^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TAURNO & THE TANKER ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<GM> * Where are you going? *
<Taurno> I'm heading off for the most (middle of nowhere) route in 120mi. radius.
<Taurno> But --- Assuming it's within the time when I am arriving
<Taurno> so ... I'll pick a route that is gonna have a truck pass by it within the hour
<GM> * There's a delivery tonight at 12am at a Texaco station outside Puyallup. *
<GM> * They're filling the pumps. *
  • Taurno Will ride down and stay out for about 300 feet and waits for the truck to start (being filled up ) or before it empties?)
<GM> * The truck is filling the gas station up. *
<Taurno> Ah..
<Taurno> (Civilians are unarmored ... ? )
<GM> * Civilians, maybe armed. *
<Taurno> in that case. .I'm gonna head out to about... 1000 ft before the truck stops in ..
<Taurno> then ambush the drivers with a Spray at the cab with Hollow point rounds from my smartlinked semopal assault rifle :0
<Taurno> (aiming at the drivers )
<GM> * Ok.... *
<GM> * You find a sniping vantage point in an adjacent lot and wait. *
<GM> * The truck pulls in at 11:55pm. It's a big rig, with a huge cylindrical fuel container as its trailer. *
<GM> * A man gets out and starts to attach a hose to the container. *
<Taurno> ok. I pop one in the guys' head!
<Taurno> (aimed , scoped and all!)
<GM> * While he's in front of the tank??! *
<GM> * You aim in... *
<GM> * When do you fire? *
<Taurno> it's only hollow point! )
<Taurno> (HP isn't supposed to shoot through cars)
<GM> * This isn't a car, it's a fuel tank. *
  • Taurno will switch out to flechette ammo then
<GM> * You change ammo. *
  • Taurno will shoot immediately After he bends over.
<GM> * He goes to open the port on the ground. *
<GM> * Roll to fire. *
<Taurno> how many dice do i roll ? 4 or 8?
<GM> use cpool
<GM> and roll 8

. . .

<GM> * #PA-KOW# *
<GM> * The silence of the night is shattered by the boom of your rifle and the man crumples to the ground. *
<Taurno> I look for any other locals, and shoot them too
<GM> * No one else. *
<GM> * You can't see into the gas station, though. *
<Taurno> i ride up closer to the station then
<Taurno> (with the same intent)
<GM> * You see an attendant looking around outside, a little concerned. *
<GM> * He comes from around his desk, opens the door, and looks outside. *
<GM> * He looks like he's calling to the guy. *
<Taurno> Kapow Again!
<GM> * Roll it. *

. . .

<GM> * He flies back against the glass doors of the shop and hits the ground. *
  • Taurno sneaks around even closer.
<GM> * That's two sniper shots, someone's bound to come sooner or later. *
<Taurno> what do I see?
<GM> * You don't see anything. *
<Taurno> truck is empty now?
<GM> * You fucking psycho. *
<GM> * Yes. *
<Taurno> I close the valves and dump the bodies behind the gas station
<GM> * You work fast... Where do you park your bike? *
<Taurno> Just a little off .. but I'm gonna see if I can hoist it on the front of the cab
<GM> * Not a chance. *
<GM> * Well, you can try, but you risk hernia. *
<Taurno> I do have a str 7... I give it a shot ;0
<GM> Roll

. . .

<GM> * You hoist your bike and get it halfway. *
<GM> * Roll again. *

<Taurno> Taurno rolled -+ 5 5 1 11 4 4 2 +- Succes -> 0

<GM> * You manage to get it into the cab........Somehow. *
<GM> * Is that a Harley Scorpion? *
<Taurno> Yeah
<GM> * OK, it's in, you close the door. *
<Taurno> ok.. now i'm gonna Drive the truck slowly All the way back to the Place I left the other guys :)
<Taurno> I do call ahead.
<Taurno> I call Jonathan, tell him I got my truck ;)
<GM> * Do it in channel. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOVA, ANNE, JACK, JOHN, & JORDAN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • AnneMarie takes her PS and puts it away.
<Nova> "Anybody want to do some surveilance?"
<Johnathan> "Nova can you shoot a Light Machine Gun well? can anyone else? or am I the only one with any skill here?"
<Nova> "I can't operate heavy artillery, you're the army man here."
<Johnathan> "Ok, just thought I'd check before I start ordering things.
<AnneMarie> "That pic actually cost me 500¥."
<Nova> <to Anne> "Great, you can hang it above your fireplace when we finish the run."
<Johnathan> "Get an after-picture to show our handy work if we live."
<Johnathan> "Are we taking bets on if that silly rich elf Taurno comes back with a truck? Or in a body bag?"
<Nova> "Truck, then we bag him."
<Nova> ?Are there any suitable buildings near our target so we can scan the area with vision magnification?
<GM> * It's a neighborhood, Nova. Lots of houses, but houses have kids, and people, and dogs. *
<GM> * Time is 11:55pm, Wednesday night. *
<Jack> ((?what's the interior like?))
<GM> * One story, pretty damn big. *
<GM> * Many rooms, you'd surmise. *
<Nova> "Let's go and see what it looks like from ground level."
<Johnathan> "I'm with you, I have nothing better to do."
<Jordan> "That won't be suspicious..."
<Nova> "We just drive by, look around and come back. Which one of you has any vision magnifying shit?"
<Johnathan> "None here."
<Jack> "Not on me"
<Jordan> "Eh, I have some goggles."
  • Nova turns to Anne. "And you?"
<AnneMarie> "I'm not a cyborg :/"
<Nova> "You're all but useless.."
  • Nova shakes his head.
<AnneMarie> "Thanx"
<Nova> "Don't mention it."
<Jack> "I vote we go right now."
<Jack> "We've got guns, right?"
<Nova> "Jack, stop there for a minute, we dont have the guns yet."
<Johnathan> "Jack, we have no LMG's if ya want those; and we are missing Taurno....that may improve our chances, but we don't have him for cannon fodder."
<GM> ((LOL))
<TakZzz> ((nice))
<AnneMarie> "We should hit the front with rockets... one team distracts oufront while the other team sneaks around the back way."
<Nova> "The distraction won't work, these are pro's, won't fall for that one."
<AnneMarie> "You never know, if it doesn't they've got to do something."
<Nova> "I say we make them run. When they exit through the gate we hit them with the rocket launcher."
<Nova> "Even a bulletproof limo will give up to it."
<Johnathan> "Rocket Launcher's too expensive unless we mug Taurno, cause I don't wanna loose all my cash to just buy one."
<GM> ((lol, MUG HIM!))
<Nova> "So we can like.. rob him a bit, who cares."
<Johnathan> "He is chasing a highly explosive Semi right now... are you gonna go get him?"

      • GM changes topic to '#S-Run...Let's get stupid!'

<Nova> "Let's just call him and ask him to transfer the cred."
<Johnathan> "Ok Anne can you call him, I think you would appeal more to his giving side then myself or Nova."
  • Taurno rings Jonathan.
<Johnathan> "Hello?"
<Taurno> "Yeah I'm heading back now, I got my truck.. "
<Taurno> "Where are you guys? It was a clean hit..."
<Johnathan> "Oh Shit, Really?"
<Taurno> "Yep ... "
<Johnathan> "We are still where you left us."
<Taurno> "Roger, I'm gonna need someone to drive my bike... "
<GM> * Time is 12:05am in the parking lot of the closed coffee shop. *
  • AnneMarie sits on the hood of her car.
<Johnathan> "Meet us here."
<Taurno> "So, you guys Need money still? Who's wanting what?"
<Johnathan> "Yeah how much ya got left?"
<Taurno> "I'm only willing to part with 15K."
<Johnathan> "Ok."
<GM> * OK! *
<GM> * Taurno arrives in a big rig filled with gasoline. *
<GM> * With his BIKE in the cab. *
  • Taurno unloads the Cab.
<Taurno> "my baby... who wants to ride her?'
<Johnathan> "I can't drive a bike and I have a van anyways..."
<Nova> "Now explain to me.. what exactly is this truck for?"
<Taurno> "Big Boom '
<Nova> "And then what..?"
<Johnathan> "Look, I gotta phone for the LMG's and rocket launchers fast, or Al will close."
<Johnathan> "So what do we want?"
<Taurno> "I say we just get the LMGs. The Truck will do Enough damage."
<Nova> "I say at least an LMG, the Rocket Launcher will be good also."
<Johnathan> "Ok, sounds good to me; although I can't use 2 of them myself... who will use the other one?"
<Taurno> "Hmmm ... Maybe just one then.. don't want any Stray fire to blow me up" : )
<Johnathan> "And if I am the only one with heavy weapons, that's gonna make me a target."
<Taurno> "Nobody seems to be good in it."
<Nova> "John, you will be mainly the covering fire guy."
<Johnathan> "Ok so 1 rocket launcher, 5 rockets, 1 LMG, 3000 rounds?"
<Johnathan> "Is that our order?"
<Taurno> "I guess..."
<GM> * Jack Calloway plays with his necktie and slips into the void of NPCdom.... *
<GM> * POOF! *
<GM> * Jack is magically replaced by....JOHAN!! *
<Johan> "Ja. I vill need more ammo"
<Nova> "Wait.."
<Nova> ((no way...))
<Nova> ((NO!))
<Nova> (( I OBJECT! ))
<GM> ((He escaped too, you saw it on the news.))
<Nova> ((then again he might be usefull...))
<GM> ((exactly))
<Johnathan> ((can he use an LMG?))
<Johan> ((he's a good shot, and he's INSANE. he's useful. give him bullets for his big fucking gun))
  • Taurno thinks I'm a better shot ;p
<Johan> ((Johan owns a valient))
<Johnathan> "I'll pay the 2500."
<Taurno> "Let's just get 2 guns, rockets cost too much."
<Johnathan> "Ok, transfer it to my stick here."
<Nova> "Okay, we get the guns?"
<Taurno> "Yes. *7500 credits payed out* "
  • Johnathan phones his arms dealer.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHNATHAN & BIG GAY AL...AGAIN!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Johnathan phones Al.
<GM> * "Mmmmm HMMMMMM?" *
<Johnathan> "Hey, Al, sorry for phoning late and for taking so long... Johnathan here."
<GM> * "Mmmmm....Yes?" *
<Johnathan> "My friend wants the 2 LMG's and ammo -- the rocket launcher was too much for him -- and since his using that was bad for my health, too, we'll just take the LMG's."
<GM> * He sighs, "Where and when?" *
<GM> * "I need my beauty thleeep, you know." *
<Johnathan> "Just send that cute little courier to this address..."
<Johnathan> "Can ya get it here really fast?"
<GM> * The coffee shop? *
<Johnathan> ((2 blocks down from the coffee shop))
<GM> * "I'll have someone there in an hour...." *
<Johnathan> "Thanks, Al."
<GM> * Click. *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BACK TO THE GANG ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Johan> "Okay, let me get zeis all straight. Ve are to be makink ze tanker to explode, und zen ve are to shoot ze sheicser out of all concerned?"
<Johan> "I vill require as much ammunition for my gun as you can geive me."
<Taurno> "Hmm I'm gonna need a brick... I'm not gonna wait till the last minute to jump out."
<Taurno> "Oh.. and I guess I'm gonna switch out to my good 'ol' Exploding Joneses' Ammo "
<Nova> "Can we park that big ugly piece of explosive shit on the other side of the house than where the gate is?"
<Taurno> 'You want to blow the back entrance out? "
<Nova> "Yes, make them come out through the front gate and spray them with bullets."
<Jordan> "Well, I'm more of a stealth kind of guy."
<Taurno> "You know.. how easy this one was to get, I could always get two.. "
<Taurno> "But i think that's overkill"
<Nova> "Two cans is an overkill, idiot!"
<Taurno> "Well then, agreed.. I won't be shot at as much."
<GM> * Taurno, you're in a STOLEN GAS TANKER...They have beacons on them...somehow, someway, someone will notice it missing. *
<GM> * ...And soon. *
<Johan> "Ve have a plan. Ve go zen?"
<Taurno> "How soon before our equipment arrives?"
<Johnathan> "I'm on the phone, shut up."
<Taurno> "oooh. .silly me.. Hey CAR THIEf GIRL!"
  • Johan considers the phone...

. . .

<Nova> ((oh, and did i see right, he fit a BIKE into a cab?))
<Taurno> ((Yes))
<GM> ((Yes.))
<GM> ((His bike.....))
<GM> ((<sighs> ))
<Nova> ((his sidecar bike?))
<Nova> ((jesus..))
<Taurno> (side car was sticking out the window ;)
<GM> ((he has a sidecar? ))
<Nova> ((yes..))
<GM> Taurno.
<GM> * Taurno, you left your fucking bike near the gas station, locked up tight and covered with a dust cover. *
<Taurno> (( fine then : :) )

. . .

<Johnathan> "Ok guys, look, the LMG's won't be here for 30-45 minutes but they are on their way."
<Johnathan> "Start planning where my Covering Fire location is, cause I wanna start as soon as the guns arrive."
<Johan> "If you vill pussyfoot longer, I vill do zeis myself."
<Johnathan> "Look, as soon as the guns and Ammo arives we can start."
<Nova> "John, you stay near the gate, taking out anything that comes out of it, and watching for Lonestar if they come."
<Johnathan> "Roger, look, I'll be back, I gotta go down the road a couple of blocks to meet the courier."
  • Johnathan heads down to the location he gave for courier...

. . .

  • Johnathan waits for the courier
<GM> * He gets there in a truck. *
  • Johnathan smiles and waves and hands over the 5,000¥
<Johnathan> "Thanks for the delivery."
<GM> * He grumbles and drives away wordlessly. *

. . .

<Taurno> "Car theif girl, Car thief girl, lend me your skills, make this bleeping truck ... stop giving away my Shills!"
<Taurno> "Annemarie, come here please."
  • AnneMarie ignores Taurno and looks at her nails.
<Johan> "For zis much money, ve could have hired a gang, und had zem distract. Zen, ven ve hit, ve make it look like gang var."
<Johan> "Zis vay, ve get ourselves keilled. Ve do not get payed."
<Nova> "Afraid to get some dints in your armor?"
<Johan> "Afraid to not get paid. Getting paid is vy ve do zeis"
<Taurno> "Anyone else good at rigging up vehicles?"
<Nova> "What do you want to do now Taurno?"
<Nova> "Steal another truck? Maybe a helicopter?"
<Taurno> "I forgot this truck is beaconed. I want that beacon turned off"
<Nova> "Oh.."
<Johan> "Vill Lonestah not notice a tanker in zeis place?"
<Taurno> "It's still morning..."
  • Nova gets into the highly flammable vechicle and starts working on the beacon thing.
<GM> * Nova, Anne takes over. *
  • Nova lets her
<GM> * She works and works. *
<Johan> "Zeis plan has flaws. It vould be better to just use a large explosive und keill zem all quiekly."
<GM> * She returns, "I'm pretty sure I got it." *
<Taurno> " Good... I'm going to grab a catnap, wake me when John gets back"
  • Jordan stretches out a bit.
  • Taurno sleeps in the cab.
<Nova> "Great, now let's make a big boom and kill what'll be left after."

. . .

  • Johnathan huffs it back to you, carrying a big military style canvas bag.
<Johnathan> "ok I got the stuff, we are ready to go"
<Nova> "Okay, who'll be driving our fireworks?"
<Johnathan> "Someone's gotta drive the rig through the front gate and dive out at the last second..."
<Nova> "No, we set it off at the back"
<Taurno> "We're doing the back."
<Taurno> "And I'm just gonna brick it."
<Johnathan> "Ahh ok."
<Johan> "I thought ze rig vas in back?"
<Johan> "Ve shall go over plan again. If ve are not clear, it vill fail."
<Jordan> "I don't know how to drive..."
<Johnathan> "We'll get the truck in place then and i'll get the MG nest ready at the front."
<Johan> "Und who vatch for cops?"
<Taurno> "Cops schmops, we' either do this now or all die."
<Nova> "Johan, you can gun down any cops, for your campus incident revenge or whatever."
  • Johan sighs. "I vill get machine gun ready. give bullets."
  • Johnathan hands an LMG and 3000 K ammo to Johan and takes the other LMG and 3000K for himself
<GM> * Someone with a grasp of the ENTIRE plan of action, give me a rundown of what's going on. *
<Johnathan> ((Nova give him the run down))
<Nova> ((so, we are parking the truck at the back, blowing it up, two guys with MG's on each side of the front gate and across the street, that would be all))
<Johnathan> ((where are you guys entering?))
<Nova> ((we hope not to have to enter))
<Johnathan> ((ahhh ok))
<Johnathan> ((ok we ready?))
<Johan> ((no, but this is the only plan anyone seems to want))
<Taurno> "Roger wilco.. and (loads up his rifle with explosive ammo : )
<GM> * You don't think they'll hear a TANKER TRUCK drive on over and park? *
<GM> * How are you detonating it? *
<Nova> ((that's Taunros share, he's the guy that will be doing the big boom))
<GM> * Ok. *
<GM> * Taurno, not driving it through the wall? *
  • Taurno will not need to Jump out ...
  • Taurno will brick the ace. Pedal :)
<TakZzz> (( there you go my son! you have huge balls! giant balls of gold!! ))
<Nova> ((okay, you do the planning, I'll return to my 'watching you all killed' scheme))
<Johan> "if ve have RPGz, ve should blow ze gate"
  • Taurno .. secures a brick, and a large bar.
  • Johnathan sets up his Machinegun nest loads the belt and waits for the truck to go
  • Johan gets ready from across the street and in the bushes
  • Taurno sets the truck up in ramming position
  • Johnathan sets up ...ready
  • Taurno signals everyone else the plan is a go
  • Jordan straps some gear on
<GM> * I'm gonna give a URL. *

<GM> ((reap my MAD bitmap skills))
<TakZzz> lol
<Johan> ((1337))
<GM> * Using the references of a compass rose...The road runs along the S portion of the wall. The gate is SW area of the wall. Home is NE. Doors are E and W of the house. *
<Johnathan> (( Taurno you better get IN the truck so you an make that corner lol))
  • Taurno doesn't Change his plans at all..
  • Taurno Goes
<Johnathan> ((we can't drive the rig straight into the house you idiot))
  • Taurno can Still go through front gate and drive it towards the house
<Johnathan> ((you have to be in the rig then))
<Taurno> (no problem , hence the NO chance in plan!))
<Taurno> (Change)
<GM> * Alright people. *
<GM> * You all move off with your half-cocked plan. Anne asks, "Who am I going with?" *
  • Nova stays with John in their van.
<Taurno> "Anne, you stay behind and pick up anyone who can't escape."
<GM> * Anne-Marie: "Are you kidding me?" *
<Taurno> "Unless you fancy Getting shot at"
<GM> * "Who's going into the house??" *
<Taurno> "If I survive, me "
<Taurno> "If you feel like , Come along and die."
<Johan> "Zeis is ze vorst plan evah!"

<Johan> ((hell, even the psycho sees the flaws here))
<TakZzz> (( I cant belive this took hours to plan out :) )
<Jordan> ((Seriously))
<TakZzz> (( I crap better ideas then this! should be fun ))
<Taurno> "Now, It's time for me to go!"
<Jordan> "I need to change into my armor, I'll be right back."
  • Jordan wanders off to put his gear on without getting nekked
<Nova> "Okay, change of plans... when the truck goes off, we ride in and start shooting."
<GM> * Anne wanders off... *

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ANNE MEETS JORDAN IN THE BATHROOM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<Jordan> as I get away from them into a bathroom or something, I call up the yaks
<GM> * There's a public bathroom around back. You're in there. *
<GM> * You make the call. *
<GM> * Ring ring. *
<GM> * "Hello?" *
<Jordan> "Hello?"
<GM> * "Yes?" *
<GM> * You begin talking into the cellphone... *
<GM> * Roll Intelligence. *
<Jordan> 11
<GM> * You begin to speak when you hear a click behind you. *
<GM> * You notice Anne's reflection in the mirror with a silenced pistol to the back of your head not a moment before the muzzle flashes! *
<GM> * Your world goes black. You get shot and die. *
<GM> * You wake up in a hospital bed with a nun sitting next to you. You were lucky, Jordan... due to your being so perceptive, you moved in time. *

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