping the car? ))

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 1 +- Succes -> 0

<FenixHawk> ((Dont tell me, she hits a cat))
<GM> * She stops the van and pulls it over. *
<GM> * After hitting a cat. *
<GM> * #Reeeow!# *
<GM> * Azreal: "Oh my God! The kitty!" *
  • FenixHawk grabs the client and pulls him out of the van and stands in front of the door.
<GM> * Allan: "Hurk!" *
<FenixHawk> "So, how about I leave you here?"
<GM> * You begin manhandling your paycheck. *
  • Johnathan keeps an eye open out the back window.
<GM> * Allan: "Let go of me, elf, or you'll regret it...My father already knows who you are, and if anything happens to me, you'll be answering to him." *
<FenixHawk> "I answer to no one."
<GM> * He smiles a smartass little smirk. "We'll see about that if you don't remember who you're working for." *
<FenixHawk> "Own this you little prick... if I leave you here, you are dead. None of your threats, or 'Hollier than Though' attitude will make one bit of fucking difference."
<GM> * Fenix, roll Perception. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 4 2 2 2 +- Succes -> 5

<Nova> ((Allan is shot in the head...))
<GM> * Nova's sitting in the back, getting pissed off. *
  • Nova is already pissed off, badly.
<FenixHawk> "And I got one of the most powerful magic groups standing behind me to bail me out if I need it. Your father is nobody to us. I run with spirits... powers... beings. You are a paycheck, one week's worth of food. Beyond that, you are human, and for that I would protect you. But you cannot make my job harder, because I won't have it."
<GM> * "You don't know the first THING about me...This whole thing's bigger than you or anything you stand for, or anyone you 'run with', big man!! You're a mercenary, do your job." *
<FenixHawk> "I can only help you if you let me; and if you don't, I am wasting my time."
<FenixHawk> "Because if you don't let me help you, you are dead already."
<GM> * "I'm your paycheck, work with your money and it works for you!" *
<FenixHawk> "And from where I am standing, you are dead already."
<FenixHawk> "So are you going to let me help you?"
<Johnathan> <subvocal to Fenix> "We are sitting ducks here, get back in the van."
<GM> * Nova and John roll Perception.*

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 4 1 3 1 +- Succes -> 5
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 2 4 1 4 7 2 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> ((omg))
<GM> ((a critical failure!!!))
<FenixHawk> ((Nova goes blind))
<Johnathan> ((Nova thinks we are being attacked by gremlins))
<Nova> ((hey, I'm pissed off in the back of a van, what do you expect))
  • FenixHawk gets close to the man. "So are you going to let me help you?"
<Johnathan> "Fenix get in the van, there's a car up the street."
<FenixHawk> "You hear that, theres a car up the street? I'm sure if they have machine guns, or rocket launchers, I can still walk away from it. How about you?"
  • Johnathan pulls out his Assault Rifle and gets it ready, keeping it on his lap.
<GM> * Nova, you see what looks like a lasersight on Fenix's arm.
<Nova> "Shit! Snipers! Fenix, get back in!"
<FenixHawk> "And snipers. So what's it going to be? Going to listen to me?"
<GM> * "Yeah man, just stop being a bitch about my hair and my tunes." *
<GM> * The kid stands there. *
<FenixHawk> "What was that? I can't hear you."
  • FenixHawk pulls out his gun, ready to use it.
  • Johnathan keeps en eye on the headlights seeing if he can make out anything else.
  • Nova grabs Allan and forces him in the van.
<Nova> "Fenix!"
<GM> * Nova grabs Allan roughly, the kid yelps and falls back into the street. *
  • FenixHawk looks at Nova.
<Johnathan> "Shit, get IN!!!"
  • FenixHawk makes sure Allan is in the Van, then gets in.
<FenixHawk> "Better drive."
<Nova> "There is a difference between scaring a mark and letting him get shot, now let's get the hell out of here!"

. . .

<GM> * Allan Smythe is in the street when the car up the road peels out and starts barreling around the corner towards you all. *
<FenixHawk> "Nova, notice he didn't get shot? Where are the snipers in place?"
  • FenixHawk stands in front of the kid and unloads his clip into the car.
<GM> * Azreal squeals and ducks. *
<GM> * Fenix starts firing. *
  • Johnathan leans out his window and fires at the car with his assault rifle.
  • Nova grabs Az, pulls her out of the drivers seat and sits there.
<GM> * Jesus Christ! *
<GM> * Roll something. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 1 4 3 2 5 2 7 5 3 5 +- Succes -> 10
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 3 3 2 5 1 3 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You guys unload on a small rice burner, it veers off the road and into a street sign. *
<GM> * It has street racing logo's all over it. *
<Johnathan> ((lol great we killed a street racer))
<FenixHawk> "Well fuck."
  • FenixHawk puts his gun away.
<FenixHawk> "Take care of the kid."
<Johnathan> "God damn it, I wasted good ammo on a rice rocket!"
  • FenixHawk runs over to the car
<GM> * Everyone roll Perception. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 2 8 5 2 +- Succes -> 5
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 1 4 4 4 4 +- Succes -> 5
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 2 11 3 7 2 11 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * Fenix, it's all full of holes and there's a dead Chinese kid at the wheel, his dead girlfriend has her face in his crotch. *
<Nova> ((...))
<Johnathan> "Nova get that kid in the van!"
<GM> * Nova gets in the driver's seat as Johnathan sits around with a smoking gun. *
<Nova> "You get him, I'll drive."
  • Johnathan lowers his gun so that it isn't visible by anyone who may drive by.
<Johnathan> "Get the kid in, there's another vehicle coming."

. . .

<GM> * Fenix, you're at the rice burner and dead street racer. *
<GM> * Nova, you're in the driver's seat of the van. Johnathan, you're in the passenger's seat. *
<Johnathan> <subvocal fenix> "There's another car creeping up the road, watch out."
<GM> * We stop here... *

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