>>> LEATHERS & LONGCOATS -- 2064 <<<



> > > [ And So It Came To Pass... ] < < <

The year is 2064, do you know where your runners are?

Dunkelzahn the dragon assumed the office of the UCAS Presidency in August of 2057 and was assassinated that same night in his limousine outside the Watergate Hotel. The consequences of the dragon's death had a noticeably weak public outcome -- the reading of his will and dividing of his estate being handled quietly, behind closed doors. And in recent years, the UCAS government has made several attempts to free Chicago from the bug spirit infestation which has plagued the Windy City Metroplex for nearly a decade.

The balance of power among the megacorporations took a heavy blow when Richard Villiers resigned from Fuchi to form his own corporation -- Novatech Industries. Many thought it spelled the end for Fuchi, but the veteran megacorp managed to stay standing -- for now -- on just two legs. Wuxing International arose during the turmoil; receiving funding from the Dunkelzahn Estate (the only publicly-known transaction of its kind) and rocketing into power -- gaining a strong foothold amongst its more established competition. On June 3, 2062 the Renraku Arcology mysteriously shut down, trapping countless employees within its smooth, mirrored walls -- most never to be seen or heard from again. No one knows what went on inside of the pyramid -- and Renraku isn't talking -- but on February 12, 2063 the Arcology re-opened its doors and resumed business as usual. Meanwhile, the Aztechnology has recently been indicted by the United Nations for practicing the illegal art of blood magic in large-scale ritual conjurings...

So the "Big Eight" has become the "Big Ten"; Dunkelzahn's dead; "Bug City" remains uninhabitable despite the UCAS's best efforts; occult encounters and abductions are steadily on the rise; the City-State of Seattle -- ever the center of intercorporate and political action and intrigue -- is gearing up for its next Gubernatorial race; and the much-debated passing of Halle's Comet came and went without the much-anticipated chaos...
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