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Nova, Johnathan, and Jack Calloway

Having narrowly survived assassination at the hands of a magically-maddened bounty hunter, Johnathan Myers is in serious debt with Patch the street doc. Needing some cash in an expedient manner, he puts the word out that he's looking for work. He and Nova, the elven cyberkiller, both receive offers and are hired to retrieve a small briefcase from the clutches of a Aztlanian ganger named Christof Parades -- leader of the Siete Mueretes. Parades, they learn, plans to auction the mysterious and valuable case off to the highest bidder in a magical society power play. The two are teamed with Jack Calloway, a transient physical adept and former Lone Star Detective.
They are all warned not to open the case...
While Johnathan goes solo to get his gear and hijack some wheels, Jack and Nova do some legwork -- setting up a meeting with a police informant working out of the Puyallup Barrens. They meet with the snitch in an abandoned building, only to cheap-out on greasing his palm! When he refuses to give them the information without proper compensation, things get messy... In an attempt to strong-arm the goods out of the weaselly man, our would-be heroes discover that he is, in fact, a magician. Hilarity ensues.
Eventually they are able to "get the drop" on the snitch, and retrieve the address of the gang's hideout. In the meantime, Johnathan steals a van full of knock-off suits from a lowly street vendor and our crew is soon reunited -- Jack Calloway happily getting a new wardrobe.
Wearing a wire transmitting a signal back to Nova and John, Jack infiltrates the headquarters of the Siete Mueretes claiming to be a corporate representative interested in acquiring the briefcase. He is escorted into a back room, where Charlotte -- a slutty dwarven gangbitch -- tries to put the moves on him. Christof Parades -- accompanied by "Tiny", a troll bodyguard -- meets and speaks with Jack, but the gangster seems to smell out the former flatfoot!
In a desperate play for the case, the homeless physad shanks the troll and kung-fu kicks Charlotte the dwarf! Christof grabs the briefcase and bolts into the warehouse. Jack pursues him, but is attacked by the other members of the gang -- getting thug-stomped by the vicious group of hooligans! Nova and Johnathan crash the party in their newly-acquired van and start shooting up the place...Christof Parades escapes with the briefcase and a chase ensues.
After Nova dispatches the fleeing Aztlanian with a few rounds and retrieves the case, our heroes retire to a remote street corner and wait for their payment. Curiosity gets the better of the elf; however, and he opens the small leather briefcase.
Whatever he saw inside haunts him until this day, and remains a mystery to everyone else...
Each shadowrunner receives 15,000¥ for the job, and Jack Calloway gets a pair of shiny gold crowns for his kicked-in front teeth.

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