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The FAQ Proper

What is #S-Run?
#S-Run is a channel on Undernet, which is accessed using IRC.

What the hell does that mean? What's IRC?
The term IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat. Think of it as a chat program for more advanced computer users.
IRC has hundreds of different areas known as Networks. Among these are Undernet, EFNet, and DALNet; just to name a few.
On these Networks you will find thousands of different areas to chat with other people; these areas are called Channels. Think of them as more advanced chat rooms. #S-Run is one of these Channels.

Okay, so how do I get to #S-Run?
That's simple; just download a client (program) used to access IRC, log on to Undernet, and join #S-Run.

Okay, okay...I'll give you a nice, illustrated walkthrough on how to find our happy little corner of the internet.

Step 1: Go to the mIRC Homepage and click on the Download mIRC option.

sshot1.jpgexternal image sshot1.jpg

Step 2: Select a download location. Once you've downloaded mIRC, install it, and then run the program. Make sure you're connected to the Internet to continue with steps 3-5.

sshot2.jpgexternal image sshot2.jpg

Step 3: First, you must fill in an email address and your name; this information doesn't have to be accurate.

Next, select whatever nickname you want to use; people will see you as this handle. It's a good idea to pick an alternate name in case your first choice is already in use. After that, select any Undernet server from the list available; you can identify these simply by the word Undernet at the beginning of the server name.

...Now you're ready to hit Connect!

sshot3.jpgexternal image sshot3.jpg

Step 4: Allow mIRC to connect to Undernet. Be patient, it may take a few moments depending on how busy the servers are. Once you're connected, a pop-up will appear asking which channel you want to join -- enter #s-run into the line allotted and click Join.

sshot4.jpgexternal image sshot4.jpg

Step 5: Congratulations! You're now logged into #S-Run! Introduce yourself and let us know how you found us. Don't be alarmed or offended if people begin shouting expletives at's just the way of things. We really are more than happy to take on new players and Gamemasters, or just gamers in general.

Have fun!

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Awesome! Now that I'm in #S-Run, I want to know what all this RPG stuff is about.
Aw, Christ...

What is an RPG?
The term RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Now, we're not talking about those video games you play on your X-Box, or the kinky bedroom shenanigans you engage in with your significant other(s)... We're talking RPG's using your imagination and a few simple rules to govern what happens in the game.

In an RPG, you create a character for a particular world/system. Each system is different in terms of setting and gameplay rules.
You create a player character (PC) using these rules to reflect what sort of strengths, skills, and weaknesses your PC has. When you're done, someone will make up an adventure for your character and you'll get to play the game...This person is generally known as the Game Master (GM).
Think of it as cowboys and indians for grown-ups. Everything is accomplished using a few rules written down on paper (or typed online), and your success is measured through the rolling of dice against a target number (TN). The TN is based on the difficulty of the task-at-hand, and determined by the rules and the Game Master.
Your imagination supplies the graphics, and you actually get to interact with other players/characters who are experiencing the same adventures with you. Your success/failure/survival depends on your ability to solve problems using your character's knowledge, and successful/dismal teamwork and relationships formed with the other characters.
You don't have to play a character that is anything like you. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it. Don't get offended by your fellow players because you need to realize that they are doing the same thing -- and everyone is in it to have fun. All because another player is portraying a character you despise, doesn't mean that player is your enemy.
And never forget, the Game Master is the benevolent God of everything in his realm -- which includes your sorry ass for the duration of the game session. His final word is law.

Sounds fun, where do I find the rules?
Game companies publish rulebooks for their particular systems. Usually there is a core rulebook which is all you need to make a character and play the game. Other sourcebooks and supplements are released as add-ons/expansions to the core set of rules.

So I have to drop some of my hard-earned cash in order to play your stupid little game?!
Not necessarily, the patrons of #S-Run will be more than happy to accommodate new players by helping them to understand the basic rules of the world. We'll also help you make a character you'll enjoy playing, and get you started in the world of Shadowrunning.

Sounds like a deal.
Good, then we'll see you there!

Now THAT'S how it's done!

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