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Johan, Johnathan, Anne-Marie, Gizmo, and Nova

A week later Johan, Anne, and Johnathan are called back into the service of Capo Misiano. They are joined by Gizmo, a crafty dwarf with gadgets for every occasion. This time their mission is to infiltrate and destroy a drug laboratory operated by the Russian mob. The lab is run out of a warehouse in the Industrial Zone, and the runners are offered 12,000¥ each upon the successful destruction of the operation. Everyone accepts without pause. After some preliminary reconnaissance, the team surmises that the area is penetrable, at least by stealth, as the Russians have toned down obvious security to minimize attention brought on the lab. Some legwork reveals that the warehouse has a subterranean level -- which is rare in this area, because going underground would normally have you sleeping with the fishes of the Seattle Sound. While waiting for the others to finish gathering information, Johnathan fills in all the bullet holes on his van, paints it black with red rims and a red racing stripe; and adds a spoiler...
Anne-Marie volunteers to infiltrate and plant demolition charges, and slips in undetected -- gaining access to the warehouse through stealth and covert maneuvers. Meanwhile; Johan, John, and Gizmo are left sitting outside in the van running surveillance. Now, one should realize that leaving anyone from this group alone isn't a good idea -- and all three are soon involved in their own wacky hi-jinks! Johan makes a quick run to a nearby Ghetto-Mart to pick up soybeer and beef jerky; Gizmo tries for a closer look at the warehouse; and Johnathan has a little chat with Big Gay Al -- ordering some gear to be delivered by one of the affluent homosexual's fleet of all-male bike couriers. While at the stop-and-shop, Johan finds himself in an old fashioned stick-up when three gang members try to knock the place over. The shadowrunner engages the trio of thugs, pissed off that they're holding up the line. Through an amazing series of events and some magnificently piss-poor dice work, Johan gets ventilated by the gangers and gunned down -- dying alone atop a pile of Hostess snack cakes.
The Russians capture Anne-Marie, and Gizmo's snooping triggers the alarms. The hapless dwarf is chased down the street by a pissed-off hellhound guard dog -- throwing everything he can at the pursuing K-9. Johnathan calls Nova, offering half his own salary for the elf's immediate assistance. Nova agrees and heads over. Johnathan provides covering fire for Gizmo and kills some guards -- further alerting the Russians. The mobsters return fire, and one AMAZINGLY well-placed shot destroys John's rifle and puts a hole in his chest. Dropping slip-spray, thermal smoke, and pepper grenades, Gizmo manages to escape the wrath of the hellhound. He gets to the wounded human on his scooter, and drives a few blocks away.
Johnathan, delusional from blood loss, makes Gizmo stop and he goes back to retrieve his prized van. The hellhound is waiting and attacks John, who fills it full of lead with his SMG. Nova arrives and Johnathan receives some first aid and a stim patch. Meanwhile, Anne-Marie frees herself from torturous captivity and kills a Russian goon before detonating the explosives she DID manage to plant -- collapsing the warehouse in on itself. Nursing a gaping facial wound, she flees to her Westwind and drives away.
Seeing the warehouse falling apart, John and Nova decide to go down in glory. Despite the desperate pleas of Gizmo for them to reconsider, they climb into the van and head back into the fray. The dynamic duo barrel toward the warehouse -- sub-machine guns blazing -- and aptly christen the 'Van of Idiocy' when they are summarily shredded by waves of auto-fire. Johnathan's throat is blown out, and Nova takes several rounds to the chest and face. In a move that is more muscle-memory than skill, Nova manages to execute a perfect 180 degree turn before succumbing to the black depths of unconsciousness and certain death. Gizmo, seeing his companions dead at the wheel of the slowly retreating van, struggles with his options...Save his fellow runners, or see them off in safety. He decides to play the hero, and rushes in on his scooter amidst hails of gunfire. He manages to take control of the van and drive his comrades to safety and medical attention.
Whoever can still walk returns to Capo Misiano's estate and collects their payment. The Capo is not pleased with the events, but is satisfied that the mission was accomplished. Nova, Johnathan, and Anne-Marie decide to keep in contact with each other, and they hesitantly begin to form an association.
Anne receives immediate plastic surgery to fix her face, while John is left with a nasty scar on his throat. Johnathan and Nova both leave owing their lives to Gizmo the gadget-laden dwarf. Johan's body is identified by authorities as the escaped murderer from the University of Seattle slayings, and his organs are sold on the black market by a crooked coroner. The rest of his remains are cremated and spread lovingly through the ashtrays at Lone Star headquarters.

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