<GM> everyone be sure to have a description ready
<AnneMarie> blah :P
<GM> jackknife, you can play, yes
<GM> Taurno is actually not a bad character...i'm pleasantly surprised


<Nova> ((ready))
<Taurno> (yes)
<Johnathan> ((who is AnneMarie?))
<AnneMarie> (i'm death :/)
<Nova> ((state your readiness you can talk later))
<AnneMarie> (i'm ready)
<Jordan> ((ready))

      • GM changes topic to '#S-Run..."And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people...DIE!!"'

<GM> * GAME ON *

<GM> * It's Wednesday, hump day...Business in the City-State of Seattle goes on as usual, with everyone living out their lives in relative ignorance to the dark underbelly that is your world. The World of Shadowrunners. *
      • AnneMarie (dfgdfg@MTL-ppp-154878.qc.sympatico.ca) Quit (Ping timeout)
<GM> ((another one bites the dust))
<Johnathan> ((yes))
<Taurno> she always pings out.
<GM> * Taurno, M wound. *
<Nova> ((/me steps back from the gm wrath area..))
  • Taurno blows his head out for that.
<GM> * Taurno, need I remind you never to use the GM's asterisks...EVER. *
<GM> ((we'll give sakura 5 minutes))
<Nova> ((maybe she got scared ;)))
<Jordan> ((I say we just sell her body to the triads))
<GM> ((seriously, that's quite possible...it could have been deliberate...coincidentally happened the last run too))
<Jordan> ((lets just play then)
<Jordan> (put her back in if she actually shows up))
<Nova> ((I need to inform you that if I get dumped I won't be able to come back, the polish networks are a strange thing :/))
<Johnathan> ((always use these))
<Taurno> ((always wear underwear!))
<Nova> ((the 5 mins passed already, let's have fun))
<GM> ok
<Jordan> ((I read a story today about a guy who tried to eat his underwear to help him pass a breathalizer test))
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      • GM sets mode: +o Cavalier-
<GM> (change nick))
      • Cavalier- is now known as Jack
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<GM> * It's Wednesday -- Hump Day. Business in the City-State of Seattle goes on as usual, with everyone living out their daily lives in relative ignorance to the dark underbelly that is your world. The World of Shadowrunners... *
<GM> * The time is approximately 11:25am. *
<GM> * You all receive phone calls from your various Fixers or Johnsons, and are offered the chance to attend an important meeting for work. The work is sensitive, so you must agree to do the meeting and job even before being given the location. *
  • Nova agrees to anything.
<GM> ((lol))
  • Taurno idly wonders what was sooo important, and agrees under silent protest.
  • Jack checks his cred balance and sighs heavily.
  • Taurno has no need to worry about his cred balance...
<GM> * You're all instructed to go to 'Matchsticks' at 5pm and give the matre'D your name and tell him you have a meeting with Mr. Johnson. *
<GM> * Furthur instructions will be given from there. Also, be sure to wear a suit and tie. *
<GM> * Anne, you're also told to dress appropriately. *
  • Taurno Wonders if Mr. Johnson is a deviant. .... and packs his gear into his bike and rides off to the Matchsticks
<Jack> ((lol))
  • Johnathan grumbles about always having to agree before money is discussed.
  • Jordan tries to dress semi-decently before heading over to Matchsticks.
  • Nova dresses in his cheap-brand suit and takes a cab to the club.
  • Johnathan agrees and gets ready for the meeting
  • Johnathan arrives at 20 minutes to 5
  • Nova arrives half an hour earlier, taking his nothing that he still owns
  • Taurno (( finds it funny that almost everyone else is an elf ))
<GM> * You are all escorted by the Matre'd to a private room where you give your descriptions and interact with one another for a short time. *
  • Taurno is a studly Looking elf with a Black Leather Suit, Blue Vellor Shirt, Black Tie, wild Snazzy Blue Hair, and Glittering blue eyes, ... standing at a pointy 6'4 and well just looking snazzy.
  • Jordan stands a little over 6 feet tall and looks to have a very strong build. He has semi-long straight black hair and grey eyes and looks to be japanese. He is wearing a current looking black suit with a blue shirt.
  • Nova is a muscular male elf with a striking appearance. 6'4" tall and approx. 200 pounds, his skin is almost perfectly black, opposed to milk-white long straight hair. Deep-blue, snakelike eyes burn with hate and anger. He's dressed in a cheap knock-off suit and tie
  • Jack is a rough looking, poorly shaven human man with brown hair and sharp brown eyes. He is about 150 lbs, standing 6 feet tall. He is wearing a dark colored jacket, obviously off the rack. His shirt is poorly pressed, with creases in odd places. He's wearing a black tie with pictures of elven women in erotic positions on it.
  • Johnathan is a broad shouldered human male standing 6'3" tall weighing approximately 220 lbs. He has dark blond military cut hair and deep blue eyes covered with dark shades, with a light tan to his skin. He is dressed in all black clothes except for a white dress shirt and black tie down to his well-polished combat boots and a long duster style jacket covering everything.
  • AnneMarie is 5'3", slim build, athletic looking to weigh appromximately 100 lbs or so. Her dark brown hair goes down her back just past her shouldr blades, it is tied back in a tight french braid. She is wearing a knee length black skirt, a loose, transparent mesh shirt with a tight black vest over it. She has knee high black boots and carries a bag over her shoulder.
<GM> ((hottie))
<GM> ((short elf too))
<Taurno> "So what's your name, .... short stuff? " (He says to marie)
  • Taurno overhears the money whining and just smirks... and slinks back into his chair as Anne seems to have ignored him
  • Jordan keeps quiet and keeps alert.
  • Jack sits down in a tired heap.
  • Nova sits in some corner of the room, silently and cautious.
  • Jordan gives a friendly smile to anyone who looks his way.
<Nova> ((so socially interactive are we all...))
  • Jordan looks very friendly, but also looks like he could kick your ass.
<AnneMarie> (back sorry got mixed up with some OOC comments, and sorry, i rewrote the desc fast cause it got deleted, forgot to mention my ears)
<AnneMarie> (and stuff :P and my eye color even :P sorry)
<Nova> ((use double breckets like these (()) ))
<GM> ((lol))
<GM> ((Game-Etiquette Nazi.))
  • Taurno twiddles his thumbs and his shiny costume jewelry as he waits for Mr. Johnson

. . .

<GM> * The door opens and a short, skinny man with black hair enters. He's lanky, even though he's only about 5'8" tall. He wears a grey suit and has dark eyes. *
<GM> * He looks you all over. *
<GM> * "Very good, if you would all follow me, please." *
  • Nova stands up and follows, ready to react to anything
  • Taurno stands up, follows behind Anne.
<GM> * He leads you all out the back of the restaurant to a waiting limo. *
  • AnneMarie follows, glancing back at Taurno.
  • Jack follows.
  • Jordan goes with the flow.
<GM> * The man gets into the limosine after everyone's inside. It starts driving. *
<Taurno> "So, Johnson, where are we going?"
<GM> * "To the meeting." *
<GM> * "And please, call me Ronald." *
  • Nova sits still and watches where are they all going
<GM> * You drive for about 20 minutes and pull up to a large estate in Renton. The gate electronically identifies the vehicle and allows it inside. It drives up past a huge water fountain -- which serves as centerpiece for the front lawn -- to the large set of double doors in the center of the structure. *
<GM> * Columns accent the front door to the mansion. *
<GM> * All four doors to the limosine open simultaneously. Ronald gets out without a word. *
  • Nova follows.
  • Jordan hops out and looks around a few times.
  • AnneMarie gets out and adjusts her skirt, pulling her bag back over her shoulder.
  • Jack follows appropriately, sneaking a glance up AnneMarie's skirt when she isn't looking
<GM> * It's a large 3 story mansion with a fountain out front and greco-roman columns. *
  • Taurno follows behind Ronald...
<Jack> ((oh lord, Jonathan and Nova))
<GM> ((mah boyz))
<GM> * "Follow me, please," requests Ronald, as a butler opens the front doors. *
<Jordan> "Certainly."
  • Jordan follows along.
<AnneMarie> ((i don't see how anyone could look up my skirt unless they got down on the pavement :P))
<Johnathan> ((I am trying lol))
<Jack> ((oh I'm trying))
<Jack> ((lol))
<GM> * Jack, you get a tactical beaver shot. *
<GM> * Well, it's all dark so you can't tell...but you highly suspect! *
  • AnneMarie keeps following Ronald
  • Taurno motions to Anne, (Pssst! they're all perverts!) ...
<Jack> <w> "Nice digs...maybe they can afford to pay us."
<Jack> ((this is gonna involve elves and AnneMarie's skirt, I just know it))
<Jack> (("GANG BANG!"))
<Nova> ((LOOOL))
<sarok> (lol)
<Jack> ((It's good to be the king...))
<AnneMarie> ((not before i break your necks :P))
<Jack> ((lol))
<GM> ((ouch))
<GM> * Anyway... *
<GM> * Ronald leads you all into the mansion and up some stairs, past numerous book shelves, fireplaces, and antique-looking furnishings. *
<GM> * This place is classically decorated, and you're led up to the second story and down the hallway into a closed off room. *
  • Jack looks around for an exit.
  • Taurno looks around and sees Jack acting rather paranoid, and only smirks :)
<GM> * An old man sits in a wheelchair in front of a fireplace. He has white hair and a wrinkled face. He wears a maroon smoking jacket and a blanket covers his legs. *
  • Nova stays silent and a bit in the back.
  • AnneMarie walks into the room a bit, looking around.
  • Jordan looks the man over.
<GM> * Taurno, you recognize him immediately. *
<GM> * In fact, you all do...lately this Mafia Capo has been all over the news...The feds are very close to bringing him in on numerous charges, some of which might stick. The coverage is very public and very current. *
<Taurno> "Why, it's Don Misiano, how are you doing? "
<GM> * The man looks at Taurno. "Shut up." *
<GM> * "...As for the rest of you, please come in." *
  • Jordan smirks.
  • Taurno continues to smirk back.
  • Jack smiles a bit.
<GM> * "Wipe that smile off your face, Taurno. This might be your chance for redemption if you don't fuck it up again." *
<Taurno> "Uh.. Yes sir.. " (acts Serious, if only for the moment)
<GM> * The old man wheels himself to you all and looks you over. *
<GM> * "My name is Mr. Misiano." *
  • Johnathan looks at the man and then around the room again.
  • Nova nods slightly.
<GM> * He takes Anne-Marie's hand and kisses it, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Banning." *
  • AnneMarie smiles and nod/bows respectfully.
<GM> * "I'm sorry for the delay, but as you well know my life is very much in the public eye at the moment...I can't fart without someone on CNN covering it up to the minute." *
  • Jack looks very nervous.
<Jack> "It's a good thing you've invited us here for legitimate business, then..."
<GM> * "Relax, Mr. Calloway...We're all friends here."
<Taurno> " Right.... What are we to do for you now, then, Misiano?"
<GM> * He gives Taurno a venomous look. "You are to keep your mouth shut until I give you permission to speak."
  • Taurno idly wonders if he should do the feds a favor, but manages to show more restraint.
<Jordan> "So the feds might have seen us coming in here?"
<GM> * "No, you're all quite safe from the media...That is why everyone believes this meeting is going on at the restaurant." *
  • Jack nods.
<GM> * He clears his throat. "If you would all stop worrying, I've called you to this _very private_ meeting to solve a problem I have." *
<GM> * Don Misiano wheels over to a small writing desk and activates a hidden panel. The painting above the fireplace slides up to reveal a datascreen. *
  • Taurno studies the data screen.
  • Jordan leans up against a wall and watches.
<GM> * The face of a young Japanese man appears. He looks well-groomed, with a slim, athletic build. *
<GM> * Pertinant info scrolls by next to the holograph. A second image of a woman, and a third of a young Japanese boy follow. *
<GM> * "This is Te--." *
<Taurno> "Will I be able to get a copy of this, for my own implant?"
<GM> * "Tauno, I will tell you once more to be quiet. If you aren't professional enough to attend this meeting, then you may leave my house at once." *
  • Johnathan shakes his head.
  • AnneMarie gives Tauno a glare. "We're sorry about him, Mr. Misiano, please continue."
  • Jordan frowns and tries to stay quiet.
  • Nova rolls his eyes.
<GM> * Capo Misiano nods. "As I was saying....This is Tetsuo Mashimoto, a heavy player in the Yakuza game and son of one Oyabun Mashimoto." *
<GM> * "In simpler times, I would have taken care of this business in-house; however, recent events require me to seek outside assistance in these matters." *
<GM> * "Your payment is 15000¥ a piece to get rid of my little problem. There are no upfront payments, and the amount is non-negotiable." *
<GM> * "Do you accept my offer?" *
<Nova> "Yes."
  • Taurno Gives a silent answer of yes.. And nods..
<Johnathan> "Any chances of getting an expense account as well? ...didn't think so... but I accept."
  • Jordan grits his teeth.
<Jordan> "Yeah, I'm in."
  • AnneMarie nods too, letting her bag slide down to her elbow.
<Jack> "So, you want this particular problem permanently eliminated?"
<GM> * "Your job is to kill him." *
<GM> * "Use any means necessary to end this man's life." *
  • Jordan frowns some more.
<GM> * He eyes Jordan. *
<GM> * "Mister Calloway, did I open the floor to questions?" *
<Jack> "You asked me one. I'll do it for 15,000."
<Taurno> "So... A Laser Guided bomb is ok, then? "
<GM> * "..." *
  • Johnathan gives Taurno a stern look.
<Taurno> "Well you did say whatever means... Do we have an ok to cause massive casualties as well? "
<GM> * He shakes his head. *
<Taurno> "Ooh right.. probably a bad idea."
  • Johnathan takes a few deep breaths and resists hitting Taurno for now.
  • AnneMarie takes a step toward the wheel chair. "Mr. Misiano, if I could have a word with you?"
<GM> * "After the meeting, Ms. Anne-Marie." *
  • AnneMarie nods. "Alright."
  • Jordan gives Taurno a look to let him know he is a fucking moron.
<GM> * "Tetsuo has a family as well; do not let this sway you from your goal." *
<Taurno> "A family? Wow, bonus points!" (he says Mockingly)
  • Johnathan looks at Nova, then Taurno, then back at Nova
  • AnneMarie pulls her bag back onto her shoulder.
<GM> * The screen shows pictures of Tetsuo's wife and child. *
  • Jack looks at the pictures.
  • AnneMarie looks up at the screen.
<Jack> "You know...I just checked my holodex and it turns out I have plans all these week."
<Jack> "I'll have to be leaving now."
<Taurno> "Wha-? "
<GM> * "..." *
<Nova> "?"
<GM> * "Mr. Calloway..." *
  • Jack turns toward the door.
<GM> * "No one leaves here at this point." *
  • Nova blocks Jack's path.
<Jordan> "Yeah, if I have to do this job with this man who is obviously mentally retarded and has screwed up a job for you before ((Taurno)), it doesn't sound so good."
<GM> * He looks at the group. *
<GM> * "Is Mr. Taurno your problem?" *
<Taurno> "Hey, Just because I enjoy a little Mess doesnt' mean I'm a fuckup, ok!"
<Johnathan> "No, no...no problem. I can take care of the problem after we leave."
<Jack> "You asked if I accpeted. I don't."
<Jack> "I might consider it for 25,000. Otherwise, find someone else."
<GM> * Don Misiano: "Your answer was that you'd, 'do it for 15,000'." *
<GM> * "That was acceptance." *
<Jack> "I reconsidered."
<GM> * "The offer is, as I stated, non-negotiable." *
<Jack> "So let me get this straight...you're going to force me to kill a man who I don't want to kill?"
<GM> * "If need be." *
<GM> * He taps a finger on his armrest calmly, watching you all. *
<Taurno> "Well, Jack, you could let someone else do the killing for you."
<Taurno> "Like .. you know.. me?"
<GM> * "As long as he is dead." *
<Jack> "Fine," Jack says with an evil look.
<GM> * "Good." *
<GM> * You all note that for someone with no muscle in the room, Capo Misiano is quite confident and relaxed. *
<GM> * "If there are no other outbursts, I will conitnue, then open the floor for questioning." *
<GM> * He continues: "Tetsuo Mashimoto has his own consignment of personal guard." The pictures change from the trio to 6 muscled, non-descript japanese men in suits and shades. *
  • Taurno makes note... ( yes, Let's see. one large Tank of knock out gas )
<GM> * "Six total, all heavily modified with the latest in cybernetic technology. The Yakuza's best security." *
  • Taurno Changes note .. "perhaps one large tank of Hydrogen and a lighter"
<Tak777> ((tempt them with soy ramen and whores with bottle rockets in their ass, what sane japanese man would refuse that!))
<GM> * The picture changes again to a traditionally-architectured Japanese mansion. It has all the craziness you'd expect...Paper walls, torches, rock gardens and koi ponds...the works. *
  • Taurno immediately thinks of calling his fixer for haywire/emp shells for his gun.
<GM> ((taurno, keep your wacky thoughts to yourself please))
<GM> * "This is Mr. Mashimoto's estate." *
<GM> * It changes to a picture of a sleek black Mitsubishi Nightsky limosine... *
<GM> * "This is Mr. Mashimoto's car." *
<GM> * It changes to a picture of www.tubgirl.com ... *
<GM> * "This is Mr. Mashimoto's estate and car on drugs, any questions?" *
  • Jordan vomits.
<Nova> "Address..?"
<Taurno> "Yeah. Is this guy in japan, or in Seattle?"
<GM> * The picture returns to that of Tetsuo Mashimoto and his family. *
  • AnneMarie gets kind of confused, shaking her head a bit.
<GM> * "He is in Seattle. His home is located in northern Renton." *
<Nova> ((you mean they are almost neighbours??))
<GM> * Not really, Nova...This estate that you're meeting in is about 30 minutes from 'North' Renton, even though it is in Renton. *
<GM> * "1657 N. Rosegarden Circle." *
<GM> * "Tetsuo is home this weekend for a business meeting. After that he returns to Japan with his wife and young son." *
<GM> * "He is not to return to Japan, under any circumstances except ritual burial." *
<Taurno> "So we have about 45 hours to kill him, then?"
<GM> * "You have until Monday morning." *
<Nova> ((it's like.. wednesday, quite a lot of time))
<GM> * Capo Don Misiano retrieves 6 datachips from a box and hands them to Anne-Marie. *
  • Taurno glares at Anne
  • AnneMarie takes the chips.
<Taurno> "What are those for?"
<GM> * "These contain the briefing you just received, as well as more detailed information." *
<GM> * "They also contain the contact number to be used once you've completed the job. You are to identify yourselves as 'Rosebud'." *
  • AnneMarie sticks one in her bag and walks around to everyone, giving one to each other person in the room. Going back to her original position afterward.
<GM> * "Is there anything else?" *
  • Taurno pops the chip right into his head and begins to access it.
  • Nova takes the chip and puts it in his pocket.
  • Jack puts it in his pocket.
  • Jordan puts the chip in his PS.
  • Jordan fiddles with it for a while.
  • Jordan frowns and smacks his PS.
<GM> * "Well?" *
<Nova> "I know everything I need."
<Taurno> "I'll wait down by the limo, I want my Bike back "
<GM> * Don Misiano: "The limosine will escort you all back to Matchsticks. You will leave from there." *
<GM> * "You're excused." *
<Johnathan> "Ok, good... I need to get back to my place to get some items before I can start this run."
<AnneMarie> "Would now be a good time to have that chat, sir?"
<GM> * The door opens. "Ms. Marie, you may stay," says the old man. *
  • Taurno waits till we're at the limo before he begins to get a vote.
<GM> * One large bald italian man, and one other with brown hair, usher you all out. *
  • Nova walks to Johnathan. "We need to talk."
  • Jordan follows along.
  • AnneMarie takes a couple steps closer to the Don as she watches everyone leave.
<Taurno> ((Where anne marine KNIFES HIM IN THE BACK!!))
<Jack> ((do it))
<GM> ((none of you would leave the estate alive))
<Jack> ((neither would he))
<GM> ((maybe...))
<GM> ((maybe the wheelchair's a front))
<GM> ((maybe he's superman addicted to kryptonite crack))
<Nova> ((LOL))
  • Johnathan walks with Nova, "Ok, let's talk."
<Jack> ((maybe she needs to kill that fucker and piss into his open body cavity))
<GM> ((maybe jack needs to not be a pussy and stick with his word ))
  • Jack rolls up to Jordan
<Jack> "Hey, I'm Jack. You got a minute?"
<Jordan> "Yeah, what's on your mind?"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ANNE-MARIE & CAPO MISIANO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * "Yes, my dear?" *
  • AnneMarie bends down a bit if there is not a chair close. "Do you think there is anything extra I could do for you? Maybe I could use this opportunity to frame one of your opponents or competitors?"
<GM> * "What do you mean?" *
<AnneMarie> "Well I like to do everything I can for my employers, especially one as infamous. If there is someone who you need taken care of, I could make it seem as if they were the ones behind the murder."
<GM> * He chuckles. *
<GM> * "No my dear, I am far too old for that sort of thing...This is personal, if signs point to me then so be it." *
<GM> * "However....Keep an eye on Taurno and the Japanese man, Mr. Jordan... If they were to try and jeopardize this operation, eliminate them. You will be handsomely rewarded with their shares and an extra fee." *
<GM> * He gives you a knowing look. *
  • AnneMarie nods.
<GM> * "I like your morals, my dear." *
<GM> * "Perhaps future employment opportunities will stem from this." *
<GM> * "But run along now, before they get suspicious." *
  • AnneMarie smiles and stands back up straight. "Alright." She bows respectfully and turns for the door.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TAURNO & THE FIXER ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Taurno puts out a call to his fixer to see if it's feasible to get a plane to fumigate the house with a two Stage flammable Gas.
  • Taurno really does ask his fixer that.
<GM> * "Are you mad?" *
<Taurno> "Why, yes."
<GM> * "I could sell you a plane and the gas for a cool 250 grand...." *
<Taurno> "How about a Tank of that gas?"
<Taurno> "Not that big... maybe the size of a normal butane Tank."
<GM> * "Do you have a powder license?" *
<Taurno> "How about a large tank of Helium?"
<Taurno> "Er... Hydrogen .. Helium would work I guess.."
<GM> * "It won't come cheap, I'll have to call you back." *
<Taurno> "Fine"
<GM> ((WAIT A MINUTE!! You don't have a fixer as a contact on this sheet, jackass!!))
<GM> * Fixer: "Who is this?? STOP CALLING ME!" *
<GM> * He hangs up. *
<AnneMarie> ((lol))
<Nova> ((hahah))
  • Taurno calls his Doc up to Ask for a Large tank of Nitrous oxide instead : )
<GM> * "Uhhh....I got a half tank for 3 grand." *
<Taurno> "Good, I'll pick it up later this evening."
<GM> ((taurno's gonna explode you all))
<GM> * "Alright..." *
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<Remo> [Milo-] THE SNOODLER!
  • AnneMarie comes out, approaching the limo and the others.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BACK IN THE LIMO & BEYOND ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • AnneMarie looks around before getting back into the limo.
<Taurno> "So Anne, what did you talk about?"
  • AnneMarie shakes her head. "He really meant what he said about no negotiations on the job price."
<Taurno> "Tsk, mob guys are Cheap bastards, i could of told you that!.. you want high price, work for the Corporations!"
<GM> * You're all dropped off at, and leave, Matchsticks. *
  • Johnathan heads out to his place to grab his gear.
  • Nova goes with Johnathan.
  • Taurno is at the restaurant, about to get his bike and head off to collect the tank.
<Taurno> "So where Are you all heading off to?"
<Johnathan> "I have to get my gear."
<Jack> "Before everyone leaves..."
<Jack> "Let's exchange PS numbers"
<Johnathan> "Don't have one."
<Jack> "You got a phone, something?"
<Taurno> "Well .. I don't have a PS.. "
<Taurno> "I do have a subvocally Operated Comm implant"
<Jack> "Who the fuck doesn't have a PS? Phone numbers...some way we can meet up."
  • Johnathan gives Jack his phone #
  • Nova sticks with Johnathan, who has a phone.
  • Taurno copies down the numbers.
<Jack> "Ok."
<Jack> "I'll call everyone with my suggested meeting place in 30 minutes."
  • AnneMarie goes back to her place.
  • Johnathan heads to his place with Nova to grab his gear.
  • Jack shows Jordan where his pimped out Americar is.
  • Jordan follows Jack.
  • Taurno Drives off to collect from the doctor, then switch to his Two seater bike and throws all his gear into it
<Taurno> (side car bike that is)
<GM> * You're really gonna pay 3 grand for half a tank of laughing gas? Alright... *
<GM> * Oh wait. *
<AnneMarie> ((lol))
<Jack> !
<Jack> ((who is this guy?))
<GM> ((a char gen user, joel))
<Taurno> * I have 19,000 in Cash *
<GM> ((nope, your cash goes down to 10% of what it is if you don't spend it in char creation))
<Johnathan> ((I'd have 30 if I didn't have to pay 25 Grand for having my heart put back in after a certain incident))
<Milo-> ((Live and learn))
<GM> * Taurno, you get your gas anyway. 3 grand, full tank. *
<GM> * And a mask because your street doc was feeling generous. *
  • Taurno heads home to load up his "hog" with his goodies.
<Taurno> "Yeah doc, i'm gonna have a wild party tonite you see. "Wink Wink" "
<GM> * So...many...messages.... *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE DOUBLE CROSS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Jack> "Jordan, do you have any local Yakuza contacts?"
<Jordan> "Yeah, my fixer buddy is in with the Yaks."
<Jack> "See if you can get us someone's phone number. Tell him we need to speak with the Oyabun about a matter concerning his family's safety."
<Jordan> "Alright."
  • Jordan calls up his fixer.
<GM> * The call connects. "Ha-row?" *
<GM> * "Toe-koo hee-ah...." *
<Jordan> "Yeah, it's Jordan, I need to get in contact with the local Obuyan?"
<GM> * "OY-YOO-BAAAANNNN? What-a four'?" *
<GM> ((i love this job))
<Jordan> "It's business."
  • Jordan just says that in japanese.
<GM> * He begins speaking in Japanese as well, "#One does not just speak to the Oyabun.#" *
<Jordan> "#I didn't mean directly to him, but to his people. I'm sure they will get me in touch with him.#"
<GM> * "#How important is it, Jordan-san?#" *
<Jordan> "#Quite important, he WILL want to hear what I have to say.#"
<GM> * The man pauses." *
<GM> * "#One moment.#" *
<GM> * Your call gets transfered through many routers and scramblers. *
<GM> * "Heh-rowwwww?" *
<Jack> "Tell him this involves the safety of his immediate family."
<GM> * "#Tell who? Who is this?#" *
<Jack> ((I was talking to Jordan))
<GM> ((oh shit, got mixed up with J names))
<Jordan> ((haha))
<Jordan> (in japanese) "#I need to get in touch with the Obuyan, my name is Jordan.#"
<GM> * "#The Oyabun?#" *
<GM> * "#One moment...#" *
<GM> * The phone gets transferred again. *
<GM> ((handling like 50 messages and calls))
<GM> * "#Good evening, may I help you?#" *
<GM> * This is said in Japanese. *
<Jordan> "I have important information for the Obuyan."
<Jack> <japanese> "#I might be able to help with the talking... #"
<Jack> <j> "#Just make sure I don't fuck it up too badly#"
<Jordan> (to jack) "#I'll be fine.#"
<GM> * You're transferred again. *
<GM> * A man answers, "What can you do for me?" *
  • Jordan sighs
<Jack> <whispered to Jordan, in english> "Tell the obuyan that we know details about an attempt to be made on his son's life, and we will happily take a payment to help dethrone the Don."
<Jordan> (back quietly to Jack) "Yeah, I know."
  • Jack nods and does his best to listen.
<Jordan> "#I have important information about an attempt on his son's life.#"
<GM> * "Whose son?" *
<GM> * "This is as far as your call will go. Speak your piece." *
<Jordan> "A certain Don just attempted to hire me and several others to kill the Obuyan's son. However, this Don is a jackass and we would rather help out your organization. We would like to work for you to help take him out."
<GM> * "Which Don?" *
<GM> * "And how serious is this action?" *
<Jack> <w,e> "Don't name his name!"
<Jordan> "Don Misiano."
<Jack> <w,e> "Fuck."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Don Misiano is a flea." *
<GM> * "He can make no actions because he has been careless and the government is onto him." *
<GM> * Voice: "However, if such an action is being taken against the venerable Oyabun's family, we will take the necessary precautions." *
<Jordan> "Well, Don Misiano has hired a small professional group to kill Tetsuo Mashimoto, and given them the necessary information to do it with."
<GM> * "Oyabun Mashimoto?" *
<Jordan> "Yes."
<Jack> <w,e> "Make the offer..."
<GM> * Voice: "What sort of game is this? Oyabun Hiro-sama will be quite displeased." *
<Jordan> "...My sincere apologies, I was put in contact with the wrong group."
<GM> * "Oyabun Mashimoto-sama and Capo Misiano have been long time enemies...That is well known." *
<Jordan> "If this has already gotten to Hiro-sama I am very sorry, I did not mean to get him worried."
<Jordan> "Would you mind putting me in touch with Mashimoto's people?"
<GM> * He laughs harshly. *
<GM> * "Find him yourself." *
<GM> * Click. *
<GM> * It's been 30 minutes BTW. *
<GM> * Now what, my little dangerous duo. *
<Jordan> ((/me cries for a little bit))
<Jack> "I don't know how criminals survive..."
<Jack> "First a mob boss that's an idiot."
<Jack> "And now stupid Yakuza"
<GM> * Ring ring...phonecall, Jack. *
<Jack> "If we have info on a hit vs the Obuyan's son...don't they need the info?"
<Jordan> "Wrong obuyan."
<GM> * Jordan, you make more calls and convince people you're legit. *
<GM> * You get to a big man. *
<GM> * Big Yakuza Player: "What information do you have for me?" *
<Jordan> "Information on a hit on Tetsuo Mashimoto."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Continue." *
<Jordan> "Don Misiano hired a group of professionals to take out the obuyan's son."
<Jordan> "We would like to help out your organization in possibly taking out the Don."
<GM> * "How do you know this?" *
<Jordan> "He tried to hire me."
<GM> * "I see, and you refused?" *
<Jordan> "I let him think I would be doing this."
<Jordan> "But I would much rather help your organiztion"
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * He laughs. "What honorless dogs are the criminals of today." *
<GM> * "How much are you being paid?" *
<Jordan> "He was offering us 15k a piece."
<Jordan> "I don't know why he thought hiring someone with ties to the Yakuza was a good idea, and he seemed very adverse to the idea of me not working for him."
<GM> * Big Man: "You are not part of our organizations, Jordan-san...Don't fool yourself." *
<Jordan> "I don't presume to think I am."
<Jordan> "I severed any permanent ties to you long ago, it wasn't my intention to go back."
<GM> * "And you will never be, especially after this blatant display of honorless greed." *
<GM> * "However, we offer you 25,000¥ to make sure nothing happens to young Mashimoto-sama. *
<GM> * "We will beef up his security to ensure his safety." *
<GM> * "He will be informed of the attempt on his life. Is there anything else?" *
<GM> ((remember, he only knows you're calling him, and presumeably alone))
<GM> ((you're the only one getting paid))
<Jack> <w,e> "Ask if he has any ideas on how to take out this Don..."
<Jack> <w,e> "Or if he even cares?"
<Jordan> "Well, there are two of us, and we were wondering if you wanted anything done about the Don."
<GM> * "Two of you? .....25,000¥ a piece, then..... And the Yakuza does not stoop so low as to hire Gaijin to do its work. The Don will be handled by our organization and our organization alone." *
<Jordan> "Alright."
  • Jack rolls his eyes.
  • Jack nods at Jordan.
<Jordan> "Will you let his personal guard know who we are so they don't think we are hostile?"
<GM> ((what are you calling on? a Pocket Secretary? ))
<Jordan> ((yes))
<Jack> ((we were at a payphone))
<GM> * Payphone or PocSec? *
<Jordan> ((ok then...))
<Jordan> ((payphone I guess))
<GM> * "We need to see your friend, then, Jordan-san." *
  • Jordan looks at Jack
<Jordan> "Would you mind letting them have a picture of you?"
  • Jack shakes his head.
<Jack> <w,e> "Not the best idea."
<Jordan> "Just let them know not to attack me."
<Jack> <thinks> "Might be too late now..."
<GM> * Big Man: "Very well." *
<GM> * "Contact us through the same channels when the threat has been eliminated, Jordan-san." *
<GM> * He disconnects. *
<GM> * Is this all my little backstabbing chickadees? *
<Jack> "They might have recognized me..."
<Jordan> "How?"
<Jack> "I've done some...work...involving the Yakuza before."
<Jack> "I didn't want to jinx things."
<Jordan> "Hmm... alright."
<Jack> "I say we just play along, but sabotage the others. Make sure no one gets hurt, and it looks like we just screwed up."
<Jack> "The yakuza kid will have his guard up, and all we have to do is keep tipping them off while keeping our guys safe."
<Jordan> "I think we could hurt Taurno...."
<Jack> "Eh."
  • Jack calls Taurno

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE TRIPLE CROSS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Nova> ((?))
<GM> * Your phone rings, jackass. *
  • Nova answers
<GM> * "Mr. Nova?" *
<Nova> "Depends.." ?who is calling?
<GM> * It's the Capo, your present employer. *
<Nova> "What is the problem, sir?"
<GM> * "How well do you know Mr. Johnathan?" *
<Nova> "Enough, I think... why do you ask?"
<GM> * "Is he trustworthy?" *
<Nova> "He completes his jobs, I haven't heard him back out or betray his hirer."
<GM> * "Very well. I need you to keep your eyes out for anyone looking to jepordize this mission." *
<GM> * "I believe you know of whom I speak, Mr. Nova." *
<GM> * "Take care of them and you will be rewarded. Are we understood?" *
<Nova> "You can count on me, sir."
<GM> * "Very good." *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE QUADRUPLE CROSS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Jack, your pocket secretary rings. *
  • Jack answers.
<Jack> "Jack here..."
<GM> * "Mr. Calloway, this is Mr. Misiano. You seemed displeased with my offer." *
<Jack> "No, no everything is fine."
<Jack> "We'll take care of Mashimato for the agreed upon price. I don't know what I was thinking."
<GM> * "I have reviewed your...history...and will offer you an extra 5 grand for 20 total; however, I need your word that you will keep an eye on Mr. Jordan for me." *
<Jack> "Yes, I'll keep a very close eye on Mr. Jordan."
<GM> * "If he jepordizes the mission, I expect you to take care of him for me. He has ties with the Yakuza." *
<GM> * "You will be rewarded with his salary and a bonus of your own." *
<Jack> "Yes, sir. I know that a powerful man like you can take care of me in the future."
<Jack> "I'll take care of this personally. I'll make sure that your problem is taken care of. And I'll deal with Mr. Jordan too, if need be."
<GM> * "Very good...And that was good job with Mr. Jackson. Very professional."
  • Jack cocks an eyebrow, but says, "Thank you."
<GM> * "Make sure things run smoothly. Goodbye, Mr. Calloway." *
<Jack> "Goodbye, sir"
<GM> * Click. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHNATHAN & BIG GAY AL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Johnathan> ok I want to phone Big Gay Al and his weapons emporium.
<Johnathan> ((my contact))
<GM> * "Big Gay Al'th Big Gay Weaponth Emporium..." *
<GM> * "Al thpeaking..." *
<Johnathan> "Hey Al, it's Johnathan. I need to get a few items off you.... think you can help me out? I have the cred."
<GM> * "What'll it be, big boy?" *
<Johnathan> "I need 2 armored vests with Plates and 1 Secure Long Jacket, and a Smartlinked Predator with Shoulder Holster."
<GM> * "Is that all? How thoon do you need it?" *
<Johnathan> "That's all, and ASAFP."
<GM> * "Alright you thilly gooth...Where do you need it delivered?" *
<Johnathan> "Deliver it here (gives address of my place) if you can get it there within an hour?"
<Johnathan> "Oh can I get some caseless rounds and spare clips for the Predator as well?"
<GM> * "A catheless Predator? That might take a bit longer, those are pretty thpecial." *
<Johnathan> "Screw the caseless, then... just a regular one and some extra ammo."
<GM> * "Sure thing." *
<Johnathan> "Make sure it's smartlinked though, please."
<GM> * "One or two?" *
<Johnathan> "One."
<GM> * "Pay my delivery boy." *
<Johnathan> "How much?
<GM> * "He'll have the price." *
<Johnathan> "Ok."
<Johnathan> "Thanks Al... you're well worth having as my #1 arms dealer."
<GM> * "Prove that to me next time I offer to buy you dinner, thweetheart." *
<GM> * #Click.# *
  • Johnathan shakes his head.
  • Johnathan waits at his place with Nova, grabbing all his weapons and waiting for the delivery.
<GM> * A cute young man in skin tight leotard shorts running up the crack of his ass rides up on a bicycle. *
<Johnathan> "I see Al got himself a new errand boy,"
<GM> * "He's got a whole fleet running now." *
<GM> * He picks at his asscrack, "These shorts are the worst, though." *
<Johnathan> "Business must be good."
<GM> * He hands you a package. *
  • Johnathan takes the package
<Johnathan> "Was Al able to get everything I asked for?"
<GM> * "7,500." *
<Johnathan> "Shit, that's more then I was hoping for...."
<GM> * "How much you got?" *
<GM> * He gives you a coy smile. *
<GM> * "Maybe we could work something out..." *
<Johnathan> "I have 5,100 and it depends on what you mean by working it out."
<GM> * "Hmmmm, 51..." *
<GM> * Roll charisma. *
<GM> * "Well, you could work the rest of your payment out on me." *
<Johnathan> "And what do you propose?"
<GM> * He whispers in your ear, "Your dick, my ass, silly." *
<GM> * "Riding that bike all day sure has me all worked up." *
<Johnathan> "That would get Al all jealous, and I don't think I want that since I like Al a lot ...and that would be like cheating."
<GM> * "We don't belong to Al, we just work for him." *
<GM> * "Besides, it's been a long time since I've had a big strong man like yourself." *
<Johnathan> "I think I'll give Al a call."
<GM> * "Go right ahead, hunny." *
<GM> * He toys with his fingernails. *
<Johnathan> *phones al*
<GM> * You call Al. *
<Johnathan> "Ok, I'll be right with you."
<GM> * Big Gay Al: "Helloooooooo?" *
<Johnathan> "Hey Al, it's Johnathan. I sorta have a problem."
<GM> * "What? The package not there?" *
<Johnathan> "No, not that, the cost is more than I expected, and I only have 5,100 not the 7500."
<Johnathan> "Any chance I can get a small line of credit? I have a good job coming up now which is why I needed the ware so fast."
<GM> * "Thoooo, you want me to soak up the cost of the gear?" *
<Johnathan> "I promise, Al, I will pay you back.... and to make it up to you, I'll go out to dinner with you like your offered."
<GM> * "..." *
<GM> * "Thounds tempting, little man." *
<GM> * "It'th a deal then...8,000 after you're done, and dinner." *
<Johnathan> "Sounds good, Al...and you know I am good for it."
<Johnathan> "Oh, I love the thongs on your new couriers, but they need little white collars with bow ties."
<GM> * "Hmmmm, that'th a MARVELOUS idea..." *
<GM> * "Let me talk to Ralphie, m'kay?" *
<Johnathan> "Sounds good Al, I'll get back to you after the run. Here, tell your courier it's all good, ok?"
<GM> * "Well, put him on, thilly." *
  • Johnathan hands the phone to the courier.
<GM> * They exchange words, Ralph, th delivery boy, looks flustered and hangs up. *
<GM> * "Uhhh...Forget I said anything, alright, buddy?" *
<Johnathan> "No problem, and here's the 5100 for my first payment."
<GM> * He claps you on the shoulder, like a man, and rides off. *
<GM> * You have Nova's gear. *
<GM> * Ring ring, #s-run. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ANNE-MARIE & HER NEW CAR ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Taurno> ((I'm waiting on Johnathan's call...))
  • AnneMarie calls up her fixer.
<AnneMarie> "Arden, do you think you could get me some satellite photos?"
<GM> * Arden: "Sure, for a price." *
<AnneMarie> "How much exactly?"
<GM> * "How many do you need?" *
<GM> * Arden has asked you how many satellite photos you need, Anne. *
<AnneMarie> "well, just one is neccesary, 1657 N. Rosegarden Circle."
<GM> * "An address?? Do I look like the UCAS Government?" *
<GM> * "I can get you Renton...even Northern Renton..." *
<GM> * "But a house?!" *
<AnneMarie> "Just get the property on there, get it the closest you can without totally defacing the clarity."
<GM> * "500 for 3 photo's." *
<AnneMarie> "I don't have 500 right now, can I pay you back after this job?"
<GM> * "Depends on what kind of payment we're talking here, cutie." *
<Taurno> ((Oral!, hahaha))
<AnneMarie> "Depends on how good those pictures are, maybe you could get some bozo to take some aerial photos instead?"
<GM> * "I'll see what I can do, Anne." *
<GM> * "I'll call you back." *
<GM> * #Click.# *
  • AnneMarie sighs and waits.

. . .

<GM> * Taurno, it's been 35 minutes by your watch. *
  • Taurno simultaneously dials out Jonathan and Jack...
<GM> * Handle it in here....John and Jack, both of your phones ring. *
  • Jack answers.
<Taurno> " So Jack, what's the hangup? You're late with the call?"
<Jack> "I'm busy, Taurno. Wait."
  • Jack hangs up.
<Taurno> "Don't like that at all... "

. . .

<Johnathan> "Hello? What do ya want?"
<Taurno> "John, Weren't we all supposed to meet ? "
<Johnathan> "I am getting my stuff... where do you want Nova and I to meet you?"
<Taurno> "I'll call you back on that, I'm gonna try to find Anne now ..." *hangs up*
  • Johnathan hangs up and gets his stuff together and heads out to the van.
  • Johnathan gets in the Van with Nova and waits for the call on locations.

. . .

<GM> * Anne, Arden calls you back and says he's got 3 sat photos, and that you can pay him back after the run. *
<GM> * They're downloaded to your pocket secretary. *
  • AnneMarie pulls out her pocket secretary and checks them out.
<GM> * Two are shitty and pretty much useless. *
<GM> * The third is clear, showing the house and the rest of the neighborhood. *
<GM> * What're you looking for? *
<AnneMarie> roads, walls, security of any form, etc.
<GM> * Can't make out people on this thing, but there's a wall running the length of the property. *
<AnneMarie> (didn't litteraly mean security guards lol)
<AnneMarie> ?is there a main gate?
<GM> * Yes. *
  • AnneMarie puts away her PS and goes somewhere she could pick up some binoculars.
<GM> * You swing into a sporting goods store and purchase a pair of 25 nuyen binoculars. *
<AnneMarie> ((god.. hope i can afford a taxi lol))
  • AnneMarie goes outside, shoving the binoculars into her bag, she looks around for any cars.
<AnneMarie> (parked)
<GM> * There's a parking lot full of them, Anne. *
  • AnneMarie looks around for a nice one.
<GM> * You see several nice cars...A few Eurocar Westwinds and Ford Americars. *
  • AnneMarie goes over to a Westwind and checks the doors.
<GM> * Anne, this is a nice-ass sports car, the doors are locked and it's alarmed. *
<GM> * You can try and break into the thing, Anne. Roll for it. *
<GM> * Electronics. *

<AnneMarie> !dice 6
<SR-Dice> AnneMarie rolled -+ 3 5 4 1 16 3 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * Anne, you easily disable the security system and slip into your new 100,000¥ vehicle. *
<GM> * Maybe being a car thief could rake in more dough than shadowrunning... *
  • AnneMarie gets comfortable, looking around above the driver seat visor and in the glove compartment and etc.
<GM> * Maybe you'd better start driving, doll. *
  • AnneMarie hotwires the car so she can get on her way.
  • AnneMarie is on her way to the house as fast as she can without crashing.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PLANNING TO PILLAGE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Taurno starts Driving till he's at the 30 mile mark from the house.
<GM> * Okay.... *
<GM> * Then what? *
  • Taurno calls in to Jonathan his location, and his plan to Gas the room where the mark and his family Are staying in. ..
<Johnathan> "Roger, although isn't it Wednesday, and isn't he not arriving till Saturday? Or maybe I heard wrong?"

<GM> * CLARIFICATION: The wife and kid live at the estate, Tetsuo travels. *
<GM> * He's in town currently. *

  • Johnathan starts the Van, checks the fuel level, and heads out towards the location Taurno gave him
  • Nova is in the van with John
<GM> * You both start driving to meet with Taurno. *
  • Taurno Calls jack to go to his location as well.. and calls again at Anne...
  • Taurno will wait an hour for everyone to arrive near by to be in comm/visual range :p
  • Jack calls Taurno.
<Jack> "Yo."
<Taurno> "So you're not Busy Jack? "
<Jack> "We're ready to go."
<Taurno> "Good. I've got a few plans. Want to hear them?"
<Taurno> "These are the Options, as I see them ... 1. We Kidnap his family, Ransom them back, boobytrap his family so they explode and die when they reunite. .. I don't think you'll like this one."
<Jack> "Taurno...let's meet in person, eh?"
<GM> ((...))
<Taurno> " and ... if the family is around, we set up a fake Dinner party... We invite them. Gas them and their entourage, Dump the guards, I'll pay for a little Mess up on the family. "
<Taurno> " .. cortex bombs aren't that much .. I think ... "
<Taurno> "Our Other option, Less gory... "
<Taurno> "We Offer ourselves as protection to the mark. We tell him they've put a hit on him. We set him up for a fall, Rig his personal craft to blow up or Crash."
<Jack> "Let's do that, Taurno."
<Jack> "We'll tell him there's a hit on him and set him up for a fall."
<GM> * Following this suspicious phonecall, Jack and Jordan eventually meet with Taurno. *

. . .

  • AnneMarie calls Taurno.
<Taurno> " You're late Anne, what took you so long?"
<AnneMarie> "I got hung up trying to find transportation."
<Taurno> " shoulda asked, i'd of lent you something !"
<AnneMarie> "Never mind, where are you guys?"
<Taurno> "We're at (a spot 30 miles south of the estate)
<Taurno> "We're discussing plans."
<GM> * Everyone is gathering in a small coffee and gift shop in Renton. *
  • Johnathan drives with Nova in the van to that spot.
<Nova> ?are John and I already there?
<GM> * Yes, you and John arrive, looking shady in the poor old Suit-Salesman's van. You join the three shadowrunners already on the scene. *
  • Johnathan parks the Van locks it and takes the keys and heads inside to see Taurno.
  • Nova goes with John
<Taurno> " Our other option, is that we become house workers and rig the place so all it's Sewage systems blow. After all the chaos, we blow people up and keep killing everything that twitches or moves.. but this is too messy."
<Taurno> " ...I'm up to other options.... "
<Taurno> " I like #1 "
  • AnneMarie arrives at the location and gets out, slamming the door of her car, looking around.
  • AnneMarie grabs her bag out of the front and slings it over her shoulder. She goes over to the others.
<GM> * Everyone is now together, sitting outsid at a corner table discussing the mission at hand. *
  • Taurno repeats it for Late comers .. :)
<Jack> "I think we should tell him that there's a hit on him, and then set him up from the inside."
<Jack> "We just need a smooth talker to go in there and sell it."
<Jack> "Taurno, I know that you could do a great job."
<Jack> "Then once we're in, we can rig his car or just shoot him in the back."
<Jack> "Or gas the showers and kill his family or whatever Taurno is planning on doing."
<Nova> "You know, he has six, repeat, SIX overcybered bodyguards.."
<Taurno> "That's why i'm in favor of plan 1"
<Taurno> "His family won't be as protected."
<Nova> "Taurno is not in the position to do any planning."
<Jack> "Once we're inside we can subvert them without bringing too much attention to ourselves."
<Johnathan> "I agree, and I don't wanna try fighting them since I know what Nova is capable of."
<Jack> "We can't take on six cybered lunatics head on."
<Jack> "We need to convince them that we're on their side and gain their confidence."
<Johnathan> "And remember we don't have that much time to set things up."
<Taurno> "We have 4 days. I have money. Lots of it. What do you think We need? "
<Nova> "Jack, shut up, same to you Taurno."
<Nova> "You don't really believe this will work now, do you?"
<GM> ((LOL))
<GM> ((Go nova))
<Nova> ((hey, I'm not letting them rip me off my cred))
<Nova> "Yes, he's got a meeting on the weekend, probably with someone who has his own security."
<Taurno> "We need to hit the place today, while it's lax."
<Jack> "Ok, then let's attack the cyberfreaks."
<Jack> "Just walk in there and open fire."
<Jack> "Use your big guns. You're a muscled killer, you can take 'em."
<Taurno> "We don't even know the bodycount at the estate yet!"
<Nova> "Jack...Taurno, can you take several hits from a pistol and remain standing?"
<Taurno> "Well .. yes.. but that Hurts :)"
<GM> ((LOL!!))
<Nova> "No it doesn't, I can do that with regular ammo.. and so can those guys, you really want to fight them?"
<Jack> "I have faith in you."
  • AnneMarie goes over to Taurno, "So you're a cyborg, are you?"
<AnneMarie> "Or is it just that little gadget you have?"
<Taurno> "Hmm how about I buy you all massive amounts of Big Ammo? "
<Jack> "I like that idea, Taurno."
<Jack> "We can go in with a few rocket launchers and LMGs"
<Johnathan> "Can we try use the old rule of KISSH?"((Keep it simple Shit head))
<Taurno> "That would be Quite Messy"
<Taurno> "I see most of you are non Boosted "
<Nova> "Just shut up and think of something smart and workable."
<Jack> "I agree with Nova, we don't want any crazy plan...let's take our time and think about this."
<Nova> "We don't go in, never fight anybody in his own territory, NEVER."
<AnneMarie> "You wouldn't even get close enough anyways."
<Jack> "Nova, we can't wait for him to come to us."
<Taurno> "We have a better Chance of luring his family out!"
<Jack> "Our best bet is to hit him while he's unprepared."
<Jack> "And, at home."
<GM> ((blang blang!))
<Jack> "I know...we can sneak in."
<Taurno> " well I tried to Firebomb him, Costed too much "
<Taurno> "I say we kidnap his family while they're at school."
<Taurno> "Don obviously Expects us to Not go use his family against him.. "
<Nova> "He is leaving the state, so we can cream him when he does."
<Jack> "That's when he'll be on guard!"
<Jack> "You're on guard when you're travelling, not when you're going about your day-to-day business."
<GM> * Jack has a point. *
<Jack> "We need to catch him tonight, while he's chilling at home."
<Jack> "Not while he's about to make an international trip about crime family business."
<Nova> "You're on guard all the time, when you sit in one place, it's easier to guard you."
<Jack> "Is that so? Is it easier to wax you now, or when you're at home on your shitter?"
<Jack> "The idea is, make the familar environment of his home less familar."
<Jack> "Some demo, some smoke, a few flashbangs...confuse him, and then hit heavy."
<Nova> "Okay, so we go in, defeat lots of alarms and security measures, six cybered guards and kill the guy.... be my guest, I'll stand watch."
<Jack> "Create a diversion with some bombs and some LMGs on one side...and then send in a smaller team to make the actual hit."
  • AnneMarie pulls off her vest and goes back out to the car.
<Taurno> "That doesnt' work that well when your guards are all Cyborged tin cans "
<Taurno> "Unless someone Can Detonate an Emp Explosion in the place... "
<Taurno> "we're pretty much screwed ... "
<Jack> "Most cyber is hardened vs EMP..."
<Nova> "No, they will be prepared for that, it's not a bunch of stupid tin cans, it's a bunch of trained sec. personnel."
<Nova> "Plus anything they have stacked in there, sentry guns, drones, tripwires, panels, whatever."
<Jack> "It doesn't matter how prepared they are. Show me one cybered up guard that can withstand or IGNORE a pair of LMGs chewing up the side of the house."
<Jack> "Heavy fire on one side, quickness and stealth on the other."
<Jack> "If you get him out of the house, we eliminate our element of surprise."
<Taurno> "House. smouse. We'll get mowed down ... "
<Taurno> "The best bet is the public lure. "
<Nova> "Jack, there are six of them, and they will be watching all the sorroundings, I tell you."
<Jack> "So don't hide."
<Jack> "Go in shooting and blasting, give them something to look at."
<Jack> "And then, when they're looking the other way you send someone in."
<Taurno> " I don't see any Sprinters in here."
<Johnathan> "Look... when we decide on a plan ...fine... I'd rather take a HMG then a LMG but I'll do that if we decide on that plan, but Nova is right.... even if we do chew one side up, all 6 will not run to it, maybe 4 at best."
<Jack> "So you're telling me we can't take down 2 men?"
<Jack> "There are fucking six of us."
<Nova> "They WILL BE NOT looking the other fucking way god damn it!"
<Johnathan> "That depends on how many of us are there with LMG's."
<Taurno> " ... do you people have any idea how much it'll Cost for say.. 10 rounds of recoilless rifle ammo ( the High explosive kind) ? "
<Taurno> "And a gun to shoot it from ? "
<Jack> "This isn't rocket science, ok? You three soldier types get some LMGs and an RL and open that mother fucker up."
<Johnathan> "Who has money for LMG's and a RL? I don't."
<Nova> "No, we don't make a frontal assault, at least I'm not in it."
<Jack> "All you have to do is lay down cover."
<Jack> "Then me, Jordan and AnneMarie will run up on the other side being STEALHFUL."
<Jack> "And roll up, wax any remaining guards and roll out quick."
<Nova> "Wax them? with what?"
<Jack> "The same way I waxed that troll mother fucker back in that warehouse."
<Jack> "I can handle myself. You just cover one side of the deal."
<Nova> "I didn't see a troll in that warehouse, and you don't really know how much a cybered body can take, I see."
<Jack> "Just get their attention and kill as many as you can. I know you like killing."
<Taurno> "I don't like getting shot at!"
<Johnathan> "Someone buy me a LMG and some HE APDS Ammo for it and i'll pay you back from my cut."
<Taurno> "Get me a price, and I'll see about it"
<Taurno> "If we're gonna go for the distraction option, We need Something nasty, utterly Destructive, that will level his shithole palace!"
<Taurno> "Say.. What are the odds of us being able to steal a Bus, fill it with gas, and ram it into the palace and have it blow? "
  • Jack looks at Taurno
<Jack> "Hmm, not good."
<Nova> "Does anybody even know what the place looks like?"
<Taurno> " It's in the chip isn't it?"
<GM> * The house, as described in the meeting proper, is traditionally done in Japenese architecture. Small gardens, paper walls, torches, etc. *
<GM> * Think ethnocentric Japanese style. *
  • AnneMarie comes back from her car and sits back down with them.
<Taurno> " I say we go, Look around, make nice, leave.. Perhaps they have a some formal gathering."
<Jack> "I say we get the equipment and assault tonight."
<Nova> "No, we plan, and go tommorow, make LOTS of planning."
<Jack> "No no."
<Jack> "We have to move right now, while we have the time."
<Jack> "No sense waiting or talking."
<Jack> "Let's just kick down a door and handle business."
<GM> * LOL *
<GM> * Jack, instant karma. *
<Jack> ((lol))
<Jordan> "The good ol' samurai way."
<Taurno> "Say, the whole place is made of paper. The gas loaded bus will work wonders."
<Jack> "Paper! Fuck yeah!"
<Jack> "LMG + PAPER = Meet the ancestors!"
<Jack> "Let's GO GO GO!"
<Taurno> "only Light? Why not a mingun? "
<Jordan> "I grew up in a paper house. A handful of gangers could have busted in."
<Taurno> "Did you wipe with your hand too ?"
<Johnathan> "Taurno has a point, lets get a couple of LMG's set up, then light the place on fire. Everyone runs out in fear of burning alive, we mow them down."
<Jack> "Now you're talking Jonathan!"
<Taurno> "How about we steal a bunch of taxis, fill them up with gas, have them explode on their house?"
<Taurno> " I Do love exploding things. "
<Nova> "I don't like this idea.."
<Tak777> (( LOL ))

      • Tak777 changes topic to '#S-Run...<Nova> "I don't like this idea.."'

<Nova> "We're rushing this, rushing it on six evil badasses."
<Jack> "Nova, stop being a pussy. So what they're cybered up?! You're fucking cybered up!"
<Nova> "SO that's one to six, know the odds?"
<Taurno> "I'm Cybered up!"
<Jack> "Taurno is cybered up! Jordan is cybered up! Jonathan is cybered up!"
<Taurno> " We're the fucking bionic Six!"
<Nova> "Taurno, you're an asshole."
<Johnathan> "I am not cyberd up that much..."
<Jordan> "I'm not cybered, but who needs cyber when you have magic coursing through you're veins?"
<Jack> "Yes, magic!"
<Jack> "We have the drop on them, and no way in the fuck do they expect us to roll up on them with infantry weapons."
<Taurno> "What's your Specialty Jordan?"
<Jordan> "Killing idiots."
<Taurno> "Why aren't you dead yet then?"
  • Johnathan gets on his phone.

. . .

  • Johnathan calls Al again.
<GM> * "Yeeeetttthhhh?" *
<Johnathan> "Hey Al, Johnathan again... I have a friend who is looking to buy some LMG's and APDS Ammo for them, can you get me a price? And are they available today? Possibly a rocket launcher as well, but that's not as important."
<Johnathan> "He needs to know how much he has to withdraw from the bank, stupid rich guys don't know fines and would rather have volume then accuracy."
<GM> * "That's a tall order, hun...." *
<Johnathan> "Yeah I know, he just wants a price, here's my number..."
<GM> * "Let me call you back." *
<Johnathan> "Do what ya can Al but don't preasure yourself too much, can't wait for dinner though after I finish this job."
<GM> * "OooOO Hoo hoo!" *
<GM> * He giggles and disconnects. *

. . .

<Nova> "Magic? Now you're talking better, what magic exactly?"
<GM> * Nova the killing machine increases his competance 10-fold and begins to think his actions through. *
<Jordan> "No spells or anything, I'm just talented."
<Jack> "Me too."
<Jack> "Now, I say we use sound shadowrunning principles here...excessive force."
<Taurno> "Something tells me you seem to be good at stuff .. "
<Nova> "You know what? Maybe I'll just sit and watch you all get killed."
<Jack> "That's fine with me. Nova will sit and watch."
<Jack> "Now, let's do this."
<Taurno> "Hey, I have Insurance! "
<Taurno> "Well unless one of you knows where they are trucking dangerous chemicals nearby, We could hijack that, And dump it at the estate."
<Nova> "Taurno, you are not an asshole, you're an idiot.."
<Johnathan> "Ok I got a guy checking to see if he can get us LMG's and also a price... he'll call me back when he finds out."
<Jack> "Good stuff, Johnathan."
<Nova> "Can I for the last time ask you, do you even know the paths of the guards? The surroundings of the house? The probable security?"
<AnneMarie> "Who wanted to see the area around here? I have some satellite pics."
<Nova> "Sat-photos. Perfect."
  • Nova extends his hand toward Anne, "Can I?"
  • AnneMarie gets up, "Come on, they're in the car."
  • Nova goes with Anne.
  • AnneMarie gets up and goes outside to her car again,
  • AnneMarie goes over to the car and stands next to it. "Nice or what?"

. . .

  • Taurno Calls his Rigger contact, and asks him about any Fuel Truck shipments This week in this part of seattle.
<GM> * "In Renton? Are you on crack?" *
<Taurno> " Well, any within 120 miles? "
  • Johnathan says to Taurno, quietly, "Check any of Seattle or the near by area... not just here."
<GM> * "Uhhh, the industrial zone." *
<Taurno> "Can you give me their routes? "
<GM> * "One grand, you rich bastard." *
<Taurno> "fine, Just send me the info"
<GM> * "Show me the money." *
  • Taurno hops on to his computer and Deposits the money.
<GM> * You lose another thousand dollars....bringing you to a net profit of 11,000 for this job. *
<GM> * You get a route list for "Gas-Ex Oil Co." *
<Taurno> "Lovely.. now I 'm guessing I'm gonna need to Ask Anne for some help on planning this little heist."
<GM> * Anne is showing off her stolen ride to Nova, who looks unimpressed. *
  • Jordan cries a little bit.
<Jordan> "I need to find a new line of work."
  • Johnathan looks around and waits for a solid plan and a call from his arms dealer.
<Taurno> "Jordan, do you mind participating in a little truck jacking this week?"
<GM> * Jordan is breaking down, but hears Taurno's query. *
<Taurno> (btw, what is jordan's general Appearance?)
<GM> * He's a jap. *
<Jack> "No trucks!"
<Jack> "Taurno, steal a small car and fill it with as many tanks of gas as you can."
<Johnathan> "why don't ya just put a few 5 gallon cans of gas in the back seat of a car and a grenade on a timer?"
<Jack> "Run it to a side of the house...NOT INTO the house, but up against it...diversion."
<Taurno> "That's too local."
<GM> * Johnathan, your phone rings. *

. . .

<GM> * Ring. *
<Johnathan> "Hello?"
<GM> * Big Gay Al: "Yeah, I got that information." *
<Johnathan> "Thanks Al, you're the best."
<GM> * "What were you asking about?" *
<Johnathan> "2 LMG's and Ammo for them, APDS if it's Available"
<GM> * "No teflon rounds, but I can get the LMG's and belts of standard ammo for 5 grand." *
<Johnathan> "How many belts does that include?"
<GM> * "Three thouthand roundth each." *
<Johnathan> "?"
<GM> * "Sorry, was eating some spotted dick." *
<Johnathan> "Hmmm, sounds good, I'll call ya back shortly after I let the rich kid know, thanks again, Al."
<GM> * "Wait!!" *
<Johnathan> "Yes?"
<GM> * "The Rocket launcher will be 10 grand." *
<GM> * "That'th without ammo." *
<Johnathan> "Ahhh ok, I'll let him know, and that's outa my price range for sure, but he can decide."
<Johnathan> "Thanks Al, anything else?"
<GM> * "Yeah, you like Thai, or Italian?" *
<Johnathan> "Italian, of course"
<GM> * "Hoo hoo!" *
<GM> * Click. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OOC DEMONS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Tak777> (( I assume there are gates. and I will also assume the house ISNT MADE OF FUCKING PAPER! THIS ISNT FEUDAL JAPAN!))
<Tak777> (( or its made of Tyvek, thats fire proof paper))
<Jordan> ((I will assume that Tak should shut the fuck up))
<Jack> ((EXORCISE YOU!!!))
<Taurno> (( I'm planning to have the truck broadside the house, Go Boom, Cause Death and Destruction to the max))
<Tak777> (( I will assume you will all die from not listening to the 6 P's)
<Jack> ((not max...))
<GM> ((You motherfuckers are turning into a group of Max Postals.))
<Nova> ((what's max postal?))
<GM> ((Old school MADMAN))
<Nova> ((cool))
<Jordan> ((how many people did he kill?))
<GM> ((Killed a stadium-full of Seattle's citizens because he had a delusion that they were being poisoned with a biochem weapon and would spread it like the plague.))

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BACK TO THE PARTY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Nova returns with AnneMarie.
<Jack> "Taurno, just come with a car...catch them offguard."
<Nova> "You idiots still trying to blow things up?"
<Nova> "Along with MY money for this job?"
  • AnneMarie sighs and shakes her head.
<Jack> "Yes. Explosions produce confusion."
<Nova> "Fuck confusion, you'll be confused when you get there if you don't look at this."
  • Nova produces Anne's PS with the Satellite photo.
  • Jordan looks at the photo.
  • Taurno looks for how hard would it be to Drive a truck Straight through.
<Taurno> "See, a little shit car would get stopped by the gate."
<Taurno> Perhaps we'll get lucky and his limo will be in front. "
  • Nova consults his sec. procedures skill to try and locate any security and probable guard paths and checkpoints and stuff.
<GM> * Nova, probably guarding the doors and patrolling. *
<GM> * There's a front door and a back door. *
<GM> * And it's all walled in, with a gate. *
<Nova> ?any obvious routes?
<GM> * Not really, the yard is pretty open. *
<Nova> ?so no trees and shrubs?
<Nova> ?checkpoint at the gate?
<GM> * The whole house is NOT made of paper...Lots of the interior would be though. There is one exterior room made fully of the stuff, but that's about it. *
<GM> * Some doors. *
<Jack> "Fuck it, Nova you go and plan this out. I'll just listen."
<Taurno> "Say, if there's a stream there, we can dump the oil in it and light it on fire."
<Johnathan> "Ok I got prices on the LMG's and A rocket launcher"
<Taurno> "Shimme"
<Nova> "The rocket launcher can prove useful, can you operate it?"
<Taurno> " Thier fondness for it says yes"
<Johnathan> "2 LMG's and 3000 rounds of regular Ammo each for 5 grand... as for a rocket launcher thats 10 grand + Ammo, which I didn't get a price for."
<Nova> "We don't really need a year-supply of amunition for the machine guns."
<Johnathan> "That's what he quoted me for the package, so if we want them that's what we get."
<Taurno> "Investment wise.. I think I'll spring for 1 LMG and 3000 rounds of ammo.
<Taurno> "Not unless you people are gonna chip... "
<Johnathan> "I can yes, but 10G's + the cost of ammo is steep"
<Taurno> "Or one of you is really good with the rocket launcher."
<Johnathan> "Look I'll buy a LMG and 3000 Ammo for mself and pay for my half, but we need 2500 still and who's paying for that?"
<Taurno> " Ask him for 1 LMG, ammo, and 5 rockets, and the launcher. "
<Johnathan> "I'll pay for the LMG half, but you guys can split the rocket and launcher side."
<Taurno> " I'm not too fond of artillery."
<Taurno> " I'm up close and personal kind of guy."
<Nova> "Wait, first we need a closer look on the house."
  • Nova looks at the photo for any nearby buildings.
<Johnathan> "I was gonna say that, lets make a plan before I call back."
  • Taurno will be Off truck jacking
<GM> * Taurno, going alone? *
<Nova> "Where the fuck are you going?"
<Taurno> " I'm getting my rig. "
<Taurno> "I'll be back tonite "
<Nova> "Shheeesh.."
<Johnathan> "Anyone know if I am ordering the LMG's or a launcher yet and who's paying for the launcher?"
  • Taurno looks at the routes, and drives off for the most desolate route.
<GM> * Taurno, join #killin you crazy bastard. *
<GM> * Taurno speeds off. *
<Nova> "Sick bastard."
  • Nova remembers what happend to him on the previous run with a similar guy...

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