As you travel in the Southlands, a land covered in lush jungle, in search of untold treasures and Glory, your group of hard-as-nails soldiers and adventurers have landed right into an



By Sigmar's Sacred Sausage, why oh why did you left your comfy job as an Altdrof rat-catcher for this?

Fortunately, There might be a way for you to save yourself!

1-Find a name for the Warhammer campaign happening over at #S-Run. Maybe Sigmar will glance in your general direction and save you from a horrible death in the hands of those (obvious) Spawns of Chaos

2-Turn to the Chaos Gods for help

Just reach me (Braddoc) over at #S-Run (undernet server) and tell me your idea! (PS: No Fly, it won't be named Gnomes&Nobles: Revenge of the Butler or someother crap like that.)
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