Shadowrun 4th Edition/2050: Chrome Days

Play times: Sunday's @ 8:30pm EST(5:30pm PST).

GM: Rastus

>>>[A Brief Recap]<<<

The year is 2053. That handbasket sent to hell some 50 odd years is still in motion, and it ain't going to stop any time soon. The '50s could be seen as the mark of a new era; Professional criminals-for-hire called Shadowrunners are recognized as an official thing by now, and used as the favorate lackey of everyone from organized crime to Corporate entities to the little guy looking for a leg up in the world, but only if said parties remember to pay the bills. By 2052, Bioware has already hit the streets as a less invasive alternative to cybernetics. Even better, in that same year the Tir Taringire loosened up a bit and started paying to use Seattle's ports and borders for export, which is good for the common man and also means less dangerous smuggling routes for the common crook.On the humanitarian front, the Universal Brotherhood has been opening up branches everywhere to help the common man down on their luck, and a world like this could always use a little more hospitality. Oh yeah, and Maria Mercurial did some limited touring and released a few LP's after surviving some hostile contract negotiations, so good for her, God knows the poor girl had enough problems as it was.

Yep, it sure is an age of wonders. The one thing you can always count on these days is the fact that there is always something new to come at every corner you pass. That's good for biz, just be sure to dodge the bullets instead of catching them.

The location of the game will mostly be the always favorable location of the Seattle Metroplex, with it's 2575 square kilometers of territory that stretches from Everett to Tacoma, at least to start. However, depending on what happens, short 'vacations' may be needed. This is a game for those who either want to see how things used to be without leaving the comfort of the SR4A rules, or those that just want to get away from all them newfangled wireless gadgets. The mood of the older editions was a little more relaxed than now; it was slightly more Grand Theft Auto than Ocean's Eleven. Not to say careful planning won't be necessary, as the opposition tends to have more people with big guns to spare if trouble turns up.

Those who wish to play are going to need Shadowrun 4th Edition 20th Anniversary core rules and the Shadowrun 2050 splatbook. Certain rules from supplimental books such as Arsenal, Runners Companion, Street Magic, and Way Of The Adept may come into play as well, but they aren't as necessary. It's not really necessary for players to have material from older editions. When creating your character, be sure to check the following txt file below to see about any changes I felt were necessary to what was presented in the SR2050 book. This is probably a must read for potential deckers more than anybody else, as this file contains a lot of tweaks to the Decking rules to make them more playable, as well as fill in some missing material.

The parameters are for 400bp characters. While anything goes until it breaks the game, try to keep in mind that a lot of things taken for granted in 2072 weren't around back in 2053. Metavarients may of existed but were so rare as to be scientific curiousities. The only things wireless were radio's, phones, and rigger RC decks. AI's didn't exist yet, even behind the scenes! Generally speaking, if it wasn't around when SR2 was released and/or by 2053, it probably hasn't shown up in the world yet and you can't have it yet. Good thing time moves forward, no?

Contact me on the #s-run channel about your character sheets. You can either send a pastebin link or just send it through email( and notify me you want in on the game. I'm also more than willing to help answer any questions you might have.

Game Logs:
Session One
Session Two

Cast Of Characters:

Derek Kestral - Infiltrator(TGB)
Hiro 'Will' Ward - Social Adept(Jaymitsuru)
Thale - Rigger(Thale)
"Ruby" - Mystic Adept(Therror) [MIA]
'Big Red' Rama - Punchy Adept(Nyaa)
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