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Nova, Yenne, and Johan Bukokenspielhoffernicht

Three bumbling shadowrunners get hired to track down and eliminate three deckers by a surly property mogul named Mr. Smithers. He explains that the deckers have been getting into his business, and "nobody fucks with his business!" It turns out that the targets are all local college students as opposed to hardened criminals. Undeterred by this minor detail, the runners accept the job and move ahead with the mission.
From there, it becomes a case study in what NOT to do on a shadowrun...
While reconnoitering the dormitories at the University of Seattle, the overzealous (and perhaps mildly psychotic) ork named Johan murders two of the college's staff with his trusty pistol during a search for information. Disagreeing with these unsanctioned actions, both Yenne and Nova attempt to rectify things by gunning down and brawling with their ork companion in the middle of a campus parking lot! Attracted by the commotion and the gunfire, the Sea/Tac Campus Police Department arrive ready for action -- breaking up the melee in a barrage of bullets and stun-baton-fueled hatred.
Johan is arrested and sent to prison where he is given a SIN, tried by the courts, convicted of the murders, and sentenced to death. The relatively innocent Yenne is taken into custody, but later released by an officer with a soft heart. And Nova...
...Well, Nova awakens after a long slumber only to find himself back in the hands of the Ares Macrotechnologies R&D Division. His creator, Dr. Maddigan, gives the helpless street samurai some non-elective surgeries -- removing his suprathyroid gland and planting other "special goodies" under his dermis. After a time, our elven killing machine is brought face-to-face with Damien Knight himself -- who in turn orders Nova's disposal.
Thinking himself as good as dead, Nova loses all hope...Only to be freed by his sister and long-time rival, Flare, who creates a suitable distraction with fists and bullets; thus allowing Nova to escape before she is herself overwhelmed by Knight Errant troops and another of Maddigan's prototype assassins -- the stoically-faced Alex. Nova returns home and dons a tinfoil suit and hat (he claims "to avoid traces"), heading straight to Meat's Lab for some elective cyberware removal.
The old ork streetdoc successfully rids Nova of a tracking device and a nerve-paralyzer that Dr. Maddigan had installed -- though the elf has essentially lost his suprathyroid bioware -- and sets him free with a clean bill of health, back into the world of shadowrunning.
No one knows what became of the three deckers...

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