>>> SHADOWS OF PAIN -- 2075 <<<



> > > [ The Sixth World Shuffle ] < < <

In the Awakened and Wireless World of the 2070's, Magic and Technology meet in the Mean Streets beneath oppressive Megacorporations.
Elves, Orks, Dwarves, and Trolls now walk freely amongst Human men and women in this new Sixth World, as Dragons and VTOL's dot the skies above the Urban Sprawl.

Shadowrunners do the dirty business no one else will handle.

Street Samurai -- whose bodies are augmented to superhuman capacity by cyberware -- run cover & infiltration ops with the help of magically-enhanced Adepts; while Deckers manipulate the virtual reality of the Matrix that overlays our own geography. Magicians cast powerful spells and manipulate spirits called forth from the astral plane; as Riggers blur the line between man-and-machine, essentially becoming the drones that they pilot. It is rumored that others are emerging as well; persons with extraordinary abilities -- some able to manipulate the digital realm without the use of computers at all -- along with those seemingly born of the beasts of myth and legend itself.

Joyboys, Jigglegirls, and Pushers turn tricks and peddle designer drugs on every street corner; where at their feet in the gutters waste BTL-addicted chipjunkies -- minds trapped in synthetic fantasy. Organ-legging Ghouls prey on the weak and naive, collecting once-private parts for personal use or profit. Vampiric creatures lurk in the darkened back alleys of urban blight, fangs gnashing for their next meal. Nomadic roving bands of Go-Gangers wage bloody battles for turf or reputation as the Lone Star Security Corporation -- who hold the CityState's policing contract -- strive to keep the registered population of Seattle's SINners safe...

This is Shadowrun.


> > > [ THE STORY SO FAR ] < < <

> > >[Ordered By Realtime Session Date]< < <

Q3 -- 2075

-- Triple Platinum. . .LOADING. . .
-- Carnival Fun. . .LOADING. . .
-- Bits & Pieces. . .LOADING. . .

> > > [ Cast of Characters ] < < <

> > > > [ By Archetypal Background ] < < < <


-- Ortega (Human) - ACTIVE ("Triple Platinum")
-- Roland (Elf) - ACTIVE ("Triple Platinum")
-- Honey (Elf)
-- Zephyr (Ork)


-- Frenzy (Ork)
-- Kaida (Human)
-- Kilo (Ork)
-- Scar (Troll)
-- Steele (Human)
-- Wooteg (Human)


-- Foxfire (Human) - ACTIVE ("Carnival Fun")
-- Francis (Elf) - ACTIVE ("Triple Platinum")
-- Mr. White (Human) - ACTIVE ("Carnival Fun")
-- Silas (Dwarf)
-- Wings (Human)


-- Red-Eye (Human) - ACTIVE ("Triple Platinum")
-- T-Lo (Human)
-- Theodore (Troll) - ACTIVE ("Carnival Fun")




-- Hawkes (Elf)
-- Kiri (Elf Poser) - ACTIVE ("Triple Platinum")
-- Xenia (Elf)


-- Julius (Ork Clone)

> > > [ Rules of Play ] < < <

Submit 3+ SR5 Characters w/ Criteria...
1. Use SR5 Core Creation Guidelines.
2. Character Stats are Expected to Reflect RP.
3. Karma Transfer is NOT Allowed. Make your Shadowrunners Count!
4. Players will have within the First 3 Game Sessions to Finalize Characters.
5. 20 Questions Should be Answered. Full Stories are Encouraged and Rewarded.

> > > [ How to Submit ] < < <

1. Use the SR5 Character Sheet.
2. Post the Characters to the Forums.
3. DCC the Characters to the GM on IRC.
4. Send the Characters to the GM via Email.
5. 5 Karma Goes to the Best 450x215 'SR:SOP' Banner Submission!

> > > [ Why 3+ Characters? ] < < <

And Why You Should Love Them as Your Own...
1. The SR:SOP world will be persistent, so your character cannot be in more than one place at a time -- and may not survive a job at all.
2. Some jobs/team-ups may be incompatible with your character's morality, requiring a replacement from your pool to join the fray at the meeting proper.
3. Careers will be forged, Prime Runners will retire, and comrades will die. The more options available to the player, the better equipped they are to play.
4. Multiple GMs will be running games within the SR:SOP world; so players have a standard to keep to avoid over-powering or off-balanced gameplay.
5. Other PCs exist to be used only as PCs, and not as sources of information. They can be brought into a run, but only to function as a full PC in the game.


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24) WHY did the character leave his old life to be a Shadowrunner?
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