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Useful IRC Commands & General Etiquette

IRC Commands
/server <server>
/join #<channel>
/part #<channel>
/nick <nickname>
/me <actions>

In-Game Etiquette
* <text> * -- GM Brackets for In-Game Events & Storyline (NEVER for use by Players)
/me <text> -- In-Character Actions & Descriptions
"<text>" -- In-Character Speech
@<text>@ -- In-Character Commlink
?<text>? -- Question for the GM
((GMSG)) -- Notifies GM of Private Messages
((<text>)) -- Out of Character (OOC)
#<text># -- Onomatopoeia (SFX)

Common Terms & Acronyms
LFP -- Looking For Players
GM -- Game Master
PC -- Player Character
NPC -- Non-Player Character
__@_pE -- Refers to a particular game @ the time is it playing, A.M. or P.M., in Eastern Standard time. (ie: SR4@9pE)

Character Sheets & The 20 Questions
-- 20 Questions

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