<GM> * GAME ON *

<GM> * It's your typical Thursday afternoon in Seattle. Grey, overcast skies, and a light drizzle coating everything in an oily slickness. *
<GM> * Where do each of you stay? *
<Johan> ((staying in an apartment near where lynnwood used to be))
<Yenne> ((going try get a nice apt if possible))
<Johan> ((basicly 20 mins north of downtown))
<GM> ((forget everything you know about your home, johan....my seattle is diff than the real world's...old seattle is buried under rubble in SR anyway))
<Johan> ((damn))
<GM> * Yenne, you're staying at a shithole motel while your nice apartment gets bombed to kill all the vermin living in there. *
<GM> * Johan, you're in a small flat in northern Downtown, which covers everything in Seattle if it isn't Renton, the Industrial Zone, the Docks, Everett, or the Barrens. *
<Johan> ((sweet))
<GM> * You both recieve telecom calls around 2:30pm. A grisled troll tells you each that Mr. Smithers requests your presence tonight at around 7pm. He makes it clear that the meeting is not optional. *
<GM> * A job will be involved, and you will be paid accordingly. You're instructed to go to the "Pink Pussycat" club on the outskirts of Puyallup. The meeting is at 7pm. Give the bouncer your names and purpose to avoid any holdups, then ask the bartender for further information once inside. *
<Yenne> (( do me and Johan know each other?))
<GM> * No, you do not know one another. *

  • Johan puts his guns back together, and goes to store his guns on his bike.
<GM> * Let me know what time you arrive, what gear you have on you, etc. *
  • Johan arrives at 6:45 on his hog, with his submachine gun and pistol, opting to leave the big gun at home.
  • Yenne put his rifle under his bed and tapes it up underneath, and sets a small booby trap for if anyone touches it; and puts his hand gun under his jacket, making sure it's not seen.
  • Yenne arrives at the meeting by 6:50.
  • Yenne walks in the bar and tells the door man his name.
<GM> * Hold on there people. *
<GM> * Johan, you arrive shortly before Yenne. The "Pink Pussycat" is a single-story strip club with a lot of pink neon. It's red plasticrete with the most noteable feature being a huge neon cat-woman with a tail that moves and an eye that winks sprawled out above the name of the club. The name is written in pink cursive neon. A large ork stands guard at the door, wearing a form-fitting black long-sleeve top that accents his muscled physique. *
<GM> * He has blue denim jeans and sawed-off shotgun in a thong at his left thigh. *
<GM> * Parking is available around back. *
<GM> * Johan, as stated before, you arrive first and I presume park your bike in the designated lot. *
<GM> * Five nuyen. *
  • Johan pays.
<GM> * You pay the toll and find a parking spot. *
<GM> * Yenne, how are you arriving? *
<Yenne> ((By cab))
<GM> * Cab runs you 35 nuyen and drops you off outside the club while unbeknownst to you, Johan parks his bike in back. *
<GM> * Yenne: The ork watches you as you pay the cab driver. *
<GM> * You stand there as the cab leaves...Doing nothing. The ork watches you. *
  • Yenne is a tall Native American standing about 6’3 in height about 245 in weight, with long black hair, real deep black eyes, and a cinder tan skin tone. Wearing a long black trench coat, a wife beater T-shirt, a pair of army issued combat boots and a pair of black jeans. He hits like a truck and steps on anyone who ticks him off.
<GM> * Yenne, the wind blows. The ork watches you. *
<GM> * You continue to stand there. *
<GM> * D-o s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g. *
  • Yenne walks over to the door and tells the ork his name.
<GM> * "Yeah, so? They call me Harvey. Twenty nuyen cover-charge." *
  • Yenne pays the 20
<GM> * Johan, as you round the corner you see the ork bouncer talking to a large human. *
<GM> * He hands the ork some cash and goes inside. *
  • Johan is a large ork, looks closer to human than many (though he still has the signature orc tusks). Wears black, silver studded leather pants and jacket, a black shirt underneath, and black sunglasses. His hair is black and greasy, a pair of headphones on his head, with the wire disappearing into the jacket.
  • Johan goes up to the ork.
<GM> * The ork looks at you. *
  • Johan looks at the ork.
<GM> * "Twenty nuyen cover, buddy." *
<Johan> "iz shere a mishter Shmizehrs in zere?"
<GM> ((LOL))
<Johan> ((he's german))
<GM> "This is his place, yeah."
<GM> * "Who wants to know?" *
<Johan> "He iz exzpechtink me."
<GM> * "Your name?" *
<Johan> "Johan Bukokenspielhoffernicht."
<GM> * He looks at the back of his hand. *
<GM> * Ork Bouncer: "Go on in, talk to the bartender." *
<Johan> "Danke."
<GM> * He goes back to watching the street. *
  • Johan walks in, for free, and finds the bartender.
<GM> * The inside of the Pink Pussycat is lit red. Various stages surround the place with strippers doing their things. Mostly skanky humans, a few elves, and a couple dwarves. There's an ork or two as well. *
  • Johan bobs his head to the music piping in from his headphones.
<GM> * Johan, the sleazy club music makes its way in past your tunes. *
<GM> * There are a few bouncers inside. There is a bar with green neon trim along the Western wall. A skinny guy with a black ponytail stands behind it cleaning a glass. *
  • Yenne looking for a bouncer.
  • Johan fights the urge to break out in off-key metal, and walks up to the bartender.
<GM> * Johan, he looks up at you, "What'll it be, chummer?" *
  • Yenne walks over that bar.
<Johan> "I am lookink for mishter shmizehrz."
<GM> * "You're his seven o'clock, huh?" *
<Johan> "Ja."
<GM> * He points at a door across the room. "Go through there, second door on the left." *
<Johan> "Danke."
  • Johan goes through the door.
<GM> * Yenne, you see the bartender talking to an ork. *
<Yenne> ((i wait for them to finsh talking))
<GM> * They have, the ork leaves. *
<GM> * You approach the bartender. "What can I get for you?" he queries. *
<Yenne> "I am here to see Mr. Smithers."
<GM> * Yenne: He gives you the same info that he gave Johan. *
. . .

<GM> * Johan, a dwarven woman in a red bikini asks you if you want a private show. *
<GM> * "What do you say, mister?" *
<Johan> "I vill meet you later"
<GM> * "Alright, sugar..Whatever." *
  • Johan decides to put the prospect of killing something before the prospect of having sex with something tonight.
  • Johan goes through the second door on the left.
. . .
<Yenne> "And I'll have a bud ice too "
<GM> * The bartender whips out a bottle of Soy-Bud Ice. *
<GM> * He cracks it open and slips it to you on a napkin. *
<GM> * "Eight bucks." *
  • Yenne hand him 10
<GM> * He takes it and doesn't even offer change. *
<GM> ((everything is soy in the future, real anything costs a lot of money))
  • Yenne and walks through the door.

. . .
<GM> * You both enter a short hallway and go through the appropriate door. Inside are two folding chairs and a synthetic oak desk. *
  • Johan sits down in one of the chairs, hearing it creak under his weight.
  • Yenne stands by the door.
<GM> * The desk is against the far wall, with an ork standing beside it. He's dressed in a maroon leather suit. A door is in the corner next to the desk, and an old-fashioned clock hangs on the wall. *
<GM> * Yenne, you stand by the door as the ork you saw earlier has a seat. *
  • Johan turns up his tunes.
<GM> * "Sit," says the maroon-suited Heavy next to the desk. *
  • Yenne take a seat.
<GM> * The door opens up and a balding, middle-aged man with a pot-belly and a sweat-stained business shirt walks out. He's short, probably about 5'4" tall, wearing a tugged-on black tie and grey slacks. The sleeves of his business shirt are rolled up and a large stogie is clenched between his teeth. *
<GM> * He steps behind the desk and looks at you both. *
<GM> * "Well, is one of ya gonna close the fraggin' door? Or are you waiting for a written invitation?" *
  • Johan looks at the door.
<GM> * The door to the outside hangs open. *
  • Johan stands up and walks to the door.
<GM> * "Christ...Joe-Han, right?" *
  • Johan grips the handle and firmly closes the door, getting a satisfying creak as he presses a little too hard.
<GM> * He pronounces your name in an annoyingly incorrect fashion. *
<Johan> "Ja."
<GM> * He looks at Yenne. *
  • Johan returns to his seat
<GM> "And Yenn-ie?"
  • Yenne look at him in the eyes.
<Therror> ((can I.. join in?))
<GM> ((yes))
<GM> * The door creaks open. The man looks up. *
  • Johan looks at the door.
<GM> * This fool walks in. *
<GM> ((Nova, description...))
  • Nova is a muscular male elf with a striking appearance. 6'4" tall and approx. 200 pounds, his skin is almost perfectly black, opposed to milk-white long straight hair. Deep-blue, snakelike eyes burn with hate and anger. He's dressed in a light-grey long coat and Levis. An armor vest of the same color covers his chest.
  • Johan is a large orc, looks closer to human than many (though he still has the signature orc tusks). Wears black, silver studded leather pants and jacket, a black shirt underneath, and black sunglasses. His hair is black and greasy, a pair of headphones on his head, with the wire disappearing into the jacket.
  • Yenne is a tall Native American standing about 6’3 in height about 245 in weight, with long black hair, real deep black eyes, and a cinder tan skin tone. Wearing a long black trench coat, a wife beater T-shirt, a pair of army issued combat boots and a pair of black jeans. He hits like a truck and steps on anyone who ticks him off.
<GM> * "WHADDAYA THINK YER DOIN'?! YER FUCKIN' LATE," snarls Smithers, pointing a stubby finger. *
<GM> * "SIT!" *
  • Nova mumbles "Jeese.. sorry.."
  • Nova sits somwhere.
  • Johan gets up to go close the door again.
  • Johan closes the door too firmly again, and returns to his seat.
<GM> * Smithers looks at his ork muscle in the suit. "Chair, now." *
<GM> * The ork steps through the second door and brings out another folding chair. *
<GM> * He sets it down for Nova. *
<GM> * Nova, you recognize the ork as 'Mr. Hardcore' from your previous job, only he's traded in his silk suit for a leather ensemble in the same color. Freelance muscle for Johnsons on-the-go must be a busy gig. If he recognizes your face, he doesn't show it. *
  • Nova stays silent.
<GM> * Smithers: "Now that everybody's comfortable we'll get this show on the road, eh?" *
<GM> * "You're all here for a job. The job is to remove a few thorns from my side." *
<Johan> "ve travel?"
<GM> * Smithers looks at Johan. *
  • Yenne drink some of his beer.
<GM> * "What the fuck is this? Amateur night?!" *
  • Johan stares perplexed at Smithers.
<GM> * "This here's my dime, I do the talkin'! Your job is to sit there, look pretty, nod yer head, and shut the fuck up!" *
<GM> * "Got it?!" *
  • Johan nods.
<GM> * "Good!" *
  • Yenne says, "What or who are the thorns, Mr Smithers?"
<GM> * The short Danny Devito-looking motherfucker continues to rave and talk with his hands. *
<GM> ((...))
<GM> * He slams his fists down on the desk with a thud. *
<GM> ((i love smithers))
<GM> * "These thorns are a couple of deckers that've been givin' me grief." *
<GM> * "Yer all gonna solve my problem for me, got it?" *
  • Johan nods.
  • Nova nods too.
  • Yenne remains emotionless and motionless.
<GM> * "Pay is 2 grand a head for a total of 6k. *
<GM> * "Yennie and Joe-Han, you boys are mine as per our telecom arrangement -- so you can't refuse." *
<GM> * He turns his surly gaze to the freakish black elf, "Noe-vah, right? What about you?" *
<GM> * He chews on his stinky cigar as smoke billows from his lips. *
<Nova> "Sure, why not, I'll do the job for you."
<GM> * "Good." *
<Johan> "vehre do ve go?"
<GM> * He picks up a remote and a hidden projector throws an image up on the wall to his left. *
<GM> * Three faces, all boys in their early 20's or late teens. *
<Yenne> "How well are these deckers guarded?"
<GM> * "You don't say shit till I open the floor to your scraggly asses for questions...GOT IT?!" *
  • Nova rolls eyes..
  • Johan nods.
<GM> * "GOT IT?!" *
  • Johan nods again.
<GM> * He stares at Nova. *
  • Nova nods sligthly.
<GM> * "Good." *
<GM> * "As I was TRYING to say..." *
<GM> * "These are my t'ree problems. Their names are Moe, Larry, and Curly. These smartass little punks have been messin' around in my business...And NOBODY fucks with my business!" *
  • Johan decides not to pursue that dwarven stripper.
<GM> * "You make them go away. All of them. It's that simple." *
<GM> * "They go to the University of Seattle and live in the dorms. Which dorms and what room I ain't got a stinkin' clue about, so don't ask." *
<GM> * "The security on campus, MISTER YETTIE, is all yer gonna have to worry about." *
<GM> * He reaches into a desk drawer and draws out 3 datachips, then tosses them onto the desk and blows a huge cloud of smoke from his cigar. *
<GM> * "That's got their vital info like full names and what-not. Holographs too." *
<GM> * Smithers looks at you all. "These punks fucked with the wrong man's business!" *
<GM> * "You got until Monday to finish the job." *
<GM> * "NOW..." *
<GM> * He scans the room, "...Are there any questions?" *
<Nova> "No."
<GM> * He looks at Johan and Yenne. *
  • Yenne picks up the 3 datachips, hands one to the orc to his right, and hands one to the elf.
  • Johan shakes his head.
<Johan> "Nein."
<GM> * "Good." *
  • Johan walks to the door and opens it a little too firmly
  • Nova walks out to.. whatever is outside the door
<GM> * He starts waving his hands in the air and throws an ashtray against the wall where it shatters. *
  • Yenne walk out of the door after the big orc gets out of it.
<GM> * You're all back in the small corridor leading into the club. *
<GM> * There's another door on the left wall, one on the right, and a door at the end leading back into the club. *
<GM> * The firedoor to the outside looks welded shut. *
  • Yenne says, "Now let's go to this campus and scope it out."
  • Johan goes to the one leading out to the club
<GM> * Johan steps back into the club. *
  • Nova follows Johan .
<GM> * The same nasty strippers do their thing on lonely businessmen inside the "Pink Pussycat". *
  • Johan walks over to the bartender.
  • Yenne follow the orc.
<GM> * Johan, the dwarf in the red bikini steps into your path, "Didn't forget about me, did'ya sugar?" *
<GM> * She chews her gum with wide chomps from her ruby red lips. *
  • Johan looks at the dwarf, "He said not to fuck hiz businez. You vill have to go now."
<GM> * She frowns. "Listen honey, Smithers is just an angry old fool. Your fucking me IS his business....Mine too." *
  • Johan looks confused.
<GM> * "Besides, sugar, I'm a stripper, not a fuckin' hook-ah." *
<GM> * She cups your balls and starts walking off. *
  • Yenne shake his head over the orc's and drawfs conversation.
<Yenne> "Johan and Nova, wait a second..."
  • Johan stares for a moment before walking to the bartender
<GM> * The bartender with the black ponytail looks at you. *
<GM> * "Yes?" *
  • Johan looks at the bartender.
<Johan> "i vill be goink now"
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Uhhhh....that's....nice....buddy..." *
<Johan> "i vill have beer first"
<GM> * He raises an eyebrow. *
<GM> * He gets a mug and pours some amber liquid into it. *
<GM> * He sets it on a napkin and slides it to you. *
<GM> * "Six bucks." *
  • Johan gives him six bucks.
<GM> * He frowns and goes back to cleaning his bartop. *
<Nova> "You're on a job, and all you do is have a beer...?"
  • Johan takes a sip.
<GM> * Nova: Yenne has a beer in his hand as well. *
<Johan> "zis is svill"
<GM> * It tastes like piss. *
  • Johan drains the mug.
<GM> * You drink up anyway. *
<Nova> "Svill..? what the hell does that mean?"
<Johan> "zis beir ist habengubenfagensucht! bergarbfen schlause kafutka!"
<Yenne> * Johan and Nova, lets get a table before we say anything *

<GM> * !!! *
<GM> * Yenne, you get a pain in your chest and your arm goes numb. Never use the GM's asterisks.... *
<GM> * The pain passes. *
<Nova> ((GM wrath..))
<GM> * The world returns to normal. *
<GM> * The bartender cleans his bartop. *

<Yenne> "Johan, Nova, lets get a table."
<Johan> "iz time for verk"
<Nova> "Anyone of you got a car?"
  • Yenne start walking over to a table. "Johan and Nova, you two coming or not ?"
<Johan> "i have a hog. iz time for verk now."
  • Johan walks out to the parking lot, and locates his chopper.
<Nova> "Yenne, let's ride to the place where the kids might be, we'll talk on the way."
<GM> * While Nova talks to Yenne, the foreign ork wanders outside. *
<Yenne> "okay, but lets head to my place before we go there. We can chat there in safty, then we'll go where the vermin are..."
<Nova> "Damn I HATE this job.."
<Yenne> "That dam orc's going to get me killed... i see it."
<Nova> "Whatever, just let's stay together, or we might just go home and forget all this."
  • Nova follows the orc.
  • Yenne walks out and hails a cab
  • Johan is sitting on his harley, waiting.
<Johan> "vhere do ve go?"
<Yenne> "Johan, follow the cab, okay?"
<Nova> "Wait."
<Nova> "Yenne, I got a space in my car"
<Yenne> "You have a car? Cool, okay."
<Nova> "NO, not cool. And yes, I have a car."
<Nova> "Now..."
<Johan> "I should bringing mein big gun?"
<Nova> "Big gun to shoot kids in the campus?"
<Johan> "It iz a big gun..."
<Yenne> "Not yet, we will get armed before we set out."
<Nova> "Let's just go there and see what we are dealing with."
<Johan> "Zometimes, ven i am usink ze big gun, I need not shoot. ze come alive."
<Johan> "I do not like zis, but sometimes I get paid more for alive."
<Yenne> " I'll tell Nova how to get to my my hotel room."
<Nova> "And no, no hotel rooms, never."
<Yenne> "Well my place is being fumigated... I have to stay at this shit hole until tomorrow."
<Nova> "Few..what?"
<Johan> "I have flat."
<Yenne> "Then let's go there."
<Johan> "Gut. Follow me"
<Nova> "Christ.. no hotels, no flats, let's just go to see our working place.."
  • Johan cranks the tunes REALLY loud as he guns the engine.
<Yenne> "Okay."
<Nova> "I HATE THIS JOB..."
<Johan> "Fine zen, ve go to ze verking place!"
<Johan> *shouting*
<Johan> (those were NOT GM stars!)
  • Nova walks to his Honda sports car and opens the door, they go upward.
  • Yenne get in.
  • Johan takes off towards Seattle University
<Nova> "You have to slam the passenger door shut."
  • Yenne slams it hard.
<Nova> "Good."
<GM> * Ok, you guys drive to...where? *
  • Johan is driving to the University, hopefully with them following
  • Nova drives to the University dorms.
<GM> * You guys head straight to the dorms. *
<GM> * The dorms are located on the outskirts of the campus, which is between Downtown and Renton. *
<Yenne> "Nova do you know how to read datadisks?"
  • Nova points to his a bit busted onboard computer.
  • Yenne put in the datadisk and sees what's on it.
<GM> * The disk contains photo's and profiles. Moe Johnson, Larry Rogers, and Curly Moe are their names. *
<Nova> ?Any fences, security there?
<GM> * Their addresses are unknown, but they're definately living in the dorms. *
<GM> * Campus security patrols in units and on foot. They have a few manned posts here and there where students can run to in case of emergency. There are also PANIC-Buttons spread liberally throughout. *
  • Johan stops a ways away from the dorms, some place out of direct site, and hopes the others don't pass by him.
<Yenne> (( let me know when we get to the female dorm rooms))
<GM> * You pull into a lot. *
  • Nova parks his shit near Johan's.
<GM> * The dorms are co-ed. 6 stories tall each. *
<Johan> "Vhere do ve start?"
<GM> * There are many of them. Each building is numbered, 7001-7059. *
  • Yenne is looking around for a female.
<Nova> "Let's go for a walk.."
  • Nova leads the two (hopefully) around the dorms..
<Johan> "If ve find zem, do ve kill zem or take zem to kill elsevhere?"
<GM> * This'll be a long walk and intuition tells you that campus police will check the ID's of you surly-looking motherfuckers. None of you even remotely resemble college students, especially Nova and his obvious cyberbody. *
<Nova> "Ever heard of reconissance?"
<Johan> "If ve finish sooner, ve get paid sooner."
<GM> * There's lots of dorms. A coulie system. No gaming store that you know of. *
<GM> * There are many coffee shops and such within a short walk from the dorms. Starbucks, Coffee Bean Co., Community Coffee, Dunkin Doughnuts, etc. Lots of beatnick hang outs and a strip of clubs about 4 blocks away. *
<GM> * The University of Seattle is huge. Finding 3 students would be like finding a needle in a haystack. *
<Nova> "Okay, now, you two know anybody that could have the info on these guys?"
<Johan> "Nein."
<Nova> "Hmm..."
<Johan> "Vhat if ve set somezink up? Zey are deckerz, und zey hack. Ve could hire zem"
<Nova> "Well... you know of anything three punks from the university would just LOVE to hack?"
<Johan> "Shmizherz computerz."
<GM> * Everyone roll intelligence. *

<Johan> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 3 2 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Nova> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 10 4 4 2 +- Succes -> 0
<Yenne> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 4 4 3 1 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova, your eyes and your eyes alone come to rest upon the "Campus Information Offices" *
<GM> * You almost hear a choir of angels. *
<Nova> ((LOL))
<Johan> ((hahha))
<GM> ((you guys complicate shit too much))
  • Nova points to the Information office.
<GM> * Nova raises a finger. *
  • Johan looks where Nova points.
<GM> * Johan sees this, Yenne is busy staring at the dorms, watching college women change clothes with his vision magnification. *
  • Yenne looks.
<GM> * Nova points to the Campus Information Offices. A light is on in the lobby of the otherwise darkened building. *
<Nova> "Now we need a way to make them tell us what we want to know."
<Johan> "Ve ask?"
<Johan> "'Moe ist mein cousin. He vas supposzed to meet me, but I do not find him. Vhere might I find mein cousin?"
<Nova> ?The offices are empty and unguarded?
<GM> * The office's lobby looks open, if you approach it you see a lady working at a desk behind a small partition and an ork in blue coveralls mopping the floor. *
<GM> * A campus security car rolls by, snapping you all from your repaste. It continues to roll down the road without stopping to question you all. *
<Johan> ((what do you mean by "snaps"?))
<GM> * I mean it reminds you all that you stick out like turds in a punchbowl here, so you'd best do something swiftly or risk getting confronted by armed guards with radios. *
<Nova> "We might just make them tell us what we want, or take it by ourselves."
<Yenne> "Okay, let's do it."
  • Johan walks over to the building and goes in the door.
<Nova> "Let him handle this.."

. . .

  • Johan walks up to the lady.
<GM> * Johan: The ork janitor looks up as you enter, so does the lady. *
  • Nova walks to the nearest alley from which he can see the offices.
<GM> * No alley's... there's your car in the very open parking lot. *
<GM> * And a ditch. *
  • Yenne follow Nova.
  • Nova walks back to his car.
<Johan> "Mein cousin ist Moe, I vas supposed to meet him, mein muter ist dyink, I cannot find Moe!"
<GM> * Receptionist: "I beg your pardon, sir?" *
<Johan> "Moe, i must find my cousin Moe, zis ist urgent!"
<Johan> (what's his last name?)
<GM> * You never bothered to find out. *
<GM> * It was on the disk that Nova and Yenne reviewed. *
<Johan> (shit, i'll just shoot the fuckers)
<GM> * Go for it. *
<Nova> ((NO!))
  • Johan takes out his gun and aims at the janitor first.
<Johan> "Do not call for help, I vill let you both live if you cooperate."
<GM> * The woman screams as you draw your piece and throws her paperwork in the air as she jumps from her desk. *
<GM> * The janitor holds his mop tightly and his jaw drops. *
  • Johan fires at the janitor.
<GM> * Roll it, you psychotic fucker. *

<Johan> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 3 5 5 1 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova, you hear gunshots. *
<GM> * Yenne, you hear them too, and see the carnage they're causing. *
  • Nova steps out of his car.

<GM> !dice 8 9
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 5 3 5 1 1 4 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Johan: You shoot the Janitor in the chest and he's blown back against the wall, a trail of blood following him down as he slumps over. His mop clatters to the floor. *
  • Johan shifts his aim to the woman.
<GM> * She's cowering in the corner, her blonde hair falling in her face as she looks at you, wide-eyes with horror. *
<Johan> "You vill cooperate, und zen live."
<GM> * Nova, you can see Johan pointing a gun over the partition and the mop on the floor next to the mop bucket. *
<Nova> "That stupid mother fucker.."
<Nova> "Let's get back in the car, I'm not helping that bastard."
<Yenne> "I saw it all... you want to kill him or let him be?"
  • Johan puts the data chip he has on the 3 (you gave him one earlier) into her terminal and looks up the name of Moe.
<GM> * Receptionist: "P-please don't hurt me!!" *
<GM> * She's shaking and crying." *
<Johan> "I vill not hurt you if you cooperate. is very simple."
<GM> * You slip the datachip into her computer and bring up Moe's name. *
<Johan> "You vill find him for me, he is my cousin."
<GM> * The target's name is 'Moe Johnson'. You also note the names of the other two deckers. *
<GM> * Receptionist: "Don't kill me, please! I'll do anything....." *
<GM> ((LOL))
<GM> * She begins moving towards the computer, INCHING towards it, moving very slowly. *
  • Johan shoots her and looks it up himself.
<GM> * #BLAM BLAM# *
<GM> * You gun the woman down in cold blood. *
  • Johan looks up all 3 of them, and gets a pen to write down where their rooms are.
<Yenne> "Nova, let's get out of here."
<Nova> "Wait.."
<GM> * Nova & Yenne: You both see a blonde head of hair come up from behind the desk, then get blown down as Johan fires two more shots. *
<Yenne> "That fucking dumbass ork just killed two people in cold blood."
<Nova> "That guy is SICK!"
<GM> * Johan: Roll computer skill. *

<Johan> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You find it. *
<GM> * Moe Johnson. *
<GM> * Dorm 7043, room 306. His roomates are listed as L. Rogers and C. Moe. *
  • Johan walks out and heads over to that dorm.
<GM> * Yenne and Nova, those gunshots were pretty loud. *
<GM> * Johan walks out the building, gun in hand. *
<Nova> "NO."
  • Johan detours to his hog on the way to the dorms.
  • Johan puts his gun in the holster.
<GM> * Johan, you see Nova and Yenne by Nova's car as you holster your shit. *
  • Johan does not pay attention to them, but goes to his hog so he can finish the mission and go to bed.
<Nova> "What the fuck do you think you're doing."
<Johan> "Verking."
  • Yenne throw his his spurs out.
<GM> * Yenne pops his spurs. *
  • Johan walks by the two and goes to his hog.
<Johan> "I have ze room numberz," he says as he passes them.
<Nova> "What are they?"
<Johan> "Dorm 7043, room 306."
<Yenne> "Say... that's only one room."
<Johan> "Ja, zey live togezer."
<Nova> "Great." *pulls out his gun*
  • Nova points it at Johan's back.
  • Nova shoots him

<Nova> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 7 5 5 +- Succes -> 0
<Johan> !dice 1
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Johan> (8 total)
<Nova> ((24))
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 1 +- Succes -> 0
<Yenne> (6)

<GM> * Johan, you hear the familar sound of metal against leather and a click. *
<GM> * Roll Nova. *

<Nova> !dice 12 4
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 2 4 4 4 3 2 4 2 3 4 8 +- Succes -> 7

<Nova> #BLAM!#
<Johan> ((i knew i should have brought the big gun))
<GM> * Johan, resist 4D+1 *

<Johan> !dice 12 4
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 1 5 16 4 5 3 3 5 2 2 5 3 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> want to karma your failures?
<Johan> (okay)

<Johan> !dice 6 4
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 4 2 7 1 1 3 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> 8 successes

<GM> * Nova, you draw your pistol and shoot Johan once in the back. *
<GM> * Johan, you hear a loud BLAM and your world gets rocked. Pain shoots across your back as you're spun around, stumbling and trying to remain standing. *
<GM> * You see Nova holding a smoking gun pointed at you and Yenne stancing with his spur popped. *
<GM> * 5M *
  • Yenne tries to run him through with my spurs.
<GM> * It's Johan's turn Yenne, you rolled like shit; even injured he's faster than you are. *
<GM> * Johan on you. *
  • Johan draws his pistol (that takes a round i think)
<GM> * Johan, you can quickdraw and fire... *
<GM> * Roll QUickness. *

<Johan> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 2 2 2 9 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Johan, you do your best to ignore the seering pain in your back and whip out your pistol. *
  • Johan fires at Nova.
<GM> * You have two shots. *
<GM> * Aiming? Or shooting your second round at Yenne? *
<Johan> (shooting second round at yenne)
<GM> * Johan whips out his pistol and starts BUSTIN' CAPS!! *
<GM> * Roll it, TN of 6 then 7. *

<Johan> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 2 3 1 4 4 1 4 1 +- Succes -> 0
<Johan> !dice 5 7
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 11 5 11 3 2 +- Succes -> 2

<GM> * Johan, opens fire on his assailants. His first shot sails wide and Nova hears a wasp whiz by his ear. *
<GM> * Yenne, you get shot. *
<GM> * Resist 9S minus ballistic armor
<GM> so TN of 4
<GM> * Roll it. *

<Yenne> !dice 4 5
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 10 5 5 7 +- Succes -> 4

<GM> * And your homework is to read the section on "Combat". Reroll. *
<Yenne> (( yep i will))

<Yenne> !dice 10 4
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 3 3 1 5 5 4 7 3 5 1 +- Succes -> 5

<GM> * Yenne: You get shot and feel some ribs break. *
<GM> * It hurts bad. *
<GM> * Your gun isn't out. *
<GM> * If you want to attack his ass, your TN is 5. *

<Yenne> !dice 4
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 3 1 5 5 +- Succes -> 0
<Yenne> !dice 7 5
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 10 5 5 4 5 5 5 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * Jesus Christ. *
<Johan> ((ouch))
<GM> * Johan....Resist 2D+1 *
<GM> * You can take it. *
<GM> * You'll have better luck than counter-attacking, trust me. *
<GM> * 2D+1. *
<GM> * No more cpool. *

<Johan> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> Johan rolled -+ 11 3 3 5 5 3 4 4 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Yenne attacks Johan, rushing him with his spur. *
<GM> * Johan, you dodge deftly to the side and get grazed on your ribs by a spur. *
<GM> * 6M. *
<GM> * Yenne, You barely nick Johan in your attack. *
<GM> * Nova, on you. *
<Nova> ?there is time for me to holster the gun and attack melee?
<GM> * No, but you can attack melee with the gun in hand. *
<GM> * Or drop it. *
<Nova> ((with gun I started, with gun I'll finish..))
  • Nova shoots two more rounds at Johan.
<GM> * Yenne is in the way, Nova. Your TN is increased by 4. *
<Nova> ((IN the way!? no..))
<GM> * They're scuffling. *
<Nova> ?If i miss, I'll hit Yenne?
<GM> * Possibly. *
  • Nova drops his gun and rushes Johan with his own spurs.
<GM> * Nova enters into the fray. *
<GM> * Roll, TN of 6 to get past Yenne into Johan. *

<Nova> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 2 2 1 5 4 5 3 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * OMG. *
<GM> * I'm not allowing karma for this...Something wants Johan to live. *
<GM> * Nova, you drop your weapon and rush into the melee. *
<GM> * In all the flurry of fists and feet and spurs, you hit nothing. The three of you continue to scuffle, ripping clothing and spitting on each other, but nobody doing any real damage as an attempt is made to kill/subdue Johan the ork. *
<GM> * You all hear a loud yell... "EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK DOWN!!" *
<GM> * A bright light bathes your entire group. *
<Johan> "Help! Help me! zese people jumped me!"
<Yenne> "Police! He came out of the dorm office," points at Johan, "with his gun blazing... we tried to stop him!"
<GM> * "I said do it!" *
<GM> * "DO IT NOW!" "DON'T MOVE!!" *
  • Nova makes a combat roll to grab his gun back.
<GM> * Nova... *
<GM> * You sure? *
<Nova> ((yes, I'm sure))
<GM> * Roger that... *
<GM> * Without knowing what you're up against, Nova, you go for your gun. *
<GM> * Roll quickness. *

<Nova> !dice 9
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 3 4 10 4 11 5 7 4 +- Succes -> 0
<Yenne> !dice 5
<SR-Dice> Yenne rolled -+ 5 4 3 1 5 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 8 11
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 8 5 3 11 5 4 3 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 5 11
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 1 2 5 8 2 +- Succes -> 0
<GM> !dice 6 11
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 3 1 1 1 16 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> ((omg))
<Nova> ((What the.. A firing range or what?))

<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 5 4 4 3 3 5 11 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 3 2 9 4 3 5 4 2 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 9 2 5 4 4 5 +- Succes -> 1
<GM> !dice 8 6
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 4 1 3 4 3 3 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * The relative silence of the night is ended by a hail of gunfire. *
<GM> * Yenne starts running his mouth. *
<GM> * Nova, you get shot 3 times. *
<GM> * Resist 9M each. *

<Nova> !dice 11 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 3 5 1 4 4 4 1 2 4 5 +- Succes -> 8
<Nova> !dice 11 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 11 4 2 5 2 3 3 1 5 1 2 +- Succes -> 6
<Nova> !dice 11 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 8 3 4 10 5 3 4 3 4 2 3 +- Succes -> 10

<GM> * You monster, you. *
<GM> * Roll Strength. *

<Nova> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 10 5 5 2 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Nova jerks and spasms as round after round slams into his body. *
<GM> * He's blown off his knees onto his back. *
<Johan> ((this is turning into a paul verhoven movie))
<GM> * "CEASE FIRE!!!" *
<GM> * "DO IT NOW!" *
  • Yenne lays on the ground.
  • Johan gets on the ground.
<GM> ((i totally did not expect it to go this way))
<GM> * Yenne and Johan get down. *
<Nova> ?where is my gun?
<GM> * Nova, you have no clue, it's not in your hand and you're on your back staring at the night sky. *
<GM> * Yenne and Johan get on their faces. *
<GM> * Nova, you hear footsteps approaching you cautiously. *
<GM> * "NOW!!" *
  • Nova waits..
<GM> * Nova, nothing yet. *
  • Johan does what they say.
<GM> * Yenne? *
  • Yenne does the same.
  • Nova plays heavilly wounded and stretches his hand up slowly.
<GM> * "DON'T MOVE!!" *
  • Johan tenses, hoping for a chance to run.
  • Nova lays there and pretends to be hurt.
<GM> * Yenne and Johan both feel knees slam into the backs of their necks and they get handcuffed. *
  • Johan makes 'Ahnuld noises' as his neck gets slammed into.
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> * Nova, someone's yelling at you not to move. *
  • Nova stops moving.
<GM> * "This one's alive." *
<GM> * "Get his gun." *
<GM> * "Call the ambluance." *
<GM> * "Mike 12 this is India 2, we need a medwagon here stat. *
<GM> * Nova, unless you move your head, you won't be able to see anyone. *
<Nova> ?but I can hear them and where they are, right?
<GM> * Your ears are ringing from getting shot, but you think you hear one at your feet and two to you right. *
<GM> * There's at least a fourth, you're sure of it. *
<GM> * Yenne and Johan, you're both hauled up to your knees. *
  • Nova waits what happens.
  • Johan makes more noises, and looks around to get an idea of the coming body count.
<Nova> ((great..))
<GM> * Johan: You see an officer by Nova's feet, kicking Nova's gun away; and another by one of the two squad cars. *
<GM> * Obviously there are two behind you. *
<GM> * There's a third squad car arriving, with two more policemen getting out of it. *
<Johan> ((any potential openings?))
<GM> * You're cuffed there, Arnold. *
<Johan> ((i still have legs))
<GM> * Not from this position. *
<GM> * On your knees with your hands behind your back, and a gun against your head. *
<GM> * An officer's foot is on your leg. *
<Johan> ((i still have a torso kinda))
<GM> * "This one's shot." "Shot?" *
<GM> * "What's going on?!" *
<GM> * "Waiting for the wagon, two of them are shot." *
<GM> * "What the hell happened?" "I have no idea." *
<GM> * "Christ." *
<GM> * Nova, you stare at the sky and see a few stars through the clouds. *
<GM> * You all hear ambulance sirens in the distance. *
  • Nova tries to concentrate on the positions and distance to the cops.
  • Johan waits for his cop to get a little bored.
<GM> * Nova: There's one officer a meter from your feet that just kicked your gun to who knows where; and two with your comrades to your right, 3 meters away. *
<GM> * 3 more about 5 meters away at what you guess are vehicles. *
<GM> * Johan, Nova's gun is about 2 meters from you. *
  • Johan notes where the gun is.
<GM> * Any actions? *
  • Nova waits.
  • Yenne waits and hopes Nova has a plan.
<GM> * Yeah, for all you know Nova's a fucking corpse. He got shot 3 times. *
<GM> * Yenne, your officer asks you if you're injured. *
<GM> * "Are you injured? *
<Yenne> "Yes, my ribs are broken from this psycho that shot two people in the dorm office."
  • Yenne point his head at Johan.
<GM> * "What?!" *
<GM> * One of the officers looks at the office building. *
<GM> * "Oh shit.." *
<Johan> "Ja, you'd bettah go check it out, it's pretty fucked up. If you take me zehre, I vill confess."
<GM> * "Holy Jesus...SHARON!" *
<GM> * One of the officers takes off at a dead run. *
<GM> * "Murphy, wait!" *
<GM> * "...Christ.." *
<GM> * Yenne you get hauled to your feet. *
<GM> * Johan, so do you. *
<GM> * You're both in arm locks. Lifted up, your toes barely touching the ground. *
<GM> * Nova, you see movement in your peripheral vision to your right. *
<GM> * Also to your left. *
<GM> * Someone talks at you, Nova. "You alive, scumbag?" *
  • Nova listens to what's happening.
<GM> * Someone's talking to your prone form, the man on the left. *
<GM> * Yenne and Johan are both being escorted to the vehicles unless they want to try and resist. *
  • Nova lays there, pretending a barely alive state.
<GM> * "I saw him move." *
<GM> * "Yeah, me too." *
  • Nova makes his left hand spasm a bit.

. . .

<Johan> "I'm tellink you, you can have an eazy confession right now."
<GM> * Johan, your officer carries you very rapidly across to the squad car. 'SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU TUSKER PIECE OF SHIT!!!" *
<GM> * He slams you bodily onto the hood of the car. *
<GM> * Your head bounces off painfully. *
<GM> * L stun. *
<Johan> "I'll kill myself in prison, and you'll never get a confession... OOF"
  • Johan swears a long stream of german.
<GM> * He slams you again, harder. *
<GM> * Radio: *Crackle* "Two in the office...Sharon... and Mitch, the janitor...." *
<GM> * The sirens in the distance draw closer, coming down the road from out-of-sight. *
<GM> * Yenne, Johan's officer looks at the other by the car, they both look at Johan. *
<GM> * Johan's officer draws his pistol and presses it against the back of the ork rocker's head. *
<GM> * "You...mother....fucker...." *
<GM> * Johan, you feel the muzzle of a weapon pressed hard into the back of your skull. *
<Johan> "If you do zeiss, you can never proove who it vas."
<Yenne> "Say, me and my friend that's alive or dead tried to stop this psycho from committing that heinous act!"
<GM> * Yenne, you're brought to the other car and forced roughly onto the hood of the vehicle. Your ribs burn. *
<GM> * "Shut the fuck up you psychotic motherfucker!!" *
<Yenne> "Check his gun, he fired 4 shots... He did. I am unarmed, please let me go."
<GM> * "SHUT UP!" *
<GM> * The ambulance pulls up. *
<GM> * Johan, you feel a sharp pain on the back of your head and your vision goes white. *
<GM> * Yenne, you see the officer pistol-whip Johan in the back of his head. *
<GM> * M Stun. *
  • Johan struggles.
<GM> * You can't, you're locked up, no matter how you move the officer has you pinned down. *
<GM> * Four men jump out of the ambluance as another squad car pulls up with another two officers. *
  • Johan struggles more.
<GM> * Ok. Johan, you get thumped again and black out. *
<GM> * Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you if you're dead or not. (GREAT RP!!!) *
<GM> * Nova, there's a man to your left with a gun leveled at you, he's watching you. *
<GM> * "Help me with this one over here," the officer next to Nova says. *
<GM> * A second officer approaches Nova at his feet. *
<GM> * He flanks the elf on his right side. *
<GM> * Yenne sees him bump his foot forward into Nova's nuts. *
<GM> * Nova, roll willpower. *

<Nova> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 1 5 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You can't help but jerk from the shock. *
<Nova> ((if i failed, I kill the guy))
<GM> * Both men jump back a bit and any chance you have at attacking is lost. *
<GM> * "How the fuck?" "Look at him!" *
<GM> * One of them shines a flashlight in your eyes. *
<Nova> ((flare comp))
<GM> * A paramedic rushes over to Johan and starts checking him out. *
<GM> * One goes to Yenne. Do you cooperate, Yenne? *
<Yenne> ((yep))
<GM> * Yenne, they start checking you out. *
<GM> * Nova? *
<GM> * You've got two men with guns pointed at you. *
  • Nova waits for the paramedics to have a shield.
<GM> * "What's wrong with this one?" *
<GM> * "We shot him at least 3 times, I'm sure of it. " *
<GM> * "Get the batons..." *
<GM> * Another officer comes over and hands the two men sticks. *
<GM> * The one on your left eases forward and presses the front of the stick against your shoulder. *
  • Nova grabs the stick and puts his spurs through the guy's throat.
<GM> * Roll Quickness first. *
<GM> TN of 6

<Nova> !dice 9 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 4 4 5 10 11 2 4 2 5 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> !dice 6 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 4 5 4 5 11 11 +- Succes -> 6

<GM> * Nova, you make your move, grabbing for the stick and pulling the man forward while popping your spur... *
<GM> * He presses the button on the stun baton. *
<GM> * Roll body, no cpool. *

<Nova> !dice 11
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 5 5 11 2 3 4 3 4 4 1 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> now roll against 6S
<GM> resistance

<Nova> !dice 11 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 5 3 1 2 10 4 3 3 2 5 4 +- Succes -> 1

<GM> karma?
<Nova> ((yes))
<GM> go

<Nova> !dice 10 6
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 2 4 2 5 3 1 4 2 2 5 +- Succes -> 0

<Nova> ((jesus..))
<GM> * Nova, you get fucking electrocuted. Your muscles spasm and jerk. *
<GM> * The other two officers fall upon you with their stun batons. *

<GM> !dice 5 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 2 4 1 5 3 +- Succes -> 2
<GM> !dice 5 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 9 2 3 5 4 +- Succes -> 3
<GM> !dice 5 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 8 11 2 2 9 +- Succes -> 3
<GM> !dice 5 4
<SR-Dice> GM rolled -+ 5 4 5 3 4 +- Succes -> 4

<GM> * In your disoriented state you're unable to resist and are electroshocked into sweet unconciousness... *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOVA & ARES MACROTECHNOLOGY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Nova. *
<GM> * Sweet Nova. *
<GM> * You sleep. *
<GM> * And you dream. *
<GM> * You haven't slept in a long time. *
<Nova> ((I'll wake up pretty hungry :/ ))
<GM> ((lol, indeed))
<Nova> ((oh, and can I have that migraine already checked by now? what's the doc's opinion? and how much did I pay to make me feel better?))
<GM> ((no, you didn't yet))
<Nova> ((okay))
<GM> * Nightmares comes, nightmares reminding you of the reality of death. You know death, you've touched it. You've been closer to it than any living person on this earth. *
<GM> * The case, Nova...You dream of the case. *
<GM> * You should have never opened the case. *
<GM> * Roll willpower. *

<Nova> !dice 3
<SR-Dice> Nova rolled -+ 3 4 4 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You retain your sanity. *
<GM> * Somehow, the dreams fade. *
<GM> * You feel cool. *
<GM> * You begin to drift back into yourself, like you're feeling your body again. *
<GM> * You do feel your body again. Harsh chemical aromas burn your sinuses. *
<GM> * You're awake, your eyes closed. *
<GM> * Actions? *
  • Nova listens to his sorroundings.
<Nova> ((and I think I know where I am..))
<GM> * You're in a room, probably 4mx5m, relativeley small. *
<Nova> ?anyone in there?
<GM> * You don't know. *
<Nova> ((I could hear them breathe..))
<Nova> ?my condition?
<GM> * You take account of yourself...You're on your back, restraints lock you firmly to whatever you're laying on. *
<GM> * Chest, arms, wrists, ankles, thighs, forearms and head. *
<GM> * You hear a whirring sound and you're shaken. *
  • Nova opens his eyes.
<GM> * The surface you're restrained against begins moving, rotating on a mechanical axis, shifting you to an upright position. *
<GM> * You open your eyes and the harash lights of the room come flooding in. *
<GM> * A man in a lab coat stands there with tanks strapped to his back and a tube going under his coat. *
<GM> * There are two armed Knight Errant guards in the room as well, both with similar rigs. *
<Nova> ((I knew it, I'm back in Ares..))
  • Nova tries his restraints.
<GM> * You ain't goin' nowhere, muthafucka. *
<GM> * The man in the lab coat with the white hair smiles. "Welcome home, Nova." *
  • Nova grrr's at him.
<GM> * "Now, now, manners." *
  • Nova tries to move even harder.
<GM> * "You've been a bad little one, haven't you?" *
  • Nova keeps struggling.
<GM> * You struggle with all your might and only tire yourself out. *
<Nova> "You're Dead.."
<GM> * Tubes and IV's are stuck into you between chinks in your cybersheath. *
<GM> * He presses his fingers to his lips, "Shhhh." *
<GM> * He moves it in front of your own lips. *
<GM> * "Relax, Nova." *
  • Nova bites him
<GM> * You can't move your head out even that far. *
<GM> * You could lick his fingers, that's about it. *
  • Nova still tries to bite the man.
<GM> * The guards shift as the man retracts his hand calmly and regards you. *
<GM> * You snarl and snap at him. *
<GM> * He tsks. "Like a captured animal." *
<Nova> "Release Me."
<GM> * "I think not." *
  • Nova talks in a deep, angry, bloodthirsty voice.
<GM> * The man seems unimpressed. *
<GM> * You're naked except for a pair of boxer shorts. *
<GM> * "Now just what are we going to do with you?" *
  • Nova tries to move again.
<GM> * You try and only wear yourself out. You still have a migraine. *
<GM> * "Why did you run from us, Nova? We were making you stronger, for so many bigger and better things." *
<Nova> "You Made Me Into A THING!"
<GM> * "Nova, you are what you are." *
<Nova> "I Am Going To Kill You, That's What I Am.."
<GM> * He shakes his head. *
<GM> * "Do you think you and your sister are the only ones? Whatever you are, you're not what we were hoping for." *
<Nova> "I Don't Care."
<GM> * "We fell quite short with you...." *
<GM> * "Quite short." *
<GM> * He tsks and shakes his head again. *
  • Nova tries his restraints again.
<GM> * Same effects. *
<GM> * "You can stop struggling, Nova. If not I'll have to take measures to ensure that you do." *
<Nova> "Let Me GO!"
<GM> * "What I'm trying to determine here, Nova, is whether or not there is some salvageable part of you..." *
<GM> * He steps right up to you and inspects the small dings in your armor from your run in with Diablo. *
  • Nova does his best on the pathetic escape effort.
<GM> * He's a meer 3 inches from your chest. *
  • Nova pops his spurs.
<GM> * He looks up at you and you feel a biting pain eat into your wrists, arms, chest, ankles, thighs, and forehead. *
  • Nova keeps struggling.
<GM> * It's quite horrific. *
<GM> * Blood begins to seep down your nose and from every area where there are restraints, their edges lined with monofilament to dissuade just this sort of behavior. *
<Nova> ((I'm either going to get loose or pass out, no other options))
<GM> * You continue to struggle for several minutes until you black out from the pain. *
<GM> * You drift in and out of conciousness. You feel yourself being moved, how or to where you do not know. *
<GM> * You don't dream about death this time, you dream about your sister. *
<GM> * Consiousness slowly begins to return for you.... *
<GM> * We stop here. *

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