<GM> * Game on. *

<GM> * Fenix, you hear Azreal driving your car, and hear her pull into the warehouse. There is a loud crunching noise, then a clattering, then the double doors closing. *
<GM> * The clock strikes 4:31pm. *
<Tak777> (( strange clock))
<Johnathan> ((I agree)
<Johnathan> ((how does it tell you it's 4:31? 431 chimes?))
<GM> * It just does. *
<GM> * Beware, before it reads 4:59pm. *

  • FenixHawk goes down to his car.
<GM> * Fenix...You're beautifully restored Mustang Cobra is chock full of red metal gas cans. About 6 are strapped a little loosely to the roof with some rope...As your car slides to a halt the cans shift and you hear metal screeching on metal. *
<GM> * Nova is playing kick the can with your former driver's side rearview mirror. *
  • FenixHawk cringes...
<FenixHawk> "What did you do?"
  • Azreal stops the car turns off the ignition and gets out.
<Azreal> "I got all our stuff."
<FenixHawk> "Ohhhhhh, unload it."
<Azreal> "Ok."
  • Nova kicks hard on the mirror one last time and walks up to the Mustang.
<GM> * The mirror soars through the air and clangs off your license plate, Fenix. *
<GM> * #THUNK# *
  • FenixHawk starts sweating and turns away from his car.
  • Azreal looks at Nova.
<Azreal> "Hey, you wanna help me here?"
<Nova> "No, but I don't really have a choice."

      • GM changes topic to '#S-Run...Day Three, Zero Hour'

  • Nova cuts the line holding the cans to the roof with his spurs.
<GM> * The cans of gasoline tumble off the roof, scraping against the car as they clatter to the ground... *

<GM> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 11 +- Succes -> 0

<FenixHawk> ...
<GM> * The don't explode, luckily. *
<Nova> ((oh come one, explode from a fall?))
<GM> * It can happen. *
<Azreal> "Well FenixHawk the gear ran to a total of 5K"
<FenixHawk> "Keep a receipt."
<FenixHawk> "You're the one who paid for them. You won't get reimbursed without the receipt."
<GM> * Fenix, you realize she still has your credstick. *
<GM> * Well, one of them. *
<FenixHawk> "GAH!"
<Azreal> "OH, I have that..."
<FenixHawk> "Gimme that back!"
  • Azreal pulls something out of her back pocket
  • Azreal hands it to him
  • FenixHawk takes it
  • Azreal frowns
<FenixHawk> "Where's the jacket?"
<Azreal> "It's in there somewhere, you might have to dig."
  • Nova picks one gas can up and weighs it.
<GM> * It's a gallon of gas. *
<GM> * It weighs...about a gallon . *
<GM> * 4:32 *
<GM> * Whatever you're gonna do, you'd better do it fast before the 5pm dropoff. *
  • Nova puts all the cans in a row away from the car.
<FenixHawk> "Thank you Nova."
<FenixHawk> "Nova, can you handle the tear gas?"
<Nova> "Like what, eat it?"
<FenixHawk> "Like throw it."
  • FenixHawk looks around for a cart.
<Nova> "I'm no good at throwing, but if I have to I'll do it."
<FenixHawk> "Az, find a cart to put the gas on."
<Azreal> "Yes, boss."
  • Azreal goes on the hunt for a cart.
<GM> * You have 3 tear gas canisters, 4 concussion grenades, an armor jacket, about 38 gallons of gasoline, trip line at 100 lbs load. *
  • FenixHawk puts the armor jacket on.
<GM> * Fenix: You layer 5/3 onto yourself. *
<GM> * You feel like the Stay-puff'd Marshmellow Man. *
  • FenixHawk isn't wearing the lined coat, just the jacket...
<GM> * You feel like the Stay-puff'd Marshmellow Man. *
<Nova> <to Fenix> "What exactly is our plan anyway?"
<FenixHawk> "Too late for a plan now. But we can use the nerve gas on Diablo, then I'll rush him and you can grab the kid, then we hightail it."
<FenixHawk> "We can set up the trip line so Diablo snags on it when he chases me."
<GM> * Azreal, you find a big rolling cart. *
  • Azreal comes back with a cart and stares at the two guys.
<FenixHawk> "Load the gas on it."
<Azreal> "Do you really think I'm going to put those cans on here by myself? '
<Nova> "YOU want to fight him?" *inspects Fenix's armor*
<FenixHawk> "No problem."
<FenixHawk> "Grab the kid, run."
<Nova> "Be my guest.."
  • Nova motions to his head, still feeling the pain from last night.
  • Azreal starts to put the cans on the cart. mumbling curses under her breath
  • FenixHawk grabs the tripline and finds a good place to string it at around his waist level, where Diablo's knees would be.
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * You wrap yourself in wire, Fenix. *
<FenixHawk> ((Heres what I want to do Josh, set up the gas someplace outside of the docks where I can drive by and shoot it, slowing someone down. I want the tripline as a trap somewhere. And I want the nerve gas and concussions grenades on us))
<FenixHawk> ((I will then wait in trap for Diablo to show up at 5:00))
<GM> * Nova and Azreal begin to load gas onto the huge cart, which was already hard for the poor girl to push. *
<GM> * 4:45. *
<GM> * Where do you put the cart and where do you hide? *
<GM> * And who gets what new gear? *
<FenixHawk> ((Cart 30-40 from the exit to the docks. We hide right at the entrance.))
<FenixHawk> ((one teargas to each person, one concussion grenade to each, two to Nova))
<GM> * The Pier exits via a service road. *
<GM> * Is the beginning of said road (with speed bumps, mind you) good enough? *
<Nova> ((why 2 to me? I am no better than anyone else at throwing...))
<GM> ((because he loves you and doesn't weant to see you get beat up again))
<Nova> ((yeah, right..))
<Azreal> ((i feel the love in here))
<GM> * Oh, you got a zippo lighter with a nudie pic on it. *
<GM> * She dances. *
<FenixHawk> "Nice."
<GM> * Will the beginning to the service road work for you, Senor Fenix? *
<FenixHawk> ((Yes))
<GM> * Okay, it's almost 4:50. *
  • Azreal moves faster.
<GM> * Where do you all hide? Do you keep the doors to the warehouse closed? Who's driving the getaway car? *
<FenixHawk> "Az, you drive the car, make sure it's ready for us all to hop in."
<Azreal> "Yes, sir."
  • Azreal salutes.
<GM> * Fenix, your leather interior has rust stains on it and smells like gasoline. *
<FenixHawk> "Get back here if shit goes south."
<Azreal> "Ok"
<FenixHawk> "Errm, just stay, when I give the signal, go get the car ready."
<FenixHawk> "Understand?"
<Azreal> "Uh huh."
<FenixHawk> "Now hide."
<FenixHawk> "And get ready to shoot out his tires."
<Nova> "Blowing his whole car up would be more fun.."
<Azreal> "I agree"
  • Azreal hides.
  • FenixHawk hides behind crates.
<GM> * Okay, here's where it stands....Fenix the suicidal elf is hiding behind some crates near the entrance to the actual pier, waiting on a walking tank of a troll. He has an L physical wound. *
<GM> * Nova, you have no wounds. *
<GM> * Azrael, neither do you, just a big bandage where your ear used to be. *
<GM> * Where do you two hide? *
  • Azreal hides inside a big barrel.
<GM> * ... *
  • Nova hides some distance from Fenix, to spread the targets for their opponents.
<GM> * Nova, the pier's a big open slab of concrete. *
<Nova> ?is there an obvious spot where a meeting could take place?
<GM> * Roll intelligence. *

<Nova> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 4 3 2 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova... You hide behind some crates next to the warehouse, Fenix is across the way behind some crates by the foremost freighter. *
<GM> * Azreal, there are no barrels hanging around that are empty, most contain some form of liquid. *
<GM> * There's just one of those big blue heavy duty plastic garbage cans next to the warehouse's double doors. *
  • Azreal looks in the garbage bin and cringes, deciding to hide under the stairs.
<GM> * Azreal goes inside the warehouse. *
<Azreal> ((better...no stupid garbage bin for me to soil my new dress))
<FenixHawk> ((your new dress has a spot on it))
<Azreal> ((Noooooooooooooooooooo))
<FenixHawk> ((From embers))
<Azreal> ((ewwwwwwwwwww))
<GM> * Yes, your collar has a precum spot on it from Mr. Embers' member. *
<GM> * You'll need salt and club soda, STAT! *
<Azreal> ((ewwwwwwwww))
<GM> * What "Ewww"? You sucked his dick. *
<Nova> ((and liked it))
<GM> * You all sit and wait...the day is starting it's move into dusk. *
<GM> * At approximately 4:58 Fenix and Nova pick up sounds of a roaring engine nearing the docks. *
  • Azreal sneezes.
<GM> * Nova, you hear Azreal sneeze. *
<GM> * The roaring engine nears. *
<Nova> "No sneezing, damn it."
  • Azreal hisses.
<GM> * Anyone gonna risk a peak? *
  • FenixHawk will peak.
<GM> * Roll quickness. *
<GM> * To avoid the almighty thermographic vision of a troll! *
  • Nova only listens carefully.

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 2 3 2 4 1 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Ouch. *
<GM> * You turkey peak quickly and see a large bike with an even larger figure on it roaring down the service road, throwing up dust and thumping over speed bumps. *
<FenixHawk> ?how far?
<GM> * About 10 meters to your gas cans. *
<GM> * Now you see the crate in front of you, because a turkey peak lasts about half a second. *
  • FenixHawk pops back down and waits.
<GM> * You hear the bike grow closer. *
  • Nova tries to position the engine when it comes to a stop.
<Nova> ((spatial recog.))
<GM> * Nova, you can pretty much pinpoint it with your hearing, but the echo throws you off a little bit. *
  • Azreal tries to wipe the precum stain from the shoulder of her dress.
<GM> * Azreal starts rubbing on her dress, feeling icky and violated. *
<Azreal> ((used))
<GM> * And used. *
<GM> * Diablo comes to a stop in the middle of the concrete area between the pier proper and the warehouse. *
<GM> * 15m from you, Nova. *
<GM> * 15M from Fenix. *
  • FenixHawk sets his concussion grenades.
  • Nova arms his.
<GM> * The engine idles, then cuts off. *
  • Azreal gets ready just in case...
  • Nova sets them to explode on impact.
  • FenixHawk tosses out the concussion grenade at the bike and the troll.
<GM> * Fenix, you hop up from your hiding place and see Diablo standing next to his bike with Allan sitting on the rear seat. *
<GM> * Roll quickness, TN of 8. *
<Azreal> ((Allan!!!))

<FenixHawk> !dice 6 8
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 2 17 4 11 1 3 +- Succes -> 2

  • Nova waits for any signal to start doing anything.
  • Azreal smiles and fidgets for a second.
<GM> * Fenix: You lob a concussion grenade dead at the troll. You imagine yourself playing on Wrigley Field and let fly the 'nade. *
<GM> * Diablo whips his head around the second you move. *

<GM> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 10 1 5 3 2 3 10 1 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Your grenade holds true, hurling at him as he spots it and begins to jump away.

<GM> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You hear a loud BOOM and see Diablo ducking away from his bike as the grenade explodes. Poor Allan is blown clear off the back of the bike, flying about 6 feet away and landing on his back, scraping against the concrete. *

<GM> !dice 18 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 10 2 3 5 5 4 3 5 3 1 4 1 3 5 4 1 3 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * You all hear a loud boom. *
  • Nova stands up, ready to throw his genades.
<Nova> ?what exactly do I see?
  • Azreal waits for the signal to get to the car...
  • FenixHawk primes the next grenade and lobs it.
<GM> * Fenix, you come around again and see Diablo running from his bike. He levels a shotgun at you as he runs. *

<GM> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 10 2 4 3 4 2 1 5 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 6 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 3 1 5 2 5 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Roll to throw. *
<FenixHawk> ((quick?))
<GM> * Yes, tn of 10 if at him. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 6 10
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 1 3 4 1 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You let fly your grenade. *
<GM> * He lets fly 12 gauge buckshot. *
<GM> * Unstoppable force meets immovable object and the grenade explodes in mid-air making your ears ring badly. The crates around you are pelted with lead. *
<GM> * Diablo: "YOU JUST DON'T LEARN, DO YOU?!" *
  • Nova throws his grenade at Diablo.
<GM> * Time for...INITIATIVE!! *

<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 3 3 17 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 5 2 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 2 9 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((19))
<FenixHawk> ((21))
<GM> 20

<GM> * Go Fenix. *
<GM> * You're out of concussion grenades. *
<GM> * Allan lays on the ground, maybe dead. *
<GM> * Diablo's hauling ass, still halfway between the both of you. *
  • FenixHawk pulls out his Black Match and fires off two rounds, hoping more to force Diablo to cover then to hit him. *
<GM> * Roll...TN of 8. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 7 8
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 3 4 3 5 3 3 +- Succes -> 0


<FenixHawk> !dice 7 9
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 2 1 1 5 5 9 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 16 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 5 4 4 2 2 1 5 1 9 3 4 2 4 1 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * You think you hit him. *
<GM> * He returns fire. *

<GM> !dice 8 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 5 5 5 2 4 2 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * Roll Resistance, Fenix. Against 3D. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 8 3
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 2 3 5 3 1 5 1 16 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * The crates around you explode in splinters and you're pelted with buckshot yourself, taking you off balance. *
<GM> * You hit the ground. *
<GM> * Nova... *
  • Nova throws his grenade and goes for Allan.
<GM> * You can only do one. *
<GM> * Both are complex actions. *
<Nova> ((the grenade it is then))
  • Azreal starts tapping her foot, wondering when the signal will come.
<GM> * Nova, you pop from your hidey hole and see Diablo running across the lot firing his shotgun like a pistol at Fenix, who's blown off his feet. *
<GM> * Roll Quickness, tn of 10. *

<Nova> !dice 9 10
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 4 2 1 2 3 2 5 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You toss your first concussion grenade and realize you should've joined the fag football league because you throw like a girl. *
<GM> * Your grenade sails wide, landing by Diablo's bike and going BOOM. *
<GM> * Diablo starts looking around. *
<GM> * Fenix, you're laying on the ground, stunned but uninjured. *
<FenixHawk> ?is diablo between me and the warehouse?
<GM> * Yes, Fenix. *
<GM> * And you're on your back. Another grenade just went off by the bike, you think. *
  • FenixHawk gets up and gets behind cover.
<GM> * You scramble behind the crates, losing sight of Diablo. *
<GM> * Nova, you and Diablo make eye contact at once. *
<GM> * Act. *
<GM> ((you're lucky milo shot him, or it'd be his action, init ties go to the hero))
  • Nova screams at the warehouse, "CAAAAR!!!!" and throws his second grenade at the troll.
<GM> * Azreal, you hear "Caaaaar!. *
  • Azreal runs really fast to the car and vrooms it up.
<GM> * You do not act yet. *
<GM> * Nova, roll against 10. *

<Nova> !dice 9 10
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 5 11 4 3 11 5 2 2 +- Succes -> 2

<Nova> ((yeah))
<FenixHawk> ((LIKE A MAN!!))

<GM> !dice 16 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 1 1 4 3 3 5 8 2 3 2 5 11 1 4 2 +- Succes -> 4

<GM> * Nova, you let fly your next grenade, trying to be more masculine about it. *
<GM> * You succeed and it sails into the troll's chest and explodes. *
<GM> * #POOM# *
<GM> * You see Diablo rocked back and he stumbles. *
  • Nova smiles and lights his eyes with vengeance.
<GM> * Azreal, you run to start the car? *
<Azreal> ((Yes.))
<GM> * Azreal, you jump into the Mustang and start it up. You realize the warehouse doors are closed and you've gotta reverse to get outside. *
<FenixHawk> ?how far is Diablo from me?
<GM> * Fenix, 15m. *
<GM> * Last you saw. *
<GM> * Nova, wanna try for round 2? You got him injured. *
  • Nova starts walking towards Diablo, and pops his spurs..
<GM> * Walking? *
<Nova> ((yeah, walking))
  • FenixHawk looks around and tries to get a bearing on where everyone is.
<GM> * Nova: You come from around the crates and begin walking up to Diablo, who's taken a knee 10 meters from you and is gripping his chest with his free hand. He still has his sawed-off shotgun in the other, resting on the concrete. *
  • Nova covers his face if the troll shoots.
<FenixHawk> ?do I see Nova?
<GM> * You see Nova walking toward Diablo. *
  • FenixHawk runs for the kid.
<GM> * Diablo's on a knee, looking at the elf. *
<GM> * He growls, "Walking's for pussies." *
<GM> * Nova: He charges your ass. *
<GM> * INIT!

<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 3 1 +- Succes -> 0
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 5 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> ((18))

  • Nova brings up his guard and prepares to fend him off.
<GM> * He's charging you, you may attack or hold fast. *
<GM> * He closes the 10 meters in 3 strides. *
<GM> * Act or get pummeled. *
  • Nova strikes first, seeing a chance to finish him.
<GM> * Roll the bones. *

<Nova> !dice 10 4
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 4 4 4 5 3 3 9 1 2 +- Succes -> 6

<Nova> ((10S, Dikote))

<GM> !dice 10 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 10 3 2 4 10 3 8 3 5 +- Succes -> 3
<GM> !dice 18 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 2 1 2 4 3 4 9 4 5 4 2 2 5 2 4 5 4 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 18 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 1 5 3 2 5 5 4 3 2 10 5 2 11 2 1 10 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * You both go at it like wild banshees. *
  • Azreal sits in the car, watching.
<GM> * Azreal, you sit in the car watching the closed doors to the warehouse and nothing more. *
  • Azreal starts to hum to herself.
<GM> * Nova, you come into the bigger opponent, getting inside his defenses and start slashing. *
<GM> * You make good on your moves -- drawing blood -- but he swats you, spinning you around in a 180 degree arch but not hurting you. *
<GM> * He spots Fenix dashing for Allan. *

<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 5 5 3 5 1 4 4 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((eat your own dice now, GM!))
<GM> ((!))
<SR-Dice> ((oh yeah? ))

<GM> !dice 10 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 2 2 4 3 8 5 5 2 4 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Roll Quickness, Nova, TN of 18 minus impact. *

<Nova> !dice 9 10
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 4 3 2 2 7 3 5 1 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((what's that for, what did i do?))
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> ((oh yeah baby))
<Nova> ((....))
<FenixHawk> ((You got shot))
<Nova> ((fuck...))
<GM> * The troll backhands you, Nova, which hurls you through the air practically like a ragdoll. Some barrels break your fall. *
<GM> * Fenix, roll quickness. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 1 3 5 2 2 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Fenix: You kick it into high gear and sprint towards the kid. *
<GM> * You feel your stitches opening up and you are slowed in pain, but you keep moving. *

<GM> !dice 6 7
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 5 2 3 4 1 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 6 7
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 2 5 4 5 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Buckshot rattles around the concrete, throwing pebbles into Fenix's face and hair as Diablo opens fire at him. *
<GM> * A few ricochet off his bike. *
<GM> * Fenix keeps running. *
<GM> * Nova? Azreal? *
<Nova> ?where am I exactly and what do I see?
<GM> * You're on your back in a pile of barrels, you see Diablo shooting at Fenix. *
  • Nova gets up and charges the troll with a wild scream.
<GM> * Diablo: "MUDDA FUCKA!!" *
<GM> * Roll quickness. *

<Nova> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 4 5 2 4 2 5 3 2 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 2 4 4 2 14 3 4 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * ... *
<GM> * Nova: You spring to your feet, and rush towards Diablo, howling in mad rage. *
<GM> * He turns to you, leading with his shotgun. *

<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 5 5 2 2 10 4 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Resist 10S minus ballistic. *
<GM> (( Slug round. ))

<Nova> !dice 11 4
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 14 4 3 3 1 4 2 3 2 5 4 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Nova, you expect to be pelted with flechette and laugh in Diablo's face, but instead you feel as if your chest is caving in. A red fire burns across your body, eminating in your torso and spreading to your limbs. *
<GM> * You're blown off your feet by the slug, and the pain subsides a little. *
<GM> * L Wound. *
<GM> * Fenix you make it to Allan, who's bleeding from his nose and ears. *
  • FenixHawk picks him up and runs.
  • Nova rolls on the ground as controlably as he can
<GM> * Trying to get up, Nova? *
<Nova> ((OH YES))
<GM> * Roll, quickness, TN of 9. *

<Nova> !dice 9 9
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 2 3 2 4 3 1 3 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> !dice 6 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 5 4 3 5 2 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> !dice 6 5
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 5 3 4 5 2 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * You don't do very well. You flounder and skid. *
<GM> * Fenix, you have the kid over your shoulder. Running to where? *
  • FenixHawk runs to the back of the warehouse, assuming Az has no intentions of pulling the car out...
<GM> * Roll Str. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 5 1 2 3 2 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Then Quickness. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 2 2 5 2 11 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova and Fenix, you both begin to hear a familiar #WHUB WHUB WHUB WHUB WHUB# *
<Nova> ((what the hell does that mean..))
<GM> * Familiar as in chopper. *
<GM> * Nova, the helicopter noise is distorted by the echo and the Seattle Sound...You can't get a clear lock on it with your spatial recognizers. *
<GM> * Fenix, you heft the kid and keep moving. Your buddy carry is sloppy, and slows you down a little. *
<GM> * Azreal, you hear "CAR!! BRING THE CAR OUT!!!" *
<GM> * Nova, Azreal, actions? *
  • Azreal brings the car out.
<GM> * Gonna bust through the doors? *
<Azreal> ((yes))
<GM> * Azreal, you slam the pony into reverse, pop the clutch and step on the gas. *
<GM> * The tires scream and smoke, rubber burns. *
<GM> * Roll car. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 10 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Good girl. *
<GM> * The car jerks backwards and the engine roars in protest. Azreal puts the pedal to the floor and watches out the back windshield as she plows the Mustang rear-first through the huge double doors of the Pier 46 warehouse. *
<GM> * The sound of tearing metal fills your ears as the Mustang Cobra opens the sheets of steel like a can opener. *
<GM> * You hurtle backwards into the Seattle sunset....Unfortunately, you see Fenix running towards you with Allan on his shoulders a little too late. *
<GM> * Fenix, you scream for the car.... You get it. *
<GM> * Roll reaction. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 5 5 8 1 5 3 2 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Roll Str. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 5 3 5 4 5 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Fenix: Your eyes widen as a loud squeeling fills your ears and the warehouse doors balloon open and explode, the sheet metal tearing open to reveal the rear lights of your Mustang. *
<GM> * You toss yourself and Allan to safety, crashing to the concrete a foot or two from the car as it screams past. *
<GM> * You combat roll to your feet, Allan sprawls on the deck. *
  • FenixHawk hopes it stops before backing into the Sound.
<GM> * It does stop in time...in fact, Azreal whips that bitch around in a perfect doughnut, bringing the passenger door to bear on your side. The Mustang is facing West, the Service Road is on the Eastern side of the warehouse. *
  • FenixHawk glares at the girl in the driver's seat.
<FenixHawk> "Fuck, where'd you learn to drive like that?"
<Azreal> "Prison"
<FenixHawk> "Whose bitch were you?"
<Azreal> "I wasn't the bitch, I had the bitch."
  • Azreal grins.

<GM> * Nova, you're on your back, again. *
  • Nova gets up ready to fight.. ((again..))
<GM> * Nova...You just survived a point blank blast from a shotgun. Feel tough. *
<GM> * You get to your feet and see Diablo dissapear around the crates, headed back the way he came. *

<FenixHawk> "You suck dick like a bitch."
<Azreal> "Wouldn't you like to know."
  • Azreal glares at him.
  • FenixHawk puts Allan into the car.

<GM> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 4 1 14 5 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Nova...The passenger window explodes in a hail of glass. *
<GM> * Correction. *
<GM> * Fenix. *
  • FenixHawk explodes in a hail of glass.
<FenixHawk> ((POP!))
<Nova> ((hehehe))
<GM> ((ha ha))
<GM> * Fenix: As you throw Allan into the front seat, the window next to you explodes, sending glass all over you. *
  • FenixHawk jumps headfirst into the back. "DRIVE DRIVE!"
<GM> * Azreal, you see Diablo running towards the front of the car, lining up for another shot. *
<FenixHawk> "I saw it first!"
  • Azreal drives.
  • Azreal steps on it..
<GM> ?at Diablo?
<Azreal> ((Yeah sure why not))
<Nova> ((2 tons of car VS. 400 pounds of troll))
<GM> ((900 plus))
<Nova> ((WHAT?!?!))
<FenixHawk> (( Do not hit the troll with my car!))
<GM> * Azreal, spins the wheel forward and steps on the gas. *
<GM> * Roll car to hit his ass, Azreal. *
<FenixHawk> "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
<GM> * She's about to hit a troll with your pony. *
<Azreal> "Getting the fuck out of here!!"
<FenixHawk> "NOOOOOOO!!"
<GM> * Roll darlin'. *
<GM> * Neither do you, Fenix. *
<FenixHawk> ((You stupid bitch...))
<Nova> ((FUCK ALLAN, the troll is what i want))

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 4 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 9 5 1 5 5 3 4 2 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> * Fenix, you stare in terror as your life flashes before your eyes. *
<GM> * Azreal, you think, "Heee heeee! This is good stuff." *
<GM> * Allan goes, "Ack." *
  • Azreal puts her arm out to stop Allan from going through the windshield.
<GM> * Luckily, Diablo's a little faster than most metahumans his size, and he throws himself bodily to the side, narrowly avoiding the car as it speeds by. *
<GM> * Fenix, your life stops flashing. *
<GM> * ...You've lead a shitty life. *
<GM> * Allan goes, "Ack," again. *
  • Azreal keeps driving.
<GM> * Azreal speeds past Diablo and sees Nova standing off to the right side of the car. *
<FenixHawk> "Pick him up."
<GM> * The thudding of the helicopter gets louder, your windows begin to vibrate. *
  • Azreal gets Nova.

<GM> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 5 3 5 1 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Fenix, you hear a thunk on your trunk. *
<FenixHawk> "Fuck."
<GM> * Azreal skids to a stop beside Nova, the passenger door is hanging open. *
  • Nova jumps in when he sees his chance..
<GM> * Nova dives into the front seat, landing on Allan. *
  • Nova doesn't care what he lands on.
<GM> * Allan grunts when you land on him. *
<GM> * You're headed the opposite direction of the service road, BTW. *
  • Azreal does a 180 and heads the other way.
<GM> * Roll Car. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 2 17 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Everyone except the seatbelted Azreal are tossed to the right side of the car as she reverses and whips it around in another picture perfect 180 degree turn. *
<GM> * Once again, you have Diablo in the headlights. *
  • Nova jabs his spurs somewhere to hold on better.
<GM> * Nova sticks his spur into your dashboard, Fenix. *
<GM> ((ROFL...poor car))
<GM> ((that wasn't even ME!!))
<Azreal> "OH fuck the leather, I gotta get us out of here!"
<FenixHawk> "YOU FUCKS!"
  • Azreal steps on it.
  • FenixHawk puts his seatbelt on
<GM> * #Click.# *
  • Nova whips out his gun.
<GM> * Nova unholsters his pistol. *
  • Azreal puts both hands on the wheel.
<GM> * Gonna try for the troll again, Azreal?
<Azreal> ((only if he is in my way))
<GM> * He is, it'll take more of an action to avoid him. *
<Azreal> ((right through him i go))
  • Azreal steps on it

<GM> !dice 6 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 3 1 5 2 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * The windshield spiderwebs from Diablo's shotgun blast and you're all blinded . *
<GM> * ROll car. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 3 +- Succes -> 2

  • FenixHawk shoots out the front windshield.
  • Nova tears the windshield off
<GM> * Fenix starts ghetto blasting from the back seat as Azreal manages to keep going straight. *
<GM> * You put more holes in it Fenix. *
<Nova> ((hey, who's in the front seat..?))
  • FenixHawk is in the back
<GM> * You are, Nova. *
<GM> * Nova, kicks at the windshield, trying to bust it out. *
<GM> * Roll car AGAIN, Az. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 2 4 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Azreal, I suggest you karma that roll. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 2 +- Succes -> 2

<FenixHawk> ((Can I use my karma to jump out?))
<GM> * LOL *
<GM> * You don't HAVE any karma, Fenix. You used the 'Hand of God' to avoid being killed by the swordsman. *
<FenixHawk> ((Fuck you))
<Nova> ((christ.. I cant stop laughing..))
<Nova> ((so, we crash into the troll?))
<FenixHawk> ((We crash into the water))
<Nova> ((or can _I_ donate some karma for another try?))
<GM> * Only 1 left. *
  • Azreal sticks her head out the side window to see better.
<GM> * The car lurches HARD as it hits something and there is an angry crash. A large silhoette collides with the windshield, busting it apart onto everyone in the front seat. The roof protests being severely dented as the object flies over the now severely fucked up Mustang. *
<GM> * You can see now, Azreal, and you're heading right for the edge of the dock. *
<GM> * Roll car to NOT end up in the Seattle Sound. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 3 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Someone help her karmawise? She's your only hope. *
<Nova> ((I will))
<GM> * Reroll Az. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 10 5 +- Succes -> 1

<<GM> * Azreal rights the car and heads for the service road. *
<GM> * Actions for the passengers? *
  • FenixHawk goes numb.
<GM> * Fenix, your car's exterior is fucked and the interior isn't faring much better, but you're alive and getting the fuck out of Pier 46 *
<GM> * Azreal begins tearing down the service road, destroying the Mustang cobra's suspension while taking the speed bumps at 70 mph. *
<Azreal> ((i would do something like that too))
<GM> ((you have no choice, unless you want to slow down and die))
<GM> * The masterful combat driver, Azreal, spots two black sedans heading for the service entrance as a blacked-out chopper crests the horizon beyond the ships, bathing the shipyard in a bright spotlight. *
  • Azreal goes between them.
  • Azreal goes faster...
<GM> * Fenix, you see the chopper's spotlight shine on Diablo, who's taking a knee next to his demolished bike...Which Az hit with your car. *
<GM> * Nova, if you're looking back you see the same thing. *
<FenixHawk> "Until we meet again, Diablo!"
<GM> * Fenix yells. *
<Nova> ?am I still on Allan?
<GM> * Yes, Nova. *
<GM> * Not crushing him, more like keeping him from bouncing out of the car. *
<GM> * Azreal, roll car. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 4 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * As if on cue the chopper's spotlight moves to bathe the Mustang in the same harsh white light. *
  • Azreal goes faster.
<GM> * Azreal, you tear ass between the two sedans as they brake hard, skidding and spinning, narrowly avoiding a collision with one another. *
  • Nova shoots the chopper's light out.
<GM> * Nova, roll pistol, TN of 8. *
<Nova> ?cpool?
<GM> * Yes. *

<Nova> !dice 14 8
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 3 3 1 5 9 4 1 5 2 2 8 5 3 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * The light goes out. *
<GM> * The chopper is now a black silhoette. *
<FenixHawk> "Nice shot."
<Nova> "Thanks."
  • Nova takes another few shots at the chopper.
<GM> * Nove, roll them. *
<GM> * You get 4. *

<Nova> !dice 8
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 2 2 5 5 1 4 3 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 2 2 5 5 2 1 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 3 3 5 4 1 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Azreal, where are you headed? *
<GM> * ..And don't say "away". *
  • Azreal goes wherever it is she needs to go

<Nova> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 1 3 3 5 2 4 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Azreal, you can head into the industrial area, full of power plants, exhaust pipe, and factories. *
<FenixHawk> "We are going to switch cars."
<GM> * The black sedans make an attempt to correct themselves and follow you. *
<GM> * They give chase as you take a corner at high speeds. *
<Azreal> "We better switch quick!"
<GM> * The chopper is staying on your tail as well. *
  • Azreal goes faster.
<GM> * Allan groans. *
<FenixHawk> "Go through the industiral area, lose the chopper."
  • Azreal does as she's told.
<GM> * Which way are you headed? Either into the Idustrial District, or back towards the Barrens. *
  • Azreal goes through the industrial district
<GM> * You drive toward the Seattle Industrial District. *
<GM> * The chopper finds it increasingly hard to stay on you. *
<GM> * You see the black sedans about a block and a half behind on a straight away, but the 'Stang's muscle car engine is too much for them it seems. *
  • Azreal goes faster...
<FenixHawk> ?are my bags in the back?
<GM> * Fenix, in the trunk, but you can get to them through the back seat. *
  • FenixHawk reaches into the trunk and pulls out his grenade launcher
<FenixHawk> "Watch this!"
<GM> * Fenix reaches into the trunk and produces "old faithful." *
  • Nova watches..
  • FenixHawk shoots at the hellicopter.
<Johnathan> (('watch this' are famous last words ))
<GM> * Fenix, you still have a back window. *
<GM> * Hanging out the window to shoot? *
  • FenixHawk leans out the side and fires
<GM> * Roll it big papa, TN of... *
<GM> * Just roll. *
<FenixHawk> ((lol))

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 1 5 3 5 3 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * THUNK *
<FenixHawk> ((Lame! FUCKING! DICE!))
  • Nova still keeps watching..
<GM> * Your RPG goes wide as Azreal nicks the curb. It soars into the night. *
<FenixHawk> "Oh... Let me adjust my crosshairs."
<Nova> "Yeah, right.."
<GM> * About 5 seconds later you see an explosion in some parking lot behind you to the left. *
<Azreal> "Shit, that's not good..."
  • FenixHawk gets in and grabs a grenade from the trunk and loads it.
<GM> * Azreal, roll car to steady the vehicle. *
<GM> * Fenix reloads. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 2 3 +- Succes -> 2

<Nova> ((shit...))
<GM> * Roll to shoot Fenix. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 4 3 5 3 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Fenix Hawk hangs back out the passenger side window, the cold air whipping at his exposed head, neck, and hands. *
<GM> * He lets the grenade fly. *
<GM> * Another explosion in the distance, off to your right. *
  • FenixHawk reloads.
<FenixHawk> "They'll get the hint soon enough!"
<Nova> "Or not.."
<Azreal> "Who knows.."
<GM> * Fenix, they'd better. *
<GM> * The chopper continues making evasive maneuvers through the crowded industrial district. *
<GM> * Nova...You notice the chopper's silohette bulge on it's right side. Having the acute elven vision you do, you recognize the man-operated minigun almost immediately. *
  • Nova shakes his head with pessimism.
<FenixHawk> "Let's try this one more time."
<Azreal> "Go for it, I got it under control."
<FenixHawk> "Steady... steady"
  • FenixHawk aims and fires.

<FenixHawk> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 2 8 2 3 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Azreal, roll car. *

<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 3 2 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> !dice 5 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 4 4 3 5 +- Succes -> 5
<GM> !dice 3 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 5 5 +- Succes -> 3
<GM> !dice 6 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 3 3 1 2 1 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * Fenix, you adjust for distance and windage and send your third grenade soaring into the night... *
<GM> * The chopper explodes in massive fireball. *
<FenixHawk> "Uhhhh, I think I hit it."
  • Azreal laughs.
<Nova> "You THINK?"
<GM> * The concussion washes over the vehicle, slamming Fenix against the framework and bouncing him back into the car. *
  • Azreal squeals.
  • Nova shakes his head again..
<GM> * Azreal, roll car once more. *

<Azreal> !dice 2 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 5 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * The concussion rocks the car, and Azreal counters by taking it over a curb and back onto the roadway. *
<GM> * Fenix: You see flaming debris hit the street far behind you. *
<FenixHawk> "Damn. Someone take a picture."
  • Nova goes back to watching out front, using every enchancement and natural feature of his eyes he has.
<GM> * Nova: You see...road. *
  • Azreal steers around it.
<GM> * Azreal....steers around the road... *
<FenixHawk> lol
<GM> * The night is now eerily silent. *
<Nova> "Okay, let's find a car."
  • Nova looks for any trucks or vans around.
  • Azreal looks around and slows up some.
<GM> * Your cracked digital time display in the dashboard reads "5:08"...Where to? *
<FenixHawk> "How is Allan?"
<Azreal> "Where is Allan??"
<GM> * Allan groans, his head in your lap, Azreal. *
<FenixHawk> "Right there."
<GM> * The blood on his face gets all over your dress. *
<FenixHawk> "Drive to here."
  • FenixHawk gives the address to his neighborhood.
  • Azreal goes where she's told...
<GM> * Which neighborhood? *
<GM> * Penumbra? Renton? *
<FenixHawk> ((North East Seattle))
<GM> * You head to NE Seattle. *
<GM> * Roll intelligence, Nova. *

<Nova> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 3 5 3 10 +- Succes -> 0

  • Nova stares into the darkness of the night with somewhat of a smile on his face.
<GM> * Angry Smurf smiles. *
<GM> * Azreal drives to NE Seattle. *
  • Nova looks at Allan.
<Nova> ?is he awake?
<GM> * Not likely, y'all just blasted the kid with a concussion grenade. *
<GM> * Allan lays in the front seat, bloody and unconcious. *
<Nova> "Damn it.."
  • Azreal tries to wake him
<GM> * The most you can do is slap his bruised and battered face while you drive, Az. *
<Nova> "Fenix, do we really have time to get to your place AND get Allan to the airstrip in time?
<FenixHawk> "You know a better way?"
<FenixHawk> "Cause if you do, say so."
<FenixHawk> "Actually...."
<Nova> "Why are we driving to your's anyway?"
<FenixHawk> "I got an idea!"
<GM> * What is this idea? *
  • FenixHawk pulls out his cell
<GM> * ... *
<Nova> "Look, if you just want a car, we can easily steal one"
<FenixHawk> "Remember what happened last time we stole one?"
<Azreal> "Dogs and ugly men..."
  • Azreal coughs.
<Nova> "Then we'll be more careful."
<Azreal> "I could boost another one."
  • FenixHawk calls Nikky.
<GM> * Nikky answers the phone sleepily, "Hmmmm? Hello?" *
<FenixHawk> "Hey babe, it's me."
<FenixHawk> "What are you doin?"
<GM> * You roll into Central Seattle... *
<GM> * AKA: Downtown. *
<FenixHawk> "Nikky, drive the limo to ChuckBurger in downtown. What've you got on?"
<GM> * "My panties and a t-shirt, why?" *
<FenixHawk> "I just blew up a big fucking helicopter..."
<FenixHawk> "You know how I get when I blow shit up."
<GM> * "Oooooo! Bril!" *
  • Azreal wants to plug her ears....
<Nova> "Look, we have no time for chitchat!"
<GM> * Nikky to someone else in the room: "Ow! Hey! Go back to sleep!" *
  • FenixHawk hangs up the cellphone.
<GM> * "Sorry, wh--" *
<GM> * Azreal, you see a black van sitting driverless in a lot with a few other odd cars. *
<Azreal> "I want that one."
  • Azreal zooms in behind it.
<FenixHawk> "What are you doing?"
<Nova> "Getting a FASTER way to that airstrip"
<FenixHawk> "What, you gonna leave my car here?"
<Nova> "Yes."
<Azreal> "Yes.
  • Azreal gets out and goes to check out the van."
  • Nova gets out and goes to the van.
<Nova> ?any heat signatures in it?
<GM> * Nope. *
<GM> * It's empty. It's like a family van. *
  • Nova slams the driver's window of the van out and opens the door.
<GM> * Nova: You break in and open the door. *
<Nova> ((electronics B/R good for hotwiring?))
<GM> ((..........))
<GM> ((perfect))
<Nova> ((just asking))
<GM> ((rofl! all these untapped resources....))

<Nova> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 7 4 5 +- Succes -> 0

  • Nova works to hotwire the van.
<GM> * You manage not only to hotwire it, but to unlock the ignition so it starts and stops by just turning the lock. *
<Nova> "Now we're runnin'."
  • Nova smiles to himself a bit and gets in the driver's seat.
<Azreal> "Let's get shit moved!"
<GM> * Fenix, are you gonna leave your pony? *
  • FenixHawk gets into the van after making another phone call...
<GM> * Fenix phones Nikky and questions her about who she's with. She admits to being in the company of her "Uncle Judas", a street samurai and Fenix Hawk's long time aquaintance/nemesis. Judas jumps on the line and tells the former Tir knight that Nikky's room smells pretty, and the pink flowers on her panties are really cute. Fenix orders Nikky to pick up his car, and soon. *
  • FenixHawk lays down in the back of the van.
  • FenixHawk lays down in the way back.
<Nova> "Alright, get the kid in the van and we're leaving."
<GM> * You all pile into the van, transferring gear and abandoning the Mustang in hopes that it'll just be left alone until Nikky can pick it up. You find an old stim patch in the glove box of the Mustang (Fenix has no clue how it got there) and slap it on Allan, who wakes up in pain. He gives you directions to the airstrip before passing out again. *
<GM> * You get past the Ute border with ease, security is lax and the indians don't really give a shit. *
  • Nova drives to where Allan told him.
<GM> * You roll out into the wilderness on a dark, country road. *
<Nova> ?what time is it?
<GM> * 8:25 when you arrive at the airstrip. *
<GM> * It's just a long slab of concrete in the middle of nowhere with an abandoned shack that might've been a radio tower sometime in the past. *
  • Nova puts the lights out and drives on lowlight/thermo.
  • Nova parks the van in some bushes or any other type of cover-providing-thing.
<FenixHawk> "Az, can I talk to you alone?"
  • Azreal goes back to talk to FenixHawk.
<FenixHawk> "Outside."
  • FenixHawk gets out of the van and walks over to some tree or other. He rubs his neck and looks up into the night.
<GM> * The night is cool and the area smells like pine. *
<Nova> "And I am to carry the kid around..?"
  • Nova mumbles to himself.
  • FenixHawk ignores grumpy smurf.
  • Azreal follows Fenix.
<GM> * The stars twinkle in the night sky and the moon shines brightly. *
  • Nova takes Allan and drags him out of the van.
<GM> * He's not too heavy. A light-weight at best. *
<GM> * More like a feather-weight. *
  • FenixHawk looks at Az. "There's blood on your dress."
  • Nova looks at Az's dress, contemplating the blood stains.
<Azreal> "Yeah, I know."
  • Azreal fidgets with her dress.
<Azreal> "What did you want to talk to me about?"
<FenixHawk> "About what you did to my car."
<GM> ((LOL))
  • Nova takes Allan to a nearby tree and puts him on the ground against it.
<GM> * You lay Allan down like a sack of potatos. *
<Azreal> "Oh God... what?"
  • FenixHawk backhands Azreal with all his strength.
  • Nova looks curiously at what Fenix is going to do to Az.
<GM> !
<GM> * Roll Unarmed. *
<FenixHawk> ((unarmed to slap a hoe?))
<GM> * Right...Roll Str. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 4
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 5 5 5 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Wow. *
<GM> * Azreal... *
<GM> * Roll Unarmed. *

<Azreal> !dice 3 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 5 5 2 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * Roll body, TN of 6. *

<Azreal> !dice 3 6
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 3 5 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Fenix "reaches back like a pimp and slaps the hoe"... so to speak. *
  • Nova looks at the scene indifferently.
<GM> * Azreal, you're blindsided by Fenix's backhand, sending you reeling and making your _ear_ ring. *
  • Azreal slaps back.
<Azreal> "Without me you would be dead!"
<GM> * She slaps you back, Fenix. *
<GM> * You definately didn't expect that. *
  • FenixHawk takes it.
  • Nova observes the exchange..
  • Azreal kicks him in the nuts!
  • FenixHawk of course, dodges that.
<GM> *... *
<GM> * This will require rolling. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 4 2 3 1 3 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Roll Unarmed, Az. *

<Azreal> !dice 3 0
<SR-Dice> Azreal rolled -+ 4 4 3 +- Succes -> 3

<GM> * Tie goes to the attacker. *

<FenixHawk> !dice 2
<SR-Dice> FenixHawk rolled -+ 4 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Lose. *
<Nova> ((...!))
<Nova> ((LOL))
<FenixHawk> ((*sigh*))
<GM> * Fenix: You see Azreal move in a blur, catching even you off guard. She slams the heel of her boot into the instep of your foot and your little ped explodes in pain. *
<GM> * The next thing you see is her elbow blast you in the mouth. *
<GM> * You end up on your ass with a bloody nose and a throbbing foot. *
<FenixHawk> "Ow."
<Azreal> "Don't ever hit me again."
<Azreal> "Without me you would be..."
  • FenixHawk looks up at Az.
<FenixHawk> "Dead, yeah."
  • Azreal smiles.
<Azreal> "Dead."
  • Azreal brushes off her skirt.
<FenixHawk> "...That didn't go at all like I planned."
<Azreal> "Well most things don't."
<GM> * Heh. *
  • Nova regards Azreal.
<Nova> "Nice"
<FenixHawk> "Look, Azreal."
<Azreal> "What?"
<FenixHawk> "I did that because I respect you as a warrior, not just a pretty face."
<GM> * 8:40pm *
<FenixHawk> "Everything you did for this team, really helped us out. I mean, with the location, the driving, the saving Jonathan."
<Azreal> "Oh so now I'm pretty huh. You would never of said that back there."
<GM> * Allan groans. *
  • Nova looks at Allan.
  • Nova goes back to scaning the area and listening for movement.
<GM> * Nova, trees and leaves. *
<GM> * And a breeze. *
<Azreal> "I put myself on the line for you."
<FenixHawk> "But you still fucked up, and you got slapped for it. Deal with it. Next time you fuck up, I'll do it again."
  • FenixHawk stands up.
<Azreal> "And the next time you slap me, I'll hurt you again."
  • Azreal smirks.
<FenixHawk> "Next time I'll be ready for it."
<FenixHawk> "Good job Azreal, I hope we work together again... but you're never driving my car again."
  • FenixHawk 's voice is a little funny since his nose is bleeding
<GM> * Fenix, your foot hurts bad, too. *
<FenixHawk> "I think you broke my foot."
  • Nova shakes his head again, mumbling..
<Azreal> "You want a peice of this, Nova?"
<GM> * LOL *
  • Nova looks at Az "A piece of what?"
<Azreal> "Good."
<Azreal> "You want to slap me too?? I'll give you a free shot, but you better give a fair chance to me..."
<Nova> "I don't give fair chances."
<Azreal> "Then I would suggest backing off."
<GM> * The little elven girl calls you both out in the middle of the woods. *
<GM> ((i should just drop diablo on you people))
<GM> ((like, he skydives in from a plane...))
<GM> ((lands on fenix...))
<GM> ((pummels nova... and gives Azreal a flower))
<Azreal> ((lmao))
<Nova> LOL
  • FenixHawk sits down.
  • FenixHawk takes off his shoe.
<GM> * Your foot is beginning to swell a little. It's tender, but you can wiggle your toes. *
  • FenixHawk wiggles his toes.
<GM> * Not broken most likely. *
<FenixHawk> "That's good."
  • Nova looks up to the sky when Fenix starts wiggling.
<Nova> "..."
  • Azreal walks back towards Allan and crouches down to look at him.
<GM> * Allan is ALL FUCKED UP. *
  • Azreal tries to help Allan the best she can.
<GM> * Az: You position Allan's head better against the tree bark. *
  • Nova keeps on searching for hostiles.
<GM> * Nova, you pick up an approaching plane. Sounds single-prop. *
<GM> * It may land... may circle... *
<GM> * Only Nova hears it, with his superman hearing. *
  • FenixHawk stands up.
  • Azreal tries to hold onto Allan.
  • FenixHawk walks over to Allan also.
<GM> * Allan begins to stir. *
<GM> * "Mmmm." *
<GM> * Allan starts to come around. *
<GM> * "...Ma...Maaa.." *
<GM> * "MY fucking knee!!" *
  • Azreal holds him.
  • Nova goes closer to the landing area and tries to localize the plane.
<GM> * "W-what...W-where am I?" *
  • Nova uses his vision mag. to check the plane closely after he notices it.
<GM> * The plane is approaching. You can see the lights in the distance. *
<GM> * You hear it now, Fenix. *
  • FenixHawk turns.
<GM> * It's a single prop plane. Old fashioned. *
<FenixHawk> "Take defensive positions."
  • FenixHawk gets behind the van and pulls out his gun.
  • Nova draws his gun, still looking at the plane.
<GM> * Azreal, what're you doing? *
  • Azreal protects Allan.
<GM> * In about 4 minutes the plane lands on the runway. *
<GM> * There is one heat sig, the pilot. *
<Azreal> "Let's get to the drop..."
<GM> * Allan: "Am I safe?" *
<Azreal> "Yeah, you're safe, sweety"
  • Azreal kisses Allan's forehead.
<Nova> "Who was to pick you up?"
<GM> * "I-I dunno....My dad... My dad sent him." *
<FenixHawk> "What's your dad's name?"
<Azreal> "Who's your dad, baby?"
<Nova> "Great.. any passwords, handshakes, signs?"
<GM> * Allan looks confusedly at all of you questioning him at once. *
<GM> * "N-no..." *
<Nova> "I HATE this run.."
<Nova> "Okay, who wants to check on the plane?"
<FenixHawk> "I'll go."
<Azreal> "You can."
  • FenixHawk gathers his senses and walks out to the plane.
<GM> * The plane glides to a stop in front of the shack. *
  • Nova still keeps an ear for movement.
  • Azreal sits with Allan.
<FenixHawk> "Az, can you come with me? We may need to negotiate."
<Azreal> "Fine."
<Nova> "And guard the plane if necessary"
<Azreal> "Of course."
  • Azreal follows.
<GM> * The propellers come to a stop. *
<GM> * Nova, you see the pilot sit there for a little while. *
  • Azreal rolls her eyes.
<FenixHawk> To Azreal: "You know, come to think of it, you were great on the docks."
<FenixHawk> "But that car... It's been with me through some shit."
<FenixHawk> "It was a lot to take in."
<Azreal> "I told you I would fix it up for ya.. I can make it good as new."
<GM> * The pilot opens his door after checking his watch. *
<GM> * He gets out of his plane and looks at the van. *
  • FenixHawk looks at him.
<GM> * He's a human man, about 6' tall. He's wearing a red baseball cap, and a tacky collared shirt tucked into denim jeans with tennis shoes. *
<FenixHawk> "Are you here for the package?"
<GM> * "Who's there?" *
<GM> * He's dark-complected, with thick black hair. *
<FenixHawk> "Name's Fenix Hawk."
<Azreal> "I'm Azreal."
<GM> * The pilot shifts. "Where is he?" *
<FenixHawk> "Safe."
<GM> * He thumbs his waistband, putting his hands behind his back. *
  • FenixHawk whispers something to Azreal.
  • Azreal nods.
  • Azreal stands there with her hands on her hips.
<FenixHawk> "Whose authority are you here on?"
<GM> * "Mr. Smythe sent me." *
<FenixHawk> "Call him."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Jesus Christ." *
<GM> * He takes his cell phone off his belt and dials a number. *
<GM> * It's old-fashioned, like him. An actual cellular phone. *
<GM> * "Mr. Smythe, please." He pauses. "It's Rogers...Yes..." *
<GM> * He looks at you both, annoyed. "On hold." *
<FenixHawk> "You should have said 'no'."
<GM> * "Hey, the boss doesn't take 'no' for an answer." *
<GM> * "I got a kid to feed." *
<FenixHawk> "Me too. She's 16."
<GM> * He looks at you both. *
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "You too, huh?" *
  • FenixHawk nods.
<GM> * "Scary as hell, some of the boys she brings home." *
<GM> * He shakes his head. *
<FenixHawk> "You should see the ones mine brings home, one in particular."
<FenixHawk> "I'm going to kill him."
  • FenixHawk says it flat, without emotion.
<GM> * "Hello? Yeah...Mr. Smythe...uhhh...There are some elves here, they told me to call you." *
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Yes sir." *
<FenixHawk> "Let me speak with him?"
<GM> * He's already handing the phone over to you. *
  • FenixHawk takes it.
<GM> * The voice: "Where's my boy?" *
<FenixHawk> "Safe."
<Nova> ((the phone explodes into your head))
<FenixHawk> "Alive."
<GM> * "None of your shadow talk, let me talk to him." *
<FenixHawk> "Ok. But while I am walking over to him, I will tell you why I am calling. We want more money."
<GM> * He barks a laugh. *
<FenixHawk> "I'm sorry you feel that way."
  • FenixHawk hangs up.
<GM> * That was...foolish. *
<GM> * The phone sits in your hand and the little green number pad goes off. The pilot looks at you both. *
<GM> * The phone's light shuts off since it isn't in use. *
  • FenixHawk waits.
<GM> * Rogers stands at the plane and looks at you Fenix. *
  • FenixHawk walks back over.
<GM> * Rogers: "Mr. Smythe doesn't play games." *
<FenixHawk> "So what do you say?"
<GM> * "Hit redial." *
<FenixHawk> "IN a minute."
<FenixHawk> "What do you say when your daughter brings someone home that's strange?"
<GM> * "Me?" *
<FenixHawk> "Yes."
<FenixHawk> "Or do you just shoot him?"
<GM> * "I find out whether I like the kid or not." *
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Never had to shoot one." *
  • FenixHawk laughs.
<FenixHawk> "That's good."
  • FenixHawk re-dials
<GM> * Click click. *
<GM> * Mr. Smythe: "I knew you'd call back. You mercenaries are all alike." *
<GM> * "I suggest you don't do that again." *
<FenixHawk> "Mr. Smythe our expenses come to over 20,000¥ and I will make this brief. We ask for 8,000 per person and 20,000 in expenses."
<GM> * Silence. *
<FenixHawk> "Considering we made enemies with one of the top dogs in the bounty hunter business, is that so much to ask?"
<FenixHawk> "Not only that, we had to kill whoever was paying for your son's bounty. Well, we blew up his helicopter anyway."
<GM> * You hear his breathing for a moment. *
<FenixHawk> "And I know the bounty is worth 250,000¥"
<FenixHawk> "But I have a reputation to keep, and I'm sure you will do well to enhance it after this job is over."
<GM> * "How many of you are there?" *
<FenixHawk> "Four."
<GM> * More silence. *
<Nova> ((yay, we can reach 1/5 the bounty..))
<GM> * "I offer you 15,000 a piece. No more." *
<GM> * "You can fight amongst yourselves for the bills." *
<FenixHawk> "15,000 a piece, I accept. If you need more work in the future, please call. Where do I get the money?"
  • FenixHawk points to Allan and motions for Nova to come over with him.
<GM> * Mr. Smythe: "Call your Johnson, shadowrunner." *
<GM> * #Click.# *
  • FenixHawk hands the phone back to the pilot.
<GM> * Rogers slips it into his cell holster. *
  • Nova helps Allan to stand up, roughly, and brings him over.
<GM> * Allan whines about his knee. *
<FenixHawk> "Bring the kid please, Nova."
<FenixHawk> "As much as they hate us, they need us."
<GM> * Allan: "Mike!" *
<GM> * Mike Rogers: "Hey kid." *
  • Nova walks the kid to the plane.
  • FenixHawk helps him into the plane.
<GM> * Rogers goes over to Allan. As he passes you, Fenix, you catch sight of the big nasty revolver tucked into his jeans at the small of his back. His hand must've been on it the whole time. *
  • FenixHawk pretty much knew that already.
<GM> * He gets the kid into the plane and straps him in. *
<GM> "What happened to his knee?" *
<Nova> "What does it look like?"
<GM> * "Huh?" *
<FenixHawk> "We had to fight off 5 or 6 of the hottest bounty hunters in Seattle, and he's still in one peice... more or less.... what do you think happened to his knee?"
<GM> * "Yeah, I figured." *
<FenixHawk> "Take care of yourself, Allan. I hope you learned something from all this."
  • FenixHawk walks away.
<Nova> "Yeah, like to shut up"
<GM> * Allan: "What?" *
<GM> * The door shuts. *
  • Nova walks away to the van.
<GM> * The propeller starts to turn and the plane backs up. *
<GM> * Azreal's at the driver's seat of the van already. *
<Nova> <to Az> "If you really want it.." *sits in the back*
  • FenixHawk calls the Johnson.
<GM> * The line connects. *
<GM> * "Johnson." *
<FenixHawk> "The package is safe."
<FenixHawk> "Delivered. Secured. Whatever"
<GM> * "Hold on." *
<GM> * You're put on hold. The cellular signal's a little rough out here. *
<GM> * You watch the little plane take off and climb into the night sky. *
<GM> * It banks and makes a 180 degree circle. *
<Nova> ((You all hear a gunshot as it flies overhead.))
<GM> ((What the fuck...ruin my ending too. ))
<FenixHawk> ((LOL @ NOVA))
<GM> ((jerkoff))
<FenixHawk> ((LOL!!!))
<Ash``> ((hehe))
<Nova> ((dont tell me i guessed right...))
<GM> ((i was gonna have him ditch the body in the treeline too))
<GM> * The plane flies off. *
<GM> ((fucker))
<GM> * Click click. *
<GM> * Johnson: "Yeah, delivery confirmed." *
<FenixHawk> "Good enough. Wheres my money?"
<GM> * "Come and get it. I'm not a delivery service....God damn unprofessionals." *
<FenixHawk> "Where? Don't you understand me?"
<GM> * "Where do you think? The club." *
<FenixHawk> "Thanks."
  • FenixHawk hangs up.
<FenixHawk> "I got us more money by the way"
<Nova> "Yeah.. IF we get it.."
<FenixHawk> "Let's go back."
<Nova> "Yeah.."
<GM> * Azreal squeels. *
  • Nova sighs at the squeal.
  • FenixHawk piles into the van.
  • Nova sits in the back of the van

. . .

<GM> * Azreal drives you back to Seattle, where you go to Club Menjivar and get paid the big bucks. *
  • FenixHawk collects it all and divies it out after taking reimbursement
  • Nova also takes his 1300 of expenses before the spliting.
<FenixHawk> ((1300? Noted))
<GM> * Fenix: Your once fully-restored Ford Mustang Cobra is totalled...maybe you can save the engine. *
<Nova> ?is my car where I left it when i come back for it?
<GM> * Yes. *
<GM> * Someone polished it and got you new rims. *
<GM> * Johnathan Myers remains in a coma, under the care of Patch's Clinic. *
<GM> * His bill is 25 grand. *
<FenixHawk> !!!!!!!!
<FenixHawk> ((You're shittin me?!))
<FenixHawk> ((Is it for real 25,000?))
<GM> * For real, 25,000¥. *
<FenixHawk> FUCK!
<GM> * John's comatose. Still in intesive care. *
<GM> * 75% survival chance. He got his fucking heart cut out, what do you expect? *
<FenixHawk> "Ok, well we are going to use Jon's portion to pay for his medicals."
<GM> * 25,000¥ is what you owe Patch, the street doc. *
<GM> * And he'll collect -- either in cash, or your organs if you don't pay. *
<Johnathan> ((I like my organs))
<GM> * So does Patch. *
<FenixHawk> We pay.
<GM> * All 25,000¥? Who fronts the 10k to cover what John's pay doesn't? *
<FenixHawk> Uhhhm, 15,000 of it
<FenixHawk> The other ten... comes... from....
<FenixHawk> The team?
<GM> * Azreal, being 15000 nuyen richer, is thinking about her new wardrobe and a new ear. *
<GM> * "Johnathan who?" *
<GM> * "Oh, him, yeah...Sucks." *
  • FenixHawk took all the money before anyone got paid their individuals.
<Nova> ((yeah, mister leader is first calculating expenses))
<GM> * "Team" is up to you all. *
<GM> * Role play it. *
<GM> * I have orders from Azreal. *
<GM> * Where are you all divying this up? *
<GM> * Patch's office? *
  • FenixHawk took the money, and will fight if anyone who wants to get it before he minuses expenses.
  • Nova stands up to the fight.
<Nova> "You really want to do this?"
<FenixHawk> "I fronted 15,000 at least for this mission to be a success. What do you think?"
<FenixHawk> "You think I am going to just bite it, lose all that money, not make a god damned dime?"
<FenixHawk> "I will die before that happens."
<Nova> "I just dont like anybody taking my money, never said I won't do it your way."
<FenixHawk> "Ok, well I have receipts, it will be fair."
<GM> * You're all in Patch's Clinic where you brought Johnathan some 'Get Well Soon' balloons and a box of chocolates which Nova has already eaten. *
<FenixHawk> "I'm not even counting the car..."
<Nova> "So, I LET you divide the money."
  • Nova smirks
<FenixHawk> "Ok."
<FenixHawk> "That works."
<Nova> "Depends.."
  • FenixHawk gives Nova his 1300 back first of all.
  • Nova takes his 13 hundred nuyen.
<GM> * Fenix, YOUR bill is 3k. *
<GM> * Nova, yours is 1k. *
<FenixHawk> ((I got all the bills mr GM))
<GM> * Azreal will need 5k for a perfect new ear. *
<FenixHawk> ((New medical bills? We already payed him 2K))
<GM> * For Allan's knee, gentlemen. *
<FenixHawk> oy...
<GM> * You guys got healed after getting fucked up in the hotel and haven't settled for that. *
<FenixHawk> "I'm not going to count personal medical expenses. Only gear and shit like that."
<FenixHawk> "Settle with Patch after you get your money."
<GM> * You and Nova sit in the empty waiting room, divying nuyen. *
<Nova> "If you say so.. you pay more than me anyway."
<GM> * Azreal's setting up Johnathan's balloons. *
  • Nova grins slightly.
<FenixHawk> "After gear, Allan's medicals, the incident at the hotel, Nova's expenses... we get 11051 each."
  • Nova considers popping the ballons with his spurs.
  • FenixHawk gives Nova a credstick with 11051¥.
<Nova> "Now what do you know, we got over 10k for all this.."
  • Nova takes it
<Nova> "Underpayment..."
<FenixHawk> "John fronted 3200 nuyen, which is going to Patch. So Patch is still owed 6800 for Johnathan's medicals. Patch, think you can find some work for him to do when he wakes up?"
<Nova> "Like mop the floors.."
  • FenixHawk gives Patch all of John's money.
<GM> * Patch: "Yeah, gimme a second." *
<GM> * Patch goes into a back office. *
<GM> * The double doors to the street open and in steps a 9 and a half foot mountain of tatooed troll muscle. His ram-like horns are very distinct and his mane of black hair it pulled back into a ponytail. He's a little beat up. *
<GM> * He looks down at both of you. *
<Nova> "SHIT!"
  • Nova looks up to him.
  • FenixHawk chuckles.
<GM> * Diablo frowns. *
<FenixHawk> "When I said 'Till the next time we meet', I didn't mean this soon."
<Nova> "I'm not in the mood either..."
<GM> * Diablo: "Business is business." *
<GM> * "Where's the kid?" *
<FenixHawk> "Gone. Still worth something to you?"
<GM> * Diablo shrugs, "He was worth something to somebody." *
<FenixHawk> "The bounty was dead or alive."
<GM> * "Where's the doc?" *
<FenixHawk> "Back office."
<GM> * He grunts. *
<GM> * "You fucked up my bike." *
<FenixHawk> "You fucked up my car."
<GM> * "That's business." *
<FenixHawk> "It is."
<GM> * He lumbers past you both, cocking an eye down at Nova and walks into the back. *
  • Nova motions a gun shot with his hand at his back.
<GM> * You're alone again. *
<FenixHawk> "I think we should go."
<Nova> "Yeah, I'm starving.."
<FenixHawk> "Let's take Az up to a hotel room. We can get room service."
  • Nova eats his last chocolate bar.
<GM> ((i expected one of you maniacs to pull a gun or something))
<FenixHawk> "Eh, Hotel room, what'ya think?"
<Nova> "I dont care, as long they have food and she," *motions to Az* "shuts up."
<FenixHawk> "I don't see her as being quiet under the circumstances I am picturing...."
<FenixHawk> ((End?))
<GM> * If you'd like. *
<GM> * Fenix: Azreal doesn't leave poor comatose John's side for your lecherous gangbang. *
  • FenixHawk curses
<GM> * You all decide to keep in contact. *
<FenixHawk> ((Just gimme karma... like 36 of it))
  • FenixHawk cries.
<Nova> ((oh, yeah, we get karma, or at least would like to))
<GM> * Fenix, you understand that was a Hand of God. *
<GM> * You're at 1 floating team karma. *
<GM> * To apply to the next campaign team you come into. *
<GM> * Hint Hint. *
<FenixHawk> "I will make this rag tag squad a TEAM!"
<Nova> "Who're you calling a rag tag?" *while eating his food*
<FenixHawk> "Did I say that outloud?
<Nova> "Yeah, but I don't care..."

. . .

<GM> * FENIX! *
<GM> * ...Shuffles numbers... *
<GM> * Awww, you lost your inst-o-karma.... *
<GM> * Sucks. *
<FenixHawk> ((It went to a good cause))
<Nova> ((to let you live cause you couldnt beat that guy))
<GM> * Fenix: You get 10 karma. *
<GM> * Smile and negate the bitching. *
<FenixHawk> ((Wooooo!))
<GM> * And remember... *
<GM> * Further insolence will be taken out on more things that are important to your characters! *
<FenixHawk> lol
<GM> * Your Mustang was an example...Be forewarned! *
<GM> * NOVA! *
<GM> * You get.... *
<GM> * 8 Karma. *
<GM> * Would be nine, but you spoiled my suprise ending, you fuck! *
<GM> * That'll teach you... *
<GM> * AZREAL! *
<GM> * She gets 7 for minimal participation. *
<GM> * JOHN! *
<GM> * ... already got his karma. *
<FenixHawk> Well done, now we just gotta think of a team name.
<FenixHawk> Shadow Knights!
<GM> * You're not a team yet. *
<FenixHawk> fine
<GM> * The newbs need a little more experience. *
<GM> * However, I do have a campaign. *
<GM> * Just looking for the right group. *
<GM> * Even though I hate elves... *
<Nova> ((f-you))
<GM> * GAME OFF! *

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