"I have taken all knowledge to be my province."
--Sir Francis Bacon

"Edge? It's...it's guts! To go beyond the distance! The Greeks said: 'Virtue is hitting the mark.'
...Edge is Virtue."
--Fox, New Rose Hotel

"Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve ammo. And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."
--Street proverb


In the year 2075, magic has returned to the earth -- bringing with it the dawn of the Sixth World...

With this new age return the mythical creatures of old. Orks, elves, dwarves, and trolls walk freely amongst the world of men -- living out their lives in the same manner as any human. Dragons hold the highest positions of power -- from owning entire corporations, to running for the Presidency of the United Canadian and American States. Vampires, ghouls, and other creatures of the night prey on the helpless by moonlight -- and death doesn't always mean the end.

Technology has crossed many boundaries; allowing flesh and bone to meld seemlessly with circuitry and ceramics -- augmenting a person's body with cyberware. This union of man and machine allows them to accomplish amazing feats of speed and strength...All for the small price of their soul. The world is connected through the global information network known as the Matrix. Utilizing cybernetic implants, millions of people connect to this virtual world with only their brain and a cyberdeck -- allowing a few brave deckers to risk their lives for the most valuable paydata they can find. Riggers meld their minds directly with their drones and vehicles, in essence becoming the machine -- making possible any number of maneuvers and operations. And with the return of magic has come man's ability to wield its power... Magicians control the astral flow of mana to cast powerful spells -- while others adept at the art harness this magic to improve their minds and bodies.

Corporations control the economies of the world, amassing power beyond that of governments. In an effort to monitor the global population, every legally born person is assigned a System Identification Number -- more commonly known as a SIN. This number allows a person to interact within the legal world; however, there are some who have slipped between the cracks -- whether by choice or virtue. These are the SINless, who operate unseen and untraced by the world above. Those who choose to pay their bills by doing other people's dirty work, living their lives in the shadows of the mega-corporations...

Those professional criminals known as Shadowrunners...


In the game of Shadowrun you take on the role of one of these professional criminals. Whether you decide to play a guntoting street samurai with ware up the wazoo; a decker with a knack for busting into corporate datastores; or a magician who slings spells to demolish his enemies, it all boils down to three things -- completing the job, getting paid, and staying alive.

Shadowrun is a pen and paper role-playing system utilizing multiple six-sided die for completing skill tests. In other words, your character can be whatever it is you want him to be -- and do whatever it is you want him to do. The better he is at a certain skill, the more dice he'll roll to see if he succeeds. The combinations of abilities available to your character are as endless as your imagination...but everything comes with a price.

This is the main system played in #S-Run, having captured the imagination of us all through its combination of magical mysticism and gritty cyberpunk themes. Even if you're intrigued, but have no clue as to what any of this means, you're more than welcome to drop by and ask us for help. We're never too busy to break in a new player and show them the ropes of Shadowrun, or simply the basics of role playing in general.

We hope you'll join us.


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