<GM> * When we last left you -- our heroes -- you'd all just unloaded various firearms on an approaching street racer, killing the driver and his girlfriend. *
<GM> * Fenix is standing across the street at the wrecked car, Nova is behind the wheel of your stolen van with Johnathan in the passenger seat, and Azreal is in the back. Young Allan Smythe is laying on the pavement where Nova -- mistaking a reflection from the street car's neon kit for a sniper's laser sight and a threat to the young man -- had thrown him down. *
<GM> * Johnathan notices a blacked out vehicle approaching from the rear when the fun begins. *
<GM> * Johnathan, the car picks up speed. *
<GM> * Fenix, the bodies burn and smell bad. *

<GM> * ...Game on... *

  • Nova grabs the kid again and forces him into the van.
  • Johnathan yells at Nova, "Get the mark in the fucking VAN! Theres another car coming from the rear! NOW!!!!!"
  • FenixHawk runs back to the Van.
  • Azreal grows some balls and stands with the "MEN".
<GM> * Fenix, you hear Johnathan scream as Nova jumps out to grab the kid. *
  • Johnathan leans out the window and fires at the new car.
<GM> * Two figures roll out into the street from the rear doors of the car as the vehicle accelerates. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 3 3 5 5 5 3 2 +- Succes -> 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 4 4 1 4 3 5 3 +- Succes -> 1

  • Azreal squeals with glee and wrings her hands together.
<GM> * Nova, roll quickness. *
<GM> * Same with you, Fenix. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 2 9 1 10 2 4 4 3 +- Succes -> 9
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 11 3 1 2 5 2 +- Succes -> 6

  • Azreal coughs, "Do I get a gun or do I just stand here and stare at everyone?"
<GM> * Nova, as you make for the kid your legs are suddenly ensnared by a bola. Your momentum carries you forward and you eat pavement, skidding on your face. *
<Nova> ((great...))
<GM> * Fenix, a bola wraps it self around your wrist, the ball bearings spin together around your forearm with a clang and a little numbing pain. *
<GM> * Allan screams, "OH MY GOD!! HELP!!" *

  • Azreal runs to help Allen, because the other two are preoccupied.
  • Nova starts untying himself.
<GM> * Nova, the high tension bola won't be untied. *
<GM> * The car still bears down on Allan Smythe. *

  • FenixHawk looks at the kid to check his status, then counts bad guys and where they are.
<GM> * One car heading at your position rather quickly. Two figures, one on either side of the street holding weapons you can't make out. *
  • Johnathan fires his assault rifle at one of the bad guys.
<GM> * Azreal, roll quickness. *
<GM> * Johnathan, roll one shot. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 5 3 2 1 5 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 2 3 2 5 3 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 11 4 4 2 5 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Johnathan, you hop from the passenger side of the van and open fire on the only shadowy figure you can see. He jerks and lets out a yell as he spins around and falls to the ground. *

  • FenixHawk looks for the nearest cover.
<GM> * For you, Fenix, an alley. *
  • FenixHawk ducks into the alley and shoots at the car racing for Allan.
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * Fenix, you take pot shots at a car with a pistol. *
<GM> * Azreal, you run up to Allan and grab him, he's heavier than you'd expect. *
<GM> * Roll Str against a TN of 5. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 9 3 5 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * You manage to grab Allan and yank him towards the van as the car whizzes by, barely missing Nova. *
<GM> * Fenix, you continue to shoot with no effect. *

  • Nova draws his predator and shoots the line.
<GM> * Nova, roll pistols, TN of 6. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 7 2 5 11 4 2 4 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Nova, you manage not to shoot yourself in the foot and blow the bola loose. *
<GM> * INIT! *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 8 3 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 3 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 5 +- Succes -> 2
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 2 1 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 5 4 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 8 2 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Johnathan> ((17))
<FenixHawk> ((22))
<Nova> ((15)
<GM> ((15, 19, and 20))

  • FenixHawk changes targets to the shadowy figure.
<FenixHawk> ?How close is the guy to me?
<GM> * He's down the street taking a knee. *
<GM> * The other man is getting to his feet after being shot. *
<FenixHawk> ?can I get to him and attack in one action?
<GM> * Not a chance. *
<GM> * Only if you want him to have time to shoot you. *

  • FenixHawk shoots the guy taking a knee.
<GM> * Roll them. *
<GM> * TN of 5 and 6. *
<GM> * You non-smartlinked elf, you. *
<FenixHawk> ((internal gas-vent 3, 5 and 5))

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 3 4 3 1 5 3 5 +- Succes -> 2
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 3 5 4 5 2 3 4 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * I says 5 and 6, you rolls for 5 and 6. *
<FenixHawk> ((want me to re-roll then?))
<GM> * No. *
<GM> * Just don't 2nd guess my GM'ness. *
<GM> * Ever again. *
<GM> * OR you'll explode. *
<GM> * What's your pistol, Fenix? *
<FenixHawk> ((Black Match))
<GM> ((...))
<FenixHawk> ((It's an Ares two with gas vent instead of smart link))
<GM> * Gas venting on a pistol is not possible. *
<Nova> ((why not?))
<GM> * Because Gas venting is for SMG's. *
<FenixHawk> ((Bullshit, this gun comes with it))
<FenixHawk> ((So do others))
<GM> * Show me this mythical gun. *
<GM> * What books is it from? *
<FenixHawk> ((IT's in Street Sam))
<FenixHawk> ((IIRC))
<GM> * No it isn't.. *
<GM> * Okay. *
<Nova> ((there is nothing said about NOT gasventing pistols in the rules, or did I miss anything?))
<GM> (( gas venting is to stop extraneous recoil for an SMG))
<GM> ((not a pistol))
<GM> ((a gas vent on an SMG also requires a large attachment on the front of the barrel.))
<Nova> ((I wont be arguing, okay, your rules your game, I still have APDS and smartlink))
<GM> *...*
<GM> * Fenix, you open fire with your second-rate Predator clone and think you hit the guy at least once. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 9 3 4 2 4 5 5 1 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * He fires back. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 1 2 4 2 2 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 3 11 3 4 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You hear two wasps whiz by your head. *
<Azreal> ((am i missing something?))
<Nova> ((yes, the fight, because you didn't roll your init))
<GM> * The car cuts a 180 and screeches to a halt with smoking tires, it's position now sandwiching your group between attackers. The door opens, and the driver fires on Johnathan with a burst of autofire. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 1 3 1 4 7 3 3 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Johnathan, the rounds impact against the passenger door that's open in front of you, shattering the window and spraying you with glass. *
<GM> * Your move. *

  • Johnathan opens fire back at the guy who shot at me.
<GM> * Roll your madcap assault rifle skills. *

<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 3 4 5 1 2 2 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 4 10 1 2 4 5 5 7 +- Succes -> 8
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 8 3 10 1 8 5 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * #BLAM BLAM# *
<GM> * Johnathan, you squeeze off two shots from the assault rifle and hear the guy yelp. *
<GM> * Nova, on you. *
<Nova> ?are there any targets I can see?
<GM> * You're in the middle of the street, all three are at your disposal. *

  • Nova shoots one of the guys that threw the bola thing, twice.
<GM> * Which one? *
<Nova> ((the closer one))
<GM> * Johnathan has shot one, he fell and is getting up, the other took a knee and shot at Fenix. *
<Nova> ((oh, okay, I take the third one out))
<GM> * You open fire on the figure. As he gets to his feet you can now see he's an elf. *
<GM> * Roll them. *
<GM> * Four and five. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 3 2 1 9 1 4 3 1 8 +- Succes -> 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 3 3 1 5 5 10 +- Succes -> 3
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 3 2 3 5 2 +- Succes -> 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 2 4 1 5 10 +- Succes -> 3
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 5 1 5 3 3 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 3 11 2 1 1 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * He spins around in a 180 and crashes to the pavement with a thud. *
<GM> * Azreal, on you. *
<Azreal> ((all i'm doing is protecting allen))
<GM> * You're at the van, holding Allan by his clothing next to the door. *
<GM> * He's shaking a bit and may have wet himself. *

  • Azreal giggles.
<GM> * Actions? *
  • Azreal puts Allen in the van and holds onto him tightly, making sure his body is under hers.
<Johnathan> ((ewww pee smell all over az))
<GM> * You get the kid inside the van. *
<GM> * Fenix, on you. *
<FenixHawk> ?targets?
<GM> * One elf who shot at you, one driver of a car doubled over and bleeding from his chest. *
<GM> * The second elf has a gaping hole on the side of his head and his brains are leaking out all over the blacktop. *

  • FenixHawk shoots at the elf shooting at him.
<FenixHawk> ((one shot))
<GM> * Aiming? *
<FenixHawk> ((yes))
<GM> * TN 4. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 3 1 5 5 4 3 1 3 2 +- Succes -> 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 3 2 4 2 3 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You place one well-aimed shot at the kneeling elf and see a spray come out the side of his throat, backlit by the streetlights. The red mist hangs in the air as he falls back and crumples to the ground. *
<GM> * Fenix, you're in the habit of killing your beautiful elvenkind, aren't you? *

  • FenixHawk got over that barrier a long time ago, the streets do that.
<GM> * The bleeding driver opens fire on Nova. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 5 2 9 4 5 2 5 +- Succes -> 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 2 5 2 3 3 3 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova, roll resistance. *
<GM> * TN of 12, minus ballistics. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 4 2 5 2 2 9 17 2 3 1 2 3 3 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Ouch. *
<GM> * Gonna karma pool that, Nova? *
<Nova> ((what can I exatly do with my karma pool?))
<GM> * You can reroll your failures so you don't end up with an M wound. *
<GM> * Or you can take the hit. *
<Nova> ((an M wound is bad, but what if it comes out worse than this?))
<GM> * Nova, the crippled asian man from the car opens fire on you with an SMG. *
<GM> * Round eat up the street in front of you and you feel a sharp pain in your chest as you're rocked back and fall over on your side. *
<GM> ((woo hoo...the last emperor is on AMC...only and hour and half until the asian lesbian foot fetish scene))
<Azreal> ((humph))
<GM> * Johnathan, on you. *
<GM> * Your former target just shot Nova. *

  • Johnathan empties his clip at my former target.
<GM> * You may shoot twice. *
<Johnathan> ((ok 2 bursts))
<GM> * Roll them. *

<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 4 4 4 2 5 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 3 5 3 4 4 3 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 3 4 2 4 2 4 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You blast his ass, cutting his chest to ribbons and sending him bouncing off the door of his car. *
<GM> * The street grows silent, your ears ring from the stacatto of gunfire and the acrid smell of burning gunpowder fills your nostrils. *

  • Azreal sneezes.
<GM> * Azreal, you sneeze on Allan, who's looking around wild-eyed with your tits pressed into his back. *
<GM> * He looks up at you and regains his composure, smiling at you. *
<GM> * Allan: "And what's your name, baby?" *

  • Azreal mutters under her breath.
<Azreal> "Azreal."
  • Nova gets up, examining his wounds.
<GM> * Nova, you stand with much effort...You know you've got a few broken ribs at least. *
<GM> * Add +2 to all TN's until I say otherwise. *
<Nova> ((okay))

  • Johnathan changes his magazine in his assault rifle and runs over to the car with the guy he just killed in it.
<GM> * Johnathan, it's a black sedan, no plates. *
<GM> * The car is stalled out. He left it in gear when he got out. *

  • Johnathan searches it and takes any weapons, ammo, money, and valuables; as well as any info I can find off the guy in it.
<GM> * John: There is nothing on the interior except blood and your fingerprints now. *
<GM> * You find a can of air freshener spray in the glove box. *

  • Johnathan wipes away his finger prints and takes the can of air freshner and the dead guys SMG and Ammo.
<GM> * John: It's a modified Ingram Smartgun. *
  • Johnathan takes it anyways, someone else in the group may be able to use it
  • Azreal sneezes again and rubs her eyes, smearing black eyeliner down her cheek.
  • FenixHawk runs over to the elf he killed.
  • FenixHawk checks the dead elf for any ID, Documents, Date Units, Wallet, COmm Gear, then takes all he finds plus his weapons and leaves him there.
  • Nova walks slowly to the elf he shot dead, trying to ignore the pain.
<GM> * Nova: He's sprawled out, face-first on the ground, a hole in the side of his head. *
<FenixHawk> <sub> "Prepare to exit, we'll need a new car also."
<GM> * Fenix and Nova, both your elves have bola guns and heavy pistols. Nothing else. *

  • FenixHawk takes the guns and leaves.
  • Nova leaves his victim and gets back into the van.
<GM> * Fenix loots his elf and Nova inspects the handywork of his headshot and gets back in the van. *
<FenixHawk> "Azreal, drive down the street, look for a new car."
<FenixHawk> "When we are all here."
<Azreal> "Yes, boss man."
<GM> * You hear approaching sirens a few blocks away. *
<FenixHawk> "Fuck it, take off."

  • Johnathan makes sure to finish wiping away finger prints and runs to the van.
<Nova> "Damn, they always come late, but they always come nontheless..."
  • FenixHawk pulls out his Lonestar radio and listens in on what the Star are saying about his team
<GM> * #All available untis, reported gunfire and explosions at 21st and Elm in the Business District downtown. All available untis respond and proceed with caution.# *
<FenixHawk> "Team, get in the van, hurry"
<FenixHawk> "Lonestar is coming."

  • Johnathan gets in the van.
<GM> * Johnathan, you find it odd that you recieve no signal from the Ingram's smartlink. No warming of your palm, no dot on your retina...*
<Johnathan> ((I don't have a smart link))
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * Johnathan, being the piss-poor soldier you were, you were never given a smartlink. Disregard everything I just said and expect higher TN's next time. *
<FenixHawk> "Az, when we are full, take off."

  • Nova is already sitting in the back of the van.
<FenixHawk> "AZ! Drive!"
  • Azreal puts the pedal to the metal.
  • FenixHawk gets all the doors shut after we are all in.
<GM> * Azreal, roll your car skill of two. *
<GM> * Allocate combat pool if you like. *
<FenixHawk> "Everyone, keep an eye out for Lonestar."

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 1 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Azreal starts driving away. *
<GM> * You all hear the sirens coming dangerously close. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 +- Succes -> 1

<Nova> ?what direction are they coming from?
<Nova> ((I've got spatial recognizer, if it helps me))
<GM> * You're not out of the vacinity when LS makes it to the area. Three cruisers turn onto Elm Street, two passing your van going the opposite way, one swerving around and barely missing the passenger side of the car that got shot up in the battle. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 3 3 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * They continue on past you all. *
<Johnathan> ((dumb cops))
<Nova> ((what do you expect))
<GM> * Allan says something about, "See! I told you this was bigger than you!!" *
<GM> * "Don't EVER stop and pull me out into the street again or you're fired!" *
<Johnathan> "You're alive, aren't you!"
<GM> * "Yeah, thanks to HER!" *
<Azreal> "Aww, thank you too, sweety."

  • Azreal smirks and then squeals.
<Azreal> "What a rush!!!"
<GM> * Nova, your darlin Azreal squeels, which makes the fire in your chest burn hotter. *

  • Nova frowns and starts thinking about shooting her..
<Johnathan> "This job isn't worth 8k... fuck... why did I accept it?"
<GM> * Azreal drives, Allan dusts himself off. *

  • Johnathan studies the aresol can.
  • Nova sits in a position that hurts the least.
<GM> * Fenix, you have a new Predator with a silencer, and an empty bola gun. *
<GM> * Johnathan, "Good Smell: Cherry Fresh" aerosol spray. *
<GM> * Fenix, your police band spits out codes and such. *
<Johnathan> ?does it have the contents under preasure and flamable symbol on it?
<GM> * Yes. *
<Azreal> "How's the ribs, Nova?"
<Nova> "They will heal..."
<Azreal> "If you want, I can wrap that for you when we get to where we are going?"
<Nova> "No, you will not wrap anything for me"
<Azreal> "You afraid of a little girl like me Nova?"

  • Azreal giggles
<Nova> "No, I'm just fed up with you, now shut up and drive"
<Azreal> "ok"

  • Johnathan puts the can in the glove compartment and sits back, keeping an eye open for more trouble as we drive.
<FenixHawk> "Az, look for a new car when we get a safe distance, say twenty miles from the scene."
<FenixHawk> "Jon, call your contacts again, see what else you can dig up for the team. Nova, you're good."
<Nova> "I know.."
<Johnathan> "Can I borrow a phone?"
<Azreal> "What about me? I kept the boy alive"

  • Azreal frowns
  • Nova tries to shield himself from the pain and the squealing and annoyingness of Az.
<Azreal> ?how far are we out now?
<GM> * Several blocks from where you were. *
<GM> * You're nearing the Redmond Barrens. *
<GM> * The quality of the area around you begins to decline as you make your way into the Ghetto. *
<Johnathan> "This could be a good thing... and it could be a bad thing."

  • FenixHawk hands Jon his cell.
  • Johnathan uses Fenix's cell and calls his contacts, asking if they know any new info and if (military guys) know of any training going on anywhere to avoid it.

<GM> * Your officer only knows that his unit isn't conducting any training. *
<GM> * And he says to never call him half-an-hour before reville ever again. *
<Johnathan> ((lol ok))
<GM> * Nobody knows anything except Big Gay Al, your arms dealer and owner of 'Big Gay Al's Big Gay Gun Emporium'. *
<Johnathan> ((what's he know?))
<GM> * Just that there are a lot of bounty hunters running all over Seattle turning over every stone to find some valuable mark. *

  • Johnathan tells Al, "I'll be sure to spend a fair chunk of my next run at your shop. Thanks for the info."
<GM> * "No problem, thweetie." *
  • Johnathan hangs up and erases the numbers he called on the cell phone and hands it back to Fenix

<GM> * Fenix, you listen to Johnathan's contacts chew his ass for being called at 5am. *
<GM> * They yell loudly. *
<Johnathan> "Ok... no one knows anything and they are all pissed at me calling this early; so maybe they just aren't talking right now."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, do you need a doctor?"
<Nova> "Not necessarily."
<Nova> "I've been worse than this."
<Azreal> "He just wants me to shut the hell up.. right sweety?"
<Azreal> "Oh, but sugar, i thought you liked that."

  • Azreal giggles
  • Nova sighs..
  • Azreal mumbles under her breath, "Sweety, you'll never scare me."
<Nova> ((but I can always just shoot you))
<GM> * Allan looks out the window as buildings begin to show obvious signs of disrepair, and the first trashcan fires begin to light up the night. *
<Azreal> "What are you thinking, Allan?"
<GM> * "God...what is THIS filth??" *
<Azreal> "It's called a ghetto."

  • Azreal sighs.
<Azreal> "I was raised in one."
<GM> * "Redmond, pshaw." *
<FenixHawk> "Do we have gas?"
<GM> * The gauge shows half a tank. *
<Azreal> "Yeah."
<GM> * Allan puts on his headphones and you hear some new yuppie-alternative-rock begin to play. *
<GM> * He adjusts the volume until it's dull murmurs of, "#oh girl! yeah! you're so fine!#" *
<Azreal> "want me to turn on the radio, Nova?"
<Nova> "No..."

  • Nova grabs his headphones and crushes them.
<Azreal> ((lmao))
<GM> * Nova, you grab Allan's headphones and break them. *
<Azreal> "Here we go..."
<Nova> "Getting some silence, kid."
<GM> * He grabs at your hands as you break up his shit. *

  • Azreal giggles.
  • Nova gives Allan a deadly stare
  • Nova grabs Allan's hands and throws them back at him.
  • Azreal looks in rear view mirror
<Azreal> "Don't make me seperate you two."
<Nova> "Keep these to yourself."
<GM> * He gets pissed off and throws his shit on the floor. *
<GM> * "You touch me again and you're dead, you flower-fucking moron." *
<GM> * "You owe me 50 nuyen for that headset." *
<Nova> "You can take it from my underpayment, now shut up!"
<Azreal> "OK THAT'S IT.. YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!!!"

  • Azreal gets mad.
<GM> * Azreal starts screaming, which makes the kid look over. *
  • Nova ignores her
<Azreal> ((what else is new))
<GM> * Allan narrows his eyes at you. *
<FenixHawk> "Ok, everyone, stand down."
<GM> * He fiddles with his music player. *
<FenixHawk> "New rules, ignore the kid. Whatever he says, nothing gets in. Just ignore him."
<FenixHawk> "Cause, is he really so important that something he says makes a difference to you?"
<Azreal> "But he seems like a good kid."
<Nova> "No stupid tunes in my presence, not a one"

  • Azreal start to humm
<FenixHawk> "Yeah, we've already established that Nova."
<Nova> "I don't care what he says, just what he does."

  • Johnathan sits back and keeps a watch out the windows.
  • FenixHawk motions for Nova to wait just a second then sits up with Azreal.
<GM> * Allan tosses his headset to the floor a second time and glares at everyone. *
  • Nova looks back at him evilly.
<Azreal> "Don't be a sour puss now, sweety."
  • FenixHawk whispers something to Azreal.
  • Azreal nods.
<GM> * Gangers on bikes scream by, about 5 of them. *
<FenixHawk> "Az, think you can find a motel that is safe for us to sleep in?"
<Azreal> "Yeah, not a problem."
<FenixHawk> "Good girl."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, are you sure you are ok?"

  • Azreal gloats
<Nova> "Okay, no. Fine, yes"
<FenixHawk> "You need anything?"
<Nova> "If you have some bandages or anything similiar. A doctor is a luxury in this place." *motions to the barrens outside*

  • Azreal mumbles, "I offered to help."
<FenixHawk> "We can stop at a Ghetto-Aid. Az, you hear that, we need to find a Ghetto-Aid"
<Azreal> "Yeah, I know just the one."
<GM> * The Ghetto-Aid is being phased out by 'Ghetto-Mart', who bought them out in a coup over a game of craps. *
<GM> * You arrive at the corner store. *
<Johnathan> "Ok, who's staying here?"
<Azreal> "I should stay in the car, just in case."

  • Azreal smiles.
<Azreal> "Allan can stay here with me if he wants."
<GM> * A couple of "ladies" take notice as your van pulls up and they begin to sashay over. *

  • Azreal grimaces...
<Azreal> "Wonderful, the local whores are out tonight."
<GM> * One is a tall black elf with no teeth, the other is a tall white elf with no teeth. *
<Johnathan> "Careful, they maybe in disguise."
<Azreal> "Trust me, I can handle those harlets."
<Johnathan> "Ok."
<GM> * They look at Johnathan and Azreal in the front seat. "Hey honey....Wow, guess your girl does the driving for you, huh?" *
<GM> * That was the black elf. *
<Azreal> "Hey baby, wanna back a bit away from the car? Thanks."

  • Johnathan just shakes his head and laughs.
<GM> * The white whore peers in and looks Azreal up and down, tonguing her gums. *
  • Azreal winks at her.
<GM> * She looks back at everyone else, "Ooooo, you're a cutie, aren't you, hun? Hey a party?" *
<Azreal> "What did I just tell your friend there toots... back off away from the car... thanks"
<GM> * The black elf looks at you and everyone, "Group discount, how 'bout it?" *

  • Azreal winks again.
<GM> * She chicken-heads back. *
<GM> * "S'cuze me?!" *
<Azreal> "Do you really think they would want you when they have me?"

  • Azreal giggles
<Azreal> "You heard me baby."
<GM> * "Maybe they're looking for someone who ain't a midget there, bitch." *

  • Nova shakes his head... "..."
<Azreal> "I don't run cheap."
<GM> * The white elf touches the black elf's arm, "Let's go Shiniqua." *
<GM> * "Pfffff!" *
<GM> * Allan looks on. *
<Azreal> "Who said I was a midget, you toothless whore."
<GM> * Shiniqua: "What what WHAT?!"*

  • Azreal laughs.
<GM> * "Oh, tha's it, bitch!" *
  • Azreal sighs
<GM> * She starts moving around to the driver's side. *
  • Azreal reachs for the gun in the holster under her skirt..
<GM> * "Get out here, you little bitch!" *
<GM> * "I'm gonna fuckin' cut your throat!" *

  • Azreal opens the door and steps out, a smile on her face.
<GM> * White elf: "Shiniqua, don't! Les' jus' go!" *
<Azreal> "I would listen to your friend."
<GM> * Shiniqua: "Naw naw! HELL NAW! Fuck this hoe!" *

  • Azreal keeps the gun out of sight.
<Azreal> "It looks like I'm not the hoe who is looking for fucking."
<GM> * Azreal, you get out as the 6'1" black streetwalker elf of DYN-O-MITE grabs her purse and pulls a switch blade. *
<GM> * "Let's go, slitch." *
<Nova> "Just great, chick-fight..."
<GM> * Everyone is still in the van except Azreal, who just stepped up to two nasty hoes. *

  • Azreal giggles and puts the gun to her side.
<GM> * She looks down at your handgun and stops short. *
<GM> * She looks at you and the gun. *
<GM> * "Fuck you, you lil' bitch." *

  • Azreal smiles.
<GM> * She starts to chicken walk away. *
  • Azreal laughs.
<GM> * "Let's go Moesha!" *
<GM> * The white elf follows. *
<GM> * Shiniqua: "I'll be see'in you later on, bee-itch!" *

  • Azreal watches them walk away
<Azreal> "Oh, I count the hours."
<Nova> ((we're making enemies every scene, I'm waiting for Otis to come after me ;) ))

  • FenixHawk lays on his back on the carpet.
<FenixHawk> "Fuck."
<FenixHawk> "Jonathan, go buy some bandages, and anything else you think we might need."

  • Johnathan gets out and heads into the corner store and grabs a basket.
<GM> * Johnathan goes into the store. *
<FenixHawk> "Bring those hoes back, I need a massage."
<Azreal> ((are the whores gone yet?))
<GM> * Yes, they chicken-headed away. *
<Azreal> "I'll do it for you if you want."
<FenixHawk> "Yeah, when we get to the motel."
<Azreal> "Alight"

  • Azreal gets back in the van.
<FenixHawk> "By the way, we will need a new mode of transport before we stop for the night."
<Azreal> "Yeah, I know."
<Azreal> "Just not here."

  • FenixHawk nods.

  • Johnathan loads the basket up with any medical-type supplies he can find (bandages, antiseptic, bandaids etc.) and also grabs some beer, beef jerky, and cigars.
<GM> * You get gauze, bactine, antibacterial creme, some ace bandages, soy-beer, soy jerky, and nico-sticks. *
<GM> * "Fo-tee t'ree fiddy," says the tall, lanky black man behind the counter. *

  • Johnathan pays and gets back into the van, hands a beer to everyone and some jerky and a nicostick.

<Azreal> "Umm I don't drink and drive, John"
<Azreal> "You ok back there Allan? You need anything?"
<GM> * "Yeah, I'm fine," answers Allan. *
<GM> ((hold on, lesbian scene in last emperor))
<GM> * Hold on, going watch the scene. *
<FenixHawk> ((oops, hey our GM is watching les scene))
<GM> * Ok back. *
<GM> * It's more like an asian lesbian foot seduction scene. *

  • FenixHawk eats the soy jerky, as it is vegetarian.
  • Johnathan drinks his beer and eats his jerky, saving the nicostick for later.
  • Nova leaves the nicostick, but does, however, try to get more food than everyone else.
<Nova> ((got to feed that suprathyroid))
<GM> * Nova, you're starving. *
<GM> * You get pangs of hunger and a cold sweat. *
<Nova> "Next time, get MORE food, LOTS of food"
<GM> * Nova, you really gotta eat more. *
<Azreal> "Here you can have mine, I'll get something at the motel."

  • Nova looks at Allan.
  • Nova takes Allans food and eats it.
<GM> * Nova: You're dizzy with hunger. *
<Azreal> "Here Allan, you can have mine since Nova doesn't want my coodies."
<FenixHawk> "Go back and get some more food Jonathan, I'll come with you."
<Nova> "Get some high protein shit, lots of it."

  • Johnathan sighs and heads back into the store and loads the basket with high calorie food.
  • FenixHawk leads the quest for twinkies, ho-ho's, doughnuts, pretzels, potato chips, instant soup, hot dogs, nachos, burritos, soy-jerky, instant coffee, tylenol, no-doze and some girly magazines.
<GM> * They have "Ghetto Power" bars. *
<Azreal> ((lmao))

  • FenixHawk also buys Ghetto Power bars, a couple boxes
  • FenixHawk buys five Ghetto-Loto-Tix
<GM> * You get Playhomie, some aspirin, some Ghetto Power bars, a bag of pretzels, a bag of soy-pork rinds, some soy noodles in cups, and a bucket of greasy-ass chicken. *
<GM> * You get some expired lottery tickets too. *
<GM> * You don't realize they're no good until you're back in the van. *

  • FenixHawk also gets no-doz.
<GM> * You get caffeine pills. *
<GM> * "Daddy Mac's Get-Yo-Ass-Up-Boy" brand. *
<GM> * You get Faygo sodas too. *
<GM> * Total is....250 nuyen. *
<FenixHawk> ((Noted.))

  • FenixHawk fronts the cash.
<FenixHawk> "Ok, we're set." *tosses tons of food at Nova* "Good till morning?"
<Nova> "Yeah, will do.. thanks.."

  • FenixHawk nods.
  • Nova starts eating.
<FenixHawk> "Let's go."
<Azreal> "Fine."

  • Azreal looks at the nudy mags.
<GM> * Allan: "Good, food...I'm starving." *
  • Johnathan gets back in the van
  • Azreal gets a going.
<GM> * Allan grabs a piece of chicken and starts munching. *
<Nova> "HEY!, thats my food, get your own."

  • Johnathan eats more jerky.
<FenixHawk> "Share it, theres plenty for everyone."
<FenixHawk> "And more at the motel."

  • Azreal sucks in her pride. "Remember what FenixHawk told you."
  • Nova fills his pockets with Power Bars
<Azreal> "If you want, Allan can sit up here by me. That way he can eat more in peace."
<GM> * Allan looks at Fenix and motions to Nova with his head. "Did you buy a ball-gag for your pit bull here, squidder?" *
<Azreal> "Allan, please."

  • Azreal pleads
<FenixHawk> "Ignore him. New Rule, remember?"
  • Nova ignores Allan, busy eating.
<GM> * "Please what? He started it." *
<Azreal> "Please come and sit up here with me, that is if you want."
<GM> * Nova: You satiate yourself for the moment with two breasts, a biscuit, a Ghetto-Power bar, and a cup of soda. *

  • Azreal looks at FenixHawk and smiles.
<GM> * "Pffff, nice try there, squidly...Seems the lady thinks your little game is pretty dumb." *
<FenixHawk> "You talking to me?"
<GM> * He jumps in the front seat, laughing at Fenix. *
<GM> * He shakes his head and mutters, "Heh, dumbass." *

  • Azreal pats Allan on the leg
<Azreal> "Now behave yourself, ok."
<GM> * "Whatever." *
<Azreal> "Thanks, sugar"
<GM> * You all have food. *
<GM> * Roll perception....................Azreal. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 2 5 2 4 5 1 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You see two familiar whores in your rearview mirror. *
<GM> * They're walking back up to the front of the Ghetto Mart. *

  • Azreal laughs loudly.
  • Azreal pulls out of the spot... and heads on her way.
<GM> * You take off and start driving. *
<GM> * Roll perception again, Azreal. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 9 4 2 5 3 1 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * Azreal: You notice after a few blocks that the van is now almost on empty. *
<Azreal> "We need a new vehicle...fast."
<GM> * You guys need to stop pissing people off. *
<GM> * Especially nasty hoes who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose... or syphon half a tank of gas in 4 minutes. *
<Johnathan> "um, well... let's try to find a parking lot or something thats not on the street."
<Azreal> "OK"
<GM> * A parking lot...In Redmond.... *
<Nova> ((LOL))
<GM> * Everyone roll intelligence. *

<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 2 2 4 3 2 +- Succes -> 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 3 4 5 5 +- Succes -> 5
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 7 8 1 1 4 1 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> ((Damn, another one getting close to a critical))
<GM> * Fenix. *
<GM> * Roll. *
<Nova> ((criticals are fun))
<Johnathan> ((yeah))
<GM> * Fenix. *
<GM> * Now. *
<GM> * Fenix. *
<GM> * Yesterday. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 3 2 9 1 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Fenix, you begin to feel a slight headache. *
<GM> ((Spontaneous head combustion is not far behind one of these headaches, you know this, right?))
<FenixHawk> ((Yeah yeah))
<Nova> ((a way of making us pay attention?))
<GM> * Fenix, your self-proclaimed fearless leader, spots some housing projects with a few cars outside. *
<FenixHawk> "There, cars."

  • FenixHawk points
  • Azreal pulls into a dark spot to check out the cars..
<GM> * Some beat up old jallopies, some mid-range caddies/oldesmobiles, and some fucking pimp-tight bling rides in the lot. *
<GM> * Nothing as big and accomodating for 5 people as this van, though. *
<GM> * The sun begins the rise...that is to say, the sky goes from black to a dark grey. *
<FenixHawk> "Caddie will work. Can you pull it off Az?"
<Azreal> "Of course"
<FenixHawk> "Good girl."

  • Azreal gets out.
  • Azreal walks to the caddy.
<GM> * Azreal walks across the lot to the caddy. Some mongrel dog chained to a clothesline begins to bark. *
  • Johnathan throws some jerky at the dog.
  • Azreal growls at the dog.
<Nova> ((its a SOY jerky...:PP ))
<Johnathan> ((it doesn't hurt to try))
<Johnathan> "We got any chicken bones left?"
<FenixHawk> ((Even dogs eat soy in 2060))
<GM> * Johnathan throws some shit at the dog who goes even more nuts. *
<Azreal> ?is it locked?
<GM> * You try the handle of the Oldesmobile La Mancha and discover it is, indeed, locked. *

  • Azreal busts the window with her bad elbow.
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * Roll Strength, and Dmg resistance. *
<Johnathan> ((you really have to learn to pick locks))
<Nova> ((and there are 3 strong, healthy men back there..))
<FenixHawk> ((And you have a gun...))
<GM> ((heh, you also pick the player with NO skills in electronics to hot wire your cars for you))
<FenixHawk> ((Like, the butt of a gun wont work...))
<GM> * Fenix, let her play. *
<FenixHawk> ((I AM!))

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 4 2 +- Succes -> 3
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 4 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> Wow
<GM> * Wow. *
<GM> * That is an amazing coincidence. *
<GM> * You slam your already bruised elbow against the glass and it bounces off. *
<GM> * Your arm is in a lot of pain. *

  • Azreal flinchs in pain.
<GM> * And your hands are numbed up pretty good, too. *
  • Azreal pulls out her gun and pistol whips the car window.
<Johnathan> "That dog's gonna wake someone up unless we hurry..."
<Azreal> "Stupid Plexi glasss."

  • Azreal curses.
<GM> * Azreal: You advance to the level of "primate" and decide to use a tool for the job. The glass shatters rather loudly. *
  • Azreal squeals and gets inside.
  • Azreal starts to hotwire the car.
<GM> * You slip inside the Oldesmobile La Mancha and begin fiddling with the wires. *
<GM> * Roll intelligence. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 11 1 3 4 4 2 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You start the car with little effort. *
<FenixHawk> "Grab the food, gear, and mark... lets get in."
<FenixHawk> "Allan, ride shotgun."

  • Nova gets the food and goes to the new car.
  • Azreal squeals.
  • FenixHawk grabs the gear and gets in the car.
  • Nova frowns at Az's squeal.
<GM> * You all see the La Mancha jump to life...in an extremely loud fashion as the radio is on full blast. *
<Johnathan> "SHIT! TURN IT DOWN!"
<GM> * Bad ghetto rap thumps loudly, rattling windows and the fillings of your teeth. *
<Azreal> "Let's get the fuck out of here."
<Azreal> ?is everyone in?

  • Johnathan gets in fast.
<GM> * You see lights coming on in the PJ's. *
  • FenixHawk in in back with all the gear
  • Nova sits in the back, holding the food.
  • Nova blasts the radio, filling it even more
<GM> * You turn the radio up, Nova? *
<Nova> ((no, i SHOOT IT with my gun))
<GM> * Allan: "Oh my gahd! What ARE you doing?!" *
<GM> * #BLAM# *
<GM> * A gunshot rings out and the radio is silenced. *
<FenixHawk> "Time to go."

  • Azreal puts the car in reverse and peels out.
  • Nova holsters his gun.
<GM> * You see some big ork come running out his house in his boxers and a wife beater. *
  • Azreal throws the car in drive and heads on down the road
<GM> * He's carrying a sawed off shotgun. *
<Azreal> ((oh shit))
<FenixHawk> "Faster..."
<GM> * Roll car, Azreal. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 3 +- Succes -> 2

  • FenixHawk puts the riot shield up in the rear window.
<Azreal> "Allan, get down."
<FenixHawk> ?is he behind us?
<GM> * Yes. *
<GM> * Roll Quickness Fenix. *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 5 1 2 7 1 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You manage to get the riot shield up to the back window as he fires off his shotgun, shattering the rear glass. *
<GM> * You feel your shield pelted with buckshot. *
<FenixHawk> "Fuck."
<GM> * You are rocked back a little, but unscathed. *
<GM> * Fenix: You see the ork in his wife beater, drawers, and knee socks throw his gun to the ground. *
<GM> * His shotty lands on his foot and he starts hopping around, yelling obscenities that would make your old buddy Judas blush. *

  • FenixHawk laughs.
<FenixHawk> "Look at that asshole."
  • Nova looks up at the man, eating a biscuit.
<Azreal> "Stupid dog."
<GM> (( MAN! I'm not even CAUSING half this shit for you people. ))
<Azreal> "See, that's why I stick with cats."
<FenixHawk> "Keep driving."

  • Azreal goes faster.
<Nova> "Stupid radio.."
<Azreal> "Well if you hadn't of shot it, he wouldn't have come out so quickly."
<Nova> "I just killed the music.."
<Azreal> "YOU could have killed the car"
<Azreal> "Motel, boss man?"

  • FenixHawk eats a piece of chicken.
  • Azreal looks at FenixHawk.
<FenixHawk> "Yeah, park this shit on the street too."
<Azreal> "That I can do."
<GM> * You are now in a piece of shit car that rattles, crammed in on top of one another, with a busted out back window...Starting your day. *
<GM> * Day One. 7am. *
<Nova> "I can't believe this is happening.."
<Azreal> "It will be ok."
<Nova> "Next time, at least get us a pickup truck."
<Azreal> "We had to go with what we had."
<Nova> "We would be less conspiscious if we had walked.."
<GM> ((LOL))
<GM> ((nova's right))
<Azreal> "Want to get another car?"
<Nova> "YES!"
<FenixHawk> ((Inst-o-karma?))
<GM> * Yes, Inst-o-karma...immediate karma award for thinking outside the box or awesome humor. Awarded by me, the GM, instantly, in the off chance that the run never gets finished. *
<FenixHawk> ((Cool))
<GM> * You rattle your way through Redmond. *
<GM> * So...where are you all headed? *
<Azreal> ((GM, a MOtel)
<GM> * Coffin Motel? Or a No-Tell-Motel? *
<GM> * You drive to a ratty motel row. You find only one with vacancies and pull into the lot. *
<GM> * It's a two-story red brick building with black iron railing and crumbling stairwells. *
<GM> * They have a small office seperate from the hotel structure. Like a small shack with a waiting room. *
<Azreal> "Who's going in and paying?"
<FenixHawk> "Park on the street."

  • FenixHawk gets out.
<FenixHawk> "Or in an Alley...."
<FenixHawk> "Then walk back here."

  • Azreal is greatful it isn't her.
<Nova> "Yeah, at least a few blocks aways."
  • Azreal pulls the car into a nearby ally.
<Johnathan> "Park in front of another motel."
  • Azreal turns around and parks in front of another motel.
<GM> * With everyone in the car? *
  • FenixHawk goes to the office alone to get a room.
<Nova> "Park it in an alley..."
<Nova> "Anywhere out of sight."

<GM> * Stop. *

<GM> * Who is where when she goes to park elsewhere? *
<Nova> ((im still in the car))

  • Johnathan gets out and waits on the street at the hotel.
  • FenixHawk is at the office.
<Nova> ((you LEFT me with the two most anoying people on the run?!))
<GM> * Johnathan gets out and stands on the sidewalk, Fenix goes inside. *
<GM> * Allan is sticking with the girl. *
<GM> * So yes Nova, it's you, Allan, and Azreal. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FENIX HAWK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * You enter the "lobby" and see a bored-looking dwarf behind the counter smoking a cigar. *
<GM> * He's reading the morning paper. *
<GM> * And drinking a Natural Lite. *
<FenixHawk> "You got any bigger rooms?"
<GM> * "Huh?" he responds gruffly. *
<FenixHawk> "Two bed."
<GM> * "Yeah, I got two of 'em free." *
<FenixHawk> "Give me them both."
<FenixHawk> ?what are the numbers?
<GM> * 24 and 25. *
<GM> * "Hundred for the security deposit, sixty a night," the dwarf states boredly. *
<FenixHawk> "Is it ok if I just put our bags into 24?"
<GM> * "Do I fucking care what you do with your bags? Just pay me for the rooms and you can store your dead mother in there for all I care." *
<GM> * He takes a gulp of his beer. *

  • FenixHawk hands him a credstick. "Two nights."
<GM> * He slots it, downloading the 320 nuyen. *
<GM> * He hands it back to you. *
<FenixHawk> "Thanks."

  • FenixHawk walks back out to John.
<GM> * The dwarf talks at you as you leave briskly, "Your stick'll open the doors for the next two days, chum. Have a nice day." *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ALLAN, AZREAL, AND NOVA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Azreal parks the car somewhere out of sight and mind.
<GM> * How many blocks? *
<Azreal> ((two))
<GM> * You drive two blocks away and find an alley. Many squatters take notice of the car, but mind their business. *

  • Azreal parks and gets out.
  • Nova gets out and scans the area.
<GM> * Allan gets out as well. *
<Nova> "Okay, you two, pretend you're together. I'll be following you, MAYBE we won't draw any attention."

  • Azreal helps Allan and wraps my arm through his.
<GM> * Allan looks a little suprised but smiles sheepishly. *
<Azreal> "Ok."
<GM> * The place is poorly lit, lots of squatters and some punks hanging out listening to bad rap music. *

  • Nova frowns, hearing the music.
<GM> * It's the same song that was playing in the Oldesmobile. *
<Azreal> "Come on baby, let's rock."

  • Nova tries not to blast the radio.
<Azreal> "Behave Nova... Just suck it in, sweety."
  • Azreal cuddles against Allan.
<Nova> "NOW WALK!"
<Azreal> "Don't blast the radio, and I won't call you sweety again."
<GM> * Nova starts hollering, which makes people looks up. *
<Nova> "I told you to walk, haven't I?"

  • Azreal moves into a slow stroll.
<GM> * Allan falls into step with you, Azreal. *
  • Nova walks a few steps behind the two.
<Azreal> "Sshhhhhhh."
<Azreal> "I told you to hush."
<Nova> "One more word and I'll hush you permanently."

  • Azreal pulls Allan close it's a bit cool and he's warm.
<Azreal> "Bring it, big boy."
<GM> * Allan looks back at Nova, emboldened by the attention from the girl, "Heel, puppy." *

  • Nova reaches to his gun, grabbing it but not taking it out.
<GM> * He snaps his head forward when you reach into your coat. *
  • Azreal pulls Allan along faster.
<Azreal> "Come on, sugar. Let's get away from this meanie."
  • Nova follows them closely, hand on gun.
<GM> * You begin the longest two-block walk of your lives. *
<Nova> ((especially mine..))
<Azreal> "Nova, i don't think it's smart to do that."
<Nova> "I dont think you're smart enough to shut up, are you?"
<Azreal> "Keep pushing me, big boy."
<Nova> "..."
<Azreal> "Come on Allan lets walk faster"
<GM> * Allan: "Okay." *

  • Nova follows them equally fast, knowing he can't let them go on their own.
  • Azreal picks up the pace again.
<GM> * Nova, roll perception. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 7 2 10 5 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Nova, you notice four men falling into step behind you about 10 meters back. *
<GM> * The next time you look there's 3. *
<Nova> ?what do they look like?
<GM> * Average size, wearing denim, sweats, and leathers. *
<Nova> ?gang?
<GM> * No colors that you can see. *

  • Azreal makes sure Allan is safe behind her at all times.
<GM> * Azreal, Allan prefers to walk beside you. *
  • Nova walks as to shield the mark from any potential threat from the men behind him.
<Nova> ?are they closing on us?
<GM> * Nova, they're approaching more rapidly and gaining. *
<GM> * They apparently don't notice that you notice. *

  • Nova talks so only Az and Allan can hear him. "We got trouble, prepare to run on my mark."
  • Azreal laughs and squeezes Allan's arm
<Azreal> "Ahh fuck."
  • Azreal whispers.
<GM> * "What? What trouble?" *
<Azreal> "shh"
<Azreal> "Don't worry Allan, Az will take good care of you, just like she did in the past."

  • Nova uses his hearing amp and spatial recognition to check where the 3 men are.
  • Azreal winks at Allan and holds his arm tighter.
<GM> * 5 meters now. *
<Nova> ?are there any windows in which I could see them?
<GM> * Not really. *
<GM> * Most are boarded up or otherwise. *
<GM> * You walk, they pursue. *
<Johnathan> ?does it seem to Fenix and I like they are taking a long time?
<GM> * Not really, Johnathan. *
<GM> * You don't know how far they went to park. *
<Johnathan> ((ok just checking))

  • Nova listens for gun-cocking sound or anything that sounds as a weapon.
<GM> * Nothing, Nova. *
<GM> * They're closer though. *
<GM> * A meer 3 meters behind you. *
<GM> * Azreal walks fast with Allan. *
<Nova> ?there still 3 of them?
<GM> * Yes. *
<Nova> ((okay, now I'm going to do the stupidest thing possible))

  • Nova glances back and checks on their intentions.
<GM> * You turn your head and look at them. *
<GM> * They're in a wedge, and the lead man smiles at you. *
<Nova> ?do they seem hostile?
<GM> * Maybe, maybe not....*

  • Nova gives him the evil eye.
<Nova> ?human? what age?
<GM> * He makes eye contact and looks back at you. *
<GM> * Two humans, one ork. All early 20's. *
<Nova> <to Az and Allan> "walk faster"
<GM> * "Eeeeee," says Azreal in her throat as they speed up, taking unnatural, long-ass strides now. *
<GM> * You speed up too? *
<Nova> ((yes))
<Nova> ?do they try to catch up with us still?
<GM> * No, they fall back. *

  • Nova keeps up the pace.
<GM> * They fall farther back. *
<GM> * You bother to look back again later? *
<Nova> ?how far to the motel?
<GM> * A block now. *
<Nova> ((if I cant hear them closing, no))
<GM> * Okay, you don't hear them closing. *
<GM> * Roll perception. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 2 3 10 7 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * You hear something around the corner up ahead, 3 feet from your group. Sounded like the scraping of a shoe, maybe. *
<GM> * Azreal and Allan walk fast, taking their next steps very quickly.... *

  • Nova catches up with them, shielding the mark from potential threats.
<GM> * As you come up beside Azreal and Allan, another kid jumps from the alley in front of you, brandishing a lead pipe. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 3 3 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((16))
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You get the drop on the kid as he rears back to kneecap your ass. You realize too late that it's the fourth kid who dissapeared from that group behind you. *

  • Nova punches the kid on the head.
<GM> * Roll it. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 3 3 3 3 4 +- Succes -> 1

<Nova> (yeah..))

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 1 10 4 +- Succes -> 4

<GM> * ROFL. *
<Nova> ((ouch..)
<GM> * Karma that maybe? *
<Nova> ((yeah))
<GM> * Go for it. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 4 2 2 1 5 +- Succes -> 2

<Nova> ((...))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
<GM> * Dude.. *
<GM> * You lunge in for an attack but go flying past the suprised kid as he moves past you to kneecap Allan. His pipe connects with your charge's right knee and you hear a sickening crunch. *
<Nova> ((....!))
<GM> * You hear Allan scream as he collapses in pain. Azreal shrieks in suprise and jumps back. *
<Nova> ?what age is the kid?
<GM> * 20's, same as the others. *
<Nova> ?who's turn to act?
<GM> * You. *
<GM> * The kid didn't expect you to be there, but he got his target. *

  • Nova grabs the kid by his clothes and throws him back.
<GM> * Roll unarmed. *
<GM> * TN of 5. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 1 2 1 4 2 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ..............
<GM> * Very close to critical. *
<Nova> ((yeha, and left with 2 cpool))
<GM> * You grab him and pull, but get nothing for your efforts but him turning around and squaring off against you with his pipe. *
<GM> * Azreal rushes to Allan as the group that was behind breaks into a run towards you. *
<GM> * Init. *

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> 8
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 10 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((21))

<GM> * Allan rolls around on the ground, hugging his knee to his chest and Azreal looks up at the approaching group of people. *
<GM> * Go. *
<GM> * On you. *

  • Nova draws his gun and shoots the guy.
<GM> * Quickdraw and fire twice? Or draw and fire once? *
<Nova> ((draw, fire))
<GM> * Roll to fire, TN of 6. *
<GM> ((your cpool is refrshed, BTw))

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 1 2 2 3 8 3 5 1 3 5 4 2 4 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Cpool refreshed with each init. *
<Nova> ((DAMN IT))
<Nova> ((APDS))

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 5 4 9 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You whip out your gat and bust a cap! The guy takes a round in the chest and staggers back. *
<GM> * He attacks you with his pipe as you hear the 3 other kids yelling. *
<Nova> ((the ammo is caseless if you're interested))

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 10 3 2 1 5 2 2 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Roll counter attack, tn of 6

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 9 4 3 9 2 3 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Call your counter attack. *
<Nova> ?what?
<GM> * He makes to bust your head open with the pipe, gimme some juicy description to your successful counter. *
<GM> ((you newbies need to learn how to describe shit, like fist fights, makes it a lot more fun))

  • Nova swings his hand in an effort to take the pipe out of it's path

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 4 5 5 10 3 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You counter with a smooth block of the pipe and smash the kid in the jaw, snapping his head back. *
<GM> * You follow with two jabs to the abdomen. *
<GM> * Your attack. *
<Nova> ((what's an abdomen?))
<GM> * Stomache. *
<GM> ((see, call moves like that))
<Nova> ((sure, but I've still got that gun in my hand, so..))

  • Nova fires his gun at the kid again
<Nova> ?TN?
<GM> 6

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 4 2 2 11 5 3 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You gun the kid down in the middle of the street. *
<GM> * He screams and dies as the bullets penetrate his heart and throat. *
<GM> * The other three are on you now. *
<Nova> ?distance?
<GM> * Like... grabbing Azreal and attacking you. *
<GM> * She screams as she goes for her gun. *
<GM> * Initiative. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 4 3 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((20))

<GM> * The ork and the leader rush your ass, but you get the drop on them. *
<GM> * The ork has a big, nasty knife, the leader has a sap. *

  • Nova aims and shoots the leader
<GM> * Roll it. *

<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 4 5 1 1 4 2 4 4 1 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((I HATE this bot...))
<Nova> ?what was the TN?
<GM> * TN is six. *
<GM> * Five with aiming. *
<GM> Smartlink gives you -2 from 6, but you're wounded with a +2
<GM> So 6
<GM> firing w/o a smartlink is a 6 tn, not 4
<Nova> ((it is?.. hmm... must have read wrong, nevermind, sorry))
<GM> * It is in MY game. House rule making firearm use a little more tricky. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. *

<GM> !dice 5 9
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 10 3 1 5 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * You shoot the leader, but he keep coming. *
<GM> * He goes to slap you around with his sap. *

<GM> !dice 6 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 3 11 1 5 1 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> Counter. *
<GM> * TN of 6 as well. *

  • Nova blocks the sap and kicks him.

<Nova> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 1 2 3 5 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You do no such thing and he thumps you. *
<GM> * Roll resistance, TN of 6 minus impact. *

<Nova> !dice 11 2
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 2 5 4 2 3 8 3 4 2 5 +- Succes -> 11

<GM> * He hits you in the goddamn ear!!! That shit really pisses you off! *
<GM> * The ork lunges at you with his knife. *

<GM> !dice 8 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 2 5 5 2 10 2 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> ((just roll counter wihtout me having to tell you))

<Nova> !dice 5 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 17 3 1 1 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> Resist 10S.

<Nova> !dice 11 2
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 5 3 5 3 5 4 9 1 4 2 +- Succes -> 10

<Nova> ((the good thing is you can't hurt me much..))
<GM> * How much fucking impact do you have, monster?! *
<Nova> ((8))
<GM> * Jeezus. *
<Nova> ((my armor is 6/8))
<GM> * Ok, his knife slashes your coat, missing you. *
<GM> * On you. *
<GM> * You hear Azreal squeel and gunshots go off. *
<GM> * No time to see her though, either move or be attacked. *

  • Nova sticks to his gun firing tactics and blasts the leader again, twice

<Nova> !dice 7 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 5 2 5 5 2 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 7 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 4 4 1 3 1 1 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((fuck..))
<Nova> ((okay with the tn's?))
<GM> ((yep))
<GM> * You fire And miss. *
<GM> New Init

<GM> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 2 4 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 2
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 3 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((18))
<GM> 12, and 9
<GM> go

  • Nova fires again, two shots at the leader.

<Nova> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 5 5 10 3 4 +- Succes -> 1
<Nova> !dice 6 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 3 4 3 3 1 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 6 9
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 8 3 11 4 5 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * #BLAM BLAM# You shoot him down as the ork goes to stab your ass again. *

<GM> !dice 8 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 3 5 5 2 8 8 3 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Counterattack. *

  • Nova gets out of the way of the knife

<Nova> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 2 11 4 2 5 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Resist 10D

<Nova> !dice 11 2
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 5 3 5 5 1 3 2 1 3 3 +- Succes -> 9

<GM> * You're like a matador and gracefully sidestep the ork's clumbsy thrust with his blade. *
<GM> * He spins on you, growling. *

  • Nova shoots his growling ass off
<GM> * Go ahead. *

<Nova> !dice 7 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 5 3 5 5 5 5 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 7 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 5 5 5 4 2 3 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((yeah..))
<GM> * You start firing and don't seem to hit anything. *
<GM> * The ork grabs his buddy's dropped pipe and makes like Babe Ruth for your head. *

<GM> !dice 9 3
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 4 5 2 3 4 3 5 5 +- Succes -> 8

<GM> * Resist 10D+2
<GM> * Keep track of your cpool. *
<Nova> ((it is correct.. i think))

<Nova> !dice 16 2
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 2 1 4 3 2 2 3 4 2 4 4 2 3 3 3 +- Succes -> 15

<GM> * You duck him again. *

  • Nova fires again.
<GM> * He spins around, "STAY STILL YOU FRAGGIN' DAISY EATER!!" *
<GM> * Shoot away, tex. *

<Nova> !dice 7 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 9 3 9 3 4 5 4 +- Succes -> 2
<Nova> !dice 7 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 9 2 1 9 3 9 +- Succes -> 3
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 2 5 5 4 4 3 1 4 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 4 3 3 5 2 2 3 9 5 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * #BLAM BLAM# *
<GM> * The ork's face dissapears into a red spray. *
<GM> * He drops to the ground, the pipe clattering to his side. *

  • Nova checks on Az and the mark.
<GM> * Az is standing there with a smoking gun. *
<GM> * You see the last living kid running down the street with a serious limp, holding his side. *
<GM> * Allan rolls around on the ground, crying. *

  • Nova leaves the running kid and walks to Allan

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHNATHAN AND FENIX AND THE WHORE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * John: Fenix goes to take a piss and a whore wanders up to you. *

  • Johnathan looks at the woman making sure it's not the same one from earlier.
<GM> * She's cute, about 5'2". Blonde pigtails, bubble gum in her mouth with sensual cherry-red lips. Pink eyeliner, dressed like a little schoolgirl with a pink jacket on. *
  • Johnathan smiles at the woman, scanning the area once fast, then eyes back to her.
<GM> * "Hey sugar, how're you this morning?" *
<GM> * She smells good, really good. *
<Johnathan> "Not bad, what's a sexy girl like you doing in a shitty place like this?"
<GM> * She twirls her gum on a manicured finger.. *
<GM> * "Oh, I'm just looking for a good time. How about you, baby?" *
<Johnathan> "You seem a little out of place here, but a good time would be nice right now."
<GM> * She smiles. *
<GM> * "Mmmmm, so you'll warm me up, then?" *
<GM> * She rubs up against your side, moving her hand over your thigh. *

  • Johnathan smiles and grabs her ass firmly.
<GM> * She yelps and giggles. *
<GM> * She bumps into your concealed weapon and squeeks, "Ooo, dangerous man, huh? I like dangerous men." *
<Johnathan> "No, I'm just happy to see you"
<Johnathan> "I Love your outfit."

  • Johnathan slides his hand under her skirt
<GM> * You go down to no man's land and find a smooth, clean-shaven mound with no panties. *
<GM> * She puts her hand on your wrist, stopping you. *
<GM> * "Ah ah..." *
<GM> * "Let's go someplace more private." *
<GM> * "Got a room where we can play, sugar?" *
<Johnathan> "A friend's got the keys, but yeah I got a room."
<Johnathan> "You got a place?"
<GM> * "Not around here, baby." *
<Johnathan> "Well, how are we gonna get there?"
<GM> * "C'mon, it's getting chilly." *
<GM> * She shivers cutely." *

  • Johnathan grabs one of her tits.
<GM> * "Hey now...No pay, no play." *
<Johnathan> "How much?"
<GM> * "Let's just say you pay me what you think I'm worth, 'kay?" *
<GM> * "Go get the keys." *
<Johnathan> "Interesting proposal, I'll go grab a key, be back in a sec"

  • Johnathan walks down the alley to Fenix. "Hey man I need a room key. I got some sweet pussy waiting for me at the end of the alley."
<GM> * Fenix's taking a piss and mutter something, playing with himself. *
<GM> * He tosses you his credstick. *
<Johnathan> "I said a room key.. this isn't a room key? But ok, I'll go get one."
<GM> * You think that his credstick could be the key to the room, being the high-tech year of 2063 and all. *

  • Johnathan heads back to the hotel and goes inside to get another room.
<GM> * You go to get another room. *
<GM> * A dwarf sits behind the counter smoking a cigar and reading the paper. *
<GM> * He's drinking a can of Natural Lite. *
<Johnathan> "Hey, can I get a room?"
<GM> * "Sixty nuyen a night, 100 nuyen deposit." *

  • Johnathan puts the cred stick down.
<Johnathan> "Ok."
<GM> * He slots it, downloads the cred, and hands it back to you. *
<GM> * "Room 12, your stick'll open the door." *
<Johnathan> "Ok, thanks."

  • Johnathan heads back outside and looks for the whore.
<GM> * She's standing there shivering. *
<GM> * She runs up to you. *
<GM> * "So you got it??" *
<Johnathan> "Ok sexy, I got a room for us."

  • Johnathan takes her to Room 12.
<GM> * She goes with you. *
  • Johnathan opens the door to room 12 and goes in with her
<GM> * As you crack the door open you hear a barrage of pistol fire from about a block away. *
<Johnathan> "Oh Shit.."
<Johnathan> "Wait here, I'll be back."
<GM> * Like 9 shots. *
<GM> * ...No, more like 12. *
<GM> * Somebody's rumbling. *

  • Johnathan runs outside and pulls out his SMG with the silencer
<GM> * Girl: "Wait! Where're you goin'?!" *
<Johnathan> "I'll be back, promise!"
<Johnathan> "You'll get a tip."
<GM> * You run out into the parking lot and draw a submachine gun in broad daylight. *

  • Johnathan heads towards the gunfire
  • Johnathan runs to Nova
<GM> * Johnathan, you sprint a block. *
<GM> * Someone screams, "MY FUCKING KNEEE!!!" *
<Nova> ?do i hear John running?
<GM> * Yes. *

  • Nova turns to a possible new threat
<GM> * John: You come up on Azrael and Nova standing next to Allan, who's crying and screaming on the ground, holding a knee to his chest. *
<Johnathan> "You Guys..."
<GM> * Nova spins around on you. *
<Johnathan> "Woah damn... it's me"
<Nova> "I know it's you, otherwise I would have shot you"
<GM> * A kid is running off down the road, limping, and there are three dead bodies leaking blood onto the pavement. *
<GM> * A knife, a pipe, and a sap lay on the ground. *
<Johnathan> "ok, what the fuck happened?"
<Nova> "Some kids played the wrong game."
<Johnathan> "We better either get outa here or get inside off the street"
<GM> * No one's on the street anymore. *
<GM> * They cleared the fuck out when the gunfire started. *
<GM> * The Barrens houses a lot of crime...It's a 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' sort of place. *
<Nova> "You and Az take our mark to the hotel, I'll be following close behind you."

  • Johnathan helps the mark stand on his good leg and to the hotel.
<GM> * Allan is crying about his knee, which is swollen and stretching his pants. *
<GM> * Johnathan, you and Azreal bring him back to the hotel; Nova, you follow. *
<GM> * You arrive without harrassment or incident. *

  • Johnathan heads to the original 2 rooms and lets them in with Fenix's credstick.
  • Nova loads a new clip into his predator.
<GM> * Which room? 24 or 25? *
<Johnathan> *24*
<GM> * It's a ratty room with twin beds, a trideo, and a bathroom with a sink and shower. *
<GM> * It's got a chair and a table for playing cards. *
<GM> * Oh, and a lamp. Not much else. *
<GM> * The trideo's on top of a dresser. *

  • Nova looks for the med-supplies they've bought at the mart.
<GM> * You find them in the Ghetto Mart bag. *
<GM> * Azreal lays Allan down on the bed and cuts his pant-leg open as he protests. *
<GM> * His knee is about 3 times too large and greying purple. *
<GM> * He cannot bend his leg. *

  • Johnathan shakes his head, "Damn neighborhood."
<Nova> "Anybody know first aid?"
<Johnathan> "I do."
<Nova> "Great, take care of him."

  • Nova takes some bandages and goes to take care of his own wounds.
  • Nova inspects his own wounds closely.
  • Nova starts to work on his ribs and bones.
  • Johnathan kneels beside Allan and inspects his knee and starts first aid.
<GM> * "Ohhhhh GOD!! FUCCCKKK!" *
<Johnathan> "SHUT THE FUCK UP."
<GM> * "FUCK YOU!!" *
<GM> * "Oh Godddd....!" *
<GM> * He moans and groans. *
<GM> * Just roll. *

<Johnathan> !Dice 3 0
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 2 8 5 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * What do you want to do to his knee? *
<GM> * You've got free reign pretty much. Except giving him surgery. *
<GM> * There's a knock at the door. *

  • Nova draws his gun and points it at the door when he hears the knocking.
  • Johnathan relocates his knee if it's dislocated; if it's shattered, he splints it and wraps it.
<GM> * Shattered. *
  • Johnathan hands some pain killers to Az, "Give him 3 of these."
<GM> * He grabs the bottle himself and downs 9 of them. *
<Johnathan> "Shit, he needs surgery."
<GM> * You say the worst thing you can say out loud. *
<GM> * "OH my GOD! SURGERY?!" *
<Johnathan> "Yep, your leg's gonna fall off at the hip and then your dick."
<GM> * Allan: "Shut the fuck up and find me some morphine and valium, you asshole!" *

  • Johnathan looks for something to splint his leg with.
<GM> * There's a lamp. *
<GM> * The drawers are cheap and wood-like. *
<GM> * There is another knock. *

  • Nova prepares to fire.. aiming at the height of an average person's head.
<Johnathan> "Someone get the fucking door."
<GM> * Nova aims at the door. *

  • Johnathan takes the shade off the lamp, rips the cord out of it, and lays it against Allan's knee.
<GM> * Azreal: "I'll get it! Shit!" *
<GM> * Azreal jumps up and gets the door. *

  • Nova still holds the gun pointed at it
<GM> * You hear, "It's Fenix." as she opens it. *
<GM> * Before you stands.....*

  • FenixHawk surveys.
  • Nova lowers his gun slowly.
<GM> * Fenix, on the bed lays Allan, with John wrapping his leg in a splint. Azreal stands there looking at you. Nova has a gun pointed at your face, which he lowers. *
<FenixHawk> "Stupid motherfucker?"
<FenixHawk> "What happened?"
<Nova> "Some kids wanted to play."
<Johnathan> "Hey Fenix, um, you paid for Room 12 as well." *tosses him his cred stick* "There's a hot little whore there waiting for ya."
<GM> * Allan: "MY fucking knee is busted!!" *

  • Johnathan finishes splinting Allan's leg.
  • FenixHawk grabs the key. "I got a hot little whore at home. How hot is this one?"
<Johnathan> "Some schoolgirl-like girl."
<GM> * Azreal rolls her eyes, "Jeez!" *
<GM> * She goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. *

  • FenixHawk watches her leave.
<FenixHawk> "You can thank me later."
  • FenixHawk shuts the door behind him.
  • Nova goes back to his bandage-to-wound business.
<GM> * Allan laments constantly. *
<Johnathan> "Oh.. This guy's knee is shattered."
<Johnathan> "We may want a doctor."
<GM> * "Fuck a doctor! Give me drugs!!" *
<FenixHawk> "I would say so. Got anyone you can call? Fixer who can set you up with a doc maybe?"
<Johnathan> "Nope, sorry... none of my contacts are that type."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, you got a fixer?"
<Nova> "I know a street Doc, but he's quite far from here"
<GM> * "Just find me some drugs, dammit!" *
<FenixHawk> "He may know someone close to here."
<Nova> "Okay, I'll check with him."

  • Nova goes to a corner and calls his contact.
<GM> * "AWWW CHRIST!! This shit hurts BAD!" *
<Johnathan> "If you take anymore painkillers than you have, it may kill you."
<GM> * "Kill me?! Fuck that! This damn knee's gonna kill me!" *
<FenixHawk> "You can buy a new knee later."
<FenixHawk> "We will get your drugs."
<GM> * "That's what _I_ said!! I JUST Want..." *
<GM> * "Awesome, thanks." *
<Johnathan> "He's taken 9 painkillers already."
<Johnathan> "Anymore and it'll thin his blood more and be dangerous."
<FenixHawk> <sub> "Nine? How long ago?"
<Johnathan> <sub> "5 minutes ago."
<Johnathan> <sub> "He took the bottle."
<FenixHawk> <sub> "Then he's not feeling it yet."
<FenixHawk> <sub> "Go along with me until he can feel it."
<Johnathan> <sub> "ok"
<GM> * The kid took aspirin...For a shattered knee. *
<GM> * He won't be feeling shit except pain. *
<Johnathan> "Ok fine, we'll get you some valium."
<GM> * "Well Christ, PLEASE hurry!" *
<Johnathan> "Look, I don't know any dealers"
<FenixHawk> "The doc will take care of you."

  • FenixHawk looks for the bottle.
<GM> * There's the bottle of aspirin you bought beside Allan on the bed. *
  • FenixHawk grabs the bottle.
  • FenixHawk checks to see how many are left
<GM> * You hear the toilet flush and Azreal comes out of the bathroom . *
<GM> * "Goodnight boys." *
<FenixHawk> "Yeah yeah."

  • Johnathan sighs and sits back against the bed.
<GM> * Azreal: "Fenix, let me into 25, please." *
  • FenixHawk walks out, studying the bottle.
<GM> * Azreal follows. *
  • FenixHawk lets the girl into the room.
<GM> * She squeels, "Eeee! Thank yooouuuuuu." *
<FenixHawk> "Whatever."
<FenixHawk> "Lock the door behind me."
<GM> * "Oh don't worry!" *
<GM> * She practically slams it in your face. *
<GM> * Fenix: It's a bottle of Bayer aspirin. *

  • FenixHawk goes back and puts the bottle back in the Ghetto-Mart bag.
<FenixHawk> ?how many did he take?
<GM> * You have no clue. *
<FenixHawk> ?how many are left?
<GM> * They told you 9, he took 6. *
<GM> * 44. *
<FenixHawk> ?bottle of fifty?
<GM> * You pour them out like a dork and count. *
<GM> * When you reach 33 Allan says, "I took 6 of them, what's the fucking problem?!" *
<FenixHawk> "Nothing, just need to know for when the doc gets here."

  • FenixHawk sits on the other bed.
  • FenixHawk then lays down, "Wake me up if you need anything."
<GM> * Fenix lays down on the other bed. *
  • Johnathan sits and chews some jerky.
<GM> * Johnathan eats salty soy by-product. *
<Johnathan> ((FFW?))
<GM> * Nova's making a phonecall. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHNATHAN AND THE WHORE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Roll intelligence, Johnathan. *

<Johnathan> !dice 6 0
<SR-Dice> Johnathan rolled -+ 5 3 3 5 4 3 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * You remember you have a whore waiting in room 12. *
<GM> * Allan cries about his knee, "Oh God and Jesus and Mary in Heaven!!! This is the worst pain, EVER!" *

  • Johnathan turns to face Allan, "DON'T YOUR MENTION FUCKING GOD TO ME!"
<FenixHawk> "Is ignoring him that hard?"
  • FenixHawk then falls asleep...
<GM> * Allan starts and looks at John, "Fuck you, man! Thanks for my knee splint, but you don't have to jump my case for ...whatever the fuck you're jumping my case for! THIS FUCKING SHIT HURTS!!" *
<GM> * "I NEED DRUGS!" *

  • Johnathan ignores Allen and heads to Room 12.
<GM> * "Look, just give me a phone! I'll call my people!" *
<GM> * "Hey man, where're you going?!" *
<GM> * "Hey...HEYYYY!" *

  • Johnathan shuts the door behind him and goes down
<GM> * You leave the room and go to room 12. *
  • Johnathan looks for the whore.
<GM> * The door to room 12 is closed. *
  • Johnathan knocks on the door.
<GM> * Your bouncy little blonde friend answers. *
<GM> * "What took you so looooong?" *
<Johnathan> "A Friend had an accident, sorry"
<GM> * "Ohhh, I guess it's okay....I had to call my mom and tell her I'd be late for church." *

  • Johnathan heads inside and locks the door behind him.
<GM> * She prances gingerly and smiles at you. *
  • Johnathan snaps his head at the girl. "Fuck church."
<GM> * "Hey, my momma brought me up right...She leaves me alone if I go to church. Doesn't even care about whether I go to school or not." *
<GM> * She sits down and spreads her legs a little bit, revealing a hint of delicious pink. *
<GM> * "Now where were we, my dangerous man?" *
<Johnathan> "Mention Church again and you'll be fucking sorry."

  • Johnathan takes off his long coat and lays it on a chair in the room.
<GM> * She chicken-heads back, "Hey sugar, calm down."
<GM> * "No need to get pissed off at me..." *
<GM> * She hops up and walks over to you. *

  • Johnathan calms down a little and watches the girl
<GM> * She's a hot little thing...Got the whole young and innocent slut look down pat. *
<GM> * She starts rubbing on you. *

  • Johnathan grabs her ass and kisses her roughly.
<GM> * You make with the sex'in. *
<GM> * When the bra comes off you find it's stuffed with kleenex. She barely has little mounds for teets. *
<Nova> ((lool))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
<FenixHawk> ((damn, Jon likes 'em younger than Fen))
<Johnathan> ((lol)
<GM> ((dude, i'm giving as many hints as i can...))

  • Johnathan looks at the girl and throws her on the floor.
<GM> * She shrieks and you toss her. *
<GM> * "What are you doing?!" *
<Johnathan> "How old are you, you slut?"

  • Johnathan stands up.
<GM> * "I'm 18, you bastard!" *
<GM> * "What the hell is wrong with you?!" *

  • Johnathan shakes his head, "You're a bit younger than that."
<GM> * "Maybe...SO what??" *
<GM> * "I don't hear you OR your gun complaining!" *
<Johnathan> "Get dressed and get the fuck out."
<GM> * "..." *

  • Johnathan stands and grabs his jacket.
<GM> * "Pay me, she says indignantly. *
  • Johnathan throws her 10 Nunyen and heads out the door. "Keep the room if you want it"
<GM> * "Hey fucker, I said pay me!!" *
<GM> * "You stupid asshole!!" *
<Johnathan> "You said 'what you're worth', slut... and that's being generous."
<GM> * "My mother has cancer!" *
<Johnathan> "Too bad for her."

  • Johnathan keeps walking.
<GM> * She grabs an ashtray and hurls it at you. *
<GM> * It smashes against the door next to your ear. *
<GM> * You feel a knick on the back of your ear and neck. *

  • Johnathan gives her the finger and goes into the hall.
<GM> * You keep walking. *
  • Johnathan goes back to his friends.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOVA'S COMMCALL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Nova> I'm calling a contact, the one named Meat... StreetDoc.
<GM> * Meat is an aging ork with a broken K9. He answers his trid phone wearing a stereotypical black headband with reflective disc. *
<GM> * "Meat's Clinic." *
<Nova> "Hey, Nova here, I need some help"
<GM> * "Yeah, hey...Whatchu got?" *
<Nova> "Some broken ribs, a few bruises, and a kid with a busted knee. Know where I could find anyone that can help us in the Barrens?"
<GM> * "Yeah, I know a guy." *
<GM> * He stares blankly at you. *
<GM> * He clears his throat as the "Awaiting Transaction" icon begins to blink. *
<Nova> "...How much..?"
<GM> * "Three hundred." *
<Nova> "Two"
<GM> * "Three, or you can find someone on your own." *
<Nova> "You're ruining me..." *pays him 300¥*
<GM> * "Guy's name is Patch." *
<GM> * He gives you an address. *
<Nova> "A number maybe? And does he give house calls?"
<GM> * "Hell if I know, ask him." *
<GM> * He gives you Patch's LTG. Add him to your list of contacts now. *
<Nova> "Thanks."
<GM> * "Yeah, anytime, kid." *
<GM> * He disconnects. *
<Nova> I phone Patch.
<GM> * A human man with a bald head and a red goatee answers the phone. You assume that he's missing his right eye as it's covered by an old-fashioned black eyepatch like you see in the pirate trids. He also wears a black headband with reflective disc. *
<GM> * "Patch's Clinic." *
<GM> * "Patch speaking." *
<Nova> "Well hi, one of my friends told me you could help me, got spare time?"
<GM> * "For what? What's your name?" *
<Nova> "Nova, I need medical treatment. I can pay you"
<GM> * "Money is always good." *
<GM> * "I like money." *
<GM> * "What's the problem?" *
<Nova> "At least a shattered knee, maybe some ribs, no sauce though."
<GM> * "Ummm, sounds like fun. When do you need treatment by?" *
<Nova> "Immediately would be good, in the place I choose."
<GM> * "That'll cost you...The knee I can't do on such short notice. The ribs, I might be able to do something for you." *
<Nova> "The knee is more important, how fast can you take care of it?"
<GM> * "End of this week." *
<Nova> "It is the end of the week.."
<GM> * "The end of next week, smart ass." *
<GM> * "If it's swollen, I can bring that down and put a good splint on it, but knees are very invassive surgeries." *
<Nova> "Damn..."
<Nova> "Then I guess the splinting will have to do it, how much for that and the ribs? And some morphine or other pain killers?"
<GM> * "And a house call, don't forget a house call..." *
<GM> * "Let's say I'll bill you after I do what I can." *
<Nova> ?how much can he want after this?
<GM> * Who knows... *
<GM> * "What address, what time?" *
<GM> * "On second thought, what address...I can be there at noon." *
<Nova> "Okay, I'll meet you at <address half a block away>. We'll reach our destination from there."
<GM> * "Yeah, yeah...Damned Shadowrunners." *
<GM> * He hangs up. *
<GM> * You're in a room with Allan whining about his knee and Fenix sleeping on the other bed. *
<Nova> "I found a Doc, I'll have to go and meet him on the street and bring him here, this way is safer I think."

  • FenixHawk nods.
<FenixHawk> "I'll watch Allan."
  • Nova goes out to meet the Doc

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHN RETURNING ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Poor Fenix's credit.... *
<Johnathan> ((LOL, yeah I used Fenix's money for this lol))
<GM> * You go back up to the second story and come to door 24. *

  • Johnathan knocks
<GM> * The doors are physically open to the lot, BTW. *
<GM> * Like two stories, two rows of doors. A walkway with a rail for the 2nd story. *

  • Johnathan goes in
<GM> * John: You're in the room with a sleeping Fenix, and a bitching Allan. *
<GM> * Azreal and Nova are gone. *

  • Johnathan laughs and sits in a chair.
  • FenixHawk isn't sleeping, he's watching Allan.
<GM> * Nova arrives with a Street Doctor about 15 minutes later. *
  • FenixHawk goes back to sleep.
<GM> * It's a tall man with a bald head and a red goatee. He has a patch over one eye and a sterotypical black headband with reflective disc. *
<GM> * He introduces himself as 'Patch'. *
<GM> * He passes out business cards. *

  • Johnathan takes one.
<GM> * He works with Nova and Allan. Allan screams and cries alot. *
<GM> * He brings the swelling of Allan's knee down and splints it properly, giving Johnathan props on his field-splint. *
<Johnathan> "Thanks, just did what I could."
<GM> * He gives the kid a lot of drugs. *
<Nova> ((so that means I have +1 to all TN's for the rest of the game??))
<GM> * Be glad, not everyone can survive a burst from an SMG and not die, let alone walk away with an L. *
<Nova> ((I AM glad, did you hear me complain? ;)))
<GM> * Heh. *
<GM> * Maybe about the bill. *
<GM> * He charges you all 1800 nuyen total. *

  • FenixHawk wakes up at the price.
<GM> *LOL *
<Nova> ((hahaa))
<GM> rofl
<FenixHawk> "Ok, here's how we are handling all bills from now on. I will keep the receipts and they will be deducted from the TOTAL amount paid. The remainder, after I am reimbursed, will be split four ways. Got it?"
<FenixHawk> "And this is not open for discussion."
<GM> * "I don't care how you pay me, pool your money or something," he raises his hands mockingly. "Team cash or whatever. Just pay me." *
<GM> ((i love Patch, he's the street doc shadowrunner who hates shadowrunners))
<Johnathan> "Hey, you know anyone good with Cyberware?"
<GM> * "Yeah, I do...me." *
<GM> * Patch gives you another card, Johnathan. *
<FenixHawk> "So when we get paid, team, the money comes to me before it is distributed."
<Nova> "Yeah, the leader always thinks he's the best at splitting..."
<Johnathan> "How much for a Smartlink? And yeah I understand, Fenix."
<GM> * "Let's handle this bill first, alright?" *

  • FenixHawk gives Doc his credstick.
<GM> * Patch slots it and take out 1800 nuyen. *
<GM> * He then talks with Johnathan about a Smartlink. *

  • FenixHawk flinches when he looks at his balance then puts it away.
<GM> * Johnathan finnagles. *
<GM> * What kind? Smartlink 1 or 2? Alphaware or standard? *
<Johnathan> Whats your price difference for a regular and an alphaware?"
<GM> * Double. *
<Johnathan> "How much is your regular"
<GM> * Don't RP it, just gimme what you want... *
<Johnathan> (ok lol I have enough money right now for a regular smartlink, so I guess one of those since I don't have 5000)
<GM> * Patch agrees to charge you 8000 for a smartlink 1 standard. *
<GM> * He tells you to call him and leaves. *

  • Johnathan nods. "Ok."
<FenixHawk> "John, weren't you going somewhere?"
<Johnathan> "Oh, Fenix... that whore earlier was too young, you may wanna check on Room 12. Thats where she was, she may be trashing it."
<FenixHawk> "Too young? How young?"
<Johnathan> "16 or younger... I think.."
<Johnathan> "She said 18, but was lying."
<FenixHawk> "Oh... I'll go talk to her."
<GM> * "Lain the Leprechaun's Happy Shamrock Fun Hour" plays on the trideo that Allan is watching, he's high off his gourde. *
<GM> ((old school))

  • Nova looks angrily at the trid.
<GM> * It's followed by a Prime Time edition of "Robert Hangover: Necrophiliac Detective -- Vice" *
<Nova> ?what exactly is the show about?
<GM> * Nova, Robert Hangover is a detective who likes to fuck dead people. *
<GM> * Hilarity enuses. *

  • Nova doesn't like the idea of fucking dead people..
<GM> * John: FYI it's 6pm now, you left the whore alone in the room at about 10am. *
  • FenixHawk fuck...
  • FenixHawk checks room 12
<GM> * Room 12 is trashed. Mattresses slashed, sink all torn up. Drains clogged with pieces of the trideo. *
<Nova> ((feel the wrath of 16yo sluts!))
<GM> (( she was 13))
<Nova> ((whoa...))

  • FenixHawk looks around the room.
<FenixHawk> "Shit."
<GM> * Fenix: It reminds you of Judas' safehouse. *
<GM> * Time passes... *

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