Name: Damon 'Carwash' Jones

Physical: 10 - Mental: 10

Metatype: Troll| Age: 30| Sex: M|
Total Karma: 0 |Street Cred: 0 | Notoriety: 0 | Public Awareness: 0
Availabile Karma: 0

Essence: 5.75

Nuyen: 15275

Description: /me is a muscular troll with charcoal skin and african features. Short fuzzy black hair and oversized canines give him an intimidating but not unfriendly quality. He wears a dark blue uniform with all ID and rank indications stripped from it, yet his telescoping shock baton, a pair of handcuffs, and other police equipment still dangle from his belt. He is short for a troll, standing 7 feet tall, and is a bit overweight.


Body 9
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 8

Charisma 2
Intuition 2
Logic 3
Willpower 1

Initiative 6
Initiative Passes 1
Edge 1
Essence: 5.75

Active Skills

Skill Groups:
Con 2
Ettiquette 2
Leadership 2
Negotiation 2
Close Combat
Blades 3
Unarmed Combat 3
Clubs 3

Individual Skills
Pistols 4
Dodge 3
Forgery 2
Locksmith 2
Pilot groundcraft 4
Intimidation 3
Shadowing 2
Running 2
Perception 3
Infiltration 2

Knowledge Skills (15)

Forensics 4
Evidence analysis 3
Police procedure 4
City politics 2
Mafia politics 2

Language Skills

English N


Smartlink 1,000 .1
Sleep Regulater 10,000 .15


Simsence vertigo -10 -2 to AR tests
SINner - 5
Moderate Alcohol Addict -10 -2 hand eye coordination when he hasnt consumed alcohol for more than 10 hours, or when he has consumed too much alcohol (body test?)
Mild tobacco addict - 5 -1 to body strenuous acts at all times
Day Job -15 40 hrs/5000 nuyen per week


Survival Knife 50
Stun Baton 400
Defiance EX Shocker 150
Colt Manhunter 300
Remington 990 550
Fichetti Pain Inducer 2,000
Quick Draw Holster 100
Spare Clip 5
200 rounds 40
3 Flash bangs 90
2 Flash packs 400
2 tear gas grenades 80
Police Uniform 50
Armor vest 600
Rtg. 4 nonconductivity 800
Riot shield 200
Erika Elite 2,500
Megadyne Diva 800
Commlink Printer 5
Commlink Satillite Link 500
Subvocal Microphone 50
Rtg. 3 Headjammer 750
Rtg. 3 Jammer 1,500
Rtg. 6 white noise generator 300
5 datachips 5
Certified Credstick 25
Binoculars 100
20 plastic restraints 2
1 Metal restraint 20
Containment Manacles 200
Chisel 20
Rating 2 Autopicker 400
Wire Clippers 25
Flashlight 25
1 trauma patch 500
2 rating 1 stim patches 50
Basic Docwagon 5,000
Chrysler-Nissan Patrol-1 22,700
Low Lifestyle 2,000
Panther Assault Cannon found
45 rounds for PAC^ found



Sh'goth Urgengrog Connection 3; Loyalty 2
Troll gangleader
Sh'goth first got tangled up with Carwash way back when Carwash was still a prison guard. Sh'goth did a nickel after an attempted robbery on a cyber-clinic went wrong. Hostages were taken, lives were lost. But thats not the point of this story. A small repore started with the young vagabond during this time, and once he got out Sh'goth would help Carwash get breaks whenever arrested, and often get away while trying to flee the star. Soon after, Sh`goth started his own gang, and now would be able to provide a distraction or some light back-up should Carwash need it and if the price is right.

Detective McCollugh Connection 3; Loyalty 3
Detective McCollugh has been a senior officer at Carwashes precinct for a few short years now. He satisfies as Carwashes direct superior, but isn't likely to cut Carwash all that many breaks should this connection threaten to throw his ass in the fire as well.

Alderman Anthony Tilden Connection 2; Loyalty 3
Low-level city politician
This crooked politician isn't very charismatic, isn't very smart, and is very vindictive. Even the low level position of an alderman was allowed under suspicious circumstances. Tilden aspires to be mayor. He often has Carwash do little chores for him that he doesnt want to be connected to himself. In turn he helps Carwash stay out of trouble with others and uses his connections to make certain transgressions and punishments get overlooked.

Studs "Stoolie" Malone Connection 1; Loyalty 1
Mafia rat
Studs was a low level mafia goon and number runner who recently turned informant. He can be intimidated into giving out important details about many mafia personel, but in exchange requires us to help protect him from his former employers.

20 Questions:

1) Where's your character from?
Carwash was born and raised in Seattle. He was born to two, very young troll parents from the first throws of goblinization. A troll himself he had no brothers or sisters. After dropping out of high-school he looked immediately into law enforcement. He originally wanted to clean up the types of areas in which he was brought up. Working as a prison guard for 5 years allowed him some skills and reputation within the law abiding citizens. He then moved on to a beat cop who is a few daring deeds shy of a promotion. However, his experience working as a prison guard also afforded him many good ideas on how to rip off the system on his own accord, and he relies on the few interpersonal skills he has to get by. As a rookie on the police force, his co-working beat cops always called him Carwash, mainly because as a Rookie thats what they made him do the most! "Oh, take your squad to a carwash!" they'd say!! Thats over now, but in line for a pomotion and with a few friends in his pocket, lets hope it continues to work for him!!

2) Does your character have a family?
Carwash, formally known as Damon Jones, was the sole son of one of the first 1000 goblinized families. They are both trolls themselves, but live at a retirement community that is largely underfunded but barely worth their amenities they have.

3) Does your character have an ethnic background?
Carwash was born to a man and a woman who considered themselves African but as with most people by 2070 has a very mixed and extensive background. He broadcasts the African features that he inherited but could not pin down his actual heritage.

4) What does your character look like?
Carwash is a muscular troll with charcoal skin and african features. He has short fuzzy black hair and his oversized canines give him an intimidating but not unfriendly quality. He is wearing a dark blue uniform with identification and rank indications stripped off of it, yet his a telescoping shock baton and pair of handcuffs dangling from his belt. He is short for a troll, but still stands near 7 feet tall, and is slightly overweight.

5) What does your character dress like?
Carwash is a muscular troll with charcoal skin and african features. He has short fuzzy black hair and his oversized canines give him an intimidating but not unfriendly quality. He is wearing a dark blue uniform with identification and rank indications stripped off of it, yet his a telescoping shock baton and pair of handcuffs dangling from his belt. He is short for a troll, but still stands near 7 feet tall, and is slightly overweight.

6) Does your character have physical quirks?
To most he looks like an out of work security guard, but once he gets your attention he tries to get as much out of you as he can.

7) Where did your character learn their Active Skills?
3 years sitting on his ass and working on his personality, another 5 working as a prison guard, and the last 6 working as a beat cop. He's on the line for a promotion, but even in his training was little better than an average student.

8) Where did your character learn their Knowledge Skills?
Mostly at police training and through dealing with underworld types.

9) Where did your character get his goodies?
Through the police force. They allow him to take his affects home in case he runs into a crime in his 'personal life' which often happens, but is rarely enforced.

10) Where does your character live?
A 3 story apartment building in small four room run down apartment.

11) Who are your character's contacts?
A few underworld contacts taking bribes and making deals with them, but also a couple legitamte contacts through his job, but are indeed crooked themselves.

12) Who are your character's enemies?
Carwash has only a couple underlings working within the police force who he would classify as enemies. If they ever gain rank, he might have to try to befriend him. The underworld in general seems to allow Carwash to do what he does, because they know he can easily be paid off and is an important source of information on any number of illegal activites.

13) How did your character learn magic?
Carwash knows no magix!

14) What are your character's likes and dislikes?
Carwash likes money. Pay him enough, he'll do anything. Almost that is. He rarely tries to jeoperdize his lucrative situation as a beat cop unless the money is right or he knows you well enough, or some of your other benefits are worth the risk.

15) What is your character's moral code?
Carwash is all about greed. He tries to appear as moral as he can, simply because it leaves a lot of people unawares for him to utilize that greed to it's best effect. The whole underworld knows that he's as dirty as the outhouse septic tank, but almost everybody agrees that his position makes him too valuable of a contact to loose. This even extends to the underlings when Carwash flexes his muscle on them but they do not want to make the higher ups angry.

16) Does your character have goals?
Carwash's only goals are expanding his influence, keeping up appearances, and dipping his fingers into as many pies as he can. If it all goes according to plan, Carwash would like to be Seattle's crooked mayor, seattle's crooked governer, and the UCAS crooked president. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to work out for him.

17) Does your character have personal beliefs?
Vini Vidi Vice! An opportunist to a fault!

18) Does your character have personality quirks?
He seems to be by the book, until you sideline him, give him a few drinks, and a lucritive offer.

19) Why does your character run the shadows?
The pay is right, chummer.

20) How does your character view his/her role as a shadowrunner?
He's not quite one yet, but very close!

BPS Spending summary

- 40 TROLL
-230 Attribs
-146 skills
- 11 Resources
- 18 Contacts
+ 45 Negative qualities

Aspired skills

Automotive Mechanic
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