...Off Hold!

      • GM changes topic to '#S-Run...Day Three'

<GM> * Game on. *
<GM> * When we last left our heroes, they were busy eating pizza in Patch's lobby and waiting for Nova's decker, Willy, to get back to them all with dossiers on the troll bounty hunter put on the job of tracking and capturing their charge, Allan Smythe. *
<GM> * Azreal, to recap for you...You stayed by yourself in Room 25. When Ezmerelda, the housekeeper, finished cleaning your room and went to leave, a maniac with blonde hair busted into your room and attacked you. Some troll grabbed Ezmerelda and tossed her through the window to Room 24. He then proceeded to beat the shit out of Nova on the catwalk outside your room. *
<GM> * The blonde man held you captive and tortured you, then cut off your ear. *
<GM> * Johnathan busted into the room and they got into a gunfight, which Johnathan lost...the man then proceeded to cut his heart out. *
<GM> * You collected yourself enough to get your Slivergun and tap the blonde man in the back of his head. You have since learned that his name was Butler, and he was practicioner of the black arts. *
<GM> * As you stood there, watching Johnathan die, something -- presumably the large troll named Diablo -- grabbed the side of your head and smashed it against the wall, leaving you unconcious until you woke up in Patch's clinic. *
<GM> * You now sit in Patch's waiting room...Eating pizza. *
<GM> * Nova's phone rings and he takes the call, talking to his decker. *
  • FenixHawk sits in the infirmary and eats pizza.
<FenixHawk> "Who can fake a convincing asian accent?"
  • Azreal` mumbles about her ear.
<GM> * Nova downloads some files and disconnects. *
<GM> * "I have the files," he says angrily. *
  • Azreal` looks at the pizza and says flatly, "Yay."
<FenixHawk> "What do they say?"
<GM> * "The files?" *
<FenixHawk> "Yes."
<GM> * He hands you the phone. *
<GM> * 12:20pm *
  • FenixHawk downloads's them to his data unit.
  • FenixHawk then reads them.
  • FenixHawk checks for anything relevant to this bounty.
<GM> * The files are all pretty much dossiers for different bounty hunters who've officially taken this bounty... *
<GM> * Diablo's file talks about his history, almost no failed bounties. He's a veteran in the business. *
<GM> * Yin & Yang, the two swordsmen Fenix was almost killed by have a significantly smaller number of bounties, but they've all been successful. *
<FenixHawk> "Az, how good of a bullshitter are you?"
<Azreal`> "I'm the queen of bull shit"
<Azreal`> "why do you ask?"
<FenixHawk> "We may need some."
<Azreal`> "What kind of bull shit are you needing?"
<FenixHawk> "I'll let you know in a sec..."
<GM> * Bumstead the ork is a former Urban Brawler turned bounty hunter. Good at what he does. *
<GM> * Tamale is a mexican female, old school, lots of tats. Likes small asian women. *
<GM> * Butler (being the one who lopped off Azreal's ear and cut Johnathan's heart out) was relatively new to the scene, known for never bringing a subject in..."fully intact". *
  • Azreal` murmers curses.
  • FenixHawk checks to see if Diablo has a female assistant, or if he is working with Tamale on this case.
<GM> * Diablo, has no assistants. *
<GM> * All the operatives are freelance except Yin & Yang, and they've always worked as a team. *
<GM> * No official partnerships on record, though you know from last night's encounter that some of them had teamed up unofficially. *
<FenixHawk> "Ok, Azreal, go to a public phone, pretend you are a mexican named Tamale, and bullshit their contractor into believing you have the mark and will be meeting with him instead of Diablo...get the location and time."
  • FenixHawk hands her the number to call.
<FenixHawk> "Can you handle that?"
<Azreal`> "Ok."
<GM> * Azreal answers you sounding like ... a mexican female. Not just faking an accent, either; she suddenly has an entirely new voice.*
<FenixHawk> "Good, have fun."
  • Azreal` makes a small smile then goes to pay phone.
<GM> * Azreal, there's a bay of public telecoms outside Patch's clinic. *
  • Azreal` goes to the furthest one.
<GM> * You go to the comm closest to the street. *
  • Azreal` picks up the phone and dials the number... making sure her cyber-equipment is set.
<GM> * There is no phone to pick up, it's a vid screen with a camera. The camera for your end is already smashed out so you don't have to worry about transmitting a video image. *
<GM> * You slot your credstick into the port and dial the LTG to Rico, the bounty contractor. *
<GM> * The line connects, your screen remains blank with a signal informing you no image is being transferred from their end either. *
<GM> * A man answers, sounds a little gruff. *
<GM> * "Hello?" *
  • Azreal` speaks in a mexican accent.
<Azreal`> "Hello..."
<Azreal`> "This is Tamale. I must speak with you for un momento por favor."
<GM> * "Who are you and what do you want?" *
<Azreal`> "I must speak with you, I need you to meet me in half an hour. Where is a good place for us to meet at?"
<GM> * "Half an hour? Listen, this is a line for official business only." *
<Azreal`> "This is official business, damn it."
<GM> * "We give the times for the meeting, you just deliver the packages to us." *
<GM> ((she just disregarded eveything you said, fenix, ehehe))
<FenixHawk> ((I know))
<GM> * "Now what are you calling about?" *
<Azreal`> "I have the mark. I need to meet with you instead of Diablo."
<GM> * There is a long pause. *
<GM> * Roll charisma. *

<Azreal`> !dice 8 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal` rolled -+ 3 2 2 3 5 1 9 5 +- Succes -> 8

<GM> * The man chuckles, "That sure didn't take you very long. You bounty hunters are a sly group...Just our kind of people. The meeting is the same one I gave him, 5pm at the shipyard. Pier 46." *
<GM> * "I hope you didn't hurt Diablo too badly." *
  • Azreal` laughs softly..
<Azreal`> "I'll see you at 5pm at the Shipyard. Pier 46"
<GM> * "Our package is still in one piece, correct?" *
<Azreal`> "Of course."
<GM> * The man disconnects. *
  • Azreal` walks back inside, smiling.
<GM> * Nova has eaten all the pizza. *
  • FenixHawk looks at Az and hops off the exam table.
<FenixHawk> "Well?"
<Azreal`> "5pm at the shipyard, Pier 46."
  • FenixHawk pauses to take this in.
  • FenixHawk walks close to Azreal, puts a hand on each of her cheeks and kisses her forehead.
  • Azreal` smiles.
<FenixHawk> "You're brilliant."
  • Azreal` answers in a mexican accent, "Gracias."
  • FenixHawk grins wide.
  • FenixHawk nods.
<Azreal`> "Hey, who ate all the pizza?"
<FenixHawk> "Now, the question is how do we seperate Diablo from the mark..."
  • Azreal` sashays around the room
<GM> * "Maybe we could use a bazooka," suggests an angry Nova. *
<Azreal`> "If he's like any man, I can handle that."
<FenixHawk> "He's not. He's pro. And we can't kill him."
<FenixHawk> "It's going to be very tricky."
<GM> * Nova: "Why can't we kill him??" *
<FenixHawk> "Because he could have killed us all, and he didn't."
<GM> * "I want to tear his fucking heart out!!" *
<GM> * Azreal, you catch sight of your reflection. You're awfully hagard, with a big fat bandage on the side of your head covering where your ear used to be. *
  • Azreal` sobs for a second.
<FenixHawk> "In fact, he let me call Patch before I got knocked out."
<GM> * "I owe him," seeths Nova. *
<Azreal`> "We all do."
<FenixHawk> "You owe him your life."
<FenixHawk> "Get that? We would be dead if he wanted to kill us."
<GM> * "I owe him nothing." And with that, Nova leaves the room. *
<Azreal`> "With the right make up and the right hair ...and the right dress... I can seduce him if you want."
<FenixHawk> "No, you can't. He's a pro."
<Azreal`> "Oh? You think he's going to _not_ want a piece of me?"
  • Azreal` gags.
<FenixHawk> "Yeah. I could turn you down."
<FenixHawk> "So I know he can."
<Azreal`> "And why would you go and do a thing like that, am I not good enough for you?"
  • Azreal` plops down on a chair.
<FenixHawk> "I don't mix business and pleasure."
<Azreal`> "Well I don't work with him, damn it."
<FenixHawk> "It doesn't matter when he's on a job, and he's 20 minutes from handing in his mark. You think you can seduce him when he is a few hundred yards from his goal?"
<Azreal`> "Good point."
<GM> * Nova returns with a sharpening stone and starts sharpening his spurs. *
<Azreal`> "...I would have to do it now, then."
<FenixHawk> "And we don't know where he is now. And have no way of knowing. It has to be on the docks."
  • Azreal` growls.
<Azreal`> "Then what the hell are we going to do then? I used my idea."
<FenixHawk> "Set a trap."
<FenixHawk> "If we can tie him up long enough, one of us can get away with the mark."
<Azreal`> "I could use the contact's voice and tell him a different place to meet."
<FenixHawk> "Won't work. Diablo will still show up at that place."
<FenixHawk> "...And we have no way of calling him."
<Azreal`> "Shit."
<Azreal`> "Yeah, lets tie him up."
  • Azreal` stands up again
<Azreal`> "I'm going to go and make myself presentable"
<FenixHawk> "Ok."
  • Azreal` leaves the room.

<GM> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 1 +- Succes -> 0

<FenixHawk> "Plan number one is I engage with him and you sneak off with the mark. That's assuming I can last more than a few minutes."
<FenixHawk> "If we use concussion grenades, smoke grenades, some booby traps and.... " *grins* "Tear gas."
<FenixHawk> "I'm immune to tear gas."
<GM> * ... *

<GM> (( i don't see how that's possible...tear gas is small crystals that aggrevate the sinuses and tear ducts))
<GM> (( you can't be immune to small particles))
<FenixHawk> ((It's a strange strange strange magical world))
<FenixHawk> ((And it's a 3 point edge))
<Tak777> (( if you have filtered breathing, you are immiune)
<FenixHawk> ((Naw, cuz it still hits the eyes))
<FenixHawk> ((It's just a natural immunity.))
<GM> ((but it's not a toxin, it's very tiny chunks of airborne shit))
<GM> ((oh well))
<FenixHawk> ((It's a toxin according to the rules of SR))
<GM> ((impossibly...you're immune to tear gas))

<FenixHawk> "Tear gas will help. Maybe Az can procure some..."
  • FenixHawk looks around for Azreal.
  • Azreal` comes running in with her hair done and a clean face.
<GM> * Azreal looks cleaner, with a huge bandage on the side of her head covered by her hair, which is parted differently. *
<Azreal`> "How do I look?"
<FenixHawk> "Good. How are you at procurment?"
<Azreal`> "What would you like?"
  • Azreal` plops down on a chair.
<Azreal`> "What all do you need, I mean?"
<FenixHawk> "Tear gas, cuncussion grenades, invisible line... like fishing line, but stronger. Hmmmm..."
  • FenixHawk thinks some more.
<Azreal`> "Child's play."
  • Azreal` giggles.
<FenixHawk> "An armor jacket."
<Azreal`> "Uh huh"
<FenixHawk> "More pizza. And a couple barrels of gasoline."
  • Azreal` smiles at the sound of pizza.
<Azreal`> "Ok..."
<FenixHawk> "And a zippo lighter with a naked pinup girl on it."
<GM> ((lol, World War 3))
<Azreal`> "A WHAT WITH A WHAT!!?? Those people are going to think I'm lez"
<FenixHawk> "Tell them it's for your boss."
  • FenixHawk perks, "Are you les?"
<FenixHawk> "...Nevermind."
<Azreal`> "Ha ha, FenixHawk... maybe; you never know."
<FenixHawk> "But I have ways of finding out."
<Azreal`> "Try away, dear one."
<FenixHawk> "And I need it in 3 hours or less."
<FenixHawk> "Get started. We are low on time."
  • Azreal` starts the hunt for the stuff
<GM> * Calling your fixer? *
<Azreal`> ((sure thing))

<GM> * #Ring ring.# *
<GM> * Arden, your fixer, is a human man in an impeccable grey suit with wraparound mirrorshades and slicked back black hair. He's clean cut and looks very professional. *
<GM> * "Arden." *
<Azreal`> "Hey Arden, it's Azreal."
<Azreal`> "I kinda need you for a few itty bitty things."
<GM> * "Give me the list, I'll see what I can do." *
<GM> * Fenix leaves you and Nova alone. *
<Azreal`> "Tear gas, concussion grenades, invisible line... kinda like fishing line, only stronger..."
<Azreal`> "An armor jacket, a couple barrels of gasoline, and a zippo."
<GM> * He frowns. *
<GM> * "How many grenades?" *
<Azreal`> "Let's go with like six or seven to be safe."
<GM> * "That's some list...You want BARRELS of gasoline, or cans? *
<GM> * Fenix returns. *
<Azreal`> "Barrels. Cans won't cut it."
<FenixHawk> "With a tap, or a nozzle at the bottom."
<FenixHawk> "So I can drain them."
<Azreal`> "Make sure they have a tap or a nozzle on the bottom."
<GM> * "Alright...Hope you have a forklift for them, though." *
<GM> * "You realize that's about 50 gallons of gasoline per barrel, right?" *
<Azreal`> "Yes I am aware of that."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Alright..." *
<Azreal`> "Thanks Arden, you are my hero."
<GM> * "Yeah yeah, just have my cred ready." *
<GM> * "How soon do you need it again?" *
<Azreal`> "Less than three hours."
<GM> * "I'll call you back in two and half." *
<Azreal`> "Alright Arden."
<GM> * He disconnects without another word. *

  • Azreal` dances around the room.
<GM> * Nova licks his spurs lovingly, cleaning off the sharpened metal with his tongue. *
<Azreal`> "Oh... that was sexy."
<GM> * He glares angrily at Azreal as she prances. *
  • Azreal` sticks her tounge out at Nova.
<GM> * He goes for his gun... *
<GM> * But doesn't draws it. *
<FenixHawk> "Ok Azreal, ready to go to the docks, check out some stuff?"
<Azreal`> "Oh yes."
<FenixHawk> "Your job there is to seduce one of the dock workers, a foreman or something, into coming over to our side so we can use him and his men as our eyes and ears. Dig it?"
<GM> * Nova: "What the hell am I? Chopped liver?" *
<FenixHawk> "Judging by your appearance?"
<Azreal`> "No, you just dont have the equipment to do so."
  • Azreal` sticks her tounge out at Nova again.
<GM> * He snaps his fingers and points at Azreal's face. *
<FenixHawk> "Yeah. Well... she still has tits."
  • Azreal` walks over to Nova and puts his head between her breasts...
<Azreal`> "I have to have these, damn it."
<GM> * He shoves you away. Hard. *
<GM> * You bust your ass. *
<GM> * Nova: "Don't ever touch me...." *
<GM> * "What do you want me to do, Fenix?" *
<FenixHawk> "Nova, I need you to rest so you are at 100% and can get away with the mark."
<FenixHawk> "Rest, eat, heal. When the time comes, you will be at the docks, to grab the mark when Diablo drops him."
<GM> * "I don't need rest." *
<FenixHawk> "Well then you can come with us and scout the place out."
<GM> * Nova: "Sounds good, just keep her away from me." *
<FenixHawk> "No problem."
  • Azreal` flips Nova off.
<GM> * Nova ignores you, Azreal. *
  • Azreal` straightens her dress.
<FenixHawk> "Lets hop a cab to my car."
<Azreal`> "You know if I'm doing this, I need something cleaner."
<GM> * Azreal has a point...you're all covered in blood. *
<GM> * Your bodies might be clean, but the clothing is ruined. *
<GM> * Nova's the only one who didn't get slashed the fuck up, so he's as presentable as he gets. *
<FenixHawk> "Oh... well we should... hmmm. Ask Patch if there is any clothing malls around here."
<Azreal`> "Yeah, that might be good."
<GM> * 12:45pm. *
<GM> * Well, actions? *
<Johnathan> ((/me lays in a coma))
<FenixHawk> "Az, ask Patch if there is a clothing mall around here please?"
<Azreal`> "Fine."
  • Azreal` walks towards Patch
<Azreal`> "Patch!!!"
<GM> * Patch looks up. He's a bald man with a red goatee, white lab coat, a patch over his eye, and a stereotypical black headband with a reflective disc on it. *
<GM> * He starts when you yell his name, dropping his instruments. *
<GM> * "What the hell do you want?!" *
  • Azreal` grumbles
<Azreal`> "Is there a mall close by?"
<GM> * "This is a clinic...Like a hospital...I have patients... SO KEEP QUIET!" *
  • Azreal` growls.
<Azreal`> "Just answer the question, please"
<GM> * He looks angry. "Yes, theres the Aerola Shopping Center, Downtown." *
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "And I'd be careful not to piss off your doctor when you need a new ear. I just might forget the name and number of the plastic surgeon I'd wanted to recommend you to." *
<GM> * "By the way, do you have my card?" *
<Azreal`> "Yes, sir."
<GM> * He re-pockets the card he'd already produced. *
<Azreal`> "Thanks."
  • Azreal` walks to FenixHawk
<Azreal`> "Let's go"
<FenixHawk> "Ok, show us there."
<Azreal`> "That I can do."
<Azreal`> "It's downtown...
<FenixHawk> "We can spend no more than 30 minutes shopping."
<Azreal`> "I'm not picky, just something black."
<FenixHawk> "Ditto"
<Johnathan> ((get me a present :P ))
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> (('Get Well Soon' balloons))
<FenixHawk> "Nova, can you drive a forklift?"
<GM> * "I can't even drive." *
<Azreal`> "I can."
  • Azreal` smiles.
<Azreal`> "If it has wheels, I can drive it."
<GM> ((with her skill of 2))
<FenixHawk> "Ok."

. . .

<GM> * You get clothing...Fenix looks a bit more stylish in his new Structure gear. *
<GM> * Azreal gets some goth thing at the Hot Topic. *
  • Azreal` whistles.
<FenixHawk> "Is that transparent?"
<Azreal`> "Maybe"
<FenixHawk> "Good."
<Azreal`> "Does it look ok?"
  • FenixHawk nods
<Azreal`> "All I need now is a new ear."
  • FenixHawk heads to the pony.
  • Azreal` follows.
  • FenixHawk then drives everyone to the docks main gate.
<GM> * You get into Fenix's Mustang. Good car, restored well. *
  • Azreal` squeals.
<GM> * He tells you not to touch the leather. *
<Azreal`> "I feel so free!"
<GM> * You all ride to the docks sitting on plastic bags. *
<FenixHawk> "Ok, our cover story is that we are reporters, but when we get a higher up alone, we drop the bomb that you are a porn star and you want to film a dock gang bang. So we enroll him and his men into being our eyes and ears, cause we are looking for our co-star Diablo."
  • Azreal` laughs loudly.
<FenixHawk> "Now, we tell them that the 30 or so guys that help out get to be in the film. Sound good?"
<Azreal`> "How did you know that I have a porn?"
<FenixHawk> "I didn't... I was making it up...."
<Azreal`> "Oh cause umm, I umm...."
  • Azreal` blushes.
<GM> * "Shocking," comments Nova. *
  • Azreal` glares at Nova.
  • FenixHawk laughs.
<FenixHawk> "What's your porno star name?"
<Azreal`> "Uummm, Bambi."
<FenixHawk> "OK, Bambi. What's a good Porn Star name for us?"
<Azreal`> "Rocky and Bullwinkle."
<FenixHawk> "I'm Rocky then."
<GM> * "I don't do porn." *
<Azreal`> "Oh come on, you know you want to"
  • Azreal` makes a sultry face at Nova
<GM> * "And I'm not being called 'Bullwinkle'." *
<FenixHawk> "Then just keep your mouth shut, Nova."
<FenixHawk> "Got it?"
<GM> ((Nova is like Angry Smurf))
<FenixHawk> "Know the story Az?"
<Azreal`> "Yes.. reporters doing a gang bang and I need their help to find my co-star."
<Azreal`> "That's the run down."
<FenixHawk> "Well, we don't tell the high up you are a porno star, you're a reporter. Then we ask to interview a manager, and we tell HIM, and he needs to keep it on the downlow."
<FenixHawk> "We'll have a 'rehersal' of you driving around two big barrels with a fork lift."
  • Azreal` laughs.
<Azreal`> "What will I be wearing for that?"
<FenixHawk> "Something slutty."
<FenixHawk> "Like overalls with no crotch or something."
<FenixHawk> "But that way we can get the barrels where we need to get them."
<Azreal`> "Ummm, so that's what you have wanted to see all night... pin up girl my ass."
  • Azreal` laughs.
<FenixHawk> "Ok, lets get our game face's on."
  • Azreal` fixes her makeup.
<Azreal`> "How about this one?"
  • Azreal` bats her eyes.
<FenixHawk> "Rocky and Bambi, take one... we're reporters. You should do most of the talking."
<FenixHawk> "I'll just look important."
<FenixHawk> "And arrogant."
<GM> * Nova grumbles..."I HATE porno." *
<FenixHawk> ((LOL!))
  • Azreal` pushs her breasts up and smiles.


  • FenixHawk drives up to the main dock entrance to the pier and lets his alcohol engine rev before turning it off and stepping out of the car.
  • Azreal` says in a southern belle accent, "This is going to be fun."
  • FenixHawk crosses his hands over his chest and looks important.
<GM> * Nova stands around and is silent. *
  • Azreal` gets out and sways her hips around the car to stand by FenixHawk
<FenixHawk> "God damnit, they send me out here on a Monday. What the fuck is it with the network. Let's find this guy, Bambi."
<Azreal`> "Alright, baby."
  • FenixHawk walks into the main office like he owns the place.
  • Azreal` follows.
<GM> * You're at the shipyard on Pier 46. It's a long pier flanked by two HUGE cargo freighters; the S.S. Minow and the P.M.S Bouncy. Lots of heavy machinery and equipment. Sweaty dock workers covered in grease and oil running around moving shit. *
<FenixHawk> "You there, who's in charge here? Top dog, head honcho, chief. Ey?"
  • FenixHawk has a cheesy arrogant voice.
<GM> * A young man in blue coveralls and yellow hard-hat looks up. *
<GM> * "Huh?" *
  • Azreal` strikes a pose.
<FenixHawk> "Hey, you in charge?"
<GM> * "No, check the warehouse." He motions to a big set of double doors. *
  • Azreal` winks at the boy
<GM> * He gets a chubby. *
  • FenixHawk goes into the warehouse.
  • Azreal` follows FenixHawk.
<GM> * You enter a huge warehouse with more people working. There's a desk with a foreman behind it. *
  • FenixHawk goes up to the foreman.
  • Azreal` stands back and looks around
<FenixHawk> "Channel 53 news, Downtown, can we speak with you in private, my anchor and I?" *motions to the girl* "In private?"
  • Azreal` waves.
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Boss is upstairs." *
<GM> * He motions with his pencil to a flight of stairs leading up against the front wall. *
<FenixHawk> "Fine."
  • FenixHawk goes upstairs, acting annoyed.
  • FenixHawk leads Azreal upstairs.
  • Azreal` follows.
<GM> * You go up a single set of unvarnished wooden stairs and end up in a nice'ish office space suspended in the top corner of the warehouse by pillars. File cabinets and such line the room. The barred windows overlook the shipyard. A short, stocky Amerindian man in a grey silk suit looks up as you enter. *
<GM> * He has short-cropped black hair in a buzz cut, and tired eyes turn to gaze at you from his well-worn features. He stands by the windows, hands folded behind his back. *
<FenixHawk> "Ah, good day, sir."
<FenixHawk> "We are at channel 53 news, we are hoping we can interview one of your foreman or managers for a story."
<Johnathan> ((watch this be the guy waiting for the kid))
<Azreal`> ((that would figure))
<FenixHawk> ((It would))
<GM> ((hmmmmmm))
<GM> ((people in comas should stay quiet))
<Azreal`> ((don't give him ideas))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
  • Azreal` winks at the man.
<GM> * "Yes?" *
<GM> * He looks you both over. *
<FenixHawk> "We are doing a piece trying to shine a better light on the dock worker's union, it's been so tarnished lately."
  • Azreal` nods.
<FenixHawk> "And we want to ask a foreman a couple questions in private."
  • Azreal` nods again.
  • FenixHawk looks for a cigar on his desk.
<GM> * He has a box on is desk. *
<FenixHawk> ?Dominican or Cuban?
<GM> * They're Cuban...smuggled and VERY expensive. *
<GM> * He looks you both over. "Well I'm the owner, what can I do for you?" *
<FenixHawk> "Owner, eh? Well we are really looking for a foreman, no one will believe something from a high up like you. They will think it's lip service."
<GM> * "Then tell them a foreman said it." *
  • Azreal` straightens her dress out.
<GM> * "OR you can tell me why you're really here. No news crews I know of don't bring a camera or a microphone with them for trideo interviews." *
<FenixHawk> "They are so small these days..."
  • Azreal` smiles.
<GM> * He doesn't look convinced. Nova shifts. *
<FenixHawk> "Tell him how small the cameras are, Bambi."
  • Azreal` walks forward towards the man
<Azreal`> "You see this pen right here."
  • Azreal` points to a pen above her right breast
<Azreal`> "That is the camera."
  • FenixHawk grabs a cigar out of the box and reads the label.
<Azreal`> "And this..."
  • Azreal` points to button on the top of the dress right between her breasts
<Azreal`> "This is the mic."
<Azreal`> "Any more questions?"
  • FenixHawk watches his reaction.
<GM> * He looks amused. *
  • Azreal` smiles.
<FenixHawk> "She has some other fancy gizmos too."
<Azreal`> "That I do."
  • Azreal` giggles.
<GM> * "Cute, but still unrealistic. Journalists have ethics they must abide by...Sneaking into the docks with hidden cameras means you're either two-bit sleaze reporters; in which case you wouldn't have the balls to approach a manager let alone the owner... Or you aren't reporters at all." *
<Azreal`> "Listen, this is my first big story. I'm tired of just being the weather girl."
  • Azreal` pouts.
<FenixHawk> "Not hidden, we tell everyone when they are being recorded; but without a camera in their face, the interview is much more natural."
<Azreal`> "It's like carrying on a conversation with a person."
  • Azreal` slaps herself for sounding dumb.
<GM> * He considers this. *
  • FenixHawk checks the phone on his desk to see if it lists the phone number on it.
<GM> * No, the comm is blank. *
<GM> * The Amerindian man says, "You definately have the people skills of a weather girl, miss." *
<Azreal`> "I'm sorry."
<Azreal`> "I just wanted something new."
  • Azreal` pouts more
<FenixHawk> "What's the phone number here? I will page my manager to call."
<GM> * "There's no need. Go ahead and speak with my foreman downstairs." *
<GM> * "I don't care, we've got nothing to hide." *
<FenixHawk> "Ok."
  • Azreal` giggles
<FenixHawk> "Be good to my girl, she's still learning."
  • FenixHawk walks downstairs.
  • Azreal` glances at FenixHawk.
<FenixHawk> "Just start the interview."
<FenixHawk> "You know, if you want to be a reporter, you gotta act like one."
  • Azreal` cowers.
<FenixHawk> "Buck up, skip. I'll be right downstairs."
<Azreal`> "Well ok.."
<FenixHawk> "Oh, should I put your phone on do not disturb?"
  • FenixHawk goes and presses the 'do not disturb' button.
  • FenixHawk then goes back downstairs...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FENIX & NOVA DOWNSTAIRS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • FenixHawk walks up to the foreman. "The boss is interviewing with Bambi. It looks like we are going to get a good one for you guys. He wants to schedule a follow up call to his direct line. I have it here" *rustles through his pockets* "Shoot, can you just give it to me again?"
<GM> * "Can I give you what? Mr. Embers' numbers?" *
<FenixHawk> "Yeah."
<GM> * He points to a list on the wall as his phone rings. *
<GM> * He answers the call, it's an old handset model. *
<GM> * "Rogers....Yes...No...NO...Listen, it's line A THEN line B, NOT the other way around." *
  • FenixHawk scans the list for the contact number he got from the decker.
<GM> * Fenix: It's not on there. *
<GM> * "Yes...Yes...NO..." *
<GM> * He grumbles. *
<GM> * "Just give it to Johnson in the morning." *
<GM> * "Fine, bye." *
<FenixHawk> "Busy day?"
<GM> * "Yeah, something like that." *
<GM> * Fenix, need I remind you you're at L physical still. *
<FenixHawk> "You know, the number he gave me isn't up there. It starts with.." *lists the first three numbers of the bounty contract LTG*
<FenixHawk> "I think, or maybe.." *does it again, mixes them up this time*
<FenixHawk> "He was kind of flustered, talking fast."
<GM> * "Yeah, with that little number you came in with I can figure." *
<FenixHawk> "She has a thing for docks."
  • FenixHawk shrugs.
<FenixHawk> "Is that the best line to reach him?"
<GM> * "The only line of his I know of is his office number. I know he has a cell and a house number, but doesn't everybody?" *
<FenixHawk> "Is that the one that starts with *lists the first three digits for the contact number of the bounty*
<GM> * "Hell if I know...Embers is a real asshole, he wouldn't give me his cell number if I asked him for it." *
<FenixHawk> "Roger that. I hate bosses like that."
<GM> * "All I know is his house number." He rattles off another miscellaneous LTG. *
<FenixHawk> "Thank you sir."
<GM> * 3:30pm *
  • FenixHawk sighs.
<GM> * Nova looks around angrily. *
<FenixHawk> "Nova, go take a look outside for Mr. D."
<GM> * He grins. "With pleasure." *
<GM> * Nova goes outside. *
  • FenixHawk walks up the stairs and stands on the outside of the room.
<GM> * You stand outside and hear Azreal say goodbye to someone, then tell someone else, "That was the chief meterologist... blah blah blah." *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AZREAL & ROY EMBERS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Azreal`> "So."
  • Azreal` blushes.
<Azreal`> "Could I get your name?"
  • Azreal` fidgets a bit then walks towards the man.
<GM> * "Mr. Embers, Roy Embers." *
<Azreal`> "That is a nice name, Mr. Embers"
<Azreal`> "So how long as the union been in effect?"
<GM> * He walks over to some couches he has set up and sits down. *
<GM> * "Longer than I've been alive." *
  • Azreal` follows and sits across from him, making sure her legs are together.
<Azreal`> "Really. Wow that must be a long time. You don't look much older then me?"
<GM> * He laughs. *
  • Azreal` winks.
<GM> * The Dockworker's Union has been around since the early 20th century." *
<GM> * "A very long time." *
<Azreal`> "Hmm"
<Azreal`> "So who started the Union? Do you know that much? "
<GM> * "No, I don't know...." *
<Azreal`> "Who's your union head now?"
<GM> * He regards you. *
<GM> * "Can I get your name, miss?" *
  • Azreal` coughs.
<Azreal`> "Bambi, sir."
  • Azreal` smiles sweetly.
<GM> * "Bambi...Well, Ms. Bambi, everything you're asking me is public knowledge, which you don't require an interview with me to find out. What is it you're really after?" *
<Azreal`> "I'm just nervous sir.. I'm not used to sitting down and talking to people.. I'm just the weather girl."
  • Azreal` starts to cry.
<GM> * He leans forward and puts his hand on you knee, "There there, it's alright...No reason to cry."
<GM> * He squeezes your knee lightly, beginning to massage it gently. *
  • Azreal` looks up, tears running down her face.
<GM> * He smiles at you. *
<Azreal`> "So what can you tell me about the docks?"
  • Azreal` sobs.
<GM> * Azreal, your phone rings. *
  • Azreal` answers it. "Hello?"
<GM> * The man frowns, removing his hand from your knee and regarding you. *
<GM> * "Azreal? This is Arden." *
<Azreal`> "Uh huh..."
<GM> * "I've got most of what you asked for...It wasn't easy. The gas is only in cans and I've only got about 20 of them. *
<Azreal`> "Can you call me in like twenty minutes? I'm kinda busy."
<GM> * "..." *
<Azreal`> "Oh ok."
<Azreal`> "Well then I'll call you back in twenty, boss"
  • Azreal` looks at the man.
<GM> * The man raises an eyebrow. *
  • Azreal` hangs up the phone.
<Azreal`> "Sorry, that was the chief meteoroligist."
<Azreal`> "Looks like rain tomorrow."
  • Azreal` smiles and rubs a tear from her face
<GM> * He smiles. *
<GM> * "Look, I have some contacts over at the television station....You're an attractive girl, maybe even with some talent to offer someone, somewhere." *
<Azreal`> "What kind of talent?"
<GM> * "I could put in a good word for you if you were to...Well." *
<GM> * He stands and opens a small cabinet, producing two small glasses and a bottle of dark amber liquor. He prepares two bourbons, neat.*
  • Azreal` smiles, her heart pounding.
<GM> * Roy Embers hands you a drink and sits next to you, putting his arm over the back of the sofa. *
  • Azreal` looks at the floor... and starts wondering where FenixHawk is.
<GM> * "You're a bright girl..." *
<GM> * He lifts up your chin, "I think you know what I have in mind, don't you?" *
  • Azreal` looks innocent.
<Azreal`> "No, sir."
<GM> * "Then let me show you." *
<GM> * He leans in to kiss you. *
<GM> * Fenix, in the meantime, stands outside the door beating off. *
<GM> * We'll speed this up...Do you kiss him? *
<Azreal`> ((if i have to))
<GM> * You start to kiss RoY Embers. *
<GM> * He's not half bad. *
<GM> * He urges you to go down on him, do you? *
<Azreal`> ((ummm))
<Azreal`> ((eww.. if i have to))
<GM> * The kissing and fondling lasts 10 minutes or so. *
<GM> * You go down and start working your magic on the man's genitals. *
<GM> * He grunts. *
<GM> * After five minutes of your oral assault his watch begins to beep. *
<GM> * Embers starts, looking at it. *
<GM> * "SON OF A BITCH!!" *
<Azreal`> "What?"
<GM> * He lifts your head off his nuts and stands roughly. *
<GM> * "Put your shirt on." *
<GM> * He walks over to a computer console and hits a few buttons. *
<GM> * You hear a loud whistle sound outside. *
  • Azreal` jumps.
<Azreal`> "What's that??"
  • Azreal` looks innocent.
<GM> * He taps on a microphone. "Attention..Attention...This is Mr. Embers. You've all got 15 minutes to organize your areas and get home. We're calling it an early day." *
<GM> * "That is all." *
<GM> * #Click.# *
<GM> * He looks back at you, face red. *
  • Azreal` looks confused.
<GM> * "Interview's over, honey." *
<Azreal`> "But I thought!?"
  • Azreal` starts to cry again.
<GM> * "Ahhh! Quit yer' belly-aching." *
<GM> * "Get your stuff together and go home." *
<GM> * He checks his watch. *
<Azreal`> ((i feel so used))
<GM> ((lol))
  • Azreal` grabs her stuff and runs out of the room, searching for FenixHawk.
<GM> * Fenix is right outside the door, putting himself away as you open it. *
<Azreal`> "Let's go."
<FenixHawk> "Hold on."
  • Azreal` gives him an eyebrow raise.
  • FenixHawk dials the contact number on his cell phone.
<GM> ?for the bounty?
<FenixHawk> ((Yes, making sure my ECCM is on and my Flux and Encryption is turned way up))
<GM> * Inside the office you see Mr. Embers organizing his desk. *
<GM> * Your cellphone tells you it's connecting. *
  • FenixHawk will hang up if he doesn't see Embers react when the phone rings.
<GM> * Embers keeps organizing his desk. *
<GM> * You hang up. *
<FenixHawk> ?Was it ringing on my end?
<GM> * Yes. *
<GM> * He looks up and sees you both standing in his doorway as he grabs his hat and coat. *
<GM> * "Yes?" *
<GM> * "I'm sorry but the interview's over, you both have to leave." *
  • FenixHawk pulls his gun on Embers.
  • Azreal` squeals and runs behind Fenix.
<GM> * He starts, dropping his coat and hat and throwing his arms in the air. *
<GM> * "Whoa! Hey now..." *
<FenixHawk> "How long till they are here?"
<GM> * "Who?" *
<FenixHawk> "Johnson."
<GM> * "Huh??" *
<FenixHawk> "Don't fuck with me, I know everything."
<GM> * "Who are you?" *
  • FenixHawk pulls back the hammer.
<FenixHawk> "Stupid motherfucker."
  • Azreal` squeals again and pretends to be scared.
<GM> * "Okay! Okay!" *
  • FenixHawk takes a step closer to Embers.
<GM> * "Look...I just got paid 20k to shut down the docks by 4pm tonight...No questions asked." *
<GM> * "Some guy called me this morning." *
<FenixHawk> "Where are they meeting?"
<GM> * "Where is who meeting?" *
<FenixHawk> "Johnson."
<FenixHawk> "Where?"
<GM> * "I just told you everything I know about anything you could be interested in!" *
<GM> * "I don't know any Johnson except Peter in Section 8!" *
  • FenixHawk pistolwhips him.
<GM> * "Look, I got a wife and--" *
  • Azreal` eyes light up.
  • Azreal` starts to gag.
<GM> * Roy Embers goes down as you rake the gun across his forehead, dropping to a knee. *
<FenixHawk> "And what?"
<GM> * "...kids, you fuck." *
<GM> Roll Reaction. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 3 2 8 11 2 4 4 3 4 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 5 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 2 3 1 1 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * He stays on the ground. *
  • FenixHawk goes behind him and pushes the gun against the back of his head.
<FenixHawk> "How often do you do this?"
<GM> * "Listen motherfucker, I don't know anything about anything." *
<GM> * "You're lucky I'm not 10 years younger, or this conversation would be going a different route." *
<FenixHawk> "How often do you do this?"
<GM> * "Only if they pay me right." *
  • FenixHawk presses hard on the back of his skull.
<FenixHawk> "How often?"
<GM> * "Two or three times a month for whoever's willing to pay me enough. Lots of shit goes on around here that people don't want anyone else seeing. It's none of my business what they do." *
<FenixHawk> "Is tonight a regular client?"
<GM> * "I don't have any regular clients, dumbass." *
<GM> * "Now I suggest you let me go and move on with your little life." *
  • FenixHawk pushes the gun around the side of his face and into his mouth, "Where do they meet, lights left on, blood stains, cigarette smell, shit missing or broken, where?"
<GM> * "This is exactly why I got out of your business, toughguy...Too many unanswered questions --" *
<GM> * "Mmmph." *
<FenixHawk> "Hence the ten years younger. Whatever. I have a feeling I don't want to tangle with whoever hired you, but I want to know the only way a troll can get into these docks."
<GM> * He glares at you and you realize that he can't readily answer your question with the business end of a pistol sticking in his mouth. *
<FenixHawk> "So, where would a troll come in your docks?"
  • FenixHawk pulls the gun out
<GM> * He spits. *
<GM> * "The same way you did, just drive on in." *
<FenixHawk> "Ok. I'll escort you to your car."
<FenixHawk> "Get up."
<FenixHawk> "Slow."
<GM> * He begins to stand, "The fuck you will." *
<FenixHawk> "Az, get another gun on him."
<GM> * He pulls out a hankerchief and wipes his forehead. *
  • Azreal` whips out her gun and holds it at arms length and blows him a kiss
<GM> * Embers looks at her, "Oh, sweety, after all we've been through?" *
  • Azreal` wipes her mouth with her other hand and winks.
<FenixHawk> "Start walking."
  • FenixHawk pats him down first, checking for a gun.
<GM> * You find none. He grabs his coat, hat, and briefcase. *
<GM> * Roy Embers says, "If you're smart you'll just let me go." *
<GM> * "I don't give a shit about what you do here tonight after I'm gone, as long as I'm not present." *
<FenixHawk> "I am letting you go."
<FenixHawk> "To your wife, kids, whoever."
<GM> * "Good." *
<GM> * "Now get the hell out of my office." *
<GM> * "My people know me better than to trust if I was being escorted by two strangers." *
<FenixHawk> "Aren't your people gone yet?"
<GM> * "Not all of them." *
<GM> * You still see activity on the docks and hear some footsteps downstairs. *
<FenixHawk> "You go first."
<GM> * "I gotta lock up." *
<FenixHawk> "Not tonight."
<GM> * "I'd rather die than leave you with all my data." *
<GM> * He glares at you. *
<FenixHawk> "Think I care about your data, honestly?"
<GM> * "There's no honor amongst thieves." *
<Azreal`> "WE don't care about your data, baby."
<GM> * Fenix, roll perception. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 5 3 5 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You notice a small hole in the side of Embers' briefcase, and it's pointed straight at your chest -- his thumb sits tensed at a strange angle on the handle. You've heard of these gun briefcases, they are the latest and greatest in the Ares Executive Self Protection line. He notices you see the barrel port and winks. *
<GM> * "What's your name, your real name." *
<FenixHawk> "Why does it matter?"
<FenixHawk> "I have two guns, you have one."
  • Azreal` squeals.
<Azreal`> "Tight spot, hot stuff."
<GM> * "Because I want to know who I'm gonna track down if my little scheme gets leaked around here." *
  • Azreal` giggles.
  • FenixHawk points to his tatoo.
<GM> * You mocking him with a prison tear on your face? *
<GM> * Embers: "If you're more than a two-bit hood, you'd understand." *
<FenixHawk> "One of a kind."
<GM> * "We'll see." *
  • Azreal` laughs and jumps up and down a second.
<GM> * He lowers his briefcase and turns to walk away. *
<FenixHawk> "Well, if you find anyone else with a tatoo like this, you're fucked."
<GM> * He starts walking out his door, chuckling. He slaps Azreal's ass as he passes her. *
  • FenixHawk puts his gun away.
<GM> * "Don't touch my cigars." *
<FenixHawk> "I don't smoke."
<GM> * "Then put the one you took earlier back in its place." *
<FenixHawk> "Fine."
  • FenixHawk shuts the door and sits down on the couch.
<GM> * 3:52pm *
<FenixHawk> "Watch the windows, tell me when he is out of the building."
<GM> ((he was gonna punch you in the nuts if you'd failed that reaction roll))
<FenixHawk> ((lol))
<FenixHawk> ((That would have sucked))
<GM> ((yes...Burning Embers is a mean amerindian SOB))
<GM> ((he's just old now))
<Azreal`> "Hey sugar, umm, we have something that needs to be picked up."
<FenixHawk> "Are you ok?"
  • Azreal` laughs.
<Azreal`> "Who, me?"
<FenixHawk> "Yes"
<Azreal`> "Yeah, I'm fine."
<FenixHawk> "Good, lets get the fuck out of here."
<Azreal`> "Why do you ask?"
  • FenixHawk stands up.
<FenixHawk> "Your lipstick is lopsided."
<Azreal`> "Your fly is undone."
<Azreal`> "Is there something I need to know now?"
  • Azreal` pops an eyebrow
<FenixHawk> "Move my car."
<FenixHawk> "Pick up the gear, send Nova up here."
  • FenixHawk hands her the keys
<Azreal`> "Sure."
  • FenixHawk turns the lights to the office off.
  • Azreal` shakes her ass down the stairs and goes to pick up the gear.
<GM> * Azreal, you send Nova up and take Fenix's car like you were his bitch or something. *
  • FenixHawk looks out the windows.
<GM> * You see an empty shipyard. *
<GM> * And the Seattle Sound. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AZREAL AND ARDEN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Azreal, you take Fenix's Mustang and drive out to meet with Arden. *
<GM> * The gear, in total, runs you 5 grand. *
<GM> * You have a pickup bed full of gas cans that you gotta fit into Fenix's mustang. *
<GM> * You have an ork to help you move the gas cans into the Mustang. Arden is standing outside the nearby warehouse he had you meet him at. *
<GM> * He wants his money and the ork wants to know where you want the gas cans. *
<Azreal`> "Put as many as you can inside and as many in the trunk -- and if we have to, we'll tie them to the top." *
<GM> * "Uhhh..." *
<GM> * The ork begins to pile them into the trunk, then fills the back seat, then the passenger seat. *
<GM> * He still has 6 cans left when he can fit no more. *
<Azreal`> "SHIT!!!"
<Azreal`> "What's another option?"
<GM> * Arden says, "Pay me." *
<Azreal`> "And how do you want to be paid this time Arden?"
  • Azreal` winks.
  • Azreal` hands him the dough..
<GM> * He slots your credstick and transfers the cred. *
<GM> * Or should I say, Fenix's credstick. *
  • Azreal` pockets it again
<GM> * The ork looks at you, holding one of the six gas cans and some rope. *
<Azreal`> "Any ideas?"
<GM> * Ork: "You said you wanted them on the roof, right?" *
<Azreal`> "Yeah."
<GM> * He rolls down both windows and starts strapping them to the roof as you sit next to Arden. *
<GM> * You hear a lot of scratching of metal on metal. *
<GM> * The ork finishes. *
<GM> * It's 4:20pm, and you're 10 minutes from the docks. *
  • Azreal`, as soon it's loaded, gets on her way
<GM> * You have to climb in through the window, but you get inside and start her up. *
  • Azreal` does that.
<GM> * The Mustang's bottom drags every time to go over an elevation. *
<GM> * The speed-bumps in the service road to the dock make her go #CRASH...SCREEEE....THUMP#. *
<GM> * Several times. *
<GM> * You roll up to Pier 46 at 4:30pm, Monday evening. Nova directs you to move the car into the warehouse through the big double doors. *
<GM> * Roll Car. *

<Azreal`> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal` rolled -+ 3 2 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Not being used to the turning-radius on this muscle car, you manage to rip off the driver's side mirror as you pull inside the warehouse. *
<GM> * Nova slides the big double doors shut, kicking the mirror inside with him as he does so. *
<Azreal`> ((lol))
<GM> ((Fenix loves his Mustang...))
<Johnathan> ((what about his muffler and his shocks and springs))
<GM> * 4:31pm. *
<GM> ((those'll fall out in the fast escape))

      • GM changes topic to '#S-Run...Day Three...On Hold'

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