<GM> * Nova, after the beating you received a month ago at the hands of Diablo, you're prone to headaches and feelings of dizziness at inopportune times. You had Patch hammer out most of the dents in your dermal sheath, but there are still a few noticeable dings. *
<GM> * Johnathan, you awoke from your coma about 10 days ago. For a while you felt a little less...alive, but the feelings passed after a day or two. You're out an armor vest and in debt to Patch for 10 grand. Looks like your desired Smartlink cyberware will have to wait. *
<GM> * Azreal left you her LTG number. *
<GM> * Taurno, you're doing elven slope stuff like eating sushi and watching hentai. *
<GM> * It's Thursday afternoon, and Seattle has been quite rainy as of late. There are a lot of mudslides reported in the Salish lands to the north. *

  • Taurno laughs.
  • Johnathan calls all his contacts to see if he has missed a lot, and also to let them know he's back in action incase they have work... which he really needs, desperatly.
  • Taurno idles at home looking for something to do.
<GM> * You all receive a call from your various contacts at about 10am. It seems your presence is requested that afternoon for a job. If interested, you're to find your way to 'Matchsticks' in Downtown Seattle by 5pm and tell them you're with the 'Johnson Party'. Specific instructions are to make sure you dress nicely and wear a tie. *
  • Johnathan heads to his place and changes so he is wearing a tie and some nice clothes, but still wears his long jacket. Mostly to stay dry, but also for some protection.
  • Nova HAS no ties or nice clothes..
<GM> * Nova, you have time to go shopping. *
<Nova> "I HATE this job..."
  • Nova makes himself look 'normal' and goes to buy some ties & stuff.
<GM> * Nova, you pass a knockoff sidewalk shop in the Barrens advertising "CHEAP SUITS" *
<Nova> "This job better be worth looking like a jerk" *goes to the shop*
<GM> * It's some asshole set up on the sidewalk, looks like he carries his business around in the van parked at the rear of the alley in which he has established his workplace for the day. *
<GM> * The portly man offers to set you up with an Armante` knockoff called an Arman` for 70 (nuyen)bucks. *
  • Nova doesn't care, cause he never actually has worn a suit..
<GM> * "Oh, the Armante! A wise choice, sir!" *
<Nova> "Can I.. em.. try it on?"
<GM> * The pudgy balding man holds the suit up to your chest and the trousers along your leg. *
<GM> * "Hmmm..." *
<GM> * He bussles back and returns with another size, doing the same thing. *
<GM> * "Perfect fit." *
<Nova> "Great.."
<GM> * He hands you the suit on its hanger. *
<GM> * "Seventy Nuyen." *
  • Nova takes a deep breath and pays the 70Y.
<GM> * "Thank you, kind sir! Many salutations and a GREAT day to you! May the stars bless you in your doings." *
<GM> * "Please come again, I know you'll be very satisfied." *
<Nova> "Yeah, whatever"
  • Nova escapes as fast as he can into his hideout.
<GM> * He calls out to you as you leave... "Don't forget to recommend us to your friends!" *
<GM> * Nova, MSG. *

<Nova> if the suit fits i'll wear it, the vest, and it's raining so my coat stays
<Nova> washed and taken care of to look like normal coat, of course
<GM> * You can't conceal your vest very well under the suit.... *
<GM> * Still gonna wear it? *
<Nova> hmm.. if it's obvious.. then no
<GM> * You decide to go without the vest. *
<GM> * Without the vest the suit is, as the salesman claimed, a perfect fit. *
<GM> * You also find the suit a lot less uncomfortable than you'd thought, and the lack of a vest gives you a strange feeling of liberation. *
<GM> * Luckily, the tie is a clip on. *

  • Johnathan starts making his way to the meeting point after changing.
  • Taurno drives in his funky bike with sidecar, with his usual attire... Which is Black leather suits.
<GM> * When does everyone arrive? *
<Johnathan> ((9:30))
<GM> * The damn meeting is at 5pm. *
<Johnathan> ((lol sorry saw the wrong time))
<Johnathan> ((4:30))
<Nova> ((4:30))
<Taurno> ... ( 5:05!)

. . .

<GM> * 'Matchsticks' in Downtown Seattle is the trendiest of the trendy restaurants around. It's not cheap at all, all the food is real, and it's not uncommon to rub elbows with your favorite trideo stars while dining there. You can't even think about getting in without reservations, and the interior decor seems to constantly change with whatever's in style that season. *
<GM> * You all arrive at your various times. *
<GM> * The matre`d greets you all and tells you to wait at the bar after you request the Johnson party. He says you'll be contacted inside. *
  • Johnathan heads in and waits by the bar.
<GM> * The interior is currently very much into glass...Glass columbs, glass tables, all underlit with blue and white lighting. *
  • Nova waits at the bar also.
<Nova> ((oh yeah, glass blasting scenes.. ROX!))
<GM> * The bar is a big blue glass top with a black base. *
<GM> * A handsome young man, tall and slim with a pony tail, greets you as you sit and asks for your drink order. *
  • Nova orders mineral water, with ice.
  • Taurno orders a non alchoholic beverage!
<GM> * You all get Don Perrier. *
<Taurno> "Dirt water."
<GM> * Expensive water. *
  • Johnathan looks at it and shrugs, taking a sip.
  • Nova murmurs, "I HATE this job.."
<GM> * At 4:58 a waitress comes over to the bar and gathers you all up. She's about 5'8" with blonde hair and a vinyl vest and skirt combo with knee high socks and clunky black shoes. *
<GM> * Descriptions for everyone with appropriate dress changes, please. *
  • Nova is a muscular male elf with a striking appearance. 6'4" tall and approx. 200 pounds, his skin is almost perfectly black, opposed to milk-white long straight hair. Deep-blue, snakelike eyes burn with hate and anger. He is currently waring a second-rate suit and tie.
  • Johnathan is a broad shouldered human male standing 6'3" tall weighing approximately 220 lbs. He has dark blond military cut hair and deep blue eyes covered with dark shades, with a light tan to his skin. He is dressed in all black dress clothes except a white dress shirt and black tie down to his well-polished combat boots peaking out from under his dress pants and a long duster style jacket covering everything.
  • Taurno is a 6'4 Tall Elf With an olympic build. Tight fitting leather suit adorned, wearing a tight string tie. Long sapphire blue shiny hair, lengthened ears, and sparkly blue eyes... that really sparkle!.. with a cane always at his side.. (Pearl handled, even!)
<GM> * You all look at one another...such a tall bunch. Taurno wins the "Fruit of the Year" award in style. *
<GM> * But he is, in a way, much more trendy than the two of you. *
  • Nova remains silent.
<GM> ((ALL THESE ELVES!! I _HATE_ you fucking daisy eaters...i'll have to start thinning the numbers.))
<Johnathan> ((I'm a human, leave me alone))
<GM> * Actually, the waitress looks you up and down, Taurno, and gives you a warm smile. "Great threads," she comments. *
<Taurno> "Why thank you, I bought them last week."
  • Nova looks up to the ceiling.
<GM> * You all see one another now. *
  • Nova looks at John. "Hey, got you heart back?"
  • Nova grins.
<Johnathan> "Nov... naw, it can't be can it.... is that you Nova? Damn, you look like a fruit in that stuff. It's not you, man."
<Nova> "Don't mention it.."
<Nova> "Or else"
<GM> * The waitress leads you through the restaurant... "Hey, is that Dixie Legolas? The Pop Techno Country star?" she comments with a point and an obligatory wave. *
<GM> * You're led into an empty back room with a long table and chairs. *
  • Johnathan extends his hand to Nova.
<Johnathan> "Great to see a familliar face... damn, the last month's been hell for me."
  • Nova rejects it. "I don't give handshakes."
  • Taurno wonders if he should start wincing.
<Johnathan> "Fine by me... just glad to see ya, and maybe be working with you. I know I can at least trust you."
<Nova> "I wouldn't.. trust me.."
<GM> * The table is old fashioned and real oak, as is the furniture. In fact, the decor is generally old fashioned. *
  • Nova sits in one of the chairs.
  • Taurno waits for this "Johnson" to appear
<GM> * The waitress closes the sliding door to the room and leaves you all alone. *
  • Johnathan takes a seat.
  • Nova looks at Taurno, "And who might you be?"
  • Johnathan looks over at the other guy.
<Taurno> "I am ... Taurno, ... I work as a freelancer.. for big clients.. and small... ."
<Nova> "Yeah, like the rest of us.."
  • Nova shakes his head.
<Johnathan> "I'll work for anyone for a price, just like any of us."
<Taurno> "I've got some family in the business, you know.. "
<Nova> " 'I've got some family in this business'.. SHEEESH.."
<Johnathan> "You also look like you have too much money, no one needs all that dangly shiney stuff on them. It attracts too much attention."
  • Nova shakes his head even more.
<Taurno> "Hush, man , you be primping my style!"
<GM> * Just then, the sliding door opens and a human man enters. *
  • Johnathan looks to the new man.
  • Nova looks up.
<GM> * He's about 6' tall and clad in a perfectly tailored grey business suit. He has grey hair worn slicked back over his scalp. He's obviously an older man, mid 50's you'd guess. He has a rough face with rugged good looks and a thin scar down his cheek under his right eye. *
<GM> * He's flanked by two metahumans, one elf with a wispy white mohawk, and one ork in a maroon silk suit. *
<GM> * The ork also has a pair of wraparound mirror shades that he doesn't remove. *
<Taurno> "So what do you have to offer for us, Mr Johnson? Assuming that's your name, of course."
<GM> * Taurno, you speak as he enters and he and his men look at you. *
  • Johnathan nods to the ork and elf looking them up and down after the man.
  • Nova refrains from commenting on their looks..
<GM> * The human man shakes his head, staying silent and looking slightly dissapointed. *
<GM> * He makes his way across the room to the head of the table, taking a seat. The ork closes the door and the elf takes up position to the Johnson's left. *
  • Nova still doesn't comment..
  • Taurno wonders why Nova is soo ... uptight
  • Johnathan sits back and watches the man, keeping an eye on the elf and ork as well.
<GM> * Nova, you get a slight headache and become a little hungry. *
<GM> * The man regards you all. *
  • Nova closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
  • Nova looks up again.
  • Taurno hears the man out, steepling his fingers.
  • Johnathan looks over at Taurno and shakes his head, then looks back at the man.
<GM> * He begins to speak, "Gentlemen, you've all obviously been summoned here for purposes of employment. Namely a job which I wish to procure your services for." *
<GM> * The ork stands perfectly still, as does the elf. *
  • Nova listens.
<GM> * "The job in question is something of a courier run." *
<GM> * "I have a package coming to me from a party that will remain nameless, and I'd like you gentlemen to retrieve it for me." *
  • Johnathan nods.
<Taurno> "Doesn't seem too hard.. but I suspect it will involve some insane security, seeing as my compatriots seemed to be armed enough."
<GM> * "The pay is relatively simple for a simple job." *
<GM> * "Five grand a piece." *
<GM> * "No more, no less." *
<Taurno> "... .what? Man, pay sure has gotten low since i left ... "
<Nova> "What is it? Is it big? Is it dangerous? And how many bad guys are going to be looking for it?"
<GM> * He regards you all with eyes as dark as pits. *
<Johnathan> "Do we get paid for our expenses?"
<GM> * He frowns. *
<GM> * "No." *
<GM> * The ork shifts in his maroon suit, a little on edge as the human man continues to speak. "The first order of business would be to ask if you accept the mission." *
<Taurno> "I've got nothing else to do... Yes, I'll accept the mission."
  • Johnathan looks at Nova.
<GM> * "I believed I requested professionals for this job....I will have to have a word with your respective fixers." *
<Nova> "We don't really know anything about it yet, at least how big and dangerous is the package?"
<GM> * He places his hands on the tabletop. *
<Johnathan> "I agree, we got left in the dark last time we took a job and it didn't help."
<GM> Hold.

<Taurno> ((How long is the hold for?))
<Nova> ((GM discretion.. )))
<GM> * Few minutes, getting a 4th player. *
<GM> * 5 minute warning. *
<GM> ((joel's the next player.))
<Johnathan> ((who's joel))
<GM> ((the founder of this channel))
<Nova> ((NO WAY!))
<Johnathan> ((ahhh ok))
<Nova> ((/me feels honored))
<Johnathan> ((/me quickly fixes his hair and stuff "never thought I'd actually meet him, he's a legand"))
<Taurno> (( I'm gonna have to Cut out for now GM, But ... npc me as a go between for the pcs, I'll let them even use 20,000 nuyen from my 'stick, if they need to) )
<GM> ((wtf))
<Taurno> (( it's 4:30am!))
<GM> ((so what?))
      • Jack-- (Jack--@AC8AEC2E.ipt.aol.com) has joined #s-run
<Remo> [Jack--] Old school hero.
<Taurno> (( Note.. I'll be charging 10% interest on non essential purchases ::: )
<GM> ((your ass is dead if you quit now!))
<Nova> ((heh, and you think anybody will pay you? ;P))
<GM> ((if you're leaving, get the fuck outta here))
<Taurno> (( It's not my fault you decided to start playing at 3 FUCKING AM!)
<GM> ((wah))

<GM> OK, gentlemen, this meeting will rewind.
<GM> * You're all in the back room. *
<GM> * #POOF# *
<GM> * Taurno is replaced by Jack Calloway, describe yourself, bum. *
<GM> * In fact, everyone describe yourselves. *
  • Johnathan is a broad shouldered human male standing 6'3" tall weighing approximately 220 lbs. He has dark blond military cut hair and deep blue eyes covered with dark shades, with a light tan to his skin. He is dressed in all black dress clothes except a white dress shirt and black tie down to his well-polished combat boots peaking out from under his dress pants and a long duster style jacket covering everything.
  • Nova is a muscular male elf with a striking appearance. 6'4" tall and approx. 200 pounds, his skin is almost perfectly black, opposed to milk-white long straight hair. Deep-blue, snakelike eyes burn with hate and anger. He's currently dressed in a second rate bussiness suit and tie.
  • Jack-- is a 6'1" human man who looks to be in decent shape physically, if not financially. He's wearing an off the rack blue sports coat with pants that don't quite match. His tie is covered in pictures of women in bikinis and hangs crookedly from his neck. His brown hair looks freshly gelled and recently washed, and his dark blue eyes dart about the room.
<Nova> ((jesus..))
<Johnathan> ((better then the dangly shiney elf that was here before))
<Nova> ((I liked the elf better))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
<Nova> ((he was more fun))
<Johnathan> ((and more money to take after we killed him at the end of the run))
<Nova> ((hehe, you're a mean guy you know?))
<Jack--> ((uh oh))
<Jack--> ((looks like you all were trained by josh))
<GM> ((lol))
<Jack> ((...so trained by josh))
<GM> ((hell yeah))
<Johnathan> ((we are the noobs that learned all we know from josh))

<GM> * The human man and his entourage enter in the same fashion as before. *
<GM> * He takes his seat. *
  • Jack takes a seat and sits down self-conciously.
  • Nova does the same things as before.
<Nova> ((including the headache))
  • Johnathan looks the new guy over a little then looks at the man who enters the at the ork and elf nodding to them.
<GM> * The Johnson in the grey suit with the thin scar on his cheek regards you all silently. *
<GM> * "Gentleman, you have all no doubt been called here because I require your various talents for a job." *
  • Johnathan nods.
  • Nova stays silent.
<GM> * "Recently, an item of grave importance has come to my attention...An item that I require." *
<GM> * "You are going to get it for me." *
<GM> * "Your payment is 15,000. No more, no less." *
<Nova> "What is it? Is it big? Is it dangerous? And how many bad guys are going to be looking for it?"
<GM> * He frowns slightly as he looks at you. *
  • Jack shakes his head.
<Jack> "This guy isn't an idiot. He's going to tell us what we need to know to get the job done."
<GM> * "I believed I requested professionals for this matter...I will have to have a word with your individual fixers."
  • Johnathan looks at the man and then seems to zone out, running some numbers in his head, then looks back again.
<Jack> "Just chill out and try and take some fashion tips from our goblin friend over here," Jack says, motioning to the ork.
<GM> * The ork looks very stylish in his maroon silk suit and black tie. *
<GM> * Mr. Johnson: "The first order of business is to conclude whether or not you wish to take on this job, Mr. Nova." *
  • Nova looks at Jack in an "I will kill you" way
  • Johnathan looks at Jack and shakes his head, then back to the man.
<Jack> ((lol!))
<Johnathan> "I accept the job."
<GM> * The man places his hands on the table and waits for your responses. *
<Jack> "I'm in."
<Nova> "Well.. whatever, I take it."
  • Jack winks at Nova, with a smile.
<Nova> <whisp> "I'm gonna regret this.."
  • Nova gives him an even eviler stare
<GM> * Jack, the black elf looks at you like he wants to fuck you. *
<Jack> ((another gay elf))
<Jack> ((the last one got blown up))
<Nova> ((fuck you))
<Johnathan> ((lol))
<GM> * The man with the grey hair continues. "Good." *
  • Nova rubs his temples and takes another deep breath.
  • Johnathan waits for the info on the job.
<GM> * "Gentleman, the item I require is held in an armored briefcase, by a cadre of drug dealers." *
  • Nova listen carefully.
<GM> * "Mr. Hardcore..." *
<GM> * Mr. Johnson motions with a hand, and the ork reaches into his coat and produces a chip which he slides into a tabletop data unit. A holodisplay appears at the opposite end of the table. *
  • Johnathan looks at the hologram.
<GM> * On the display appears a standard-looking black leather case, with a number pad lock on the front. *
<GM> * It changes to a mugshot of a hispanic man with a thick mustache. His eyesbrows are shaved off and replaced by tattoo's saying something in Spanish or Latin. *
<Jack> ((lol))
<Johnathan> ((great...))
<GM> * The man continues speaking, "This is Christof Parades, the head of the small faction of dealers that currently possess my briefcase." *
  • Nova wonders how 'small' the faction is...
<GM> * "They're operation is known as Los Siete Muertes...Roughly translated as 'The Seven Plagues'. It's a smaller group, peddling the old school dope like cocaine and heroin to children and senior citizens. They've seemed to keep away from BTL's and the like." *
<GM> * "The leadership in total is about 12 strong, with independent sources working as their sellers on the street." *
<GM> * "Mr. Parades (pronounced 'par-rod-ess') is the man in possession of my case. I want it back." *
<GM> * "Are there any questions?" *
<Nova> "Where are they to be found?"
<GM> * "They operate mostly outside of the Puyallup Barrens and the docks. As to their current whereabouts, your guess is as good as mine." *
<Nova> "And about the briefcase.. any details? weight?"
<GM> * "Not heavy." *
<Johnathan> "Ok, well I need to grab a few things before we can start... plus we need some planning, and to find them."
<Jack> "That seems like all we need to know...let's get started so we can be finished with this in time for happy hour at Hooters."
<GM> * He nods, "Very good." *
  • Nova looks back at Jack..
<GM> * The Johnson stands. *
  • Johnathan stands as well.
  • Jack stands.
<GM> * "You have a week to complete this mission." *
<Jack> "Guys...why don't we step outside for a minute."
  • Johnathan nods and heads outside
<GM> * Mr. Johnson makes for the door and pauses, "Oh, and gentlemen, whatever you do...Don't open the case." *
  • Jack nods
<Nova> "You got it.."
  • Johnathan nods.
<GM> * He leaves the room, if you try to pass him Mr. Hardcore is more than happy to block your passage. *
  • Nova stands up.
<GM> * You're now alone in the back room of Matchsticks. *
<Nova> "So.."
  • Jack looks around.
<Jack> "Fuck it."
  • Jack does a quick check for obvious listening devices.
<GM> * Nothing. *
<GM> * The chip is laid beside the data unit. *
<Nova> "What do you want?"
<Jack> "This one sounds pretty easy. Sting and smash."
<Johnathan> "I need to get the rest of my guns."
<Jack> "We need someone with some street sense to infiltrate their operation..."
<Johnathan> "Don't ask me; I just like to shoot stuff."
<Jack> "Slow down there, Mad Dog. It'll be awhile before anyone needs to get shot. We need to find out where they are and where the case is."
<Nova> "I'm here for the fun, not for sensing."
  • Jack nods
<Jack> "Good. You two should get ready..."
<Jack> "Here's the plan..."
  • Nova listens carefully.
  • Johnathan listens.
<Jack> "I'm going to try to do a little infiltrating. Spend a day or so getting close to Parades. You two get a van and be ready to cover me."
<Johnathan> ((lol we are following someone else we don't know again))
<Remo> ((Listen closely children...or I'll kill you.))
<Nova> ((well, the bot has spoken :P ))
<Jack> "I'll set you up with some listening devices...all you have to do is keep track of what's going on. If things get too hot, come in with guns blazing."
<Nova> "No problemo."
<Jack> "I'll find out exactly where the case is and give you all the intel you need to make the hit. The key here is HIT."
<Johnathan> "Sounds good to me."
<Nova> "Oh.. and I feel you're the one who wants to be the 'leader' now, right?"
<Jack> "You ever seen a SWAT team make a hit? They don't play around; that's the plan. Come in with flashbangs and automatic weapons, wearing as much armor as you can."
<Johnathan> "Well that can be a bit of a problem, I am wearing the armor I have... my old stuff got a bit cut up."
<Jack> "This isn't a major drug operation. The key is to come in FULL FORCE, and you'll take them off guard. See if you can get your hands on a rocket launcher."
<Jack> "We need something big and scary...these guys are drug soldiers, not hardened mercs."
<Johnathan> "Do you think I'm made of money?"
<Jack> "You're a criminal, aren't you?"
<Johnathan> "I'm a shooter, not a thief."
<Nova> "And who's gonna be shooting the fucker when we get it?"
<Johnathan> "I can shoot one... I just can't buy one."
<Nova> "So we're going in with all the fireworks we can get, and you steal the case?"
  • Jack nods.
<Jack> "I'm going to hit the streets for a few hours..."
<Jack> "My name is Jack, by the way. What are your names?"
<Nova> "Nova."
<Nova> "I kill people."
<Johnathan> "Johnathan."
<Nova> "You got a contact number Jack?"
  • Jack exchanges phone #s
  • Nova gives his.
<Jack> "Nova, why don't you come with me for backup while Jonathan takes stock of his equipment."
<Nova> "Well.. okay, what kind of backup you need?"
<Jack> "Nova, nothing serious. I'm going to get an ear to the streets."
<Jack> "Just in case things get rough."
<Johnathan> "I'll try get us a van of some sort as well, although I can't drive very well if at all, but I can try...."
<Johnathan> "Where do you want me to meet you? And when?"
<Jack> "Just call me when you get it done."
  • Johnathan nods.
<Johnathan> "Ok I am gonna get back to my pad and get my stuff and a van"
  • Jack nods.
<Jack> "Let's go."
  • Jack goes outside, pulling his phone-thing.
  • Johnathan heads out back to his pad first.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHNATHAN & THE VAN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Johnathan collects the rest of his weapons.
  • Johnathan then searches the alleys and run down parking lots and parkades that he knows for a van in relativly good condition.
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * You search. *
  • Johnathan searches the alleys and lots for a good condition van.
<GM> * You come across a guy who's set up a suit store on the sidewalk. *
<GM> * His van's in the back of the alley he's peddling his wares in front of. *
<Johnathan> ?any other ways in or out of that ally?
<GM> * You see a fire escape leading down right behind the van from a nearby apartment building. *
  • Johnathan smiles and walks past the man, heading around to the apartment complex.
<GM> * Salesman: "Hey there, buddy...You look like you could use a suit!" *
<Johnathan> "Um maybe later, I need a nice gift for my friend, but I need to head to the bank first."
<GM> * "Alrighty, sir! But keep in mind that I run by business on supply and demand! Cheap suits! 70 nuyen! How long will this price last?? WHO KNOWS!" *
  • Johnathan heads past the guy and towards the entrance to the apartment complex.
<GM> * You go into the apartments. *
<GM> * It's a hallway with doors. *
  • Johnathan heads down the hall, looking for the one to head upstairs on the side of the alley.
<GM> * You find the stairs and go up...There are 7 floors to the building, how far up? *
  • Johnathan opens the door and heads up to the third floor.
  • Johnathan looks for a way onto the fire escape without going through an apartment, but if he can't find one he looks for an apartment that's boarded up or covered in police tape... after that he just knocks on a door to the alley side.
<GM> * You find a window with a sign saying, "WARNING: ALARM WILL SOUND." *
  • Johnathan sighs and tries to look for a trigger on the window for the alarm to disarm it.
<GM> * Roll Intell or Electronics. *
<Johnathan> ((intel, don't have electronics))
  • Johnathan Rolls a Skillcheck Offscreen
<GM> * You check the window and find no triggers. *
  • Johnathan looks out the still closed window to see how far away the guy who owns the van is... if he can see him from here.
<GM> * He's at the mouth of the alley, the van is below you. The fire escape drops down behind the van, keeping you hidden. *
<Johnathan> ?do I think if I smashed the window he could hear me from there?
<GM> * Probably. *
  • Johnathan sighs and looks at the window and takes a deep breath and opens it, then gets out onto the fire escape ASAFP and slides down behind the van right away if an alarm does go off.
<GM> * No alarm sounds. *
  • Johnathan takes a deep breath and sighs
<GM> * You begin to make your way down the fire escape. *
  • Johnathan makes his way down, trying to go as quickly -- yet quietly -- as he can.
<GM> * You're down the second flight of stairs when you slip on a hairball and almost lose your footing. The clanging on the iron fire escape sounds like gunshots in your ears.... *
  • Johnathan swallows hard and quickly looks towards the man, then sighs and breaths again, and slowly makes his way more carefully the rest of the way.
<GM> * The salesman doesn't seem to notice and you continue down. *
<GM> * You scale the ladder and drop the final 9 feet into the alley, landing on the pavement at the passenger side door of the van. *
  • Johnathan climbs in fast.
  • Johnathan closes the door behind him and looks for the keys and checks the ignition to see if it isn't already snapped and ready to go.
<GM> * No keys. *
<GM> * Where are you looking? *
  • Johnathan checks the glove compartment and visors and the ignition itself and under both front seats.
<GM> * A set of keys fall from the visor. *
  • Johnathan smiles and moves over to the driver's seat. He then locks all the doors before putting the key in, looking around for any obsticals, then takes a deep breath and starts the van.
<GM> * The salesman and his suitstore display tables lining the alley are you obstacles. *
<GM> * You start the van, it sputters. *
<GM> * The man spins around and starts screaming at you, "HEY! WHAT THE HELL!!" *
<GM> * The van roars to life. *
  • Johnathan drives down the alley and floors it towards the man and his tables.
<Johnathan> "Come on, baby ...you can do it!"
<GM> * You start driving. *
<GM> * Roll car or quickness. *
<Johnathan> ((quickness))
  • Johnathan Rolls a Skillcheck Offscreen
<GM> * "OH MY GOD!!" *
<GM> * The man jumps out of the way as you smash through his store setup, sending peices of cheap folding table, knock-off suits and coat hangars flying. *
<GM> * You correct yourself and head down the road. *
  • Johnathan heads down the road and after a few blocks, makes sure he is going the speed limit.
<GM> * You glance in your rear view and see the salesman making a phonecall on a cell phone. *
<GM> * You drive. *
  • Johnathan drives at least a dozen blocks and looks for a nice place to pull over out of the way to call Nova and Jack.
<GM> * You drive out of Redmond. *
<GM> * You're getting into Downtown. *
  • Johnathan pulls over at the nearest alley.
  • Johnathan calls Nova's phone.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOVA, JACK & THE SNITCH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * You all 'go'. *
  • Nova follows Jack.
  • Jack dials Taggert.
<GM> * Your gritty LS Detective friend picks up his vidphone, smoking a cigarette and needing a shave. *
<Jack> "Taggert old pal, how's Seattle's finest?"
<GM> * He coughs. "Same as always...What the fuck do you want, Jack?"
<Jack> "I need some info about Los Siete Muertes."
<GM> * "Gang stuff, eh? What the hell do you want to know?" *
<Jack> "I don't know shit about them other than they're a small drug ring that works the Barrens."
<Jack> "What's the last you heard on the streets? Where should I go to learn more?"
<GM> * "They operate out of Puyallup...never operate from the same place twice. Paranoid bunch." *
<GM> * "They've been a real pain in my ass for a while, not to mention on Metro Narc's hotlist of burn-perps...You know they got half the Kindergartenners in the area either using or dealing coke?" *
<Jack> "Who's their supplier, Big Bird? Sorry, old reference..."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "If you know so much, why are you calling me?" *
<Jack> "Cause I don't know where they hang out. The Puyallup is a biiig place. And it's scary at night."
<GM> * Taggert: "All I know is that they've got some meeting set up soon to pawn off some hot ware. With who, for what, or when -- I dunno...If I did, you can bet your ass we'd be all over it." *
<GM> * "So sorry chum, you'll have to dig deeper than me on this one. I can give you a name of a guy I know, though." *
<GM> * "Name's Riley, a snitch who works out of Puyallup." *
<Jack> "Roit...."
<GM> * "Tell him I sent you." *
<GM> * He rattles off an LTG. *
<Jack> "Very nice. Thanks, Tag".
<GM> * "Yeah, no problem...And Jack, if it came down to it, nobody'd miss these scumbags if they happened to dissapear from the beat." *
<GM> * "When're you gonna bring me some doughnuts?" *
<Jack> "You didn't get the batch I sent on Tuesday? You know, it's easier to get a rocket launcher from one end of a LS precinct to the other than a dozen doughnuts."
<Jack> "I'll bring the rest of them by myself next week."
<GM> * "Damn dirty transients..." Taggert disconnects. *
<Jack> ((lol))
  • Jack hails a cab and heads to the Puyallup.
  • Nova still follows Jack.
<GM> * You get some Hindu cabbie. *
<Nova> ((dont tell me.. Otis..))
<GM> * Nova, he's all too familair to you... *
<GM> * The interior of Otis's cab smells like celery and loud Arabic chant music plays from the radio. *
  • Nova ignores the music and smell
<Jack> "So Nova...how about those Mariners, huh?"
  • Nova looks stale at Jack, "What?"
<Jack> "So how long have you been in the killing things industry?"
<Nova> "A while.."
<Nova> "What do you do for a living?"
<Jack> "I sell soap."
<Nova> "..."
<GM> ((lol))
  • Jack directs the cabbie to a bar in the Puyallup near the docks.
<Nova> ((Nova's gonna die on this one, I swear))
<GM> * Otis begins to sing along. *
<Jack> ((lol))
  • Nova rubs his right hand.
  • Jack dials Riley's LTG.
<GM> * Jack: You get a normal-sounding human on your celly. *
<GM> * "Hello?" *
  • Jack jumps into an official-sounding voice.
  • Nova looks out of the window.
<Jack> "Mr. Riley, this is Detective Calloway from Lone Star. A Detective Taggert said that we need to talk."
<GM> * "Who is this? Are you on a cell phone??" *
<GM> * "Listen man, you don't want me...You can find help at 702 Lakeland." *
<GM> * Click. *
  • Jack looks at Nova.
<Jack> "Driver, head to 702 Lakeland please."
  • Nova still looks through the window.
<Jack> "You got some armor and a weapon, right?" Jack asks in a low voice
<Nova> "Well.. what kind of weapon you want on me?"
<Nova> ?do i have my gun?
<GM> * Do you? *
<Nova> ((well.. did it fit under the coat so nobody would notice it?))
<GM> * Sure. *
<Jack> "Anything that will help us. We might be going into a trap. Look alive."
<Nova> "And how do I look to you now?"
  • Nova gets a bit angry.
<GM> * Nova is a big black (as in crayon black) elf. *
<Jack> "Well, you look kind of like Mr. Clean with a wig"
<GM> ((lol))
  • Nova extends his blades with a loud #SHHHHT#
<Nova> "Just what the fuck do you think you are?"
  • Nova gets even more angry.
<GM> * Otis sings loudly. *
<Jack> "Slow down there, John Henry...."
<Jack> "Those will work fine, and they're concealable."
<Nova> "Just get the fuck off me, or you'll regret ever being born.."
<Jack> "...We need to stay low key."
  • Nova retracts his spur
<Jack> "When we get to the bar, let me show you the wonders of decaf..."
  • Jack checks to see where they are.
<Nova> "Fuck decaf, I need some food."
  • Nova gets a chocolate bar out of a coat pocket and eats it
<GM> * You arrive at the address. *
  • Jack checks it out.
<GM> * It's an old burned out building. *
<GM> * May have been apartments at one time. *
<Nova> ?my head still hurts?
<GM> * Nova, yes. It's been chronic, you may want to get it checked out soemtime. *
<GM> * "Fourteen seventy-five," says Otis in a thick accent. *
<Nova> "You pay the man"
  • Jack hops out quick, leaving Nova to pay!
  • Nova sighs deeply.
<GM> ((LOL))
  • Nova gives Jack another 'I'll kill you' stare and pays the EXACT amount to Otis.
<Jack> ((lol))
<GM> * You have no change and have to pay 15 nuyen. *
<GM> * Otis looks at the script and at your face. "Oh, the big tipper again, huh??"
<GM> * "INFIDEL!! I KILL YOU!!!" *
<GM> * And with that he speeds off. *
  • Jack is surveying the apt.
  • Jack specifically looks for all the exits, walking around the building if he has to.
<GM> * It's an old 3 story number, black burn marks on the windows and door frames. *
<GM> * One door in front, one in back...you can see it from the front. The interior is badly hollowed out...A few ghosts of walls exist inside on every floor. *
<Jack> "Keep those spurs sharp. Let me do the talking..."
<GM> * Actions gentlemen? *
  • Jack walks up to the entrance
  • Nova stays quiet, listening for anything suspicious.
  • Nova follows.
<GM> * You walk up, the ground crunching under your feet as you enter. *
  • Jack walks in, head low and looking around.
  • Jack tries to be as quiet as possible.
  • Nova follows around not even trying to hide.
<GM> * It looks empty. *
<GM> * Roll Perception. *
  • Jack adjusts his shirt sleeves

<Jack> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 4 1 2 5 4 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 1 4 2 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Looks empty. *
  • Nova looks around, trying to get familiar with the layout
  • Jack looks for stairs
<GM> * You see a flight of stairs, leading up -- they are at the back of the building by the rear door. *
  • Jack heads in that direction, looking for clues...
  • Nova follows, listening carefully.
<GM> * It's a burned out interior of a building...where walls once stood exist waist-high pieces of anchored debris and such. *
<GM> * You see a whole lot of beer bottles and such. Some crack pipes, and a few wet nudy magazines. *
  • Jack heads carefully up the stairs, moving slowly.
<GM> * You head up the stairs without incident. *
<GM> * To the second or third floor? *
<Jack> ((2nd))
  • Nova follows, playing surly bodyguard.
  • Nova grins slightly.
<Jack> ((lol))
  • Jack looks around on the 2nd floor for clues.
<GM> * There is a rather big clue of a man in a trench coat standing at the other end of the former "hallway" on the second floor. *
<GM> * He's looking at you. *
<Jack> "You looking to buy real estate too?"
<GM> * "Not me." *
<Jack> "Cause I was just thinking that this place would make for a great 'fixer upper'."
<GM> * "Who are you?" *
<GM> * He lights up a nicostick. *
<Jack> "Name is Jack...I'm just here looking around."
<Nova> ?how does the guy look like?
<GM> * Jack, his voice sounds familiar. *
<Jack> ((if he pulls out a chicken wing, I'm running))
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> ((lookout!))
<Nova> ((what's with the chicken wing?))
<Jack> ((long story)))
<GM> * The smoking man is of average height and build. Brown trench coat, hawaiin pattern shirt and grey slacks. *
<GM> * Roll intell Jack. *

<Jack> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 4 2 5 3 2 11 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * It's Riley's voice. *
<GM> * "Jack? I don't know any Jack," he says. *
<Jack> "Jack Calloway."
<GM> * "Who's the daisy eater?" *
  • Nova frowns at the comment.
<Jack> "He's large, dark and handsome...and you don't want to fuck with him."
<Jack> "This is my partner, Detective Murdock."
<Jack> "Taggert said you were a smart man. I can drop you some creds if you help us out."
<GM> * "How about you drop them first." *
  • Jack drops 50 nuyen in script.
<GM> * He blows smoke in your face. "Is that it?" *
<Jack> "That's it until I see what you know."
  • Jack holds up 100 more.
<Jack> ((his life savings))
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> * He slips the 50 into his pocket. *
<GM> * "Depends on the questions you're asking." *
<Jack> "What can you tell me about Los Siete Murtes?"
<GM> * He frowns. *
<GM> * "Not a God damn thing for 50 in script, buddy." *
  • Jack drops the 100.
<Jack> "This had better be good."
<GM> * He laughs, pocketing it... *
<GM> * "Or a hundred...You sure try and pay like a cop..." *
<GM> * "The pigs dunno shit from me, and neither will you unless you make with some real change." *
<Jack> "Its coming out of my pocket. Now tell me SOMETHING before I start to think I've made a bad investment."
<Jack> "Detective Murdock, we wouldn't want to make bad investments, would we?" Jack says with a hard edge to his voice. He opens and closes his fingers.
<Nova> "Definitely." *said in evilish low pitched voice*
<GM> * Riley laughs. *
<GM> * "I know enough, trust me." *
<GM> * "For 150, I dunno shit." *

<GM> !dice 4 0
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 2 3 2 +- Succes -> 4

  • Jack turns and moves close to Nova.
  • Jack whispers, "Give him 100 nuyen. If he doesn't start talking, we get rough."
<Nova> <whisp> "I don't really have 100Y, something like 30-40 only. And I'm not giving him my credstick."
<GM> * Riley stands and waits. *
<Jack> <whisper> "Give him the damn credstick, I'll get you a new one..."
<GM> * "I take credstick, and any major credit card." *
<GM> * He whips out a small reader. *
<Nova> <whisp> "I HATE this job.."
  • Nova pays him another 100Y, making sure he gets the idea he's not getting more until we know more.
<Jack> "Talk. Now."
<GM> * Riley: "They're around here." *
  • Jack folds his arms and looks impatient
<Nova> "Aaand?"
<GM> * "And I know their calendar for a little while longer." *
<GM> * "So make with the real money, or I walk." *
<GM> * "And I do mean real money." *
  • Jack looks at Nova.
<GM> * Riley says, "A man's gotta eat." *
  • Nova pops spurs.
<GM> * Nova, your cell phone begins to vibrate. *
  • Nova ignores the phone.
  • Jack jumps the guy, moving to pin his arms behind his back.
<GM> * Jack, roll quickness. *

<Jack> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 3 4 2 10 4 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Jack, you spring into action. *
<GM> * Your eyesight explodes in white light as you slam face-first against something very hard, and very invisible. *
<GM> * Your vision clears and you're on your ass. *
<GM> * Nova, you see Jack jump forward and come to a dead halt in mid air. *
<GM> * He bounces back and falls on his ass. *
<Nova> "What the fuck!.."
<GM> * Riley smiles. "Nuyen, please?" *
<Jack> "You've got to be kidding me."
  • Nova goes for his strike, ending his attack an inch from the guy's face.
<GM> * Nova, your fist impacts against the air -- and the invisible barrier -- 1 and a half feet from the man's grinning mug. *
<GM> * You feel your arm twist and it's very painful. *
<Nova> "..!"
<GM> * "The fucking nuyen..." *
<GM> * "Please." *
<GM> * Nova, your phone vibrates. *
  • Nova hides his blades and pull out the Predator.
  • Nova ignores the phone again.
  • Jack throws a fucking fletchette at his ankle
<GM> * Jack: It bounces off the air too, and is sent clattering along the floor. *
  • Nova shoots the guy in the knee.
<GM> * #BANG# *
<GM> * Nova: Your bullet flattens in the air, and falls to the floor with a thud after a pause. *
<GM> * Riley: "Jesus Christ." *
<Nova> "What the fuck.."
<GM> * "The nuyen." *
<GM> * "Pretty fucking please." *
  • Nova screams loud and unloads another 3-5 shots in the guy's face.
<GM> * You now have 5 rounds, all flattened, laying at your feet. *
<GM> * Riley looks stressed out. *
  • Nova looks shocked.
<GM> * "Dude...seriously..." *
<GM> * "The money." *
  • Jack gets up and moves behind him.
<GM> * Jack, you can't...you recognize the barrier spell....it goes from one wall to the other." *
<Jack> ((so the room is split?))
<Nova> ((I have some magic knowledge too))
<GM> * The hallway is much more prominent here, as in almost a standing structure, and he has his barrier spell set from wall to wall. *
<GM> * He's backed into a corner. *
<Jack> ((ah))
<Jack> ((is there a window behind him?))
<GM> * Yes. *
<GM> * Riley pleads, "Look, I just want the fucking money." *
<Jack> "Stay here."
<GM> * "No need to get violent." *
<Jack> "Keep that gun on him..I'm going for backup."
<GM> * "...." *
  • Nova stays, keeping the gun at the guy's face.
  • Jack heads back downstairs.
<GM> * "On what grounds?!" *
<GM> * Riley looks angrily at Nova. He's begun to sweat profusely, even in the cold air. *
  • Nova looks more angrily at him

<GM> !dice 8 3
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 1 3 4 4 5 5 4 +- Succes -> 7

<GM> * Nova, you feel a burning in your gut. *
<GM> * Your nose begins to bleed. *
  • Nova tries to keep his aim
<GM> * You can't. *
<GM> * Your world is rocked, *
  • Nova kneels on the ground..
<GM> * Nova: You lose all sense of direction and coordination, but manage to keep your bladder and bowel control. *
  • Jack runs outside and looks up at the window in question.
<GM> * It's a window, Jack. *
  • Jack jumps up and into it.
<GM> * Jack, you jump with adept prowess... *
<GM> * Roll it. *
  • Nova screams in pain!

<Jack> !dice 7
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 4 1 2 3 5 3 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Jack: You come smashing through the window, you anime wannabe motherfucker. *
<GM> * You see Nova on the ground in a heap and Riley making for the stairwell. *
<GM> * The snitch looks back in fear. *
  • Jack puts a fletchette into his ankle, ASAP.

<Jack> !dice 16
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 3 5 4 5 4 2 3 2 2 4 4 5 4 3 2 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * That is so sad. *
<Jack> ((I'd guess the tn = 4))
<GM> * He's moving. It was 6. *
<Jack> ((yeah))
<GM> * Your flechette hits the ground. *
  • Jack chases him down.
<GM> * Riley makes it to the stairs and down, dissapearing from view. *
<GM> * Life is always so hard. *
<GM> * Nova, your world returns to normal. *
<GM> * You're on the ground, your gun at your side. *
<Jack> "I'll be FUCKED if any magic using snitch is gonna skip on me!"
  • Jack sprints full speed after Riley
<GM> * Roll quickness. *

<Nova> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 8 5 3 2 3 5 4 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Jack> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> Jack rolled -+ 4 5 3 2 2 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Jack, you gain a little on Riley's heels, but he's going out the front door. *
<GM> * You're still in the middle of the hallway. *
  • Jack follows his happy ass
<GM> * Riley: "Fuck your mother!" *
  • Jack keeps chasing this fool.
<GM> * He's running down the street, you follow in ghetto fabulous fashion. *

. . .

  • Nova breaths deeply and tries to get up
<GM> * Nova, you can get up just fine, it's as if nothing ever happened to you. *
  • Nova gets his gun.
  • Nova takes a deep breath.
<Nova> "I HATE magic.."
  • Nova looks around.
<GM> * Nova, you're alone in the hallway, you hear Jack yelling. *
<Nova> ?where are the exits? floorplan wise?
<GM> * You have a window to the front of you, and a stairwell going down and up behind you. *
<Nova> ?if I jump through the window, will I end up near the exits?
<GM> * You'll end up outside where you entered the building. *
<Jack> ((the only exit you end up near will be labelled "ER"))
<GM> ((LOL))
<GM> * Act Nova. *
<Nova> ((fuck it, I think I can make this guy jump and not take damage))
<Johnathan> ((I bet ya he'll make a concrete angel))
  • Nova exits through the window.
<GM> * Nova, you jump through the busted out window. *

<GM> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Jack, as you chase Riley you see something big and black come crashing down onto him. *
<Jack> LOL!
<Jack> LOLOL
<GM> * Nova, you land on something soft. *
<Jack> ((its either a piano or my partner has some use!)
<Jack> "HOLY FUCK!"
<GM> * Riley: "AhhH!" *
  • Nova looks down.
  • Jack runs over to them.
<GM> * You see Riley, face down on the concrete at your feet. *
<GM> * ...That's no piano, it's NOVA!" *
  • Nova steps from him, keeping one foot on the guy.
<GM> * Nova pins him down. *
  • Jack dives on Riley and gets him in a headlock, pointing his head straight up and away from any part of himself or Nova.
<GM> * He groans. *
<Jack> "Well well well..."
<GM> * "Gurk!" *
<GM> * He gurgles. *
  • Nova pops his spurs again in his loud fashion
<GM> * Riley: "My neck..." *
<GM> * "My back..." *
<Jack> ((LOL))
<GM> * "My neck and my back." *
<Jack> "Talk now or it'll be the least of your concerns."
<GM> * He pants, breathing hard. *
<GM> * "Word has it...they're pawning off something big...this week." *
<GM> * "Got...a lot of bidders...." *
<Nova> "What? Where?"
<GM> * He vomits on your arm, Jack. You're reminded of home. *
<GM> * Riley: "I...I dunno. *
<Jack> "More info, less clam soup."
<Jack> "Talk it up or I'll make you eat that again."
<GM> * "The buyers....A group of magicians..." *
<GM> * "Dunno who..." *
<GM> * "Please...my back..." *
<Jack> "Where are they having this auction?"
  • Nova still keeps his foot on the guy.
<GM> * "No auction...just a sale...." *
<Nova> "Where?"
<GM> * "Warehouse....on 53rd and...Morrison...." *
<GM> * "There!" *
  • Nova memorizes that.
<Jack> "Good enough."
  • Jack chokes him out.
<GM> * "They're base is...th..er.e..." *
<GM> * Jack: You put him to sleep. *
  • Nova steps off him.
<Jack> "Let's get out of here."
<Nova> "Yeah."
<Jack> "You alright?"
<Nova> "I think."
  • Jack jogs down the street, looking for a cab.
  • Nova follows
<GM> * You leave Riley the magician snitch laying face-down on the concrete in a puddle of his own vomit. *
<GM> * Nova, your phone vibrates, giving you special feelings. *
<Jack> ((lol))
  • Nova answers.
<Nova> "WHAT!?"
<Johnathan> "It's me, I got a van... where am I bringing it?"
<Nova> <phone> "Wait."
<Nova> ((and it's a wristphone))
<GM> * It's a wristphone you left in your damn pocket, chump! *
<Nova> "Jack, John got a van, where do you want it?"
<Jack> "Right here."
  • Jack gives him the address a block down.
<Nova> <phone> "Get it to <address>. Fast."
<Johnathan> "Ok. on my way."
<GM> * You all wait for the van. *
<GM> * It gets dark and begins to rain. *
<Nova> "I hate this weather..."
<GM> * Some squatter wanders up to you both. "Got any change?" *
<Nova> "Beat it!"
<Jack> "No."
<GM> * He looks at Jack, "Hey, don't I know you?" *
  • Jack lowers his face self-conciously
<GM> ((lol))
<Jack> "No, you heard the man who I'm with that isn't a bum..."
<Jack> "Beat it."
<GM> * He grumbles and wanders off. *
  • Nova wonders what all those ghey-sounding comments mean.
<GM> * You see the hobo ask a light post for change. *
<Jack> ((lol))
<GM> * A van comes around the corner. *
  • Nova looks up.
<GM> * Johnathan, you see Nova and Jack standing in the cold rain from behind the wheel of your newly-stolen van. *
  • Johnathan pulls up beside them and stops.
<Johnathan> "Hey guys, get in. There's presents for ya in the back, thought you could use more, Nova."
  • Nova gets in the back.
  • Jack jumps in.
<Nova> ?description of interior?
<GM> * The van is emptied out, no seats except the two front ones. *
<GM> * Lots of cheap knock off suits though. *
  • Johnathan points to the piles of knock-off suits in the back. "Take what ya want."
<Jack> "Jackpot!"
<Nova> ((noway!!!))
<Jack> "Jonathan, you're a fucking genius!"
<Nova> ?does it look familiar?
<GM> * Nova, yes. *
<Nova> ((LOL))
<Nova> ((I love your coincidences))
<Jack> "Exactly what we needed. I don't know how you do it..."
  • Jack starts looking for his size.
<Johnathan> "Jake, anytime.. take 'em all if ya want them."
<GM> * Jack, he calls you Jake. *
<Nova> "We need to get to my place, I want to get my vest and change into something more proper."
<Johnathan> "Ok, where are we headed?"
  • Nova directs him near his most recent hideout.
  • Johnathan drives that way.
<GM> * You head from Puyallup across Seattle to Redmond. *
<Nova> "Think we could use a crossbow?"
<Jack> "Definately."
<Johnathan> "Got any special bolts for it?"
<Nova> "Well... none special, but acquiring them shouldn't be that hard."
<Jack> "We need to see what we'll need first."
<Nova> ?Possible to make explosive bolts?
<GM> * Not for you. *
<Nova> ((I know not for me, possible in your world?))
<GM> * Yes, Rambo. *
<Johnathan> "Ok, well let's get your stuff and we can start the harder stuff."
<GM> * You all arrive at Nova's safehouse. *
<Jack> "We need a little cash for supplies."
<Nova> "Wait here."
  • Nova goes to his place, changes into his usual clothing and gets the crossbow.
<GM> * Nova, the body armor feels rough compared to the comfort that was the suit. *
  • Nova feels strange, liking the touch of the 'jerk' clothes more than his armor.
  • Nova gets back to the van, carrying his crossbow and a box of bolts.
<Johnathan> "Ok, where to now?"
  • Nova 's dressed in a light-grey long coat and Levis. An armor vest of the same color covers his chest.
<GM> * Nova is now a big black object dressed for war. *
<Jack> "I got a flat"
<Jack> <gives address>
  • Johnathan drives there.
<GM> * You drive to Jack's flat in ... *
<GM> * You drive to Jack's flat in Redmond. *
<GM> * It's behind Nova's safehouse on the opposite block. You circle around to it in moments. *
  • Johnathan looks for a place to park the van that can easily be driven out of and is also slightly concealed.
<GM> * There's the street. *
  • Jack hops out, runs into his flat, and comes back out.
<Nova> "Now that was fast."
<Johnathan> "Um, we going anywhere now? Maybe to do the run?"
<GM> * It's 8:15pm, Thursday night. *
<Nova> "Yeah, where to, Mr. Leader?"
  • Nova smirks.
<Johnathan> "I hate just waiting, last time we waited we got screwed... or at least I did; more so then anyone else."
<Jack> "Here's the deal..."
<Jack> "I'm going to put a bug in my ring. I'm going to go and pretend to be someone trying to buy something. I'm going to snoop around."
<Jack> "You listen in via the bug. If something goes awry, come in with guns blazing."
<GM> * Nova, you're hungry. *
<GM> * Your headache returns. *
<GM> * L Wound. *
  • Nova pulls out his last Snickers and eats it.
<Jack> "If I give the signal, come in with guns blazing."
<Nova> "You have some food on you?"
<Jack> "...No."
<Nova> "I need to eat something."
  • Johnathan hands Nova a full day's rations from his pack.
<Johnathan> "Here, eat that."
  • Nova begins consumption of the entire ration.
<Nova> "Got any aspirin on you?"
<Johnathan> "Possibly..."
  • Johnathan pulls out his medkit and looks for some aspirin/pain killers.
<GM> * Medkits are awfully large. *
<Johnathan> ((I got a military one sorta like a survival kit, small and compact, fits in a web pouch))
<Johnathan> ((just the basics))
<Nova> "Just give me SOMETHING!"
<GM> * You got second hand aspririn. *
<GM> * Nova, your head pounds and pounds. *
<Johnathan> "Looks like we have to go to the Ghetto Mart if ya want anything better."
  • Nova holds his head.
<Jack> "You ok champ?"
  • Johnathan hands Nova the bottle of cheep aspirin.
<Nova> "No, but it goes away after a while"
  • Nova takes some 4-5 pills.
<GM> * Now what? *
<Johnathan> "Where to now? Shall we try complete the run now?"
  • Nova waits for his headache to lessen.
<Nova> "Jack, you want to go there right now?"
<Jack> "Yep, let's do it"
<Jack> "Do I look convincing in this suit?"
  • Nova looks him over.
  • Johnathan looks at Jack.
<GM> * Time is 9pm. *
<GM> * OK, Jack looks impeccable in a genuine...Arman`. *
<Jack> ((lol!))
<GM> * He even has cheesy ruby cufflinks. *
  • Jack slicks his hair
<Jack> "Let's do this."
  • Nova shakes his head..
<Nova> "For a jerk, you look good."
<Jack> "Excellent."
  • Jack gives him the address.
<Jack> "53rd and Morrisson, my good man."
  • Johnathan drives there.
<Jack> "What do you boys have for hardware?"
<Nova> "What kind of hardware are you interested in?"
<Johnathan> "Several big guns and lots of ammo."
<Jack> "I was just curious. Do you have any grenades?"
<Johnathan> "I have a few but they are all painful ones, no flashbangs."
<Nova> "Where is all that biggun stuff?"
  • Johnathan opens his long coat and has an assault rifle down one side and an SMG down the other.
<Jack> "It's fine. Here are 2 flash grenades."
  • Jack hands one to each shadowrunner.
<Jack> "Use them immediately if you encounter mages."
<Nova> "I have a flashing thing of my own" *pulls out his gun*
  • Johnathan takes it and puts them in a pocket.
  • Nova takes the grenade.
<Jack> "Just shout 'banging'"
<Jack> "Lead with grenades, but make sure you have some idea of my location."
<Nova> "What's the shouting for?"
<Jack> "So I know to avert my eyes."
  • Jack begins setting up the listening equipment.
<GM> * Only your second run, Nova & Johnathan, and someone else is handing you flashbangs... *
  • Johnathan keeps driving to the location.
<GM> * How exactly are you setting this stuff up? *
<Jack> ((simple bug under my ring))
<GM> * Ok. *
<Jack> ((sends an encrypted signal back to the van. they have headsets that can decrypt))
<GM> * ... *
<GM> * You go BACK across Seattle to the Puyallup Barrens, stopping at "Lain's Gas & Shamrock" for fuel. *
<GM> * It's 11:55p by the time you arrive. *
<Jack> ((get fuel and don't speak to anyone))
<Jack> ((that little mother fucker))
<GM> (he has a kid's show now))
<Jack> ((lol!))
  • Johnathan gets out and fills 'er up.
<GM> * Nova, you recognize the artist's rendition of the little Leprechaun on the sign. *
<Johnathan> "Nova if you want food, you better get some. We may have a long night ahead of us."
  • Nova goes to buy more Snickers stuff
  • Nova closes his coat to look more human.
<Johnathan> "Grab me some jerky."
<GM> * You get snacks and shit. *
<GM> * The tired old dwarven girl behind the counter rings you up boredly. *
<GM> * She's reading a copy of Playtroll. *
  • Johnathan gets back in after they are full and waits for Nova.
  • Nova pays and gets back to van.
  • Johnathan eats some jerky as he drives.
<GM> * You continue on your way. *

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